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    Seems the BA are in the process of adopting the staithe as 24 hour moorings with a commitment to address the overstaying! Good move by the BA I would venture to say!
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    Just noticed an item elsewhere indicating that Faircraft Loynes are stopping winter Hire. Sad news indeed and I think they are missing out on at least some income in the winter. Mind you I don't suppose Let Funnell needs the money!! I have hired from them in the past but a bit expensive for this impecunious Yorkshireman. Thanks for the lovely folks at Bridgecraft who are happy to hire to me!!!!
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    A question in the Glover Review was: Is the governance structure of the National Parks fit for the future? The BA’s response:...the boundaries of the Broads National Park should be reviewed to include whole parishes... This was met with considerable resistance from parish and district councils alike. So, softly, softly, first step, put up signs in the acquiescent parish council areas, to give the impression to all and sundry that such a parish is now within the Broads executive area. Leave it like that for a while, until everyone (including the parish, district and county councillors) are brainwashed into believing it to be the status quo, then suggest to Glover/Defra/whoever that it has been universally accepted that those areas ARE de facto within the BA’s control, so let’s make it official. Fantasy? Just remember, you read it first here.
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    For a big yard like FL possibly not. But Bridgecraft seem happy enough. They can only have one boat out at a time so they simply leave the one they hire to me to be done later. I'm not aware it's an issue. I've never called them out in winter either. Otherwise the boat would be sitting there doing nothing. Bridgecraft seem happy enough with the arrangement. If I had the money I'd have my own boat but until the lottery comes up thank goodness at least one yard is prepared to do it!
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    grendel, these are serious questions, that need to be answered by officialdom. I am already in communication with the County Council, as they are the ones responsible for granting permission for signs, whether they be tourist, directional, village signs or advertising. I have been unable to find any classification within the Road Signs and General Directions Regulation 2006 into which these signs fall. Which only leaves advertising signs, which would chime with the BNP name only to be used for marketing. In correspondence to date, the signs have been referred to as boundary signs, gateways signs and tourist signs . I have this rather odd vision of someone hopping from one foot to the other, trying to work out how to categorise these signs in a way that makes them legal.
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    If its not photoshop, there is something funny with the perspective, the angle of the sign in the image means the height on the right increases, yet the spacing of the lettering remains constant from left to right, hence the wording was added to the image, added very well i hasten to add, but as my training as a drawing office manager means I have to spot even minor discrepancies, it leapt out at me that the text wasnt following the perspective of the sign, hence my photoshop comment. if you want technicalities, there is a 3.5mm difference in height of the sign from left to right (on an a4 print), yet the text line spacing remains constant at 14mm across the width of the sign, therefore the image has been altered and the text added, with the perspective not factored in for the text (and yes that leapt out at me without measuring)
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    I presume this forum is called Norfolk Broads Forum for a reason (although the threads often stray in other directions). I would say that the single organisation that has the most effect on the Broads is the BA, paid for by public money, so why shouldn't it come under close scrutiny. As it gets my money through my taxes and my tolls fees, I'd like to think I'm getting value for money. If by other agencies/firms you mean the holiday trade, I believe it has been widely, if reluctantly, accepted that the BNP expression can lawfully be used for marketing purposes, even if the morals of its use are questionable. But the BA has no duty whatsoever towards marketing. Read the Act. Genuine question - which were the other agency/firms that were "directly involved in the original decision to erect that sign"? I ask because my understanding is that the BA unilaterally made that decision, although they did then go touting around parish councils, to see which of them would accept signs being put up. I don't think district councils were consulted and the County Council responded to an application from the BA. The signs have been erected on roads that have nothing to do with the Highways Agency, who are only responsible for the A47. The side roads into Acle (none of which actually leads to the Broads) come under the County Council. There are two legitimate brown tourist signs on the A47 approach to Acle roundabout from the Norwich direction and another on the roundabout itself, none of which directs traffic through Acle. The status of the BNP signs is highly questionable, as there can be no case made for additional 'tourist' signs (they don't comply anyway).
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    right - I think we have argued this one to death now, and things are starting to stray into the realms of the personal, so before we get any further into infringements of the TOS than we have already, i think its time we gave the thread a rest. if anyone has anything new to add to this then PM me and i will consider reopening the discussion. I have now unlocked the topic for further discussion, if we could all remember to be civil towards each other and discuss the matter in a reasonable way without getting personal about it, the moderation team feel we can continue the debate, just remember a close eye will be kept on the thread to ensure that it remains civil and within the terms of service.
