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    Cheers sorted now
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    Hi All, Sorry you didn't see it, this years was the best we've had. It was advertised on Facebook, the EDP and other local papers, on the Suffolk Coast Website and on local radio. Keep an eye out for it in early July 2020. Thanks, Simon
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    We did employ pump-out delaying techniques, which were perhaps more effective than we expected. We have just been pumped out by Richardsons but no check of the red light, so i think we will continue in the same vein. Still sat waiting at Richardsons for attention to the microwave which has not worked since day one. I also asked about the electrical hook up cable in the wardrobe. This was not mentioned at handover, but it seems we can use shore power. It would have been nice to know. Not that we would have needed it much with no microwave and not having turned the TV on yet! Cheers Chris
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    After a restless night, I'm up about 06.30, and need the loo. We've had the loo pumped out yesterday, so we have to use the berth holders loo's ashore, which means quickly putting some clothes on. A right pain in the **** I know, but I don't think the next owners would be happy taking Lightning over with a "dirty loo". Back aboard, and we get showered and dressed, and start cleaning Lightning and loading up the car. We're just about finished and Martin and Jane bring back their hire boat. We had a chat for a while, and eventually get things finished, and say our goodbyes. We're leaving our lovely boat once again, and say cheerio to her and thank her for keeping us safe and warm, who said boats don't have a soul. When in the Yare, I asked one of the bar staff if they did breakfast in the mornings, and was told no, but there was an excellent tea shop in the village, so we headed there for breakfast. The lady asked what we wanted, And as usual, the "eyes bigger than stomach" scenario kicked in. I had the mega Brundall breakfast, and didn't want to lose face, I felt completely stuffed. Back to the car, fill up with petrol, and the journey home begins. By the time we get to the M25, I'm really struggling to keep my eyes open due to a late and restless night, add to that the hypnotic effect of continuous motorway driving, so we pulled in to South Mimms where I rested my eyes followed by a coffee. The rest of the journey home was as laborious as usual, and at 3.00pm, we arrived home. Our holiday was over. The ironic thing is, where and whenever we go on holiday, it always rains on at least one day, it may only be a few spits as we had in Devon 6 weeks previous, but it will rain. This week, we didn't have any, except for when we came home. Yes it was just a few spits. I think for once the God's have smiled on us. Good bye all, September 14th isn't far away.
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    On Swan Roamer (identical to Rapture except the stern) we also employ 'pump-out delaying techniques' as per Griff's quote in the past. When starting on a Saturday we have a pump out on Wednesday and if starting on Tuesday we make it Sunday. These toilets do use a lot of water and it would be very useful to know how many flushes you have then you could count or if you knew the holding tank capacity you good make an estimate of the number. On Roamer in addition to the big red lamp there is a much smaller light in the push button panel which we have never seen change from green, it may also be an indicator that might change to amber and then red, I don't know. A Richardson's engineer did tell me that the electric hook-up just powers a battery charger but the cable is quite short so the stern needs to be very close to the electric post as I found out the other week The only indication you will see in the boat that it is connected and charging is that the two voltmeters will show 14V instead of just over 12V.
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    That's a shame Simon. Four nights isn't a lot, does make you wonder if it had been pumped out properly. We hired several different boats from Swancraft back in the day and always managed at least 7 days. In fact we often had a pre emptive pump out in winter just in case but never experienced the dreaded red light. When Swancraft had them they were fitted with an overflow so if the worst came to the worst the tank would overflow into the river. Without getting into too much detail I was assured that the top of the tank was pretty much water anyway. We never had an issue with them although a good plan is to use pound shop loo roll as the macerator arrangement can be clogged with very thick quilted type toilet paper. As with all boat toilets, no wet wipes!!! Apologies to the OP for drifting off topic (again)
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    Dawn over Thurne Dyke is something a bit special. To me it has always been the quintessential Broadland scene with the low farmland disappearing into the mist, the river glasslike and reflective as the wind has not yet begun to blow, and the windmill silhouetted against the early morning sky. And the sounds. The many songbirds coughing and throat clearing, the cattle calling to be milked, and the lone duck complaining loudly and incessantly about something. A bit like Victor Meldrew on speed. Oh, and the fishing was not too bad. As some (or all ) of you will know, Swan Rapture comes equipped with electric flush toilets. A truly wonderful invention, but with one flaw. They come with a red light. At handover the chappie said that when the red light comes on you need a pump out. Of course we failed to enquire