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    Whoopie, doopie, doopie (sorry, getting slightly carried away there...). We have managed to get an ‘extra’ week on Moonlight Shadow next week (thanks Malcolm! ). It gets even better...got an email earlier today from the couple who are on the boat this week. They have to leave tomorrow, so have very kindly arranged for the usual weekly engineer’s check to be done Friday morning instead of Saturday, so we can pick the boat up a whole day earlier than planned. How good is that! Need to start packing!
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    Is this really the appropriate thread to be discussing politics. The title is In remembrance.
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    Well I survived the night, albeit I woke up in the night cold but I just put my fleece on and then went back to sleep until the alarm went at 7. It's been lovely today, very bright once again and not quite as chilli as yesterday. The sliding roof has been open the whole time. Fabulous early morning walk with Rollie around to where Short Dyke meets the Broad. We've made it to OBYS via a short stop at Reedham. I'm off in a minute to watch Liverpool v Man City somewhere.
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    Oh dear - the peace of the afternoon has now been despoiled. I have a picture in my brain of a large gentleman falling overboard from a pretty sailboat - but unable to reboard and the boat sailing away into the sunset. I see a couple of fellers rushing down a short slip and into a small pram dinghy and starting with some difficulty an old Century Plus outboard ( well it wouldn't start first time! ) and then "racing " across Oulton to save this floundering gentleman, and then towing him gently back to the slip - well like all Seagulls it only went flat out! They then staggered down the slip to drag this beached old chap up the slip - but unable to do this the more elderly one rushed back up the slip to grab the hawser of an old wherry winch to hook it onto his life vest and then, oh the ignomimy of it, seeing him winched back up and helping him to his feet, standing shaking like an old mutt. Oh dear how will I rid myself of this vision in front of me.....!!!
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    And in this country too. I live in a very small village but our church has about half a dozen true war graves. I have seen the CWGC here. A while ago I visited one particular cemetery in France, on the Somme. I took a friend who wanted to find her grandfather’s grave, he lost his life on the last day of the battle of the Somme and is buried in the Regina Trench cemetery. We had quite a time finding the cemetery as it is one of those literally in the middle of a cabbage field - as so many of them are. As Grendel said, they are all so well tended. I believe they have since refurbished the Regina Trench headstones as they were becoming illegible. I am so pleased to hear that, long may it be so.
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    One of the many great joys of having a dog is the bond you form across species... it is a remarkable thing when you think about it and to treat them as human diminishes that connection.
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    There'll only be empties, nobody could be stupid enough to leave any remaining amber nectar lying around
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    Can`t advise on what and where but will advise on using the adjustable straps including the crotch strap to ensure it it is a snug fit. There is a video/ photos posted recently showing what happens if the jacket is too loose when you fall in.
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    Karen and I will be walking up to our local parade in a few minutes, I'm going to take some pics, as it's always very well attended by booth young and old. Grendel, my Uncle Jack (Gunner "John Philip Lawlor") is buried on CWGC cemetery in Bergen Op Zoom in Holland. We took my Mum and Dad there to visit Uncle Jack's grave for their Golden wedding anniversary. When I found his grave, I felt a shiver all over, and a picture of a soldier in uniform came into my mind, I met my Uncle Jack for the first time. RIP Uncle Jack.
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    Thanks for your kind words, I know what you mean about these boats as we were attracted to the shape and history of them. There are indeed three Ripplecrafts on the water - the others being Lapwing (which is a few feet longer and moored at Thurne) and Swift (which is currently at Potter). It is most interesting seeing the other Ripplecrafts and how they have been/are being restored, each one has been done differently and in a different way. We have done our best to retain the original layout and "hidden" modern features. Lapwing is beautifully restored and very modern inside with bespoke design features throughout, Swift is similar with a completely reconfigured interior. The new engine was a necessity because the Lister died and it was not economic to revive it. Have to admit that we are very happy with the Nanni, despite what the purists might say. The new nav lights were purchased from Brian Ward, very reasonable and fitted with LED bulbs.
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    To my mind there are two very important factors that come into play for both parties, both buyer and seller. Fear of loss and greed for gain. Old Wussername.