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    Freedom at Thorpe did some Limited hire over the winter months but not sure they still do I am sure Andy will confirm. To my knowledge there are no other southern river yards hiring over the winter months Ray
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    I've checked out a number of the yards on the south D46 and they don't seem to hire out in the winter. I had thought maybe Waveney River Centre would given that Ferry Marina have changed their ways. But no luck. I love the southern rivers and want to get back at some point but can't get a boat that suits us at a price that suits us. Ah well ... I'm going to keep that Christmas boat hire on my wishlist. Ooops ... did I mention the C Word after 12th night? Where's Jay when I need him.
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    Presumably as they persist in Advertising something for what it is clearly not and engaging in areas outside their remit at considerable expense from public funds whichever budget they came from the next step will be ??????? you decide, sorry no prize for the best answer. Fred
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    Mr P That is an unbelievable sum of money. I'm serious. How can they justify that amount of money. What does it achieve? Mission Creep. In it's most sinister form. Have I been betrayed, am I being betrayed. I am and old codger, a curmudgeon , sometimes my befuddled mind is unable to identify that which is reasonable in this day and age. I don't need guidance from you guys I am too old for that. But what I do need is a reassurance that you will put in place a standard, disciplines, that protects the generation that will follow us and The Broads in particular from those who seek change to achieve a personal ambition. Andrew
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    I wonder how this falls within the auspices of the linked document for the reduction of traffic sign clutter https://assets.publishing.service.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/43525/tal-reducing-sign-clutter.pdf which among other things states so do we consider the current signs sufficient, or should additional traffic signage clutter be added? ie in the sign at Acle does it need Gateway to the Broads, and Broads national Park, surely the addittion is superflous.
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    I rather hope they don't, as, during my conversations with the Advertising Standards Authority, I was told that using such an advertisement would be unlawful if a purchaser made a decision to purchase based on that misleading information. I would think that people coming to the Broads come (for whatever sort of holiday) because of the high reputation of the area and what it has to offer, not because it purports to be a national park. There appear to be no verifiable statistics available that the specific use of the BNP name has made any significant increase to the number of visitors. Increased advertising of any sort is likely to increase uptake.
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    Thank you, Rum Punch. Inevitable I am afraid. Good arguments have been made & for some the jury is still out so other than taking the issue up with Authorities and MPs I am not sure what can be done. In the meantime the vandals are at work!
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    How on earth can the BA justify 'Conservation of Cultural Heritage' in relation to the bogus BNP for heaven's sakes? Does the Broads really have such a culture to conserve? Why don't Authority members question this guff and the sheare waste of public money by the executive? Surely it's a gross misappropriation of funds? This is a serious matter, BA Tom, any comments?
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    The vast majority of the time there is no sound output at all so hopefully should prevent any damage to the radio, I did find a couple of radios with bluetooth function but they were stupidly expensive. Next question is how do I manipulate the audio signal to make the scouser on the radio at gt.yarmouth understandable? Are babel fish available?
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    Turn up the volume! Annoy the neigh...bours
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    Also forgive my ignorance, but should tourist information signs not be brown, rather than an insipid teal colour? https://www.norfolk.gov.uk/-/media/norfolk/downloads/business/licences-and-permits/highways/brown-tourist-signs-information-pack.pdf?la=en&hash=C7A9C49899E5BCA0DC012A74ACE5AF53E8467558 and note the below referenced in that same document
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    It's all down to the distortion inherent in cheap end mobile phone lenses & yours truly couldn't be bothered to correct it! Also who's to say that the overlay wasn't stuck on on the soss, hardly drawing office conditions and no set-square handy, this is Norfolk yer know!
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    Arghhh, foiled, thought that I was going to catch someone out with that one!! Met Ruth in Norwich some years ago, she was in panto with Paul Daniels where I was taking pictures. I didn't take to Paul but Ruth was a real sweety, a genuinely likable person, from Norfolk!
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    I agree 're smaller yards being more accommodating but they are slowly closing No Summercraft next season one of the best gone Ray
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    I caught this on BBC2 tonight. Guy Martin style biker and car stuff. Very enjoyable.
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    Not since Swancraft stopped hiring. I think Freedom do/did but with a caveat that prevented crossing Breydon. Herbert Woods don't hire in either December or January. I don't know the situation with Ferry although I suspect they would be a bit out of my budget range. At the moment while Bridgecraft are prepared to do it, I'll keep hiring from them. I think smaller yards are generally prepared to be more flexible and I think it helps if they know you too.
