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    Look who we saw on the Ant earlier!!!!
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    that presumes the man has control of the remote
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    Hello, All parish clerks on our database are emailed directly inviting them to the Parish Forum events.
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    Getting back to somewhere near the topic, I've just returned from Loddon, where the matter of the BNP sign that had been erected in the town was on the agenda of tonight's parish council meeting. For reasons that weren't disclosed, the email about the sign, sent out by the BA, was never presented to the council , so they never replied to it. In accordance with their policy, the BA took the silence to indicate acceptance and had the sign erected. This did not go down well with the PC, nor did they support the notion of the Broads being called a national park. They decided unanimously to ask Norfolk County Council to remove the sign.
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    In response to the article a BA spokesman said, "The road sign aims to benefit the community by attracting visitors..." Really? The sign is in Loddon. If someone can see it, they've already arrived! What utter nonsense.
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    On Monday night I had a dream and alright I admit it was about a lady. The lady in question was, of course, Chiltern Lady. I was solo helming down the Bure on a strong ebbing tide in order to cross Breydon. I must have got my timings a bit wrong and arrived at Gt Yarmouth YS way before slack water. With the buzz of rushing past the YS at 8 mph on tick over, I attempted to turn at the yellow post only to be pushed sideways with both The tide and a strong wind (Ciara) on the starboard side. Pushing the throttle fully forward I managed to face the bow into the wind and tide. However, my top speed of 7 mph was not enough and I realised I was slowly being pushed sternwards towards the open sea. I dropped the mud weight with minimal effect on my progress. I wondered if it was dragging or maybe there was not enough rope to reach the bottom. How deep is it there anyway? The boat is not equipped with VHF radio so I called 999 for the coastguard… ...What else could I have done? then I woke up.
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    No, I haven't had a sheltered life at all, I grew up in a couple of council estates and went to a school which eventually got closed down because it was 12th from bottom in the tables, so it's easier ti close it because they failed to bring it round. That was a great many years after I left though. Your point about the issues re soap operas have in their story lines is exact as Helen says, they are rare occurances, but according to script writers, are happening every day in every street, which quite clearly they aren't. Remember that God awful programme Peeky Blinders?, look at a lot of the younger generation now, and a lot of them are sorting the hairstyles and mannerisms portrayed in the series. TV has a great influence on impressionable people, what a shame the script writers tend to write scripts that leave such a disgusting impression.. Bring back 'Watch With Mother' I say 😌.
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    Normality resumed. Sorry Speedtriple, I disagree. I always question my beliefs, all of them. It has happened that I have been wrong on occasions, something I would not have learned had I not seen and accepted another persons point of view. Not to do this would mean going through life learning nothing, listening to nobody but telling everybody ones own views whilst calling them "Facts" I do wonder at what stage in your life did you realised that everything you knew was correct?
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    Thank you. Right and proper reaction by the PC, I hope that other PC's follow suit.
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    If it comes around again watch "The Painted Boats" It depicts a story of a family running a horse drawn narrowboat and latterly converted to a motor boat on the canals during WW2. Along with "The Bargee" it shows some interesting shots of the canals in their day. "The Bargee" was a light hearted story with Harry H Corbett but "The Painted Boats" was more historical. Incidentally, and totally off topic (apologies) if you ever get anywhere near a narrowboat with one of those old Bolinder engines as fitted in those days it is a wonderous sound.
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    Sadly I think that’s very true. I was picking out some veggies in a supermarket when a fairly elderly gent barged in front of me and grabbed something. I muttered ‘manners maketh man’ to which a lady asked me to repeat what I had said to her husband. I did so and she then told me I shouldn’t have been standing there anyway! Manners cost nothing but I do think they make life a lot more pleasurable.
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    So, where was I? Tuesday Evening Robin collected us, three of us spent the evening in Norwich. Back onboard very late. Wednesday morning, stunning close up display from pair of otters, filmed them, will upload to YouTube when home. It was the off to home berth to collect a third crew member for a few days onboard with us. The wind over Barton was ‘Stiff’. Sailed about midday for a side on overnight mooring at Ranworth. This time 7ft8” at Ludham Bridge so no repeat of Tuesdays nightmare Griff
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    A unanimous decision. That should speak volumes about true local feeling on this issue.