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    I sorted a few ouse-about Christmas do's in january, seemed the perfect time as just before Christmas everywhere is booked up and lots of people are busy with other do's, come january the pubs are all quiet and glad for the custom and everyone is available, turkey and crackers are dead cheap too.
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    Until 1pm Howard. They charge the same as in the summer but lock up the toilet and shower facilities at 1pm when they leave - not great.
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    Its thirty years today marking the fall of the Berlin wall.As some of you may know,Marina is half German mum in law was from Berlin.Came to England as part of the Berlin air lift.We spent our honeymoon in West berlin in 1977.We returned two years ago on our 40th anniversary and in June this year.Berlin now is a very different place,with lots of investment taking place.We intend going back again in 2021.Back in 1977 moving around the city was not easy.We did visit East Berlin,firstly on a bus tour going through Checkpoint Charlie then by train which was far from easy almost an hour,having the border guards checking us over.Now its seem less.There are some very good museums charting a dictator and the war.We have been to a few,and very moving in deed.Not easy at times to take in,and almost unbelievable in the business of mass murder.If you are watching seens of the wall falling spare a thought for those that suffered during the war and indeed the time the wall was up.
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    What a beautiful day it turned into. Lovely photos. Have a great day whatever your destination.
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    Good afternoon Please find attached ABP Lowestoft Notice to Mariners 31 2019 - Lowestoft Annual Remembrance Day Service and Parade. Kind regards. Karen. Karen Tyrrell Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road, Norwich, NR1 1RY Tel: 01603 756035 : karen.tyrrell@broads-authority.gov.uk LOCAL NOTICE TO MARINERS ANNUAL REMEMBRANCE DAY SERVICE & PARADE Mariners and Port Users are advised that the Annual Remembrance Day Parade & Service will take place on the morning of Sunday 10th November 2019. To permit the safe passage of the parade and spectators, the Bascule Bridge will not be raised to shipping between the hours 1045hrs & 1130hrs. The Small Vessel opening at 1115hrs will be delayed until 1130hrs. Also a small service will be held at 11:00hrs on Monday 11th November 2019, therefore the Bascule Bridge will not be raised to shipping between the hours of 10:45hrs to 11:15hrs. Mariners and Port Users are thanked for their co-operation in advance. Please cancel this notice on 12th November 2019. Please contact Lowestoft Port Control, (VHF Ch.14, Tel. 01502 572286), for further information. Harbour Master 7th November 2019
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    My thoughts are, if I keep posting pictures of these hunks nobody has to witness the true horror of the real ugly mug of JF Sick of them??? If my digestive system can handle the 30 kegs of mighty fine Stella (and other fine lagers) I chuck at it every day, a box or two of mince pies is the least of its worries Anyway it's Christmas, best open another keg....
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    I'm not buying a year till I've seen the weather forecast for it!
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    I think they still worry that any future wife he has would be called Lady Hamilton
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    Stolen and wish I had written this 😂Bloody brilliant For all parents - particularly those who have (or have had) teenagers! GCSE: Cross-curricular studies for teenagers Time allowed: 1 hour 45 minutes Please show your workings. Mathematics 1. Three people live in a house. All of those people are over the age of 14. Please explain, with the aid of diagrams, why only one of mum or dad can take the rubbish out. 2. Josh has started an apprenticeship earning £140 per week. His mobile phone bill this month was £385. How much pay will he have left over? a) All of it, what the flip should he pay his own bill? b) None of it, he has spent it all on a tattoo 3. Jane wears a clean shirt to school every day. Jane has six shirts. Explain using Bayes Theorem and taking into account microbiological cross-contamination how likely it is that any given shirt on the floor on Thursday morning will be clean enough to wear to school. English language and creative writing 4. “I was like going to the shopping mall and met like Lucy, Dan and like two other people from like school. We went to like Hollisters to get some like T-shirts for Dan and then went to like Primark cos Becky like needs a bikini for her holiday in like Benidorm. We were like starving so we went to like McDonald's to get like some food and met up with like more people from school. We all had like burgers and like chips and some of us had like a drink but some of us didn't have like enough money." Explain the exact meaning and usage of the word 'like' in the above passage. Combined Science 5. Explain, using the periodic table, why WKD will make you puke. 6. Explain the physics behind the phrase "It's just gone". You may use any of the following objects to illustrate your theory: an outdoor coat, one rugby boot, school tie, art coursework. Technology and Computer Science 7. Explain how you will circumvent the broadband security your moderately techy parents have set up. Use diagrams if necessary. 8. You have been invited to sleep over at Harvey's house. Your parents wish to communicate with Harvey's parents about this. (i) Explore and explain the circumstances under which the following items of modern technology would be simultaneously broken in order to prevent this communication from taking place: a) the telephone - you should include reference to both landline and mobile. b) email or any other internet-based communication system. c) carrier pigeon. (ii) Calculate the probability that, in a relatively small village, your parents already know that Harvey's parents have gone away for the weekend. Critical Thinking 9. Explain what happens when you use the last of the toilet roll. a) I put another full roll on the holder. b) I stuff the full roll behind the back of the holder. c) I'm going to Nando’s with Becky Economics 10. You are in a house alone during the day. How many lights should be switched on and remain on? a) Those in the room you're in. b) Those in the room you are about to enter. c) All of the lights including the fridge light as, though you are able to remove plaster when you slam your bedroom door shut, you can't quite shut the fridge door properly. Philosophy 11. It's soooo unfair - discuss.
