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    this morning it was back onto seat construction, the holes are drilled in the seat and base for the legs, dry assembled to align everything, then a level was marked for the front stretchers, dropped slightly and then the side stretchers, then it was assembly, one stretcher at a time allowing the glue to dry between work. once all the stretchers had been glued, the seat was glued in place, then the base, and finally the back was fitted, this is a thinner back, so there wasnt a lot of spare wood around the 2.5mm holes, I am a lot happier about this chair, here are the two to compare, then in place in the model, being modelled by rogue (one of a batch of 1/12 scale x men figures i picked up at the boot fair to be repainted for use on the model). finally a shot of my work area, just so you can see where i perform these miniature feats.
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    Friday 7th Feb 2020 So, after stepping onboard late afternoon today, first job was to turn on the heating as well as the 240v ceramic fan heater. Nobody has been onboard overnight since the Lads Week back in October nearly 4 x months, probably an unwanted record I was pleasantly surprised, not too much mouldy surfaces and moderate dust of course if one listened to MrsG ‘B.A’ was filthy and unliveable. A visit to Tesco’s we needed some Dettol mould n mildew remover, probably the only cleaning agent known to Man we didn’t have onboard. Immersion heater on and we got stuck in, every bulkhead, surface and deckhead got a bolloxing. The galley, aft passageway (Watch it!) double cabin, double cabin and wheelhouse completed gear onboard, stowed. Tomorrow will see up fwd and topsides completed before we sail into a howling gale. Friday evenings for us at home is traditionally Fish n chips from our local chipole, tonight would be no different, off to Stalham chippy in t car. Ordered = no wallet, dash back collect wallet (not at all embarrassing) Bl00dy hell, large fish n chips with mushies, small fish n chips = £17:50 HOW MUCH? Less than a tenner at home Anyroadup, here we sit getting nice n toasty onboard, the heating will stay on 24 Hrs for now. TV on, a glass each MrsG knitting and drooling. Earlier whilst driving on the NDR (is it still called that?) I pointed out those ‘Bat’ gantries to MrsG she didn’t believe me one iota they were for bats. So we had a bet of sorts I won of course after google confirmed. So, ‘Bat out of Hell, will be playing on ‘B.A’s ICE on valentines night, really? Yes really MrsG - face like a bulldog licking p1ss off a nettle. Happy Days More to follow Griff
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    Over Barton, cruising to PH. All to the good. Internally ‘B.A’ is clean. Topsides not so good. MrsG will let me recommence clean ship once alongside as I’m presently on watch on the helm Griff
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    You know, this stuff has such a familiar ring to me. What is happening here is that a radical new way of thinking and working is being proposed and when that happens, there are always people who say it is too difficult or it will never work. Let me give you an example from the past: Back in the 1980s, I was in charge of a little team of engineers and we were developing a new product which did not currently exist. I often had to discuss it with other parts of the company, and whenever I did, I was always told it would never work. As always, the naysayers gave two reasons why: 1. The technology is not ready and there are too many problems to make it work. 2. The idea is too radical and customers will not want to change their ways or will not accept it. The 1980s computer technology was certainly a challenge and we had to resort to some pretty drastic measures, but eventually we got it working and launched it onto the unsuspecting customers. A week later, it had taken a million pounds in sales. Then all the naysayers changed their tune and said they had always thought it was a good idea. Some even started saying it was their idea. Does this sound familiar to you? The truth is that there are some huge technical challenges when it comes to climate change, and there is a lot of work to be done, but if you think we can't overcome these problems then you very much underestimate human inginuity. Some will embrace the new ideas and make a lot of money. Some companies will fail. Can we make a difference? Sure we can. Soon everyone will be whizzing around in electric cars (or boats) and wondering what all the fuss was about. I remember listening to a talk by Neil Armstrong about the Moon race. He said that when President Kennedy had said that a man was to be landed on the moon by the end of the decade, the technology to do it did not exist and it was completely impossible. At the end of the talk, Armstrong said to the children there that they were to go home, get out their dictionary, and cross out the word "impossible". Nigel (Chartered Electronics Engineer, Ludham)
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    Griffs hair seems to be growing.... a slightly different direction for his wardrobe as well
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    I am glad you can see the difference, i was worried that i was being finnicky when i decided to be more careful over the second one and fix what i saw as the errors in the first, i knew i could do better, thats what bugged me. plus i could see the seat back was too chunky so i slimmed down the width and thickness of the back, as well as slimming the size of the seat. i can be happy with not perfect, but not if i havent done my best when i know i can do better.