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    After a not very nice day coming home.What happened I think was unacceptable. Coming home from Cannon street a young girl spent 20 odd minutes on her mobile taking to someone,saying how she would like to beat someone up in no uncertain terms. She was very drunk .Just to make matters worse some idiot pulled the alarm, which had to be reset by the driver.Was this young girl quite bo ever one heard.Then she light a cigarette, by then I heard enough ,and of course had her abuse aimed at me.Sorry but dont accept rubbish from a low life like her.I know I am getting old,but wont accept acceptable behaviour from low lifes. In my view some people have none or little respect for others,but I will not accept bad behaviour.
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    Now when we left Irstead I had put far too much credit on t meter, we left 78p behind, not well chuffed. However on arriving at Ranworth Staithe there was 87p on the meter - Bargain, what goes round comes round. We spent from 1430-ish right through to 2200 in the pub!, but we were pacing sensibly so no issues. Thursday, sailed for Wroxham via an in / out of Salhouse & Wroxham Broads, just cos we could. Plenty of Pike fishermen on the river. Arrived at the Bridge to find only 6ft2” airdraft available. B.B were toppers, the likes of us not permitted into NBD so Hotel Wroxham moorings it was. £10 fee. Visited a few shops, flowers for MrsG, well it was Valentine’s Day. A few drinks in the hotel bar - v. expensive. Nearly £4:00 for a pint of coke n ice. I went back to the bar, asked for a pint of San Miguel, asked if it was £8:00, a regular overhead and quipped ‘Don’t give them any ideas’ Sailed after 1500 for Acle Bridge, St Benets, on Nav lights, had to change the Port red Led whilst underway as it had failed. Arrived in darkness, alongside on a very high tide. Dinner for three in The Bridge Inn Griff
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    I was talking to a resident of Acle today. The resident informed me that the majority of residents are hopping mad about the National Park lying signs being displayed Griff
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    Rag, Tag and Bobtail was my favourite!
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    Shout to somebody ashore to get a supply of underpants and toilet rolls to drop off a bridge onto your boat.
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    I think you are right there mate. Thankfully I am retired now but I used to work with a load of women who in their tiny minds thought East Enders was real and behaved the same as the actors. Bruises have now gone and my brain has now recovered!
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    Carried on out to sea, nipped over to Holland and brought us all a stick of rock or a bottle of Bols back from Kanaal Strasse!
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    Grange Hill, East-Enders, Jeremy Kyle, bring back Mrs Whitehouse!
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    Yes, I have led a sheltered life (thankfully), but as a realist I know I some people have always behaved badly. I just think that the pressure to have interesting story lines lead soaps to present what would normally be aberrant behaviour as the norm. Gossip magazines and the way that a lot of ‘celebrities’ behave don’t help. When I was a kid it seemed that good behaviour was upheld as a role model. Given the relentless outpouring of stories focussed on bad models of behaviour, I don’t find it surprising that standards have slipped.
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    A biscuit factory was probably a "reserved occupation" and they look to be getting on a bit, for an immediate "call up". They may well have volunteered though, as so many did. Among officers, by far the highest casualties in WW1 were second lieutenants, and lieutenant colonels. This was for the obvious reason that a young subaltern always leads his platoon into battle and a Lt. colonel always leads his battalion. This is a fascinating story, many thanks Carol!
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    What dreadful news .i can only offer my deepest of condolences to Craigs family and to the forum members who knew him personally .i only had the pleasure when we corresponded via Email when i was doing research on a boat i had at the time A true broadsman in my Eyes and may he rest in peace Finny
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    I think ‘soaps’ have also contributed. They are supposed to reflect life, but are so sensationalised. I’m sure some me silly people take them as a model of how people normally behave. Real life copying fiction.
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    You are quite right Grendel except the problem started before the internet became generally available, it started when we as a nation became to liberal in our approach, when schools were no longer able to discipline their charges, when the Police were no longer allowed to deal with hooligans without the fear of being prosecuted themselves, when parents couldn't be bothered to bring their children up properly and the justice system started treating the criminal element as victims instead of perpetrators, subsequently each generation became progressively worse because of the leniency of their parents generation. Rant over. Fred
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    We have been up there on a day boat hired from Whispering Reeds Boatyard, Hickling. Much easier than trying to sail up there. We’ve tried sailing up there three times on a Hunters boat. The first time we just collected too much weed on our rudder (weed cutting machine very busy upriver), so much that we lost steerage. Second time we gave up early because we could see that another sailey had already bagged out intended destination of Dungeon Corner. Third time was our unfortunate mud lark on Martham. Our vote is for the day boat option.