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    The petitions route might work, but I doubt it. Problem is that it would be open to all and that includes those without a clue as to the detail. If a petition could be limited to stakeholder groups then it probably would have value, trouble is I doubt that there would be 100k responses let alone a 100k one way or the other. In government terms the Broads is unfortunately too small to bother with, especially with Brexit on its plate. The call really has to be for democracy and a rethink in the manner in which the Authority is led.
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    I'm trying to stay on the fence here because until I read Peter's original post on this thread, I had no idea about this issue. It's fair to say though, if I had not seen it, when I saw the signs I and probably every other tourist would probably just accept the existence of the BNP. The original post doesn't come over as a call to arms, more a chuck it out there and see what happens. But it looks like there's quite a bit of emotion and strong feeling out there! Unfortunately though, from up here on the fence it's looking a bit 48/52, or even 52/48 which could be better, or worse. My earlier comment regarding a government petition wasn't me taking the p for once but I know, it's hard to tell the difference sometimes! https://petition.parliament.uk/ If someone could come up with a carefully worded petition it could actually get something done in a direct or subtle way. With 10k signatures government would be notified, 100k and it would be debated in the Commons. Of course if it contained reference to a “Broads National Park” and got rejected by the government because it doesn't exist.... Staying on the fence but getting splinters.
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    Good news, let’s hope it happens! I look forward to mooring there for the first time (hopefully).
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    Old Wossie mentions mission creep and that does raise concerns. If we take Acle as an example, it is largely and clearly outside the Broads Authority's area of control. A quick peep at BA spin shows that the Authority claims that it takes care of the BNP, thus we have to presume that since Acle is now a declared part of the BNP it has now acquiesced its decision making to Yare House. Well, if it hasn't then the BA is not looking after the entire NP, despite its claim that it does. A national park with no boundaries, a national park with inconsistent planning policies from a multitude of different local planning authorities. Extreme thought, maybe, but potentially possible, sheds must be green in South Norfolk and yellow in East Suffolk, laughable situation. Mission creep, or underhand boundary creep?
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    3 at least! Ferry, HW and Bridgecraft so far..!!
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    Presumably as they envisaged "road signs" it cam out of the Navigation budget!! Whatever next!!!
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    IIRC the MLS310 is amplified and that should be compatible with your radio, however something in the back of my head is telling me the facility to fix the output level is on the telephone style handset option, is that the VH310? Given that they share the 310 model number you might need to handset to use the speaker, and hence to fix the output level. Sorry I'm not being much help, I'm teetering on the edge of understanding!
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    Not yet. I do know that Oulton Broad PC is opposed to the idea, unless it has recently been 'indoctrinated' into changing its mind!
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    Thanks for the input and assistance chaps, this little beastie may well be what I'm looking for: Line converter Cheap enough to give it a go and see what goes bang.....
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    All I can get from standard horizon is the 4.5w 4 ohm figure, the settings in the menu is just to turn off the internal speaker, the standard horizon ext speakers are not amplified just passive so I assume it's quite a high level output.
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    Doesn't that model have the option to switch the external speaker output to fixed level for use with an amplified speaker? If so, would you need an attenuator at all? Most modern bluetooth transmitters are very forgiving with the input level. I've said before, and happy to say again that Howard knows way more than me on these things but just a thought.
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    As far as i can see there are to be none of the new signs on the A47 & the BA paid Norfolk & Suffolk County Councils for the job
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    Naughty Photoshop Vandals
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    I was about to question Peter on his inclusion of Ruth Madoc, but thankfully checked out my facts first. Never realised she was born in Norwich. Still consider her Welsh though.
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    Well they are too early, we haven’t seen owt of any sort of winter yet Griff
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    Surely not, more like yet another well known Norfolk luminary or hero, along with the likes of Edith Cavell, Thomas Coke, Henry Blogg, Anna Sewell , Boudica, Ruth Maddoc, Robert Kett and Howard Carter. Norfolk is not just famous for its Broads
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    Hence why Packman is treated with so much suspicion. I don`t think anybody on this forum has ever said the Broads are in a terrible state, but the navigations are in desperate need of dredging in a great many areas, along with the fact several of the navigations are becoming overgrown with reed and tree ingress. Then of course there`s the loss of moorings, and the loss of refuse disposal. Our tolls are supposed to be spent on keeping the navigation open, providing adequate moorings, and to keep the rivers and their banks clean and clear, not for funding misleading lies, ie, advertising the Broads as a National Park in the press and road signs.
