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    Sunday 9th Feb On reflection, maybe I should have started off another thread for this trip entitled 'Not carried away by a Moonlight Shadow'! It's too late for that though...I've started, so I'll finish (well hopefully, if this crazy weather allows). Woke just after 4 this morning, with the boat being buffeted by Storm Ciara and repeatedly banging against the key heading. Graham slept through it initially but woke when it got worse. He got up and adjusted the ropes, and it was a lot better after that, so much so that he managed to get back to sleep. I didn’t though. Seren started whining shortly after Graham had dropped off again, so I got up to let her out of her cage. It is handy having wifi at our mooring in Brundall. Normally I don’t post much when I’m on holiday. We hadn’t realised about the wifi until almost the end of our previous week in November, but this week I'm making full use of it. I spent the time before Graham woke again writing up yesterday’s blog, loading up some photos onto my laptop, and then posting the blog. We took our time getting ready this morning, and it was after 10 before we decided to take Seren out in the car so that she could have a good run. We weren’t that organised, and were still debating where to go whilst driving along toward Acle. Fairhaven Gardens got ruled out as we didn’t think a woodland walk would be wise during a gale. We considered a beach walk, but thought the sand would blow into Seren’s eyes (and ours!). In the end we went to Burgh Castle. The stretch between Acle and Gt Yarmouth was the worst bit to drive along; it’s so exposed there. There was a lot of debris blowing across the road, and when I passed a double decker bus going in the opposite direction the effect was a bit like two express trains going past each other, with me hanging on to the steering wheel for dear life as the car lurched toward the side of the bus. Eek! When we finally got to Burgh Castle, I don’t suppose it was any windier there than anywhere else, but it was a bit of a struggle to walk against the wind. After having a look around the castle we went down toward the river. The effect of the wind on the reeds was pretty impressive. MVI_1274.MP4 After our walk I thought I would have a look around the church, especially as the information board near the gate gave some tantalising hints about its history and further information being available inside. Well, that was a welcoming church! By this time, it was late morning and we decided that we needed a Sunday roast. Yet again, we set off without having decided where we would stop off. We ended up at the Surlingham Ferry Inn again, but by land not river. We arrived not long after 12, and although it was clear that they had quite a lot of tables booked we were the first to arrive, so they managed to squeeze us in and we got served really quickly. It’s the first time that I’ve been served the food so quickly that I’ve hardly had time to take more than a few sips of my drink. We enjoyed our food very much, though the helping was a bit too big for me, and I found that I wasn’t that keen on having stuffing and chipolata with beef roast. I could have asked for a mixture of pork and beef though. It would have been fine with that. Very friendly service, and I would definitely go again – hopefully by river though, as it’s a lot easier to get there from Brundall by river compared to the car journey. We had another visit to Sainsbury’s on the way back to the boat to get some new keys cut, so that we could return the set we’d borrowed. Unfortunately, while the new engine key turned out fine neither of the two new door keys that the lady at Timpson’s had attempted worked – she had warned us that she wasn’t sure they would be okay. We’ll be back to Sainsbury’s later in the week. As several people have commented on other threads, the river levels were very low when we got back to the boat, and dropped further as the afternoon wore away. We started to wonder if we would need a ladder to get off the boat. I jest…one of the handy things about MS is the way the deck slopes downward from bow to stern, so you can usually find somewhere on deck that’s a good spot to embark/disembark. There’s also a handy set of steps near the mooring for use when the tide is particularly high. Another quiet and lazy late afternoon/evening on board. There was a lovely sunset, which I thought was quite remarkable after all that stormy weather. I made us a non-dairy mac’n’cheese. Comfort food. That’s what you need when it’s stormy!
