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    Hmmmmm, I’m gonna be driving Trevor today. Departing Gourock at midday-ish bound for home near to Donny. About 270 miles. The Wx forecast is far from ideal, no real problem, I’ll deal with it. My concern is that MrsG simultaneously will be making the same journey in her ageing Focus. Only slight comfort is she should not be too badly affected by the wind gusts, unlike Trevor so a steady hand on the helm will be in order Griff
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    I don't know about the "community" but one past member, a continuous cruiser, used to complain bitterly about Bramerton being taken over at weekends, by contingents of the Brundall Navy. But such complaints as there are about liveaboards aren''t that they use the 24 hr moorings - those are available to all - but they 'forget' to move on after they've had their 24 hr whack.
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    The executive of the BA is keen to claim that the Broads has been granted the same status as a national park and has quoted a letter of the 2 September 2006, from the Minister for Biodiversity, Landscape & Rural Affairs, Barry Gardiner MP as containing the evidence of that claim. Past experience suggests to me that ministerial letters are subject to interpretation so with that in mind I recently submitted a Freedom of Information Request asking for a copy of that letter. I received a response today, from the Authority, stating that the Authority no longer has a copy of that letter! Am I surprised? No, not really, but it would have been good if I could have confirmed the granting, or not, of N.P. status to the Broads. I would have thought that if that letter is pivotal to the executive claim that the Broads is actually a national park then it would be available in order to prove the point. Very fishy!
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    especially due to the long passage across Breydon and up from Great Yarmouth to Acle or any other Northern point or the reverse, and short days during the winter dont make the passage any easier to match with tide times.
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    Ever since I've been boating,have traveled over all the broads. We are based in Brundall.Tend to weekend on the south, go north on longer trips.The south is often not as busy.Its often said that northern yards discourage people heading south.My advice is, if your new to boating gain some confidence first,but travel as much of the broads as possible. As been said over the years for a number of yards have closed sadly.Winter boating think it's a balance for yards,do they want to have some boats available or not.As a boat owner we put the boat to bed over the winter (dont like the ).The broads as many know is great whatever time of the year.
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    Our local newspaper is asking for suggestions into what they can investigate in 2020. May I suggest, even ask, that you suggest to the EDP that they investigate either the Broads Authority or the bogus Broads National Park. https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/archant-investigations-unit-story-idea-1-6464820?fbclid=IwAR0rn9jI4B1cjBbu7vVUEPa0v4yZL_1Ujuvk8HqO5yc-N7fp-8xoprxffE0
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    During the debate on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads Bill, on 1 December 1986, the Minister for Environment, Countryside and Planning (William Waldegrave) said: “The Bill recognises the Broads' national importance and special needs. It gives them a status equivalent to that of a national park, but with wider powers." That 'but' is the difference. While those wider powers (which relate to the navigation) remain, the Broads cannot be a national park.
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    Re my FOI request, I have just been reminded that there are many other DEFRA letters subsequent to 2006, the most recent from Andrea Leadsom, all refuting the NP status claim. All in all I hope that the EDP can be persuaded to investigate the workings of the upper echelons of power at Yare House.
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    just for mouldy
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    We are quite particular. Preferably a boat with bow thrusters as there is only ever the two of us on board so it just makes arriving and departing the moorings easier and more secure. I can do it without but prefer knowing I’ve got the backup. But an absolute must for us is an island bed. My other half is 6’4 so any kind of fixed length bed that you can’t hang your feet off doesn’t work for us. This does considerably reduce the number of boats that we can hire. And it is why we are such fans of the ex-Swancraft fleet. Such great boats for two people hiring at a reasonable price. Just such a shame that they’re not based on the South anymore. Might look at the Broom Captain eventually or the boats WRC are offering but they all come at a price. Plus I like the go anywhere air draft of the bathtubs.
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    I'm not sure that The Broads National Park Authority Bill - see attached See section 4: Alteration of name of Authority and area (1) The name of the Broads Authority is changed to The Broads National Park Authority. (2) The name of the Broads (as defined in section 2(3) of the 1988 Act) is changed to The Broads National Park. To save any confusion, this Bill was kicked into touch by the government. Phew, that was close! Second_Draft_of_Bill.pdf
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    Freedom don't hire in December or January. I did hire from them last November, however and they're the only southern operator to offer that month I believe. They didn't want me to go north of Reedham and St Olaves but as I was only onboard 5 nights that wasn't an issue.
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    The plot thickens! This comment has been posted elsewhere: The letter was from the then Environment Secretary (DEFRA) to the then Chairman of the BA, Prof. Kerry Turner. The purpose of the letter was to address the BA CEO's demand to be allowed to call the BA a national park authority and to use the national park title in the name of The Broads. DEFRA refused to support the demand pointing out that The Broads is prevented by law from becoming a national park. It was reported that the BA CEO concealed the letter while forging ahead with his pet Private Bill in Parliament - The Norfolk and Suffolk Broads National Park Bill. Packman and Turner were eventually obliged to change the name of the Bill to remove the false national park definition. Curiouser and curiouser!
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    Thanks for the suggestion. I have contacted Barry Gardiner's office.
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    yes we do seem to be wandering as far as the other end of the broads, At least if the BA do take over the management of the staithe at stalham, this will bring some consistency to the ownership and responsibilities of managing the staithe
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    I have also asked DEFRA but am still awaiting a response.
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    Would it not be possible to ask for the letter from the source as in Barry Gardeners office rather than the recipient?
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    just respond with easter bunnies, that generally doe the trick
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    Mods!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I thought that the use of foul or abusive language (or cartoons) was not permitted on here!
