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    With the present unknowns of the Corona Virus pandemic I suspect that some of you may be prevented from visiting your boats. If I am able and not knocked for six by the bug myself and your boat is in or around Oulton Broad then don't hesitate in demanding help, even if it is just me walking past to see that no one has nicked it or is claiming squatters rights. I can even check to see that the waterline is still above water or I can let the cat out for a run, just ask.
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    A difficult reply to write this one. Whilst I fully appreciate the sentiments behind Ian's suggestion there are differences between the two situations. It would be very tempting to suggest such a move were made, when any member of any popularity were to die. This I believe would be inappropriate on several grounds, grounds which I think are best not to be aired, though I shall highlight one. Iain was not only a popular member as was Boycee, but he was also a very frequent poster and he was a moderator of the very highest calibre. There could be a danger that if every popular member were to be remembered in the way Broadscot is, firstly it would cease to be "special" but worse, it could end up being thought an insult if someone was not remembered in that way. No, remember Boycee as the fine man and valued contributor he was.
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    Show us your pets! This is Maddy, getting on a bit now with some health issues but still game, happy and hungry! She's been having a bad hair day since the day she was born!
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    Cloud.... who brings a lot of sunshine into our lives following the passing of our two previous sibling cats last winter. She is a dog that has been reincarnated as a cat, they are known as puppy cats for reasons 8 months in I fully understand!
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    This is Bill, sadly no longer with us but was such fun to have around. His favourite place was a MacDonalds drive through where he'd 'woof' at the person serving through the window upon which I'd translate that he was asking for a hamburger. He also won a dog show after we taught him to count! He took to looking after one of the chickens when it was poorly And would cuddle up to the cat!
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    This is Tina hating the saloon on the boat. She's coming up 3 and a romanian rescue mut of unknown genetics, we've only had her 6 months.
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    So very well written, John. Thank you. Both Iain and Alan were good friends of mine and and your final sentence says it all for me. To them both I offer a toast for a life well-lived.
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    This is Mindy, nearly 17 and still stupid !! In this photo she's just crawled out from under the sink where I was fixing a leak. Sadly her brother passed away a few months ago, we'd had them from 8 weeks old.
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    Did I mention the parrot? He absolutely loves the boat and the people along the riverbank. His favourite mooring is Wroxham where there is lots going on and he can show off to everyone passing by.
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    Our pooch, Harley (above) and our son’s bull mastiff/staffy cross, Simba (below).
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    Here's my retired supermodel ! And our sneak thief spaniel caught in the act!!
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    You have a dog? I raise you a young horse (will be 2 years old in June). This is "Lenti" ("Lenticularis") - belongs to my daughter... Photo taken last Saturday.
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    Finally made it back to the Broads, on Saturday, after a long time hoping. I wish I could say the journey was uneventful but between google not updating changes to the road layouts up here, and the roadworks I only read about on here after we arrived, it was quite a trip. At least a trio of wrong turnings gave us a view of the countryside we were not expecting, and we still got to Richardsons half hour early. We booked Melody 1 but that had apparently developed a fault so we ended up with Melody 2, checked around the boat, as you do, had a trial run, as you do, asked the questions the guy has probably heard a few hundred times before, as you do and the trial pilot left the boat. Two minutes later one of the bedroom doors was jammed shut. Back to the dock office, told the staff, five minutes later the pilot is back on the boat with two toolboxes and a new door lock. All fixed in about twenty minutes The boat is OK although on the trial run I didn't realise how sloppy the steering is and it's taken two days to find the sweet spot where the rudder is straight, now marked with the wife's lipstick! Mooring is a nightmare what with the steering and the fact that my wife and son have never tried anything like it before. I don't suppose I'm blameless either! This is only supposed to be a trial run for the main holiday in July, I only hope I recover by then. Saturday night at Ludham bridge. didn't want to risk the bridge as the board indicated it was millimetres from Melody's airdraft. A very cold night and a very noisy windy one, but the only boat near us left early so we started the engine and got the heater going. That is doing a good job. Waited for the tide and got through with a few inches to spare. Sunday night at Ranworth. I know it's technically off season but I expected more boat traffic here. Only three boats when we arrived and moored with assistance of a ranger there, cleaning the electric posts. A couple more boats arrived then everybody cleared off with the exception of us and a Woods cruiser, a Richardsons bathtub arrived and it was just the three of us all night. Another cold night but not as bad as last night, just. We woke up to what the Broads does best, the sun rising over still water, barely a ripple over a virtually empty broad - as long as you didn't look left to the marina (?). Today, Monday we went to Wroxham looking for milk, not desperate just a top-up, only available mooring was down by the bridge. £10 fee, not paying that for a pint of milk so we turned around and made it to Potter Heigham as the sun was setting. I stayed on the boat whilst wife and son went shopping in Lathams for the milk, came back with God knows what, wants to go back in the morning. I'm going too with a padlock on my wallet. I've taken a few pics and a couple of short videos but I need to get them off the cameras and on to my laptop, not much time during the day and too tired in the evening. We are really enjoying ourselves, every house we pass the wife wants to buy and every boat we pass my son wants too. The TV works so the wife's happy in the evening and the boat's wifi works with only one glitch so far so my son is happy too. I'm using the Aweigh and Ulysse apps and they've been a great help so far. More to follow
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    Ok, Update from Mrs Boycee (Mags) Funeral arrangements will be notified as and when if they are allowed to have one - C.V issues. They are hoping to plan an event to mark his life sometime later on in the year on the Broads Griff
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    Macie, July 08 - Dec 19, Missing her terribly Griff
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    Here’s Ness and Molly, they love the beach at Waxham if I have a late start. Might have a few of them shortly 🤔 John
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    This is Oppy, nearly 4 now and still trying to steal my beer - never going to happen !! He likes Mindy but Mindy does not like him so he does not encroach on her 3ft exclusion zone!