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    A couple of people have asked me to report on the progress of the restoration of Broadland Grebe. I have been reluctant to do so for several reasons: not least of these is that I admit to being no expert on the subject, and I am all too aware that most people on this forum know a lot more about wooden boats than I do. Furthermore, I am all too aware that there are a loot of keyboard captains who just love to tell me that I am mad and naive! to undertake such a task. To the experts I say that I welcome your advice, but I love many, trust few and always steer my own course. To the keyboard captains, I say don't waste your time on me. The caveat part over with I will begin at the beginning. My wife and I spent about ten years hiring boats every summer, we hired from a number of companies and the boats were pleasant with most of the mod cons one would expect to find. Being a teacher, we hired every summer and this eventually ended up every October and soon it was every school holiday. There was no option other than to think about purchasing our own boat. We spent a couple of years looking at different types of boats, mostly ex-hire craft and a few others. Throughout this time we constantly admired wooden boats, there was just something about them that seemed to resonate with us. It was our admiration of wooden boats that took us to the wooden boat show in Beccles some four years ago. It was there that we saw the boat that made us go "wow", although looking rather sad, the streamlined shape struck both us. We knew something of the history of the boat and it was love at first sight. A look around her revealed a degree of neglect, and like the sad dog in the dog shelter, this boat needed a new owner. Another look round her revealed even more issues, a few gins and some calculations, followed by a trip out on her showed us that she was in a sorry state. We returned home to think and plan. Finally we offered a price that was agreeable. The previous owner arranged a survey: one look at this "survey" told me it was not worth the paper it was written on. No names , but the so called "surveyor" was no more of a surveyor than I was! Moral of story - check the credentials of the surveyor. Luckily I knew where most (but not all) of the problems where. So in October of 2012, we took ownership of Broadland Grebe, eight ton of boat, an estimated ton of rot, and a crippled Lister engine which belched multi-coloured smoke and sounded like the Flying Scotsman on acid. We spent the October holidays cleaning (as much as we could) and doing a short cruise from Somerleyton to Beccles. Whilst cruising, we began to find the leaks spurting from various places and the mushrooms (yes, actual mushrooms) around the back bunk. Further investigations revealed the "wood" in this area was more like sponge, previous owners had done "repairs" that would make Dodgy Dave the Essex car dealer proud. Filler and more filler held the oat together. I began to think that the previous owners had shares in a filler factory. So out of the water we came. Now the real work began. We had discussions with our friendly boat builder and drew up a five year plan. We worked out that we could do restoration in the winter and still have the boat in the water by May to cruise in the Summer holidays. Whilst taking her out of the water, the transom was removed in one sweep of the power washer! Much to our amusement and the horror of the person operating the washer. Well, we were intending to replace the transom! We tackled the worst parts first, it was difficult to decide which because there was so much rot. Wheelbarrow after wheel barrow load of rotten wood was removed from the aft part of the boat. The port side top four planks needed replacing urgently, not to mention the transom steps. (see pictures). We also stripped back the paint and repainted her As planned we were back in the water in April of 2013. We were also on budget! Did I mention the cooker blew up! So we had to get a new one. Oh, the fridge as well. Not to mention the bits of wood we would find breaking off. Now dear reader I will have bored you with our little journey so far. So I will leave this here and wait to see if anyone wants more. More rot....there is lots more.