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    Good afternoon everyone, thank you for your feedback on the briefing. John is of course directly involved and writes a lot of the briefing, but it is a team effort with quite a few different members of staff adding contributions on their particular areas - many apologies if some of it has been muddled or lost in translation. I can clarify a few things for you below: 1. There appears to have been a bit of a misunderstanding with the wording on the briefing regarding Peto's Marsh. The Suffolk Wildlife Trust has an ambition to build a raised viewing platform in the vicinity of the mooring so that people on foot can get a 360 degree panoramic view over the marshes, including those who have arrived on boat. The new pontoon moorings there will provide access to the Carlton Marshes Reserve, the new SWT Visitor Centre and also the Angles Way. They will be located towards the southern end of Oulton Dyke – around TM 50113 92964 on an OS Map. We have a set of pontoons on the other side of the river known as the the 'Dutch Tea Gardens' 24-hour mooring, at TM 50149 93041. The OS website has a handy map - https://osmaps.ordnancesurvey.co.uk/52.47805,1.68220,18 2. Regarding the use of concrete or paving slabs, this surface is unfortunately not ideal at Acle due to subsidence (sinking/tilting) of the path. Sites with these types of paths installed require much more preparation if subsidence does occur and this creates additional ongoing costs, as well as being quite costly in terms of materials and initial installation. 3. On Acle Bridge, I agree that there has been a poor choice of wording there on our part and I think it's possible that some wires may have been crossed when discussing the briefing content internally. I have sought further clarification from our Maintenance Supervisor and will update you as soon as I hear back (they're busy dealing with a lot of fallen trees and other debris today so this may be tomorrow). I believe preliminary works have taken place at Acle and contractors will be starting very soon. We were aiming for Easter but the possibility for weather and operational delays mean the works could encroach on the Easter period. Again, please accept my apologies for any confusion created as a result of the newsletter. If there's any more genuine questions I am happy to help. Best, Tom
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    Amazingly we have survived another night Right, enough is enough. Going stir crazy here at Womack Water. Shower drain pump has finally packed up. It is over 20 years old. Having treated it to a service kit last year, the motor has turned its last. Robin to the rescue and off to Wards in his car. Once he’s back I’ll fit the thing - needs some jiggery pokery on the plumbing apparently, you just kinda know it’ll be fighting me. Then? We are going to have a go at making Horning. Need FW and plugging into shore power would be nice. It’s still proper windy though Griff
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    So after yesterday’s lows - today’s high. Taken just downstream of Marina Quays.
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    We made Horning with no issues. Yes it was windy but seen it worse. Now alongside The Green. Shore power on. Then? It snowed Photo’s - since taken I have since shuffled ‘B.A’ up a bit to give more room for any other potential visiting craft (Oh yes I have) Griff
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    I dont think its a case of election, more a case of accountability, those in charge must be able to be held accountable for their actions, rather than just allowing them a free rein. i dont really care who is in charge as long as they can be held to account for their actions.
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    The Glover report seems to be Mr Glover’s Utopian view of national parks and areas of outstanding natural beauty. Highly commendable…in a Utopian world. But I notice that, while he goes on at some length about how these areas should be run, he is rather vague about how they will be funded, referring to the need to keep the current levels of funding. But he thinks that AONBs should have increased funding. He concedes that public budgets are tight and expects the national parks to become entrepreneurial. He also says they must make “efficiencies across the system”, which, to me suggests job cuts. Which is rarely a good policy if public support is required. So what has been the recent pattern of funding from the public purse? Since 2010, the Defra Core Grant to National Park Authorities and the Broads Authority has fallen from £53.8m in 2010 to £47.9m in 2018, a drop of £5.9m (around -11%). But inflation (cpi) in that time rose by 29%. So in real terms, the reduction has been nearer -31%. (I've used official government figures, but other figures are available, I’m sure.) How much is currently available each year for the 34 AONBs? £600,000 from central government, with another £150k or so from local authorities. That’s the total, not the amount for each AONB. Somehow, I get the feeling that the Glover Review train-load of aspirations will run into the buffers of reality, with no cash available to fund them. There may well be some tweaking around the edges and some cherry-picking, so we still need to be wary of threats to the right of navigation, but I’m not losing any sleep over it.
