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    Woke up this morning to realise why they call this The Ferry House . . . . . . . . . . one is required to access the pub from every direction!
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    Family and friends have been with me on the boat this year, I managed to get down for all four weeks of my allocations and managed to get some extra days as well as a bonus. Looking forward to next years season and seeing who is available to join me on the boat. Merry Christmas to everyone. Regards Alan
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    2019 - what a really bad year it has been for us. probably the worst to date in our 35 + years together. Too much 'Stuff' to list and too painful too, but never a pessimist - It's just the way it has been 2020 brings a new year and a new decade. Once we have got a funeral & house sale etc out of the way, come the spring - 'Things can only get better' I feel / hope that 2020 could be one of our best years in 35 + years - Ever the optimist --------------------------------------------------------------- 'My hopes and wishes for Christmas and the New Year' :-- To all forumites, their family / friends - All the best for Christmas but especially 2020 Griff
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    Well we are nearing the end of 2019, it has been a bit of a life changing year for us, having recognised that we are a bit too long in the tooth to continue boating, which occupied our life between the months of April and mid November for more than 30 years, so this coming Summer is going to be something of a voyage of discovery sadly not literally though. Although we would have laid the boat up for winter by now, I'm already missing her. No more regular trips to Norfolk to check on her that we took every couple of weeks during the winter months. And the point of counting down the weeks to April that started immediately after Christmas is no longer there. I find reading the activities on this forum very helpful. I've especially enjoyed the stories of the Winter trips some of you made and the photos. Winter cruising was something we never quite got round to organising although we discussed the possibility. I was always a bit wary of icy pontoons. I hope you all have a very merry Christmas and a happy, healthy New Year and to those of you lucky enough to be able to spend it boating - make the most of it and keep writing the blogs that give me a much needed" fix". Best wishes to you all Carole
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    Our year has been one of "highs! and "lows". In January, we became grandparents for the second time. I spent much of the year travelling up and down the A1 to visit my ailing mother in Halifax. Great NBF meet up at Salhouse in May. Fantastic holiday in Mallorca in June - very relaxing. Drove a steam roller round the arena at the Woodcote Steam Fair in July. Bought a couple of folding bikes, mainly for use on the boat , My mother sadly passed away in August , A week of boating with our first Grandson also in August. Mother's funeral in September, at which I wept like a baby. Boat broke down a couple of times in September/October curtailing two holidays - finally remedied by a n expensively refurbished diesel injection pump. Visited Stratford upon Avon in October to see RSC production of King John, Caught stinking cold in November that took me out of circulation for 3 weeks. Spent December helping our elder daughter to move to a nice detached bungalow in Whitstable, with stunning views across the Swale to Minster on the Isle of Sheppey and across the Thames estuary to Southend on a clear day. looking forward to a chaotic Christmas week with children, partners, , grandchildren and dogs. Nik and I wish you all a very happy Christmas and a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year. Let's hope that 2020 has a few more "highs" and fewer "lows".
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    Why I like this picture, not just that it is my beloved Broads, is because it tells a meaningful story. It's Breydon Water, always a must do adventure, the mud flats are uncovered meaning that it is low water. The flow around the red post on the right shows that the tide is flooding so I suspect that the tide hasn't long turned. There is a mass of majestic sail meaning that the fleet has caught the first of the flood, that they are working the tide as sensible folk do, the flood will probably be with them all the way to Norwich or Beccles, maybe Oulton Broad. The picture has a warmth which suggests an early start, best time to be out on the Broads. The wherry on the extreme left is running before the wind, the skipper was probably hoping to have arrived at Yarmouth at the turn of the tide so that it would carry him through the bridges but maybe he left it it a little late but hopefully he still made it. No motor boats, either there were non about, around about 1900/1910, or their slowful crews were sleeping it off after the night before, nothing much changed there! The Broads at its best, love it!
