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    Reading this thread really does get me down. I love the broads, the boats, the people, the area and most importantly those who wish to discuss or post photos or videos I subscribe to a number of forums, Facebook groups, websites and YouTube channels run by Captains, Admirals and Whitworths! I do it because it keeps me close to the place I love. I used to post regularly to what some call "the other forum" but stopped because it became nothing more than a site full of the same people bickering and regurgitating the same arguments until people sided with them or turned off. I turned off myself and stayed away from forums dropping into this one to read up on items of interest, and more recently dipping my toe in to add the odd comment again, but I now see this also going the same way with bickering being the norm and turning the likes of me away from what should be a site full of interesting articles, adventures and opinion. I therefore welcome moderators, administrators or whoever trying to take the forum back to some semblance of order before it's too late and it becomes a forum only used by a small group of members bickering with each other, oblivious to the world around them. This is my final comment on this particular thread and look forward to reading and adding value to many more threads in the future.
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    I have an issue with this statement, Maxwellian is on the committee of the forum, and as such cannot be a moderator, the committee spend a lot of time and effort to ensure the forum operates within the strictures and regulations that govern the social media we inhabit, unlike a lot of websites we do pay attention to current and upcoming regulation of this sector, so the committee decide upon the framework of the terms of service, the moderator team have the opportunity to comment upon the introduction of new terms of service and maybe the wording, but the decision to implement change lies with the committee. The moderators then work within the terms of service to run the forum and discipline anyone who infringes those conditions. there is a distinct separation between the two roles in the team, though the moderators may consult closely with the committee on the interpretation of the TOS and how they apply. At the end of the day the buck stops with the committee, any actions taken against the forum will be taken against them personally, so as moderators if we are asked to take action against a member by them we do listen, as well as ensuring that the action is fair and complies to procedure. In the recent past on this thread comments have been hidden that would have contravened the proposed addition to the TOS, and under legal advisement we were encouraged to protect the forum with this amendment. its not there to stop you discussing matters, but it is there to stop the forum being a platform for discussion or organisation of prospectively illegal action.
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    D46, you may or not know that Maxwellian was the only Member who offered to take on the "ownership" of the NBN when Jonzo had finally had enough of us all. Without that commitment I doubt we would still be here. And yes, I do know what I am talking about, because I was the Chief Moderator then and even I refused to take it on with all the associated aggrevation. With these thoughts in mind perhaps you might "moderate" your tone of posts, please?
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    I don't believe this !!!!! I am one of the official forum idiots, yet even I can see what the forum team are trying to achieve. If I were to post "Yeah, come on my son" aimed at the guy vandalizing signs etc, I could expect to have action taken against me by the team. If I discuss the rights and wrongs of such vandalism I expect that discussion to be acceptable. If I am wrong there, I shall accept the team's guidance, and the team's alone. To Paladin I would say that the term "illegal" is not the 'black and white' issue you make it out to be. It is possible for me to make an illegal move in chess, yet I doubt the police will be mounting dawn raids to catch me. and I doubt the courts would be that interested either. I am always interested to read debate on the sorts of subjects as discussed on this forum, but I do tire of the now constant bickering on the minute and frequently irrelevant details rather than the meat of the issue. Try posting within the SPIRIT of the forum rather than trying to bring all the posts down to childish squabbles about the ToS.
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    standards and respect for others nowadays seem to be the last thing on a lot of the younger generations minds, (actually its not just the younger generation any more) I feel I have watched the standards of courtesy dropping throughout my life, and those standards probably are now only kept to by my parents generation, and a few of our generation that were brung up proper. there does seem to be a generation out there whose only concern is for themselves and what is in it for them. of course there are exceptions, these are the nice people we meet, but as always its those that behave in this manner with little or no regard to others that come to the fore. in some ways I blame the internet, which has promoted the ability to respond in a manner most would never consider when talking face to face as the repercussions in a face to face conversation would be far from favourable - the so called keyboard warrior mentality. it takes little effort to see that if people get used to this mentality where they are seemingly not responsible for the harm they do via the keyboard, then its only a small step to transfer this behaviour into real life, unfortunately add alcohol into the mix and their inhibitions are lowered, and their behaviour suffers. it is sad seeing the world heading further this way