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    Thanks Jean. However, it looks like the wind is picking up again (I can hear some gusts already) so maybe not tomorrow. I have great hopes for Wednesday onwards though! The hail that fell late afternoon and gathered at the stern well still hasn’t melted. The river is still very high too. I’m completely flummoxed by the tide. According to the tide tables I downloaded low tide was supposed to be about an hour and a half ago, but the river level doesn’t seem to have dropped at all since we arrived back around 4pm. I have no idea...does that mean it will rise even more with the incoming tide? Although we have been reassured that the key heading here is normally above the flood, we have moved the car just in case. I’m a bit short on sleep since the last two nights, so the last thing I need is to stay awake worrying about the car. At least we are fine on the boat. I’m thinking of those with riverside properties...and all those people in Yorkshire and other places who have been flooded out during the last few days or affected in other ways due to the weather. Graham got a call earlier from our parish council office to say that the polytunnel on our allotment ended up on a neighbour’s allotment. It was fairly new, and not cheap, but a tiny thing compared to what others are struggling with after the storm. We have so much to be thankful for.
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    That's true, I imagine though that there are possibly a number of "projects" that never reach the application stage because they know they will fail Sandford if tested. This would skew the statistics somewhat, although perhaps only a little. On a wider note, it could seem as though I am against conservation, nothing could be further from the truth but I do want the Norfolk Broads to always be a place for boating (and all the other pastimes associated with it) with the navigation protected.
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    The above will surely have to pass through Parliament? Whatever happens the Broads Authority, especially if it gains Sandford, has to become wholly accountable and truly democratic.
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    I reckon even Marthams would struggle to get through today. Jayne 2 is about their lowest cruiser having (in my opinion) been renovated with a lower roof line than previously, I reckon she could scrape through at about 5 ' 8" at a pinch. but today it would take more than a few spare bodies to get another 4"
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    Five foot and a bit at Potteram to-dye
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    Thank you Maurice Mynah.I agree a move towards direct elections has risks. Does it not seem equitable for the power around the table to be allocated in line with sources of income, with appointees from other stakeholders? It could be argued that a small band of 'warriors' (long may they continue), predominantly acting altruistically, and having to be ever-vigilant of a profoundly-mistrusted CEO, are effectively all that has preserved our rights of navigation?. I can't see that is even close to being acceptable in a democratic society. IMHO the current lack of accountability is nothing short of an outrage. There has to be a better way. As JennyMorgan points out, his replacement may be just as bad or even worse. An equitable system of governance should not be dependent on who sits in the CEO's chair. The current system is broken and needs replacing. Quite how that is achieved is something else completely.
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    Some years ago, in a magazine called Anglia Afloat, the editor highlighted the lack of trust issue. Subsequently the NSBA has featured the lack of trust factor in its house magazine. Nothing has changed since. It isn't only the lack of trust in JP but also the unknown factor of who replaces him. Trust is key, and that has been lost.
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    Agreed but if the major players make a stand, the RYA, The Ramblers and us anglers, then I doubt that even a majority government will have an easy ride with this one. On top of that Parliamentary time will have to be found and at the moment there are more pressing issues for Boris & Co. Rightly or wrongly I don't think that we can take anything for granted though and I share your concerns.
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    ok i decided that there is no way that i am going to cover any of the helms chair up with upholstery, there is too much chance of ruining it, so, i decided that the seat needs to be shaped for the users posterior, out with the miniature flap wheel and two shallow grooves were made in the seat, then the beech dowels needed darkening up. So out with the teak stain, and onto the beech doweling, i am happy as this instantly improves the visual appearance of the seat.
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    Had a whistle stop visit to Horning today. Saw the 'regular' and then on way back BA had arrived. Didn't have time to stop!! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    It is always impressive to see the effects weather can have on water, one day very low, the next very high. We tend to be isolated from the effects of weather living in houses.
