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    Also the sad result of unthinking, irresponsible people owning dogs who really shouldn't have that privilege.
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    I know it won't make me popular with the dog owning population, but I am personally sick and tired of other peoples dogs pawing or jumping up at me when out and about in public spaces, only to be followed with the usual comment of "it's ok, he's only being friendly" Dogs in public places should be on a lead and well controlled at all times. I don't want someone else's dog leaving muddy or sandy paw marks on my cloths. I do like dogs, but just think they should be on a lead at all times when in public places. Private land, the owners house or garden, that's a different matter.
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    And there was me thinking "blimey Santa's let himself go!".....
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    In my mind any dog capable of attacking another creature so viciously could easily do the same to a small child. I hope the dog is found and dealt with appropriately.
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    He's not who you're all thinking he is, It's not our Grendel, it's Richard Attenborough Grace
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    car loaded, boats loaded 1 inside, 1 on the roof, just checking traffic then will be on the move,
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    I've certainly heard it, as I stand 20ft behind Ron counting down, to when he fires the cannon, at that point I haul up the flags.. 65 different boats out yesterday, a bit down on normal, but some will have chickened out with us having rain several times yesterday. Rain forecast for this afternoon... It's 06:45 the first buoy is in the water as I dropped it off on the way from my motorboat mooring, a Muggacoffee is being consumed before getting the other rescue boats ou and hook up the flags ready.. Today's picture my chariot for the week
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    That's the cleanest (and driest) I've seen him in quite a while Griff
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    Many seals also suffer terrible injuries from from frisbee type flying rings, the ones with a hole in the middle. People let their children play with them and then don't account for them at the end of the day, often losing them on the sand or in the sea. If parents have so little control over their children I think the only answer is to have kids on leads in public places. It is also fairly common for used nappies to be buried in the sand, yuck! On the other hand we could avoid tarring all dogs, owners, kids and parents with the same brush and deal with offenders rather than making everyone suffer for the few!
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    Dogs are supposedly domesticated animals, that is the difference. Otters, foxes......polar bears are wild animals and should be left to nature!
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    This Jayne has been out of the water for 4 years and has just been rebuilt and craned in this morning, work finally finished about 2.30, and was still occuring as I was loading aboard, Brendon crossing was out, due to the late start, but as soon as the toilet roll holder had been fitted it was time to go. Currently moored up at Stracey arms, ready to head through on the morning low. Bilge pump is kicking in occasionally.
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    It was a murky Monday evening when out of the mist came the silhouette of the ghostly galleon drifting slowly down the broad.
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    Because of the decent weather we had, especially during our first week there was lots of barbecuing and not so much pub visiting. We did make it to the Locks one lunchtime but as I have already posted about that elsewhere I shall not bother doing so here. Being big fans of local entertainer Tosh Ewins we headed down to the Caxton Club in Beccles on Saturday 27th, it being my birthday and have to say the welcome we got as guests was very warm and friendly. Lovely pint and somewhere I'm sure we'll be visiting again. Tosh was at his best, so much so we decided to head up to Yarmouth on Monday to see his gig at the Burlington Palm Court Hotel. This was a real nostalgia trip. During thirty years or so in the travel business I've spent more nivghts in hotels than I have had hot dinners, or at least it feels that way. From the very best in the world, the likes of Raffles, The Taj Palace, Peninsula Hong Kong etc, and sadly some of the worst. The Palm Court is a typical UK Resort Hotel and bought back weekends spent in Great Yarmouth and similar resorts for cricket tours and other various, nefarious reasons. We made the obligatory trip to the Ferry House at Surlingham for dinner one evening. Every time we visit this pub it seems to get better and better, along with the Bridge at Acle which sadly we didn't manage to visit easily the best riverside pub on the broads.
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    You can add a third thread if you like. A thread I started regarding a bridge and the reason for getting the boat through...
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    Well between you and Timbo it’s been quite a day.
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    There are no bad dogs, just bad owners. I'd sort the owner out first! Wild animals don't have owners enough said!
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    Well Peter, be thankful it wasn't on lads week, you'd never have lived it down! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and stay dry!
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    I think they are still using up a big roll of curtain material.
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    Ok so Jayne (the original one) is out of the water, and I have been given Jayne 2 for her maiden voyage, she was craned back in this morning, when I arrived they were still installing fittings and they were still snagging as I loaded the boat. While I was waiting I took the dinghy up the river, what a cantankerous craft, then the outboard stalled right opposite candle dyke. I went to the back to start it, this was a mistake as I now only have a couple of inches freeboard, the motor started perfectly, unfortunately pointing sideways, a quick 180 and the transom went under, she went down outboard first all the way to the bottom, I was now swimming.at first I tried to tow the boat to the bank, no dice so I left it and got me to the bank using 2 oars as flotation, eventually getting out with some assistance at a slipway bto one of the cottages, with some help from a couple of gents at the cottages, one then got his dinghy and went looking for the wheels I had used for moving the dinghy. No luck, we also spotted that somewhere in all this the bottom seam had come open and was leaking, so it's sitting on the roof of the car waiting to hear home, my phone is dead, and the contents of my wallet are spread out to dry.