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    I’m more your cauliflower
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    New sedan for 2020. https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/boats/wayfarer/
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    Re; the heating. I have a "wet" system on my boat, driving blower matrixes (matrices?) as yours. I ensured there was a header tank to supply the system higher than everything else. Doesn't need to be big, I used a radiator expansion tank from a car breakers. The return of the circulation is fed to the bottom of this tank, ensuring any air in the system is then returned to the header tank by the normal circulation. I'm sure your problem is, as you say, an air lock, nothing more.
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    my personal choice is a manual inflate lifejacket, I then have a choice to inflate or not, I am a strong swimmer (though not as fit as I was) and on the occasion I did find myself in the water this year, I did not feel it necessary to inflate the life jacket I was wearing, extracting myself from the water wasnt easy and an inflated lifejacket would have made that less easy, I was glad I had it on as I could always have inflated it should the need have arisen, but its a case of you make your own informed choices and then live with any consequences. worse case in my particular circumstances would have been inflate the lifejacket and float down to Marthams slipway which was only a short way downstream.
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    Well said PW!!! Everyone goes on endlessly about life jackets and yet I was advised by a leading body of safety examiners for water based activities to seriously consider ditching the auto inflates we use, for safety vests! Now I know many will think I am making it up, but remember most life jackets are designed to work at sea and yet with the exception of Breydon on a very rough day, we have calm waters and access to a bank, mostly, within 20 metres. For what its worth, their advice is that a well fitting vest will provide sufficient buoyancy without the problems of the auto inflates. You should for example check an auto inflate EVERY time you use it to ensure the gas bottle is tight - it is really quite common for these to work loose and I have found them missing altogether. Some people also find the auto inflates difficult to adjust, and as you have to adjust them for every piece of clothing you add, or talk off this can be a nuisance - they also have to be fitted carefully and I guess, at least 50% of those I see fitted, are just not tight enough in the first instance. Some may find vests easier This is not to say I do not advocate NOT wearing an auto inflate, but you should try and fit a vest before deciding finally - they may not turn you up the right way but unless you knock yourself out, that is not really an issue and they will never not fire for several reasons!!
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    We cull all items that are not part of the boats itinerary at the season start. Space is always a problem on any boat, you have to balance what is necessary and what is overkill and leave other items as part of the owners boat kit that they bring with them and take away at the end of their allocation. Regards Alan
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    Thanks Simon, are they moored up near you, it`s Paul (nicknamed "Buck") and his other half Clair aboard this week. If they`re moored near you, you are more than welcome to have a look onboard, just tell them you`ve been talking to me and you`re interested in buying a share.
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    Auto inflate is always good but there are different versions, the regular auto ones can go off in the bag if stored a bit damp and then no good when you need them, the hammar auto ones need to be immersed by 6" or so before the water gets into the auto bit and triggers (the auto bit is usually just a spring and rice paper) so will only trigger when dropped into the river. I would always prefer to have my own LJ and know the service history and if lacking it's no-ones fault but mine, if getting an auto of any type make sure it can take a manual trigger and have one as a backup otherwise if you have a minor mishap you spend the rest of your time without an LJ or looking for a new trigger, the manual triggers do not go out of date and are very cheap. With all of the above said I rarely wear my LJ on the rivers anyway but it's there if I feel the risks are higher than usual, at sea in good conditions it's usually over the back of my seat for quick fitting as a triggered LJ inside a boat is a hinderance not a help, it's like liferafts should only ever be stepped up into never down, a sinking boat is better than a liferaft untill last minute (a burning boat is another matter). Check an LJ once a year for air tightness but with a pump not breath or the cylinder starts to corrode from condensation.
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    I am surprised that Moonlight Shadow does not have life jackets that are supplied and maintained by the syndicate. On Ranworth Breeze we have 4 auto inflate life jackets, and a range of smaller sized life jackets. Regards Alan
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    I would recommend Sea Safe Systems life jackets. For two main reasons. Firstly they are bespoke and British made but secondly and most importantly when it comes to servicing you just drop then off at Brundall Bay Marina ( as can any life jacket ) and they are then returned there. By bespoke there is a good choice of cover material ( I have a tweed one for fishing and shooting ) and they also offer an embroidery service for crew name, boat name etc. I am unable to post a link at present but just googleSea Safe Systems.