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    Had the BA (who are responsible for the signs) not had the signs installed, this discussion (NOT arguement) would not be taking place, so, nobody would be "having a pop at the BA". As has been said many times by many members of this forum, the vast majority of the BA are decent honest hard working upright members. Unfortunately, there are one or two at the top who forsee a much more (financially?) rewarding future for themselves if the Broads, along with its surrounding countryside, were to become something it is NOT. Have any members of the Norfolk and Broadland public, be they residents / tenants, business owners, farmers, the boating community including fleet operators and private owners etc etc etc, ever been canvassed as to whether they want their livelihoods overseen by yet ANOTHER authority they cannot elect, who also may impose ridiculous rules and restrictions on how they then have to live their lives and work?. I think the answer to that is a big fat NO. And i still stand by my earlier belief that if ANYBODY thinks this branding of the Broads as an NP is NOT a definite back door attempt to bring it into full NP status, they are seriously naive at best, deluded at worse. Talk about the blind leading the blind?.
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    Is that what I said? Thank you for explaining it to me. Perhaps I can now leave you to write my posts for me. What I thought I said was that I came to the debates years ago, with no preconceived ideas about the BA and eventually came to the opinions I hold today, having undertaken considerable research and having personal experiences of how the BA, from top to bottom, staff/members/officers, operates. My change of attitude towards the BA considerably predates the recent tolls realignment, and is based on evidence and hard fact, not suspicion, rumour or gossip. Over many years, whatever arguments I have put forward I have backed up with facts and figures. I haven’t simply made derogatory comments about other people’s opinions. Unless you can provide similar evidence to support your criticisms, there seems to be little else to discuss with you. Just repeatedly saying opinions are wrong, without justifying that criticism, isn’t discussion. It is, as I said earlier, symptomatic of belief perseverance.
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    The promotion in the Broads by that vocal group is that the Broads becoming a national park (as defined) is a BAD, BAD thing, not that national parks themselves are a bad thing. True story - my daughter lives in a national park. Her neighbour wanted to build a house for himself. The planning authority imposed conditions that it could only be later sold to either a resident of the NP, or a member of such a resident's family and that the purchaser must work within the planning authority's area. Which rather reduces the number of potential buyers. Had the neighbour built the house, literally, on the other side of the street, those restrictions would not have been imposed, as the NP boundary runs down the middle of the street. The Broads is NOT already a national park in every meaninful sense. Unless you regard the navigation, and the BA's duty towards it, meaningless.
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    Read the post again, no-one has said that. Official, informal. If i meet up with three other members and organise it by email, that is informal, no problem. It has been happening like that for years. If I post on a thread and say lets have a meet up and anyone who wants me to book a mooring sign up here, that becomes an offucial meeting with potential liabilities for us all. Talk about mountains and molehills.
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    I have to say that, like D46, I find this astounding. So the thread on the forum "Anyone afloat this weekend" must no longer be allowed, I assume? Please understand I don't doubt Timbo's sincerity for a moment but I just cannot understand this. Are we saying that one can no longer arrange to meet up on a public mooring and spend the evening having a chat with fellow boaters, without a risk assessment and safeguarding training - whatever that is?
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    Firstly Tom nothing I can see is directed at you personally just your position as spokesperson for the Authority. Having looked at all the relevant information I can find I like many others can see no benefit to the Broads in continually referring to them incorectly as a NP which they are clearly not other than to promote a misconception for whatever political gain the executive may forsee. My love of the Broads is for what they are not for any categorie they may fall in and I like I would imagine many others visit an area be it Lake District, Dartmore or any other for its Ecology and attraction regardless of its status of a NP, SSI or AONB, the only benefit to me of NP status is to protect the environment from over development. Fred
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    There's some detail here http://www.nelsonboatownersclub.co.uk/nelsonstory.html I think it's conceptually similar to the Aquafibre model of one company designing the mouldings and moulding them (or contracting another outfit to do that) and then supplying the mouldings to other yards to fit out and market as their own products. Mould development is very costly, so not that many yards do the whole end-to-end process of first sketch to finished boat. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Seeing as no one has answered you, I'll have a go. Seaward:- When underway with the coast over your shoulder Nelson:- Some sort of complicated wrestling hold Griff
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    I was surprised to see that the old Oulton Broad swimming pool site has needed Broads Authority approval to be filled in. For some reason I would have expected that to be an Oulton Broad Parish Council decision. Its those little things that make you suddenly aware of how far the BA actually reaches. Waterside I can understand but just how far away from 'The Broads' do they have such control ?
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