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    Hi Helen, It`s Merv and Pauline this week, a really nice couple, and it was me that hosted the show around a couple of years back. If you see them, say hello, they may invite you aboard for a nosey around and a cuppa, or something stronger.
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    Yes, Calypso is there! We went passed her earlier - she’ll probably be at Ranworth in the morning
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    I was going to say, you will have to move up to make room for Calypso... But looking at the pictures she may already be there. 😉
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    That was spectacular! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    I must confess that, in my 20 years on the Broads, I haven’t seen many twitchers (a term that some serious birdwatchers might find derogatory) set up on the river banks. Even birdwatchers tend to go to reserves, such as Hickling or Breydon Water, where there are purpose-built hides, more to see and boats causing no disturbance to their quarry. But even along the rivers, the avian wildlife doesn’t seem that bothered by boats. They are more likely to avoid a ‘naked’ human than one concealed in a boat. That’s why wildfowlers used punt-guns. I have only ever had one confrontation with an angler, and he was a private boater who didn’t want to make room for another boat, as he had staked out his fishing spot. Suggesting that there is a natural enmity between the various users of the Broads demeans those users, IMO. We should all be able to get along together and, if Glover results in one duty taking precedence over the other, everyone will lose. That dredging benefits conservation, as well as navigation, but without the tolls there would be no money available to carry it out, is just one example of the law of unintended consequences. There has been a delicate balance, of sorts, maintained on the Broads for a number of decades. I believe that any government would interfere with that balance at their peril.
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    https://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Lowestoft https://flood-warning-information.service.gov.uk/station/6205?direction=u For those worried as to the level of the tide, hopefully we have just had the worst for now. The tide is ebbing here in Norwich and has not overtopped at Thorpe so Brundall should be dropping nicely now. If you logon to the Brundall . GOV site you can confirm the level the tide made. Wind has dropped right off here now but more to come by next weekend. Colin
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    Indeed it is, Broom's is very high and over the Quay already and with the flood alert from yesterday I expect the Yare car park to flood before the evening is out. Crazy waters at the moment.
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    arghghh! this sounds like another call for a "democratically elected" Broads Authority. Be very careful what you wish for, and before you wish for something to be "democratically elected" make sure you know exactly who the electorate is. For the BA, the vague term "Stakeholder" isn't good enough. Are visiting twitchers stakeholders, or would they be covered by an RSPB block vote? Fisermen? They buy rod licences etc? What about the residents of towns and villages in the BA's area? Minefields are safe areas when compared with "Democracy"
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    Thanks JennyMorgan. A balanced view. Straw Poll: Hands up all those who would have trusted JP not to abuse the power in the 2006 Bill had it been enacted. Not a trick question, I'm genuinely interested.
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    To a degree I also agreed but whether duty or purpose it still boils down to priority and with Sandford in place that priority becomes biased rather than balanced and navigation ceases to be sacrosanct.
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    Nor have I and why would they, they need our money! The issue has long been the threat of excess control and the subsequent inability to navigate freely as and where we are accustomed.
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    Equally, of course, there no binding evidence whatsoever to suggest that they wouldn't seek to apply the Sandford Principle, despite current protestations. Indeed, if we take the clear evidence that the Authority attempted to close large swaths of Hickling over the issue of a particular weed and Horsey during the winter, then I reckon it's safe to assume that Sandford would be applied. Some folk will promise the earth if it's the means of achieving their agenda, yes, the thorny issue of trust. https://www.independent.co.uk/news/rare-plants-explosive-growth-chokes-the-jewel-of-the-broads-1100118.html
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    Throughout every aspect of life and in every era of history there has been Boogie Men, being prepared and being forewarned are a well learnt lesson, not the act of the scared, but of the ready!
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    Just catching up now we've got some wifi - sorry we missed you Griff - either in pub or off early for the bus another time
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    Looks a bit white Helen, . Are you going out in the car instead of cruising?, that`s what we do on Lightning in November, but have yet to sample the delights of March, 5 weeks time, we`ll find out. Is Lightning still ok, and do you know whether she has a crew this week?.