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    Wednesday 12th February A special day today. 42 years since Graham and I started dating (we were still in school 42 years ago). Somehow, this anniversary always seems more significant than our wedding anniversary, maybe because it was over six years before we got married (we went to different Uni’s, so it wasn’t really feasible to get married before that). Anyhow…back to the Broads. The weather forecast for today appeared to be promising the best of the whole week, so we were keen to take the opportunity to cruise somewhere. (Well I was anyway, Graham was quite happy reading his book – or should I say stack of books. The stack has come in handy this week preventing too many drafts through the vent at the back of the sliding roof, whilst still allowing some ventilation.) On the other hand, we really needed to get back to our home-mooring for late afternoon, either to get the heater re-installed, or to rely on the shore power provided with the mooring so that we could run the fan heater this evening. As I mentioned above, we ended up going to Loddon. Mainly because we needed to top up our water. Well, that was the excuse. We both love the journey up the Chet. The trouble with starting off early is having the sun's glare. We had a clear sky. The stretch between the two dykes leading to Rockland Broad must be good for fishing. There were four herons all in fairly close proximity. Seren started to whine before we got to Chet Mouth, and I had an attempt at mooring at Hardley Cross so that we could let her off the boat. However, the wind had picked up again and was blowing us off the mooring, so I aborted that and just carried on until we moored at Loddon Staithe – the only boat there. We spotted an otter along the stretch near Hardley Flood. Loddon Staithe. We put some credit on the lekky point, just so we could use our fan heater (a lucky someone will have found over 60p credit after us) and Graham took Seren out for a walk whilst I started to cook a brunch using the Suffolk bacon that we had picked up at the La Hogue Farm Shop. The thickest rashers I’ve seen for a long time. We set off back down the Chet before 1pm. It was such a lovely sunny day, lighting up the reeds with a golden colour. I really appreciate being able to see the Broads in the different seasons. Today was (naturally) very quiet. We saw no other boats on the river until we were approaching Pye’s Mill, where a sailey under power passed us. He passed us again as we were returning down the Chet. Hardley Flood was pretty full. Even the Chet was choppy. Back on the Yare we only passed two other vessels. We were travelling against the wind most of the way back and it was mostly very choppy, especially along the Cantley stretch where we were having a lot of spray thrown up onto the windscreen. Spray on the windscreen.. Just as choppy near the pub... Flocks of birds near Cantley... Seren relaxed a bit on our journey back. Got back around 3pm. The tide was pretty high again. Had another quiet evening. I called the Broom’s office to tell them we were back on our mooring, but there was no further news about the heating unit. I went to bed really early this evening. Just after 8pm my eyes were dropping, and I’m pretty sure that I was asleep by 8.30. Shame, I missed The Great Pottery Throw Down programme that’s showing on More4 currently.
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    You are quite right Grendel except the problem started before the internet became generally available, it started when we as a nation became to liberal in our approach, when schools were no longer able to discipline their charges, when the Police were no longer allowed to deal with hooligans without the fear of being prosecuted themselves, when parents couldn't be bothered to bring their children up properly and the justice system started treating the criminal element as victims instead of perpetrators, subsequently each generation became progressively worse because of the leniency of their parents generation. Rant over. Fred
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    I agree with you Helen and Warren's post is spot on. I just wish people would respect others opinions, stop the bickering and get on with the job in hand. I've seen better behaviour in my Children's school playground and they're under 10 It's Valentine's tomorrow, let's show some love and keep it friendly Jay and Grace x
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    I always think you should re-read your post before posting it as if it had been posted in reply to yourself, and if you feel it would upset you if you received it, then its probably best not to post it.
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    I was contacted last year about a family journal, documenting a two week holiday on the Broads taken by a group of businessmen from Bath in 1914, which had been discovered in a loft. The family kindly photographed the pages and emailed me the results. My winter project whilst stuck in house sale/move limbo (still ongoing - don't ask!) has been to transcribe the text and remaster the 118 accompanying photos and postcards for Broadland Memories. It's a fabulous read, full of humour, with some lovely images of the holiday party and crew. As always, I am humbled to have been given permission to publish such a precious piece of both family and local history. The Cruise of The Seven Bath Chaps on The "Spree" can be found here: http://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/cruiseofspree1914p1.html
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    That is only because 'the other place' got there first. It feels so pathetic having to refer to 'the other place', most forums don't have a problem with other forums being mentioned.
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    True friends will on occasion disagree and agree to disagree what they dont do is demean or belittle the opinions of others. Fred
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    Well said Warren. Your feelings chime with mine on this. People are being turned off by the constant repetition and regurgitation of the same old. Shame really, as I think those who are interested in keeping the BA accountable are losing potential supporters.
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    Using the 97% is ridiculous as it has long since been shown to have been self selecting rubbish. Tens of thousands of Scientists were asked if man affected the environment, who on earth would say no, there was also more than one question which 97% generally agreed with. That does not mean 97% of Climate Scientists agree in CAGW. Catastrophic Anthropogenic Global Warming. It’s easily googled so I have no idea why anyone would use it nowadays. For anyone who believes a scientific consensus ( which there is not) is as fact I suggest listening to Richard Feynman a very famous scientist explaining what a theory is. Fascinating man and the reason I became a scientist. Flat earth is an example so are co crystals and tectonic plates, neutrinos, atoms, bacteria, all were once thought NOT to exist, it’s called science not belief for a reason. Facts start out life as a theory, which leads to a hypothesis which is what is called verifiable ie you can test it. One single thing that doesn’t agree with the hypothesis means the theory is WRONG. That’s science...