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    Hope not, he died 5 years ago.
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    Now is our chance to say something without being modded straight away
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    Always wondered why we don't hear much of him on the 24th and 25th of December
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    It would depend on the setup. Electric motors do exist with very high amounts of torque, but this all comes at the price of high current consumption. I think the problem with weed is that it may not be immediately noticeable, but could load up the motor and therefore the helm increases the throttle to maintain the speed and before long they are using the battery capacity at a much higher rate and run out of juice before making it back to the yard. I also believe that motor and battery technology have moved on a long way since Phoenix first implemented their electric boats. Motors are prone to overheating and therefore being current limited if placed under heavy load for too long.
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    NOT strictly true. When the pylons were first introduced, they had 2 16 amp small sockets for general domestic use, an a larger and more powerful 32 amp socket for recharging electric boats. A lot of the larger sockets have since been replaced with smaller 16 amp ones due to the lack of purely electrically propelled boats. Yes there are still some left, but not as many as there used to be, and as regulo says above, you have no chance of a full recharge overnight on a 16 amp socket. In fact, it could even be dangerous through overloading the unit and possibly causing serious damage or even a fire.
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    Buckenham Ferry (Beauchamp Arms), but not recently.
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    Yes, you cant keep us in suspense like this!
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    Even now the page on The Broads Authority website is entitled Electric boat charging points!!! https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/facilities/electric-boat-charging-points Worth a read of the text as well. That was my understanding of their original purpose and if I recall the cost of the original posts was covered by some sort of green grant. Later ones seem to have come from the toll account and off course with no real policy to back up their designated usage they are now used by all and sundry. Off course it would have been simple to police as all they needed to do was ask for a copy of your boat registration document prior to selling you the electric cards. Registered electric boats pay a lower toll so this document could have been used to control the supply of cards to genuine electric boaters. Now the genie is well and truly out of the bottle and they would face a huge backlash if trying to restrict the sale of cards, or designate certain mooring spots purely for electric boaters. However with out the guarantee, or at least a reasonable chance of getting connected I cannot see how pure electric boating can work.
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    The sad result of dogs not being kept on a lead in public places.
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    Last year I looked at electric before I changed my car. Nissan promo said the Leaf would do so many miles and it seemed OK. But when I got to the dealers that was only with the big battery and that was only fitted to the top of the range. I won't boreyou but when we had specified the car with mud flaps and rubber mats etc it was £37.5K. I bought a ford with their 999cc 3 cylinder. Much too much money.
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    I bought my boat Bon Bon last December and sent Craig a notification with updated photos on boats@broads.org.uk Craig published these details and 2 weeks ago while moored at Horning, there was a knock on the boat and Craig introduced himself to me.
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    Returned home on Saturday from what is becoming our annual fortnight in Loddon. My sister reccommended a holiday cottage they had found some years ago and we never got around to trying it until last year. We loved it so much we booked again for this year, and have done the same this time around for next year. I'm not going to bore you with the typical facebook style account of what we ate for breakfast and whether I wore my shorts or not, but one or two observations to share. Sunday 21st we visited the Barton House Railway in Wroxham. I've been trying to visit since Noah ran aground but despite fifty plus years of visiting Norfolk have never been around on the right weekend, it's open on the third Sunday of each month. This year we finally put that right. There is very little parking on site so best to park in Hoveton and use their electric boat service from Granary Staithe which is included in the modest admission fee. £3 for big 'uns, £1.50 for ankle biters and nippers free. It's worth it for the boat trip alone. The admission includes one single trip on the riverside railway which takes you around the Wherry sheds to the bottow of the garden where you will find a number of restored railway buildings including a fully working signal box which controls the railway, a hut selling reasonably priced refreshments, another small ride on railway, an OO gauge Thomas layout which the younger ones can control and an engine which you can learn to drive yourself, which Jamie loved. Unlimited ride tickets were an extra £10 for all of us, making a very reasonable afternoon out. It's run by volunteers aith all proceeds going to charity so well worth a visit. http://www.bartonhouserailway.org.uk/
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    Absolutely spot on. The energy companies are already buying in energy from european suppliers, because this country with its rapidly increasing population and demand for rapidly expanding electricity requirements, cannot, and will not be able to ever meet demand unless they have a major (and a very BIG major) change in the way electricity is produced, and the only serious way to produce the demand for the next god knows how many years is nuclear, like it or not. With that in mind, it`s very unlikely we will see any end to internal combustion engines, the governments will do what they always do, and that`s making every internal combustion engine perfectly safe for the environment overnight by putting massive tax rises on them. Anybody remember only a few years ago when a lot of people started buying 4x4s, how dangerous for the environment were they, yet put a massive tax increase on them, and they became perfectly safe overnight?. It`s all a con. As for electric powered boats, all very well, but imagine pulling up to a staithe and all the pylons are in use, then what will you do?. A few solar panels on the cabin top will very unlikely be able to produce enough charge to charge up the number of batteries required to cruise for a day. As for these electric cars, claims of over 200 mile range etc, but those tests are done in ideal conditions to substantiate those unrealistic figures. When driven in mid winter, with lights on, heater and fan on, screen demister and rear window demister, and windscreen wipers on, and that`s before you even think about using the radio or hands free?. See what that lot does to the battery range. All of this nonsense started up when diesel engines started to regularly acheive well in excess of 75mpg, meaning car owners were paying only half the road duty they used to on the average petrol engine consumption at the pump. As i said, it`s all a political con. If people want all electric boats, fine, just don`t ask me to give up a socket on a pylon when your batteries are knackered.