the precise nature of the situation represented by the red light. Is it "your holding tank will self destruct if you flush once more" , or you have half a dozen flushes left? We have now been on this boat for 10 days. So the sole ( it seems) topic of conversation is the red light. Every visit to the loo is followed by: Person 1 " did the red light come on?" Person 2: "no" Person 1 " you flushed" Person 2 "yes" Person 1 "was that really necessary" Person 2 "well yes it was actually". And so on. The strain is starting to tell. So we do not know if we have a loo about to burst asunder or a duff red light. Which is why we are not sat at mooring on Sutton Staithe planning to go to Richardsons in the morning to get the bulb checked ad the tank pumped. On the plus side we have enjoyed an excellent repast at the Sutton Staithe Hotel. Sadly the fishing, for once, is naff. Cheers Chris
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    Hi all, I’m hoping to travel from Brundall to Waveney river Centre on Friday late afternoon. The tide will be well on the up by the time we arrive at Somerleyton Bridge (7pm ish) . We have an air draft of 9’4”ish so suspect this might be a bit much? With this in mind does anyone know if the bridge is reliably working currently and if a swing is required, how does a non VHF user request one? thank you all in advance, have a boaty pic as payment
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    Check all your taps are turned off tightly , sounds like water pump
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    Hi, yes they replaced it with a new one which works. A very efficient team. Now we seem to have a problem with what sounds like a pump (bilge???) running for half a second every thirty seconds or so. I can't locate the source but it seems to come from amidships. I have only found one hatch i can open and it is not coming from under there. I will just have to ring them in the morning. We lost so much time earlier we decided to head for Gaye's staithe and a meal at the White Horse. Good choice. I am going to lift the engine hatch now, just in case. Cheers Chris
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    Hi chaps. Anyone out and about this coming weekend. I will be taking advantage of the services available on Malanka on my first weekend after starting my new job ( house not yet sorted) will be heading out Friday night to return Sunday evening. Love to say hi to some new faces or old faces.... Martin
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    (with moderators hat on) As long as its not overtly advertising the boat yard, a post in the events section mentioning a river festival with dates is acceptable. the boatyard can of course be mentioned as the location. We do like to reserve the advertising rights for those that sponsor the forum, speaking of which if you wish to display a banner advert on the forum pages then contact one of the team and we will get someone in touch to discuss options.
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    We're not all local, so wouldn't have seen most of that, Simon. Perhaps a mention on here, and the other forums would help? A lot of us old f**ts will have nothing to do with FB, for various reasons. And if any locals on here hear of something going on that us non-locals might be interested in, please post up.
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    We do like Roamer and it does mean a very short handover. No offence taken. We have our favourite spots but do like the section above Wroxham but would not want to essentially waste two days in a week going south. Wroxham Bridge can be a problem with the height of Roamer at 7ft but recently the weather (and bridge clearance) has not been our friend, we did intend to try this time and also wanted Cockshoot but decided that it would be too wet and cold for any insects be about.
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    I think the camera has somehow slipped down a bit as not such a good view of the river at the moment. May be Simondo will have a look at it when he can. Please ????
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    Having hired Swan Roamer with the same flush, 10 flushes is a bit optimistic. We hired for 4 nights, the red light came on about 4pm on the last day and I came to regret not heading for a pump out immediately. The toilet gave up the ghost during the night and wasn't the best experience. It was a fabulous boat and the toilet was brilliant - until the red light.
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    I'm sure you're right and yet I find it sad and frustrating, along with many people at the public meeting tonight I suspect.
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    Pharma Quality Consultant for M&F Pharma Quality Solutions. 6 months contract at a firm in East Lahndon mate innit. I'm M Fiona is F.
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    It was still there yesterday afternoon. Infact it looked as though it was being reclaimed by nature:
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    Appalling. I haven't visited Stalham Staithe in a while so I didn't know this situation. If it was a car it would have been towed away to a compound and eventually scrapped. Is there any reason why the BA couldn't do the same?
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    Just come down to the Swan Green in Horning at a weekend and you'll often see a little tent up and the Fishermen there all night. These days they tend to use sounders which go off if something fishy pulls the line,.. They go off when you catch them with your keel as well, fishing just there during the start of a race Sunday morning isn't a good idea..