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    Well, the heater unit is back in place and seems to be running more smoothly.
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    Shall I take that as a threat ? . If that had been aimed at me I am sure I would have done - especially as on page 4 of this thread I made a comment that in France, signs such as this would have bullet holes in them! I made it, of course, as a light-hearted comparison between the cultures of two different countries and it got past the "censor" as it was taken to be exactly that. What's more, I was telling a true story! But was I actually trying to incite or condone an offence? Several offences in fact, in English law? Of course not! But then, if you want to see it that way. . . . There is an old saying, that if you want badly enough to be insulted, you will always find an insult in whatever is said to you. That doesn't make it the fault of the person who said it. I understand that new legislation of social media is being proposed, aimed at the protection of minors. I can't see the link in that, to our little discussion about road signs in Acle.
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    Tuesday 11th February We didn’t rush away this morning. We were experiencing problems with the heating. It had suddenly cut out a couple of times leaving a strong diesel smell, and the flashing indicator suggested it was overheating. I emailed BCBM to ask about reporting it, within a minute my email had been forwarded to Brooms, and in another 5 minutes a couple of engineers turned up. That was quick! They took the heating unit out (I’ve now realised that one of the pre-requisites for being a boat engineer is not to suffer from claustrophobia) and said they would take it to the dealers to get it fixed, and hopefully would be able to reinstall it later in the day. Graham and I took ourselves and Seren off to Caister-on-Sea (we seem to have settled on Caister as our favourite place to walk Seren). We had a lovely walk, but the wind was bitterly cold. Anyone know what sort of vessel this is? I liked the indications that Caister still has a small fishing industry. We had spotted a bakery with tea rooms as we had passed through Caister, so popped in there after our walk. Disappointed to find that they had closed the tea rooms, as they had scaled up their ‘commercial work’. Well it’s a shame they couldn’t have taken the sign down, or painted over the ‘tea rooms’ bit! We drove down the road to Tesco’s and picked up sandwiches there instead, as it was getting on for 2pm. Before we set off back to the boat, I checked out where the nearest Aldi was, as Graham recalled seeing fan heaters in their offers for this week. It turned out there was one in Gt Yarmouth, just on our route home, so that was handy, and the heater was only £9.95, so we have some ‘insurance’ this evening in case we don’t get our heater back on the boat. When we got back an engineer was already on board re-installing the heating unit. When he had done so he did a test run. Initially it was fine, but then started making a really peculiar noise and packed up again, again with a diesel smell. So, it ended up being taken away again to the dealers. Oh well. Hopefully it will be back and up and running in time for Jay’s stint on the boat next week. In the meantime, our little fan heater worked really well. We had sausage, mash and veg this evening with instant gravy – an easy option. There wasn’t much on telly to interest us, so we spent a quiet night reading. I’m currently reading Lindsey Davies’ ‘The Ides of April’, crime fiction set in ancient Rome. By the way, when I was writing up Sunday’s blog, I forgot to mention something that made us laugh. As we were leaving the Surlingham Ferry I put on the Satnav to guide us back to Brundall. ‘Shirley’ as usual told us to go to the highlighted route – which was the lane the other side of the river. LOL.
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    The NBN is a sad shadow of it's former self. Perhaps like me some should think before they type and just not bother typing at all.
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    Getting back to somewhere near the topic, I've just returned from Loddon, where the matter of the BNP sign that had been erected in the town was on the agenda of tonight's parish council meeting. For reasons that weren't disclosed, the email about the sign, sent out by the BA, was never presented to the council , so they never replied to it. In accordance with their policy, the BA took the silence to indicate acceptance and had the sign erected. This did not go down well with the PC, nor did they support the notion of the Broads being called a national park. They decided unanimously to ask Norfolk County Council to remove the sign.
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    Totally agree and didnt wish to suggest otherwise. Fred
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    Agreed, Fred, but in the latter stages of this thread there have been some unnecessarily obtuse, even challenging comments. For many of us the forum has also become our Broads based social club. The tone of some of these recent postings have not been what many members would wish of NBN. Friends can and do debate, and remain friends, let us hope that that continues.
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    Couple for Griff, live from Lymington ! Storm Dennis is starting to brew so no sea trials today!
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    No, it's quite an undertaking in that respect and I think in reality it would need to change more towards a model of people submitting photos and then having content review for changes. The immediate challenge is keeping it going.
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    Agree,theres a whole range of unacceptable behaviour. Many want things straight away,that may be high end goods,as I've said before many I work with now want to be Heads Chefs but dont have the skills to be so.I do think bad and unacceptable behaviour is growing.In my opinion I think this is s problem that needs to be dealt with. There are many many good people doing some great things,in all ages.Sadly there work is overshadowed by those who just dont care what they do.