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    Prices in Hotel Wroxham bar are eye watering particularly for us Yorkshire folk!
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    We can only guess! I do know that a few years ago several boatyards and other outlets refused to distribute the BA's Broadsheet because of the BNP content. I am not convinced that that many boating businesses are exactly enraptured by the Authority, at least not the ones that I talk to! The hotel in question, I have to wonder just how well they were previously informed or have they solely relied on Yare House spin? I have no experience of the establishment or its management but it does appear to be a sound business.
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    talking of the bargee i arrive home and guess whats playing right now , the bargee no less.
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    just get a council gritter to drop some off
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    I always liked Sooty and the Flowerpot Men. My old dad bless him as he is now gone liked The Magic Roundabout.
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    mind you, when I think of the happenings during lads week in october, well lets just say there are certain parallels
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    Then don’t keep watching them!
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    Now that's just what I was thinking
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    That Oil tray statement was certainly true of the original Triumphs back in their previous manufacturing days, but certainly not with the modern current generation of models. Had my Tiger 1050 from brand new,, nearly 13 years old now 30’000miles and not a drop of oil has it ever shown. That is not unusual as other owners I talk to state the same Griff
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    This might work https://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/about-us/how-we-work/broads-engage/parish-forum
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    Wonderful, thanks for posting! The journal was really interesting and the photos the icing on the cake. I think you’d get arrested nowadays for wearing a ‘certain swimsuit’ that features though. LOL.
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    It will be interesting to see just how quickly, or slowly, the Authority, or its agent, takes before Loddon's unwelcome BNP sign is removed. Hopefully it will be removed with good grace rather than petulance.
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    Hi Ian, to see or especially to accept another point of view would mean you never have any faith or belief in your own view, so it`s no surprise when people don`t do it. However, i think it more important (as do many) to "respect" another persons point of view or opposition. I`ve disagreed with many posts and points of view on this forum for a great many years, marshman would agree to that, as would Strowager from the past, and a number of others. But i have, and always will respect their point of view and opinions, as well as their rite to aire them, no matter how barking mad they may be , or if i make a bit of a sarcastic remark. We`re all human, and all different, and believe in different things and ways, so just respect that, and don`t hold any animosity to others. Now, if anybody slags off Triumph motorcycles ...............................................
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    So it was you who interrupted me and my first girlfriend during a passionate moment........Ba*ta*d
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    Acid rain and lake Eutrophication is another topic believed to have been one thing and now proven ( oops that inconvenient truth) sorry to be something else entirely. It only took one simple agricultural study to overturn 30 years of belief and assumption. Science is fun but not for the feint hearted. John! Eutrophication is also hard to say after a few beers. Or even before a beer. Allogenic, Autogenic, fractional distillation, semi quantitative mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, complement cascade, anti TNF (2nd gen) antigenic fragment, molecular conjugation. There is an entire lexicon of scientific terms used and abused daily by journalists who have not one scientific qualification between them with no clue what they actually mean or the context in which statements are theories, hypothesis, facts or beliefs. And to coin a phrase 97% of the information ( sorry ) a huge amount of the stuff in the public domain is put out there by Phd graduates in American Women’s Literature in the Victorian era. If you are wondering to whom I refer she is a lady representing Brighton in the Mother of Parliaments. She spouts opinions and beliefs and that’s fine as I add my BS filter of scientific Enquiry and consign what she says to the circular file. At least I can laugh about it. Getting irate or insulted or involving or investing emotion into a forum is silly. We are better than that. To those who would say “ all these scientists can’t be wrong” I would council caution and refer them to Albert Einstein’s response to a paper published in the 1930s entitled 100 scientists against Jewish science. All fully accredited and highly qualified. Einstein’s response was “ if I was wrong it would take only ONE”. It does not matter how loud the shout or how many shout it. One single fact and one single person can bring the entire steaming edifice crashing down. We could all do well to remember that now and again before getting upset about what people believe.