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    I do take over boat Friday PM cross Breydon Saturday return across Breydon Sunday hand boat back Monday AM dosnt seem appealing to me. Fred
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    Well I can't really disagree as in River traffic in winter and available moorings etc but I do wish that certain folk remembered that the broads don't end at Yarmouth , it's not good for the infastructure down south be that pubs , hire yards or indeed anything else .
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    How on earth can the BA justify 'Conservation of Cultural Heritage' in relation to the bogus BNP for heaven's sakes? Does the Broads really have such a culture to conserve? Why don't Authority members question this guff and the sheare waste of public money by the executive? Surely it's a gross misappropriation of funds? This is a serious matter, BA Tom, any comments?
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    Getting the EDP to investigate the Broads Authority, a good shout but I wish you luck. That would require some keen investigative journalism of which I have seen more on this thread than in many years of reading the EDP.
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    I can only report what has been written. The letter states, very clearly, the current government position, which hasn't changed since the rebranding in 2015. On that basis, I believe it. Whether it reflects the intentions of the Broads Authority (or certain people within the Authority) is a totally different matter.
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    That letter was dated 26 April 2017 and, in it, she said, "I can confirm that there has been no formal or legal change to the status of the Broads and that rebranding the Broads as a national park has been done solely for marketing purposes."
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    I have neither denied nor opposed the Broads being a member of the National Parks family. Family membership is not the issue.
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    Easter bunnies? You can't forget Christmas
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    🐣 I can’t find any Easter Bunnies, will this do?
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    He means chocolate ones too.
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    I would plan differently and punch the tide down the bure with a plan to cross Breydon on or near the high water slack or indeed while the tide is still coming in on Breydon, then perhaps get moored up at reedham and salhouse to ride out the ebb, as I dont generally have to worry about the bridge clearances as long as they are 6 foot plus.
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    Silver Myth looks like a lovely boat for 2. Island bed, as Speedtriple pointed out, plus bow thruster and 240v. The only thing that put me off Silverline when we were hiring was the higher than normal pet charge. If you don't have a dog their boats look ideal. I don't think pets are allowed on Silver Myth anyway. When we last had a week on Moonlight Shadow late August I couldn't help thinking that the Silverline fleet looked very well maintained. Helen
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    Hi Jean, Try looking at Silver line, I think they have an alpha 29 ctr ckpt with an island bed in the fwd cabin. I think it's called Silver Myth or Mystique.
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    And Brundall Church Fen.
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    as the boats i hire fit under Potter Heigham Bridge, I can normally (except extremely high tides - and then I wouldnt be getting under Potter Heigham) get under the bridges at Great Yarmouth at any tide state, assuming of course I dont mind punching the tide in one direction or the other either to get to Breydon or crossing it, - with the attendant extra fuel use involved.
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    Safe journey to both you and Mrs. G. Griff. Carole
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    The point was more to do with difficulties crossing Breydon, rather than on a weekend hire. I do realise that it would be difficult on a short break, however to me, at least, crossing Breydon is no more difficult than crossing Barton Broad as long as you take note of the tides.
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    Safe trip Griff, keep her close hauled 👍 (In my head that is an appropriate sailing metaphor 🙂)
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    I think a !ot of hirers take short breaks these days with the main yards based in Stalham,Wroxham and. Horning combined with tides over Breydon it makes North to South trips very difficult Ray
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    I've checked out a number of the yards on the south D46 and they don't seem to hire out in the winter. I had thought maybe Waveney River Centre would given that Ferry Marina have changed their ways. But no luck. I love the southern rivers and want to get back at some point but can't get a boat that suits us at a price that suits us. Ah well ... I'm going to keep that Christmas boat hire on my wishlist. Ooops ... did I mention the C Word after 12th night? Where's Jay when I need him.
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    Mr P That is an unbelievable sum of money. I'm serious. How can they justify that amount of money. What does it achieve? Mission Creep. In it's most sinister form. Have I been betrayed, am I being betrayed. I am and old codger, a curmudgeon , sometimes my befuddled mind is unable to identify that which is reasonable in this day and age. I don't need guidance from you guys I am too old for that. But what I do need is a reassurance that you will put in place a standard, disciplines, that protects the generation that will follow us and The Broads in particular from those who seek change to achieve a personal ambition. Andrew
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    Turn up the volume! Annoy the neigh...bours
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    Stop! This thread alone will probably be responsible for Stalham Staithe getting really busy again. Sigh. Avoid the place...you’ll get grounded...there be dragons...awful place to be. Avoid at all costs!
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    I bet I could put you off wanting to stay there, courtesy of Google maps....
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    I don't think syndicate ownership is necessarily right for Water Rail. I think she is a perfect candidate for shared ownership between two or three like minded individuals who are able to bring skills to the table that will secure Water Rail's long term future. There are a number of shared ownership wooden broads cruisers on the Broads that I am aware of (it would be wrong of me to name them but some are forum members so can do so if they so wish) and the result of their efforts have been superb. With Water Rail's asking price split three ways she would provide a comparatively inexpensive way into owning a traditional boat for those that would love to be involved in these old woodies but find going it alone just that little bit too daunting.
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    I refer the Honorable Gentleman to the answer that was given earlier.
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    That depends on if it actually works it hasn't on certain other moorings . BA simple do not have the legality to move boat onless under certain conditions , all they can do is stick a contravention notice on the vessel , if it's a Hazzard to navigation or pollution Hazzard then it's totally different and they can tow it away , obviously that includes in a situation where it may sink , other than that they can only apply the contravention notice and nothing else , this includes untolled vessels too unfortunately . Trust me I'm not in favor of them in any way whatsoever but that's exactly how BA have to act .
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