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    As we have an ex-dog included here is Winston, we lost him last may aged 14 to old age and a heart condition. He was a shepard/husky/lab mash up, or as I sometimes called him "a shepuskador".
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    Some of you have met this one seen here warming himself on old wooden broads cruiser... There is the usual nightly fight when I try to get into bed. Evidentally I dont have a side! Erm...
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    Looking at the current situation, we have decided to cancel the Spring Gathering. Members who paid a mooring fee will be refunded. Are we disappointed? You bet! Would it be good to try for another when the dust settles? Certainly. Sincere apologies to all.
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    What a brilliant thread Ray. We have had a right laugh going through the piccys on the laptop this evening... A couple to finish that may bring a smile A sleepy spaniel Someone hiding in my bed again! The cats entertainment centre The hedgehog we over wintered a few years ago And finally Charlie cat or Charlie kitten as he was back then. Right... off to get another coat on that ceiling!
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    As yet, we have resisted changing our shopping habits, but it is getting increasingly difficult to ignore the fact that we cannot rely on the local supermarket for our regular needs. There will come a time when we will have to think about laying a few things down, not to protect ourselves from the virus, but to protect ourselves from panic buyers.
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    The giveaway for me would be ' check'. We have cheques in this contry, well a few of us still do. Youngsters may spell it check but not any UK organisation.
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    The government stopped the money for the free licences not the BBC
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    In light of a recent thread and the number of people who use YouTube I thought it might be a good idea to start a thread where people can link and share anything they find interesting, be it on YouTube or similar sites. I am but a plebeian member and have no control on what you post, but might I suggest that boats hitting bridges or videos aimed at belittling or ridiculing other do not really belong here? If you vlog your Broads holidays, maybe you would like to link those here?
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    Day Four - Sutton to Ranworth to Paddy's Lane We knew that this day was forecast to be even windier than those which had gone before. 40mph winds. We even considered staying where we were but ... we were only out on a short break, the sun was shining and we didn't want to waste the day. But where to go? In the end, after some debate about lunch stops at the top end of the Ant, we opted for a cruise all the way back down to the Bure and along to Ranworth again. Yes, we had enjoyed the Maltsters and decided that it would be no hardship to head back there. Coming back up the Ant, as we needed to be in easy distance of Stalham for returning the boat the next day, we debated where to moor. How Hill was too soon, Irstead was occupied, Gayes' Staithe was full and we didn't fancy trying Neatishead as we were quite tired by this time. Crossed Barton Broad to find half of Paddy's Lane closed off as they look to be replacing the quay heading and generally re-doing the moorings. But there was room on the side opposite Cox's yard and we were soon tied up ready for a quiet evening and some general packing and tidying. Day 5 - Paddy's Lane to Stalham to Home via Goodie's Farm Shop Just a short hop back to Richardson's to hand the boat back. We were the first away from our moorings by about 8am and found a space on Kingfisher Quay to slot back into. Job done. Time to get signed off, buoyancy aids back to the store and our fuel refund collected from Reception. We were soon on the road but as usual when coming back down the A140, we stopped at Goodie's Farm Shop for supplies. Saves us needing to do any shopping when we get home. I can highly recommend the Applewood smoked cheese, the fudge, the carrot cake and the lemon, lime and coconut cake. :)
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    How cruel !!! Fancy forcing a dog (an obviously highly strung one at that) to sleep in such discomfort. I despair!