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    Well almost Christmas and the New year ,What a year.Health:This has been my best year for health in about five years. Bit of a scare in January. I was diagnosed with an enlarged prostate, thankfully not Cancerous. So far only one day sick,due to my COPD .Marina has had problems with her sinuses,which has affected her hearing.All in all as far as health concerned not bad.Sadly my Aunt passed away,she lived to a good age in her nineties. A good year for boating many trips and the boat behaved well.She is going to have some work on her next year.We returned to Berlin in June,a lovely long weekend in really good weather Next year a trip planned to Cornwall and Devon in June.Our daughter married in August, something Marina and I thought would not happen. As for Christmas, Alan and Dave are coming round for lunch. My Hope's for the following year: The hope of a more peaceful and understanding World.Think of those that are lonely and may just appreciate a friendly smile and the odd word.When we are in Norfolk/Suffolk people talk,not always the case here in London .There are so many bad things happening ,nice however theres more good things then bad. Wishing you all a great Christmas and Happy boating New year. A few pics
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    A good summary of the year there Ian. My best wishes to you and Marina for Christmas and the New Year. We have booked a few days afloat in March as we enjoyed that so much when we went this year. Our caravan is proving to be a great getaway for us through the warmer months. Other than that I'm not expecting much change in 2020, but one never knows. The highlights of 2019 for me would be summed up in three pictures.
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    Seasons greetings to everyone. Hope you all have a wonderful time and get whatever you would like. Enjoy a drink if you fancy one but don't go overboard Jeff
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    Overall a very changing year for myself and Selsie. I became a grandmother on my 50th birthday in May. My granddaughter arrived a few mins to midnight so 2nd May from now on will be extra special. Boating highlights were being invited to the Beccles Wooden Boat Show (despite not being wooden), waking up at Stracey Arms after coming back from the show, watching the world go by Thurne Mill and a few weeks ago sitting in the sun at Potter Heigham. On the 15th July we had to very suddenly have King, one of our greyhounds put down after he collapsed. I’m still not over it. We had a bond I cannot explain. We are now empty nesters after my son moved into his own house a few weeks ago. Another period of adjusting and realising that nothing stays the same and my babies are all grown up! We are looking forward to Christmas as my granddaughter will be with us for her first Christmas. My daughter lives in Scotland. Thank goodness for FaceTime and hope that my granddaughter recognises me!
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    Working now, thank you 👍
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    Can you do a ' blue ' fender too. Honestly, I'm really jealous of your skills. I can't wait to see more next year. Best regards and Merry Christmas Colin
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    Fit your calorifier and get hoses 1.5 metres longer than you expect to need and just try any high & low tapping on the block/head and see how it runs watching the temp gauge and checking the domestic water temp as you go, if it seems ok and doesn't take an age for the engine to warm up leave it else change it and try something different, bsp hosetails are not expensive as long as you are not chopping into hoses each time. There's probably no two plumbed the same out there anyway, at least your domestic plumbing will be done and you will have hot water when plugged in via immersion even if it takes a while to get engine connected spot on. The yellow circle shows how close mine are apart (that's the thermostat housing, one each side of stats), the hose is to stop the coolant peeing out while they were out. This setup gives me hotish water within 20 mins of a cold start at river speeds (1000-1200rpm) and both engines warm up fairly close together. This is when I had to take them out to replace the fuel tanks, never again I hope. I now have the same take offs on the other engine plumbed to a heater matrix blowing under the cabin steps via a bilge blower fan, makes life a bit more comfortable for the slightly chill days that are not quite worth firing up the eberspacher for, this works ok too.
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    Hi. I may be wrong (I often am according to my wife). I thought that the Scammell Scarab diesel version was a Perkin’s lump but the later Scammell Townsman (GRP cab) had the Layland OM160 borrowed from the Layland 20 & 90 Commercials and had heaters / demisters as standard. If this is the case your engine will have the heater pipe points for sure. There a number of both types restored at various heritage railways etc so it could be worth your while looking in that direction or maybe trying the ‘Scammell Register ‘ (www.Scammell Register.co.uk) . Regards Bob
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    I am so glad you posted this, as I have been wanting to do something similar all morning, but I didn't want to hi-jack your thread! This is a wonderful painting since the detail is accurate, so it is a real piece of history. As you say, these boats have all been waiting for the turn of the tide on Breydon and have all left Yarmouth together. The yachts have already started to overtake the wherries, which are mostly loaded "down to the binns" and have their side decks awash. As they round the curve onto the long straight, they might get one long tack across Breydon but that westerly wind is all wrong for the Yare, so I guess they may decide to wait in Reedham for better weather, probably at the Cockatrice, which was very popular with the wherry skippers in those days. The wherry coming downstream is very late on the tide and the skipper must be wondering whether he can still "punch" it as far as Yarmouth. But he is on a "dead run" so as long as the wind holds he should make it to the coal wharf, where he will round up and lower the mast. Then, he can drift stern first through the Yacht Station with the mud weight trailed over the bows and he can raise the mast again somewhere after the old Smiths Crisps factory. He will have to do a lot of tacking up the Bure with the wind as it is, so he will have trouble to get as far as Stracey arms before the tide turns against him. I see that one of these is a "Lowestoft" wherry with a brown sail. Apparently this depended on the blend of tar and fish oil that was used to "dress" the canvas and those dressed in Yarmouth tended to be darker. There was always speculation as to whether the Albion ever had a brown sail, as she was a Bungay wherry, whose builder came from Oulton Broad. She did carry a brown sail for a few years in the 70s but that was a modern material, not canvas! Another lovely picture from your amazing collection, Peter and thank you very much for sharing it with us. Happy Christmas!