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    Hello batrabill, The speed restriction had nothing to do with Sandford, it was perceived over 30 year that there was an issue with speedboat and jet skies in the last 5 years prior to the introduction of the ban. Even though the lake was policed the quango would not be swayed by public opinion over 20 years plus of campaigning against the ban. Regards Alan
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    Many things happen in life with no paper trail to refer later. Has the Sandford principal ever been applied without actually having it written down that it was? I would suspect so! When planning consent has been refused for something, is it mandatory that the "Sandford Principle" has to be quoted if it had been applied?
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    Won’t be going through today then!
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    Thank you Paladin. That's a very informative piece.
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    And that above explains in a nutshell why a so many of us, and there are, are so mistrustful of Packman and his "harmless" BNP signs and promotion. If we don`t fight the signs and promotion "inch", then the Broads becoming a full NP will become Packmans "mile". We`ve all been warned, so let`s not be apathetic about an inch, and then blame everybody else for the final mile when it`s too late.
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    According to Neville Chamberlin there was no evidence a dictator was going to invade Poland but he did, so much for peace in our time. Fred
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    The ability to close the navigation was a control issue, an unnecessary reaction to the speedboat racing that has taken place, quite safely, for several generations. Beyond that it was thought that as the Broad offered good spectator access it would be good for suitable activities, as yet to be decided on but rowing and swimming were mentioned. Part of our objection was that Whitlingham Lakes already fulfilled that purpose. At that point in the Broads Bill's progress there was a clear demand by the BA that broads and rivers could be closed without good reason. It had also become quite clear that by giving an inch we were in danger of losing a mile. In the past the argument that so and so was agreed on at wherever thus we should also agree that the same should apply elsewhere had clearly become a JP tactic, if you get my drift. As for the closure of the Broad, we have to remember that it is a part of the Lowestoft-Norwich Navigation, it provides access to the sea for the seagoing boats that are moored at Brundall. It is also a fact that Beccles is a port and that the Waveney is basically a natural river. We saw our rights as being gradually nibbled away. Several hundred boat owners offered their active support should the closure clause not be dropped. A watered down Bill did go to Parliament so a number of us petitioned both Houses of Parliament and the remaining threats to our reasonable rights of navigation were rejected. This might help explain the rejection by so many to the BNP title. The ONLY way that the control that was sought by the original Broads Bill can now be achieved is with the Sandford Principle that, despite protestations and denials, would come with NP designation under present legislation. Hope that that helps.
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    Griff, Howard said in a post this morrning that he was making enquires about a taxi to go somewhere today. He's either done that or he may be in The Kings Head Boycee
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    Knocked on E.L - no one home Griff
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    What a load of faff!!! If I buy a second hand car, it's new to me. I still say I have a new car. This is not misleading, it is not lying, it's the language that most of us use. BUT... when the BA say they have new moorings, it's time to slag 'em off again and go back to the same old same old. I knew what they meant and I'm stupid. How come every one else is having so much trouble with this? To clarify, The moorings are new to the BA. They bought them recently.
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    So here's the latest episode. I hope it takes your mind off the storm Ciara battering we're all getting right now. Unfortunately though, I think everyone has taken to the internet and speeds are drastically slow around here in the Midlands. It's taken ages to upload although it is 23 minutes long this time.
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    I was cleaning but then forumites arrived they live in next village to us. Ferzan is their boat. The boys wanted to see onboard. Upper scuppers completed. Now just got the glass to do. MrsG commented I’d made a rubbish job of them before I have even done them She has gone back to La’tharms - second visit Griff
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    Over Barton, cruising to PH. All to the good. Internally ‘B.A’ is clean. Topsides not so good. MrsG will let me recommence clean ship once alongside as I’m presently on watch on the helm Griff
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