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    I live in easy driving distance of Potter, Sutton, Stalham and will look at anyone's boat in these areas if it helps.
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    It all depends on what is meant by "on brokerage". If the boat is being offered for sale by a broker, but is still in use, a toll is required. If it's in the broker's premises, no longer in use, no toll is required. Test runs by a potential purchaser would be covered by the broker's trade plate. The explanation can be found in the 2009 BA Act. Section 16 Broads Authority Act 2009 Exemption of certain vessels (1)In this section...“the specified provisions” means— (a)any byelaws made or deemed to be made under section 11; (b)section 12 (construction and equipment standards); (c)section 14 (vessels: insurance requirements)… (6)Nothing contained in or in force or done under the specified provisions shall apply to any vessel which— (a)is not for the time being in use for the purposes of navigation, or for residential or commercial purposes; (b)is moored on waters occupied or customarily used by a person carrying on a business; and (c)is so moored for the purposes of being serviced, repaired or stored by that person or of being sold or offered or exposed for sale by that person (whether acting as principal or agent).
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    That's what I understood too.
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    Mine won't be paid until the end of March, they won't be getting a free loan from me..
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    May I suggest that those of us outside the “at risk” category if we know any elderly people in our towns / villages who have no one to help if at all possible in ensuring they are getting their shopping etc , not all are comfortable in reaching out themselves to ask for help when they need it . I have made sure my 87 year old mother is already “confined to barracks” she has sufficient food in for a month and I deliver her paper and fresh milk daily as well as ringing her for a chat a couple of times a day
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    Lindy Lulu finds strange places and ways to nap
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    Lovely thread Ray, you can always rely on a dog (or other pal) to add some cheer. Here are my two lively beasts. (Very tiring this boating lark!)
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    Update from Mags:- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A big heartfelt thank you to everyone on the NBN for their lovely caring comments. The funeral can't be held a the moment with the virus Mags will let us know when it will be held, where and when ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Griff
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    He is Coco. He is an Amazon... from Bradford!
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    A sad but necessary step with the current information Pauline.
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    A most generous gesture, thank you Peter. On the phone to my daughter last night, she was asking when I was going to ask the yard to de-winterise our boat, so that she can, if necessary, self-isolate on it. In the middle of Barton Broad!
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    Bloody Hell - Common Sense - where have you been hiding.......
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    The thing to remember is that you can happily have the virus on your hands and not catch it, as soon as you touch your face you have a risk of transferring it via your mouth, eyes or nose. That is why it is so important that we wash our hands often. Take extra care and WASH YOUR HANDS.
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    MM. please confirm date change. Liz, still waiting for estimate for building a boat shed. To Paul, three portions of 22, two 11 and 3 120 please. Do you all charge extra for services Nigeria, please?
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    So will Rene and I. I am not (quite) in the "vulnerable" age group, but Rene definitely is (don't ask, she'd kill me if I told you!). She insists we carry on, supporting our usual lunchtime haunts. This virus is out there, and can't be stopped, unless there's troops on the streets. I understand the reasoning behind the advice, but I don't see how it will help. If I get shopping for someone, I have to leave it on their doorstep - contaminated with whatever I've picked up in the shop. If I touch ANY public door handle, I've got it. If I sit indoors, it will not help one bit in the overall spread of this virus. Our economy will be decimated, with businesses going under, and great loss of jobs. So, we will carry on, as we always have, come what may.
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    Had this text yesterday from the lovely young family who are our nearest neighbours. " Hope you don't think I'm being rude but if you need anything just let us know" We were very moved by such kindness. Apparently although they know we are of the vulnerable age group mentioned in advice directives because we don't seem like it they didn't want to insult us The husband is an area director for Tesco. They are really lovely neighbours and have been for 16 years and at the moment probably very useful too! Carole
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    the tricky bit if they start rationing is for those that are buying for a neighbour or elderly relative at the same time as doing their own shopping, where they may require two of something one for themselves and one for the old person, how shops could police that I dont know. the other problem could be resolved by making everyone do their shopping online either click and collect or delivery, but then what about the elderly that dont have access to a computer or phone to order.
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    I was talking to a member of staff in my local McDonalds. They told me all such surfaces are regularly wiped down. They do it continuously, almost so customers cannot fail to see it being done.
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    They should be paying us to watch the BBC these days
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    I am renowned for not opening my wallet often - now I have a good excuse!!!!
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