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    RIP Martin Peters Mbe Flying high like bubbles in the sky
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    an interesting development on the 3d printing front has made me consider, I have recently got some flexible filament, and with this I could reprint the fenders to enable them to have some flex, this filament I found required one to purchase a complete new hot end for my printer (£92) and the filament is about £28 so not a cheap option, I am currently running some test print meccano tyres to see just how flexible it is at a 50% hexagonal infill the answer is not very (so perfect for tyres and items to simulate fenders, but I am trying a test run with a lower fill ratio ro see if that makes a better tyre / fender. the purchase of a second spare hot end will also allow me to print in PLA so I can print more clear parts (light fittings etc) the problem being that these hot ends are only good for a single filament type as the different melting points of the filaments would cause clogs in the nozzle if a cooler filament type is used and the nozzle is not scrupulously clean (a virtual impossibility)
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    Very sadly Poppy passed this morning, after a number of years with arthritis and other problems. We took the decision to have her put to sleep. In early October she passed nineteen.She lived a very happy life,and was a large part of our life. She entered our life on November 2000.I saw a item in the News of the World. Every year for some unexplained reason people abandon black cats.We phoned the RSPCA, they confirmed indeed they had over 100 black cats.Poppy picked us,coming down to see us.At home she soon made her self at home.She is sadly missed beyond belief and her loss will take along time to get over.We both felt her time had come,we both stayed to say bye and she soon slipped away. Poppy RIP,you will always be a part of our life in thoughts and Love.
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    Unfortunately, my total lack of will power meant I was as greedy as ever, so after 3 sausages, 3 rashers of bacon, 2 coddled eggs, and 2 ladels of beans, along with a fruit and yoghurt breakfast sundae, and a croissant, all washed down with two cups of Earl Grey, we walked away, with me thinking "I shouldn't have eaten all that", but it was very nice though. We were going to meat my youngest Gt nephew for the first time later in the afternoon, so we decided to jump in the car and drive, but did:nt have a Plan where to go, and then Karen suggested Dover, because her mum grew up there, so our destination was set. En route as we were passing Canterbury, I thought about dropping in on grendel, but seeing as he's never done anything against me, I had no reason to torture him. Many years back, an aunt of mine lived on the main road through Hawkinge, so we diverted down to there to see how things changed. I wish I hadn't done so, as it was heartbreaking to see it now as an urban sprawling mass. The airfield had gone, which held many happy memories for us, but the air museum is still there, which was closed, but at least I now know where it is for a visit in 2020. Back En route to Dover, and we quickly got there, so drove straight through and up to the castle. We DID'NT want to go in, but just have a cuppa in a cafe, but they wouldn't allow it. We then went further on, and saw the sign for the white Cliffs, so went their. When we got there, we found it was National Trust, good job we had our membership cards with us. We walked along the Cliffs a short way and took some pics, then retired to the cafe for a coffee and a ginger muffin. Eeling even more stuffed, we went back to the hotel, got changed and went back to Trevs place to pick him up and go and meet his newest grandson. We also took over the family presents, and had a chat for a while. Afterwards, we returned to Trevs House for a cuppa, and pick up his good lady to go to a nearby pub for dinner, yet more food, and we're not even at Christmas eve yet. We had a lovely meal, all having different dishes, yet each of us enjoyed it. After dinner, we dropped Trev and Maria back home, and Karen and I came back to the Hotel. We're the only guests for tonight, as the Hotel is now officially closed for Christmas and the new year, and they kindly accepted our 3 night booking because we are regular customers, so Karen, me, and a night Porter are the only people here, a bit weird to outnumber the staff too. We've had a great weekend, and a great way to start our break, somehow I think Christmas next year may be the same. Good night all.