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    Oops! Sorry about that🥴. Hope the buses work better .
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    If that arch is the bridge in your photo, that measurement should be in inches and not feet.
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    You mean spending a lot of time in the pub I guess?
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    standards and respect for others nowadays seem to be the last thing on a lot of the younger generations minds, (actually its not just the younger generation any more) I feel I have watched the standards of courtesy dropping throughout my life, and those standards probably are now only kept to by my parents generation, and a few of our generation that were brung up proper. there does seem to be a generation out there whose only concern is for themselves and what is in it for them. of course there are exceptions, these are the nice people we meet, but as always its those that behave in this manner with little or no regard to others that come to the fore. in some ways I blame the internet, which has promoted the ability to respond in a manner most would never consider when talking face to face as the repercussions in a face to face conversation would be far from favourable - the so called keyboard warrior mentality. it takes little effort to see that if people get used to this mentality where they are seemingly not responsible for the harm they do via the keyboard, then its only a small step to transfer this behaviour into real life, unfortunately add alcohol into the mix and their inhibitions are lowered, and their behaviour suffers. it is sad seeing the world heading further this way
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    I'll see what I can do.
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    Wednesday 12th February A special day today. 42 years since Graham and I started dating (we were still in school 42 years ago). Somehow, this anniversary always seems more significant than our wedding anniversary, maybe because it was over six years before we got married (we went to different Uni’s, so it wasn’t really feasible to get married before that). Anyhow…back to the Broads. The weather forecast for today appeared to be promising the best of the whole week, so we were keen to take the opportunity to cruise somewhere. (Well I was anyway, Graham was quite happy reading his book – or should I say stack of books. The stack has come in handy this week preventing too many drafts through the vent at the back of the sliding roof, whilst still allowing some ventilation.) On the other hand, we really needed to get back to our home-mooring for late afternoon, either to get the heater re-installed, or to rely on the shore power provided with the mooring so that we could run the fan heater this evening. As I mentioned above, we ended up going to Loddon. Mainly because we needed to top up our water. Well, that was the excuse. We both love the journey up the Chet. The trouble with starting off early is having the sun's glare. We had a clear sky. The stretch between the two dykes leading to Rockland Broad must be good for fishing. There were four herons all in fairly close proximity. Seren started to whine before we got to Chet Mouth, and I had an attempt at mooring at Hardley Cross so that we could let her off the boat. However, the wind had picked up again and was blowing us off the mooring, so I aborted that and just carried on until we moored at Loddon Staithe – the only boat there. We spotted an otter along the stretch near Hardley Flood. Loddon Staithe. We put some credit on the lekky point, just so we could use our fan heater (a lucky someone will have found over 60p credit after us) and Graham took Seren out for a walk whilst I started to cook a brunch using the Suffolk bacon that we had picked up at the La Hogue Farm Shop. The thickest rashers I’ve seen for a long time. We set off back down the Chet before 1pm. It was such a lovely sunny day, lighting up the reeds with a golden colour. I really appreciate being able to see the Broads in the different seasons. Today was (naturally) very quiet. We saw no other boats on the river until we were approaching Pye’s Mill, where a sailey under power passed us. He passed us again as we were returning down the Chet. Hardley Flood was pretty full. Even the Chet was choppy. Back on the Yare we only passed two other vessels. We were travelling against the wind most of the way back and it was mostly very choppy, especially along the Cantley stretch where we were having a lot of spray thrown up onto the windscreen. Spray on the windscreen.. Just as choppy near the pub... Flocks of birds near Cantley... Seren relaxed a bit on our journey back. Got back around 3pm. The tide was pretty high again. Had another quiet evening. I called the Broom’s office to tell them we were back on our mooring, but there was no further news about the heating unit. I went to bed really early this evening. Just after 8pm my eyes were dropping, and I’m pretty sure that I was asleep by 8.30. Shame, I missed The Great Pottery Throw Down programme that’s showing on More4 currently.
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    The last day's entry, July 4th is very poignant. In just 24 days the World would change forever. I wonder how many of that crew were ever able to make a return visit.
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    What a wonderful historic document and photographs. Like PW above I have scanned through, however given the impending weekend weather It will provide a pleasant distraction from the TV. Many thanks for posting it's inclusion on your excellent site.
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