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    Said hi at ph. If I I had known there was cleaning to be done, I would have offered (my wife) to help. Now back home near Romford.
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    Beautiful and although I was mighty impressed with the first one I can see that this second one is even better! 👍
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    it will do the old girl good to have some time out and about, also it will be good for yourself and mrs G to reconnect after the last few months of looking after her mum.
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    thats fine, by the time i have finished with a car theres not enough left to sell on to anyone, most get used as parts donor cars for the next one.
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    not unless they are supplied by some means other than the national grid, the infrastructure isnt in place to charge electric vehicles for more than about 1 in 50 cars on the road at present, a radical clean technology leap needs to happen for that to become a possibility.
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    Some heartening responses, apart from the to be expected sarcasm from the usual suspect. I have no doubt that this welcome edition of the Bulletin has been written with care, e.g. no mention of the BNP, no politics or red rags for us touchy, justifiably suspicious bulls. Let's be positive, the road sign debacle is proving a step to far, public opinion does matter, a corner is perhaps being turned. The way forward is together. Being realistic, just for a moment, let's just hope that this not just a flash in the pan. What next, a rebirth for a reformulated, largely elected Broads Forum perhaps, or am I expecting too much too soon?
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    Don't know about a Templar Knight More of a Barron Knight
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    Makes not the slightest difference what we (the UK) does or doesn't do. The US, China, India, Brazil, all developing nations will continue tipping the balance. We could all sit in mud huts around a single candle for heat and light, won't make a scrap of difference on a global scale. Not saying we shouldn't try, but bankrupting ourselves in a mad rush to deliver a carbon neutral economy makes no sense, to me. BTW, did you see the Ben Fogle episode a few weeks back, where he went to Siberia? Now that's worrying! If the perma frost melts and releases all the carbon presently locked into it, as the researcher says "We're up s**t creek without a paddle". Happy days.
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    Great to see the BA doing all this work, please convey our thanks if you're reading this Tom. The new moorings and visitor centre sound good, I can just imagine mooring overnight a going to the centre for a full English while watching Marsh Harriers swooping over the marshes. The extra moorings and leccy at Acle Bridge will be welcome, but the dredging and maintainance of Candle dyke and Waxham New Cut are sadly not a given for Lightning, so we will have to hire one of Martham Boats finest for a couple of nights to explore the Upper Thurne Network, unless they raise that blockage of course?. You see marshman, we Do applaud and give credit to the BA when they work hard on maintaining the Broads in the manner they are supposed to do.
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    Sat 8th Feb. Morning, just been outside the wetshed at the basin end looking out over Swan quay. Mug of rum with splash of coffee in hand There’s not a breath of wind to be felt. The calm before the storm, literally. Last night after the evening news, I put a dvd on, it was the RAF’s training film namely ‘Battle of Britain’. Now MrsG was knitting (Third grandchild’ on the way) and I knew she would both not watch it nor understand the importance of it and how close we came to losing it Well, surprise surprise, watched all of it, enjoyed it and ‘Got it’’. Wonders never cease eh? Griff
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    Probably not too much done about the electricity at Acle yet - don't want to be putting electricity in whilst moorings under water every other day as it has a tendency to make your hair stand on end!!!!
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    Hi, Just an update on Pacific Cruisers. They have added another cruiser to their fleet, it is an Aquafibre 32 Sapphire dual steer named Pacific Spirit. I understand she will eventually replace Princess although she is still on hire for 2020 at least ( I am booked on Princess for May and Sunshine in June). Confusingly Dawn has been sold however a like for like replacement is yet to be found. She doesn't appear on their website yet, although pricing and details can be found on the Waterways site using library photos. As usual pricing is competitive coming in around £100 and £250 less than the Stalham equivalent plus it has 240v, shore power and a bow thruster. Sorry if this comes across as an advert it's just good to see small yards and Southern river operations investing and thriving particularly friendly well run operations who still have to compete with the big boys without their budgets. Neil
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    I don't use a wheelchair, maybe one day, but I have in the past dragged toddlers in buggies over that stuff, not easy. I am glad of one stick, sometimes two, but even without trying it a frame would probably be an impossibility, even one with wheels. A few more tarmacked footpaths away from the water's edge would be appreciated, as would a few seats. I applaud any efforts to provide access for the disabled but on the other hand us less than able folk have to bow to our limitations. Mind you, I won't easily give in but I would sometimes appreciate it being easier.