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    I always moor in front of the pub anyway - shorter staggering distance
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    Saw you earlier and Helen with her Welsh flag flying. I was tucked up inside reading a book with the heating on
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    As I said we did the bus as you did,but also visited Marinas mums old boss in the East travelling on our own.Passport checks etc conducted in German or Russian, not in any other language. That said glad we made the trip before the wall came down.
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    Agreed. If you want the exact boat/week you need to book in advance. If you are flexible - or prepared to risk it you can get a good deal. I used to work with someone who went to Greece for their holidays. They always booked the flight, but not the accommodation. Simply got some transport at the airport and drove round until they found somewhere. Out of the high season its virtually unheard of for yards not to have many boats in, so if you are not bothered which boat you get, book your week off work and your train and wait until the day before to book your boat! I suspect not may people would risk it, but if you are prepared to do so... One large canal hire company used to offer a 'bouncer' discount. Basically you booked a week and number of crew and the company gave you whichever boat it had left from any of its bases. I think it was something like 20-30% off. Strangely they don't do this now, so perhaps there wasn't much take up. But, companies do offer discounts for booking early. I've already booked for next year and got an early booking discount, a loyalty discount and an affinity discount - in my case as a member of CAMRA I get 10% off if I book through Hoseasons. Many employers/unions/clubs offer such affinity deals, so its always worth looking at member benefits of any organisation you are a part of.
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    Hi Vaughan, well this brought back memories,when my Dad took me to the boat show at Earls Court to see the new HW boat Silver Light.Sliding centre cockpit woody,and of course you could clamber all over it to see if you liked it.We did and booked it for the following Summer,a wonderful boat,and i suppose its like hiring one of todays "gin palaces".Although a lot smaller! Regards Kevin
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    I am delighted to announce that the Pleasure Boat has had it's chimney sorted and now boasts a working wood burner. I'm sitting next to it even as I type. Very snug.
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    Back in August 89 (bank holiday monday to be exact), we went into Notcuts Garden centre in Bearstead, just east of Maidstone. They were busy building their CHRISTMAS Grotto. I feel really sorry for people who claim they hate Christmas, i totally love it, but absolutely HATE the way it`s been so commercialised. I think ANYTHING to do with Christmas should be totally banned until the 1st December. The most rediculous thing we`ve ever had is food stuff that`s packed in Christmas packaging, yet has a sell by date in late November. Worst case of commercialisation i`ve ever seen.
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    I always use Brian ward at Brundall, give them a ring.You will get a discount as a member of NBN.
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    Oooops! Head hung in shame!😒 Sorry Jay.😉
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    That's interesting, I've always maintained a good heating system is key. Looks like the Webasto is fine now. I've said before, Swancraft heating was brilliant and no issues with Bridgecraft either. Good to hear about the duvets too. When I wake up in the morning I nip out of bed, flick the heating on and put the kettle on too. Back under the duvets and by the time the kettle's boiled the boat is starting to warm up. On a well maintained boat there shouldn't be a need to start the engine. Snug as a bug
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    Now is the winter of my discotheque. What kind of dystopian hell have I stumbled into? Chill and dark modernity, black mirrored reflections of the honeyed halcyon of voyages past where YnysMon, her knight errant, kith and kin didst rough it and sail through Norfolk's gilded waters? Long hot water bottles available from Brown's of York priced at £19.99 and do wonders for my back ache!
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    I’m not sure about plans for next year yet. I did love being out in March and would be tempted to choose that over October. I loved the quiet of less boats being out, the solitude of having the moorings to oneself on occasion and the abundant wildlife with the coming of spring. Hmmm .... must give that some serious consideration.
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    I wonder how much longer they will hold off on a knighthood, especially when you see the caliber of those who actually get them. No doubt plenty of gongs will be dished out to politicians who are running away, sorry, retiring.
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    We had the council out with their strimmers as well. Rear side windows for 1968 Corsair Estates ain't that easy to come by! Of course they came and knocked and apologised. ... not
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    Might be the only way I get the other side of the bridge!
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