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    Im afraid I know neither well enough to comment.
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    Dogs are supposedly mans best friend but their toileting needs leave a lot to be desired! I have only ever had female dogs and they tend to squat for a widdle, i couldnt be doing with walking a male dog and having it wazzing up everything as we walked along. Sticking to female I don't have rotting woodwork in the garden but I do have little brown burn patches in the grass which I regularly have to see to. When we are out I try to encourage her to go in rough ground but i never know what she might stand in!
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    What gripes me even more is when Fido is off the lead for his morning rituals and wees up the mooring post, whether it has a rope attached to it or not at that moment. At some point it will have. Along the sea wall near me a local group have organised and placed a load of public benches. Every one of the legs is stained with dog urine, either from dogs off the lead, or on the lead. How is that in any way acceptable? Why should people have to sit on a bench surrounded by the smell of dog urine. Aargh those owners need chucking in the sea pronto. To all responsible owners I apologise for this rant!.
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    Use a ferret, bigger surface area, then apply varnish with a good sable brush, nothing easier than the rivulet finish, lovely! Do hammerite do varnish? save a lot of hard work.
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    Oh I bet you do.... We could be talking new contender for forum idiot here
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    I thought that first but the number of boats moored threw me.
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    Go on Timbo Nobody but Nobody on here will laugh at you. Well not much.
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    If you turn right down the little track just before the bridge you come to the lighthouse where Peter Scott lived pre WWII. This is where he did all his wildfowling and had his "Road to Damascus" moment and took to conservation. I have not been for a while but there was a picnic area. There was also a " Grand Plan" for the lighthouse as a visitor centre but not sure if it ever came off.
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    This one, several fireman injured but surprisingly no fatalities.
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    Sadly no, my opinion of wine is a waste of grapes. I am partial to a glass of decent white, very dry and slightly astringent like a good chablis but alas such pleasures are denied to me on medical grounds.
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    Did you venture the 2 miles to the "Chet Valley Vineyard"?. We got a taxi there from Loddon Quay when on Lightning at the beginning of last month. They make some fabulous wines, and all made on site, from grapes also grown on site. I`d recommend anyone to go there, as you can have a tasting session. They`re currently in the throws of building a new two storey building to house a shop, cafe with balcony, and a new brewing, or whatever you do with wine, plant.
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    A picture from today from our clubs facebook page..
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    Another highlight for us, not so easy if you're boating is a trip to Southwold and Aldeburgh with lunch at Thorpeness Meare tea rooms. I like Aldeburgh, and though we love the Broadland villages it's the ability to tour away from the rivers which has led us to prefer cottage holidays, rather than boats, at least for our main holiday. We had a walk around the town, then along the beach. The Martello Tower south of the town is now available as a holiday cottage and I really fancy it for a short break in the depth of winter, fire raging and the sea lashed to madness by a strong easterly. Sadly having looked at the prices I think that will remain a pipe dream. That built a good appetite for lunch so it was off to the Meare Tearooms who do the most divine quiche's in several different varieties and I'm very partial to a good quiche. On sunny days, such as we had be prepared to wait for a table. We had to wait about 15 minutes but it's well worth it. It's a lovely place to sit and watch the water as you eat, and smile at some of the attempts by those brave enough to venture out on the rowing boats, skiffs and canoes which you can hire. https://thorpenesstearoom.com/ After that we had a drive up to Southwold, another of my favourite places. I had intended to walk along the "harbour" up to the reopened footbridge to Walberswick but we sat rather longer over lunch than planned, after all we are on holiday and had no intention of rushing, so we strolled around the town, hunted down a bargain or two then headed back to the cottage with plans for a Barbecue. We had been up to Potter the previous day and Lathams were selling Metal Kegs of Adnam's Ghost Ship for 9.99 (also available in QD at Beccles). I have plans to make a dent in it, or at least the contents this evening.
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    No prizes for guessing where I ended up this morning! About 6 feet clearance for anyone wishing to know!
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