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    Those crushed concretes strips are certainly not wheelchair or mobility frame friendly. Genuine question : why cant they use solid paving or paving slabs ? (or am I missing something obvious here).
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    UPDATE: I messaged Richardson's and within a few minutes, they came back with the following reply. Good news!! "Hi John, thanks for getting in touch. There is no limit on our WiFi, however signal can be limited in remote parts of the Broads as it does rely on EE mobile signal. We hope this helps. Kind regards, R" I have to say that, in my recent dealings with this boatyard, they have been exceedingly responsive and friendly!
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    Banter & sarcasm, not the same thing, at least not in my books.
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    It's the side by side comparison really, standing alone I thought the first was remarkable and indeed it still is by any standard but with the second one you've taken the standard to a whole other level!
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    COP - Sailing in 5 for Womack Water. Need to be somewhere sheltered for this evening / morning. Windows will wait till tomorrow Griff
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    I was cleaning but then forumites arrived they live in next village to us. Ferzan is their boat. The boys wanted to see onboard. Upper scuppers completed. Now just got the glass to do. MrsG commented I’d made a rubbish job of them before I have even done them She has gone back to La’tharms - second visit Griff
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    We have just started clearing out some of my dads stuff and he collected lots of old brochures from holidays on the broads. I thought you all might be interested... If people are interested I will post more as I find them!
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    8ft 4 at Ludham Bridge that was handy, no need to drop the screen Griff
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    The first new moorings were opened last year, this new set of 16 + electric posts will complete the project. According to previous reports, the new mooring pontoon will provide access to the whole reserve and the visitor centre which is to be built. I get the impression that it will be a fair walk to the visitor centre so Speedtriple will earn his full english if that’s right. 😁
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    Get in touch with Tom, the BA rep on here, and ask him. He did say if you have any issues, he`s here to try and help.
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    On the subject of defacing signs, during a recent slow meandering cruise up the Yare I stopped at several of the BA 24hr moorings enroute. Some I noticed had the 24hr information signs defaced in an attempt to change or delete the National Park wording. Whilst I am neither condoning nor critisising this action it does highlight the depth of feeling that exists about this whole BNP question. Far from belittling this as a comic " Tooting Popular Front" type action as alluded to before, I feel this is serious and shows the depth and passion the whole subject generates. Perhaps the "little man" can sometimes find no other way to keep the information (or misinformation - depending on your viewpoint) in the public and the visitors eye. I much like the new wooden local heritage signs on Reedham Quayside, but then in the bottom right corner it states (advertises ?) Broads National Park.
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    Not really blowing that hard yet, but we have settled for the night and Moonlight Shadow is starting to sound like Treebeard. Oh, the creaking!
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    JM, when was force 6 ever a gale? A yachtsman's (if offshore) yes but not proper! I have just downloaded the MSLP. Atlantic analysis and prognosis to +96 and given a few hours I think you will be seeing a true gale force blow. I would strongly advise against getting your sail board out in the morning.
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    Well Mark, nearly caught up with you again this time . Was overnight on Brundall Church Fen Thursday night after a slow meander up river for the previous nine days including the usual o/n stops. Not much river traffic about. Rockland Short Dyke was blustery but on the Wednesday weather was especially good anchored on Bargate with just a few day fishermen and courting GCGrebes for company. So enjoyed some peaceful kayaking in the back waters up to Surlingham Staithe. Would have carried on up river and so come past Whitey but Friday am saw the wind strengths forecast and decided to run back with a good ebb to tuck up on home moorings. So hopefully catch up again later in the year. Stay safe on Sunday, could be quite an experience, there's an eerie calm before the storm feel this evening. Bob
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    Just seen you on the webcam cleaning BA at Potter. Ive taken a screenshot from the webcam but not sure if I have permission to post it. Looking pretty breezy there already.
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    These were from 1985, here are the pictures of skipper and matelot from the brochure, but they have used a picture of L110 for both... Interestingly they have used a different picture for Cadet which looks like N692 although cadet and skipper look identical to me...