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    You just wanna see if Selsie's plank holds... If it floats his plank was fitted with expert tuition and, if it fails, he bu99ered it up all by himself
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    Well, I guess it had to happen. Rain, and this style of "bathtub" does not have the overhang over the front well which i use to shelter from precipitation and now i am getting too wet! Yesterday we decided to take a slow mosey to Coltishall, another of our favourite places. There we were proceeding at 3mph towards a mooring we spotted by the common. I saw this craft coming towards me on the wrong side of the river. I wondered what the heck was doing before i realised almost too late that he was after the same mooring. He was really shifting, in a 3mph limit, and i had to quickly go into reverse. He got the mooring. Daftest thing was he had to pass a bigger one just to get to it, so we just slid into that one. I think he was just determined to get it because i wanted it. Anyway, the craft was "Swallow". We took a walk through the village to Horstead, followed by some fishing, somewhat hampered by much floating weed, but in the clear water i spotted some very large perch and an impressive pike. We finished the day with an excellent meal at the Rising Sun and more fishing and Quiddler. 4.30am Saturday morning and i was again dangling my maggots. The scene was pretty quiet and peaceful until around 100 Canada Geese decided to stage a Pythonesque screaming contest in which even the judges joined in. What a racket! After catching a few small fish i hooked and landed a beautiful bronze bream of about 4 to 5 pounds. A few more small fish followed and then the inevitable happened. One of the perch decided he wanted an easy breakfast and literally inhaled the 4oz perch i was bringing in. What a scrap! It was a good job my hook transferred to his top lip or he would have bitten through my line. There is a pic of him next to my size 43 foot. The plan was then to head for Thurne Dyke and the Lion Inn, but the dye was full so we about-turned and we are now moored on Fleet Dyke watching the rain and wondering what to about our evening meal. Once this rain slows i will start fishing again. Just another great day on the Broads. Cheers Chris
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    Hi. No we have been to Lathams many time in the past, the last being 2 years ago, but it never ceases to amaze me how they can have such a varied and eclectic mix of items all so mixed together. Long may it continue! Cheers Chris
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    Have often used their sister café in Winterton which is always very busy. Would imagine they will be as successful here which can only be good news for the area, and make it slightly harder for the BA to justify rebuilding the place!
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    Well we have had a quiet couple of days, i am happy to say! Wednesday started at 4.30am and the river at Potter Higham was magicaly misty and silent. The fish were biting and it was wonderful to stand and watch the community wake up and go about their business. The plan was to give Upton Dyke a try, so off we set at a steady 4mph. Arriving at the dyke we saw the line of moored yachts along the right bank and the sign which shouted difficult to turn. So we bottled it and went to moor at the top of the dyke until we saw the sign "no mooring" so we got out of there and headed to Acle for a small loaf, all the while watching the boat behind us moor at the end of the dyke. Ah well. Arriving at Acle we, of course, moored on the wrong bank which we realised carried a 10 quid mooring fee (redeemable against a meal at Pedros). As it was almost lunchtime and we did not fancy a small Mexican we went looking for the Bridge Stores. Having failed miserably in that intent we consulted our 2017 log and saw that Wednesday nights were carvery night at the Kings Arms. So we hightailed it, at 4mph, to Womack Staithe. To cut what could be a very long story short, we had a great meal and promised to return. Thursday began at 4.20am and Womack Water sounded like the noisiest place on earth. It was as if every feathered creature was holding forth at full volume to greet the day. I guess the trees created a natural ampitheatre but it was the dawn chorus as i have seldom experienced it before. We decided to head for Wroxham after breakfast. At 4mph. The pilot was as efficient as ever, and that was the fastest the boat had moved all week. We moored along Hoveton Viaduct and admired the recent upgrading of the moorings. Having thrown a wad of cash at Roys we had a fish and a rest before an excellent cod and chips supper at Greys. I then caught a few quality roach and perch, all the while marvelling at the huge perch which followed every catch to the surface. Now i have a question for the learned folk on this forum. Whilst purchasing comestibles at Roys i selected a pre-pack of 4 Braeburn apples. Upon proceeding to munch one on the boat, i saw they were a product of New Zealand. It was an excellent example of the variety, but i paid less for it than i would at home. This apple had left a carbon footprint the size of Big Foot travelling 12000 miles and was still cheaper than in the country that produced it. How the heck does that work? Cheers Chris
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    More importantly what money has already been expended on this farce
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    I wonder how much dredging could be done for that sort of money, or how much bankside foliage cleared, or 24 hour moorings re-instated, or Broadside refuse sites replaced?. Or am I just being too synical?.
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    Hello again. Boat wifi has been very miss and miss so reliant on pubs (not too hard). We had our family gathering on Malhouse Broad and then a gentle toby up to Sutton Staithe with the Yorkshire branch as they are heading North tomorrow morning. We will then be on our own to revisit many happy places at a leisurely pace. Now sat in the Sutton Staithe Hotel with a pint of Trawler Boys (being a Hull lad, what else could it be) and waiting for pork and cider pie (wwhich started off as steak and ale). Not sure where in the morning, perhaps just follow our noses but the prospects of getting through Potter Higham Bridge are looking good so we will be up to the Pleasure Boat Inn at some point. Ah, here comes dinner. Cheers Chris
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    Me too! Hope you have a great holiday aboard.
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