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    I'm not sure who you regard as bringing all posts down to childish squabbles. A moderator wrote, "Just to say that the NBN does not condone or encourage illegal activities." Are you saying you really think that he was referring to chess moves? I try to read, and respond to, posts in the context of the thread subject. I'm sorry if you didn't understand that. It is hardly childish to want to protect the operators of this forum from any possibility of litigation, nor to want to help them get it right, both from the legal aspect and for the future success of the forum.
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    A somewhat inappropriate comparison, in my opinion. There were no restrictions on the reporting of those shootings, which were in the public eye for some considerable time. Jacinda Ahern wasn't leading, she was following. There was already an established international movement whose purpose is to deprive perpetrators of such heinous crimes of the notoriety they crave. Very commendable. But events of this nature were, and are, fully discussed and reported on in public. Surely you cannot be seriously suggesting that the reporting and discussion, in the Press or other media, of crime of any sort can, or should, be taken as encouragement. Naming and shaming is already against this forum's ToS, even for non-criminal activities.
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    The cctv system onboard was commissioned today. A good friend wanted to have a go at installing a system on a boat. It would have been rude to refuse at cost and no labour. Seems a clever system with all sort of fancy back up and access options. Best bit for me is it can act as an all round reversing camera as visibility is non existent looking back and to the side. Boys and their toys.
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    Hi Griff We’ve used them (Sanders) quite a bit and always found them very reliable.
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    The trouble is that it doesn’t feel very much like a debate any longer.
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    Agreed but it is still an open forum not a social club and debate is an essential ingrediant of such we all have the choice to engage in whichever sectors we choose that shouldnt deny others the right to choose their interests Fred
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    Is it, ? Or is it a 'forum' where debate takes place amongst other activities. Social media moves on and the purpose of platforms change, it is called the Norfolk Broads Network, not Forum.
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    The rest of them, it is just after I've derailed them
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    Agreed!!!!! I have a golden rule - never touch the keyboard after a few beers Always wait until the next day. Also I've drafted a post several times and then thought better of it. If I'm not 100% sure of a post I don't post it. Only been modded once........... So far..........
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    When you have done your assessment of what might be needed you may or may not need some sort of financial support. I have a good idea what hosting fees are like for a site like that and, I, for one, am willing to consider a small regular subscription to maintain such a valuable resource.
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    No rant at all, a perfect explanation of how things, and more importantly 'people', have degenerated in society. I would also add that nobody these days accepts responsibility when they themselves are proved to be in the wrong.
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    And! The Sun has come out. Yippee!
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    My view today..
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    It will be interesting to see just how quickly, or slowly, the Authority, or its agent, takes before Loddon's unwelcome BNP sign is removed. Hopefully it will be removed with good grace rather than petulance.
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    Sorry but dont think tv is the problem. What I do think is the problem is as said here dambing down of standards. People of my age were taught respect of parents , and all adults, be they teachers, Police etc.Too much freedom now.Freedom is great and should be embraced. Sadly that seems not to be the case now.Thats why so many young people are involved in knife crime. Thick society needs to re balance before it's too late.
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    You mean spending a lot of time in the pub I guess?
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    I believe that most of us do respect others opinion if one is expressed but not just a derisive attempt to derail others without a substantive argument of their own, this is a debating forum regardless of what some would like it to be, I dont wish to offend any section of the membership but listening to some we are looking back to the days of Mary Whitehouse, I appreciate that not everyone sees or uses the forum as I do but as was once said if you dont like a programme there is always the off button. Fred
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    I may need to call on your technical assistance too at some point in the near future. As I mentioned, Craig had a business hosting account to host the database and other websites - Broadland Memories is one of those and I am going to have to find a new home for it. I will give the company Craig was using a call and see whether it can be as simple as me setting up my own hosting account and having them migrate it for me. Unfortunately, Craig used to deal with this side of things for me so I am a little clueless! Carol
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    And don't post after too much beer! I'm not saying that their is such thing as too much beer, it's currently just a theory that needs further research.......
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    All the best with that - it would be a tragedy to lose it.
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    Was that comment really necessary? To be honest I think such comments are why some of these threads go downhill so quickly.
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    Hell hath no fury like snowflake scorned.
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    Glad it has hopefully been sorted for you Helen and you enjoy the end of your holiday
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    it would probably be better to try uploading to youtube and posting the link, I too cant open the file so I suspect it is in a format not supported by the forum
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    Given proposed changes to social media regulations announced today, I can understand why the ToS would need to be updated. All social media platforms will need to tighten up procedures. It is very easy to complain about changes if you are not ultimately liable for the consequences of any breach.
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    This is very sad news, I know a number of people on our office knew Craig well. Condolences to his family and friends.
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