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    The only realistic leap forward in power generation is nuclear fusion. That's some way off being practical, as yet. As Gren states, even if we had unlimited power, there's no way to distribute it to the end user. Hydrogen is the way transport will go, but it will be a long way into the future. Do we have that long, I wonder?
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    Yep, agree with that Regulo. Climate change and pollution.The former is for us all. Pollution, depends where you live I suppose. Certainley there is pollution on the broads. Now, that is something we can make a difference.
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    Chill Griff (and Mrs G). Just enjoy the time. We’ll also be arriving in Brundall tomorrow for the joys of the Broads thrashed by Storm Ciara. Wondering if we can get a short cruise in tomorrow before it hits us.
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    After careful thought and due consideration I have prepared the following statement. "I would like to make a full and unreserved apology to the moderators, members and other interlocutors of this assesmbly, to Miss Thunberg and her family and to any third party who was in any way whatsoever offended by my previous observations on this subject. I am old, I have consumed more summers than I have remaining to me. I was raised in an age when society did not benefit from the safeguards and protections of political correctness which it enjoys today and as such I am no expert on that subject, as in deed I am not expert in any matter. Notwithstanding my self acknowledged deficiencies of age and ignorance I offer no defence for any animadversion or stricture contained within my recent interposition. I appreciate that in this day and age to suggest that a child should go to school is unacceptable and I deeply regret the upset this has so obviously caused. That was not the declared intention of my post. I accept the hierarchical precept that it is improper to make comments or statements regarding a person or group of people or to make criticism of them on any platform to which they do not themselves have access to make a response. The fact that this forum is open to anyone, unlike the stage of a United Nations Climate Change Conference would I believe be an unnecessary interjection at this time. To this end I should like the forum's appointed arbiters to also consider previous analogous misdemeanors herewith catalogued but not deemed worthy of objection at the time of posting, or missed by those monitors likely to raise such objection. i) That elsewhere on this forum I did bring into doubt the integrity of His Royal Highness Andrew Duke Of York in the matter of his relationship with Mr Epstein and alleged relationship with Miss Virginia Roberts. ii) That elsewhere on this forum I did bring into doubt without evidence the medical well being of the Former German Chancellor and Fuhrer of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, suggesting that he might be missing one or more appendage(s) usually found at one end of the vas deferens in adult males, and that this was done in a deliberate attempt to derogate or belittle the person in question without the opportunity of response. I plead guilty on all counts. I order to protect the integrity of this forum and those individuals who gather here I shall from this point forward restrict my postings to those matters on which I consider myself expert and in all other matters ensure that my thoughts and opinions maintain their own counsel."
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    We’re on Moonlight Shadow from Saturday. Been looking at the long range forecast and it seems that more gales/storms will be rattling in behind the storm forecast for Sunday. Just our luck. Looks like we’ll have strong winds all week. I have resigned myself to the idea that we won’t be going anywhere by boat next week. Sigh. At least there are plenty of other places to visit, I’ve been wanting to explore other parts of Norfolk, and maybe Suffolk. It seems that the west coast will be in for the worst of it. I’ll be thinking of family living on the Anglesey coast.
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    I don't mind the wind in the tree's but I totally avoid mooring under trees in very windy weather having seen the aftermath of a tree hitting a GRP boat .
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    I have just moved this thread into speakers corner as that seems a better location for this topic to be discussed.
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    Hi Shunts shouldn't be connected to the battery terminals but in the cable. sorry but your connectors are all wrong you have no vaseline protection on connectors, suggest you remove all the cables and batt terminal wire brush all surfaces smear with vaseline and reconnect then cut off ends of cables smeared with vaseline then recrimped if unable to solder which is best, if possible bolt shunt on bulkhead and redirect cables to this then run one thick cable from shunt to battery smearing ends with vaseline on all surfaces, then when you replace/remove battery you won't damage/disturb cables. HAVE you no battery switch this ideally should be connected by cable from pos term then to switch then to starter and by seperate cable to shunt then on to fuses, it is good practise to have a inline fuze between battery and shunt after any other take offs with the exception of starter. John
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    unfortunately its a good likeness of the real Griff, and there is no sofa to hide behind aboard Broad Ambition
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    £10 for an overnight at Salhouse, with water and rubbish disposal seems better value than £10 per night at Ranworth island where there are no facilities other than goose poo and hot and cold running mozzies.
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