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    Wow, what a great weekend, and a great way to start our Christmas break. Lunch was great, with too many bacon rolls consumed. Then in the evening, we were at my brothers for yet more food, though this time all I had was pancake roll and chips with curry sauce, I could'nt fit in any more, though Trev did force me to eat a Danish pastry an hour later. We sat down watching Casino Royal, then back to the Hotel and bed. We both slept rather well considering we felt stuffed after last night's, and today's quantity of food. I think tomorrow may have to be a bit Conservative with the hotel breakfast? Good night all.
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    Sad news Ian, so sorry. We lost Maggie and her brother Dennis Nov 7th 2018 & Feb 1st this year respectively, not quite 10 as Mayday passed would have been a celebration (we had them from cats protection, pre-named not policatil, at about 6 months and had to make a call as to their birth date). Maggie died unexpectedly of a heart attack we think, Dennis of failing organs (he’d been knocked by a car 5 years earlier which may have contributed) but we had to put him to sleep within 48 hours of suddenly going downhill (he’d been slowing up a bit for the 9 months before). I said I wouldn’t be able to have another but in September we picked up a new kitten Cloud and whilst our memories would never have passed she reminds me of them in a comforting way by curling up on the same cushions and discovering the airing cupboard as a safe harbour when she wants peace. Rest in peace too Poppy.
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    Nightmare time for you. I do hope there is a cat equivalent of ‘Rainbow Bridge’ Really understanding your hurt xx Griff
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    Sorry to learn of your loss , our thoughts are with you .
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    Ah bless. What an age. Heartbreaking! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    I’m so sorry Ian.I know how you will be feeling right now :(
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    Really sorry for your loss, our pets are part of our family and Poppy was with you a long time, she obviously had a wonderful life with you. It is a hard and brave decision to make that last choice for them, it is part of the trust they place in us and when the time came you did the right thing for her, putting aside your own pain... well done.
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    Sorted. Emails should return to normal over the next few hours. As Grendel says, NBN is now having to pay for the service. Free email providers don't cut it these days as they're generally considered to be likely sources of spam and so Gmail, Outlook etc will tend to just bin the emails.
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    I know the feeling! At least one more summer for me but when us ancient mariners become a liability then it is time to consider dropping the mud weight for one last time. Both my wife and I are crocks now! Maybe the warmth of spring on old bones will trigger a change of heart!
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    We didn’t have a look over there but I’m fairly certain that area would have been fine. We couldn’t have got our dog on board. It was a real struggle to clamber up on the boat for us!
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    Carole, we are still working on a long term solution to this issue, its a case of finding an email service provider that can handle the volume of emails that the forum generates, unfortunately that now looks as though we will need to gravitate from those that provide a limited free service to one that we will in effect pay for. but we are looking for the best (reliable) provider for that service.
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    Hi I prefer to have the thermostatic control on the shower valves where it can be adjusted easily, this then gives hotter water at the kitchen sink where you need hot water to clean pots pans hygienically and as most marine engines have a 74 degree thermostat i find this best, can you not fit a bigger cylinder then a 15lt not much capacity there only 3 gallons in english, as i said upright ones are cheaper and tend to hold larger amounts for the room they take up. John
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    just tell them you are worried you might crash into the ocean and thats why you are wearing them.
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    Greater Anglia Rail have recently announced a new direct rail service between Norwich and Stansted, so that should help you.
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    Another thumbs up from me. We hired extensively from Swancraft and the boats are top notch. Very comfortable with excellent heating and battery systems, electric toilets and massive calorifiers. Highly recommended.
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    Nice rover ( ex Buick) V8 , well designed headers too ( all the same length) 😀. Calorifier wise a mixer on the tank will give you more hot water and is useful as far as not delivering red hot water to hot outlets , me I removed mine as it supply's hot to taps that are mixer taps anyway so I can reduce it there but that's personal choice . As for horizontal or vertical colorifiers it depends on the installation really but it's worth bearing in mind vertical ones from ASAP the fittings ie hose connections and PRV Valve + mixer valve are all extra , hot pot or sure just are exactly the same item really . Connection wise it's normally from a tapped connection from the back of the cylinder head ( I'll be amazed if there isn't one ) return is to immediately before the engine's water pump inlet as John discribed , that bit might need a suitable tee joint making up .
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    I'm afraid it is the product of some jobbing script writer who believes his talent is greater than Mr Ransomes ....
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    Our journey up to Gravesend was pretty good till we get to the dreaded M25. We joined from the A3, and immediately there was a hold up, with signs showing 50minutes for about 10 miles, so we diverted in to Chobham services for the loo's. Good job we did, as further on we had to take an extended run from the M26 along the M20 to the West Malling junction because the slip road for Wrotham was closed. Our aim was to get checked in to the hotel around 5.30pm, have a quick sit down and cuppa, and meet up with one of the other couples who own a share in Lightning who live locally at 6.30 for food and drinks, but due to road closures and traffic jams we would be late, so phoned them to arrive a bit later. Good job we did, as we arrived at the hotel a little after 6.30 ourselves. We got settled in, and went straight down to the lounge when our guests arrived 5 minutes later. A thoroughly enjoyable evening ensued, and our guests left a little after 10.30, so retired to our suite. It sounds a bit pretentious, but we thought we'd treat ourselves for Christmas. Good night all.
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    Condolences to you Griff and to Mrs G. Helen
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    Second time that I have watched this version, quite enjoyed it!
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    And a very merry Christmas from us down here in the City of Sails (well, close by anyway) enjoying the sunshine. Looking forward to our return in 2021 and perhaps meeting up with one or two of you. Chris & Lynda
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    Thank you JM Have a lovely Christmas and a great New Year Thank you for the card but flappy thingies, honestly Jay and Grace
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    Almost certainly, we still have a dory in commission so a pootle up to the WRC, maybe even Geldeston, is highly likely.
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    Over here you qualify for this T-Shirt when you retire: Translation: I'm a pensioner. - Have no spare time - - Completely Stressed out - -------------------------------------------- Available for appointments in 4 week's time. Who said the Germans have no sense of humour? Somehow its true: since I ceased gainful employment my wife claims I spend more time at my desk / computer.
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    Hi Johnash. You won’t be disappointed. We have had Swan Roamer twice. It is comfortable and has plenty of room for 2. We normally go in April either side of Easter if it is late. Enjoy.
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    Thank you all for your responses so far as well as the very interesting points raised. Being flat out at work is currently keeping me from answering but I will have some time next week to reply at least in part to your comments. Cheers everyone
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    Well done @JanetAnne, Only just seen this. WR is an amazing little thing, I truly think she's one of the best preserved original cruisers still afloat today.. I had a couple of sleeplesness nights thinking of "Things" around her when I saw Liz's post and I know if had the money in the bank I would have done "Things" but it looks like you have worked out a top plan there, and it's so nice to see Liz still able to be involved too. Sadly financially I can't do anything really at present as my work situation has been crap and obviously own too many boats as it is (not to mention I've failing out of love for the broads lately).. But I love the idea of a hired weekend on her if this is possible sometime?.. Just a warning before you say yes: You may have to have a few security guards present to forcefully remove me from her at the end of the weekend though.....Balls actually reminds me I still need to hire a hunters.. can you buy one of them too?
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    Hi John! Just a thought, Richardson’s are already taking bookings for 2021 with early booking discounts and prices kept at 2019 levels. They don’t get involved in last minute discounting so you won’t get better prices from them. The ex-Swancraft fleet always get very booked up but are great boats for two people. I would check out Swan Reflection Swan Radiance Swan Renown Swan Romance to name a few. We love Swan Reflection. No matter what else we hire, we keep going back to this one!
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    I got a phone call at 0200 this morning. MrsG's Mum passed away at 0150. She fought to the bitter end with her very last dying breath just would not let go, not what you would term 'Peaceful' Now at last she is out of pain and torment. This year for our family has been a really trying with one issue after another. I've been to four funerals, the last one particulary hard. So we should get MrsG home before Christmas day now, take a breath, shoulders back and start the new year, new decade off with yet another funeral, then sort out Mums house 270 miles away. Come the spring we should be on an upward curve at last. Onwards and upwards then Griff
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