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    Saw this on Face Book Market Place: https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/1828751734100268 These boats have their fans, few problems in mooring, manageable, good to learn on, great fun, fits under Broads bridges, good first rung on the ladder and if you don't then like boating you can always sell it & you won't have lost a fortune!
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    As seen this week alongside Far Horizon. Fair Diplomat (Sunway) still as was, awaiting re-naming and branding.
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    As I understand it, the bigger it is, the better it is, and the further up you can get it, the better too. Note to self,... Stop right there.
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    I am just about to start my Foundation course with Dover Amateur Radio Club. 9 weeks and Exam on 24th of March Cost £40.00 Foundation book £4.95 Hopefully be live beginning of April Something I've wanted to do since I was about 28 but things always got in the way like marriage and kids
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    If you're not careful they'll start using phrases like 'lying arthwartships' and things, there are some wierd words in boating but you get used to it in the end. When you have klingons on the starboard bow you may have problems, or may have just had a glitch with the pumpout....
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    https://consult.environment-agency.gov.uk/fisheries/consultation-on-the-review-of-the-close-season/consultation/subpage.2018-07-17.5214680622/ Griff
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    Horning Marina (Richardsons) was frozen over Sunday and Monday, although a navagble channel was cut by an incoming boat. Malthouse Broad was frozen, except again for a navigable channel. Tuesday after the rain it was nearly all gone but with the forcast last night I got back to Boulters for fuel and pumpout then the marina and called it a very short break. A gent at Ranworth said he had heard two boats had got stck on Barton Broad but can not substantiate. Fred
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    Jeanie, the nice folk at 'Galleon' boat storage & moorings, down Puddingmoor, have always allowed DIY. You could save money by doing all the labouring, e.g. stripping the old decking off and then finding a local boatbuilder, NOT a carpenter, who will do the skillful bits for you.
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    Lime Kiln dyke from the Nancy Oldfield base to Gay's Staithe amd beyond has approx. 3/4 " of ice, no activities today . I believe Barton is similarly affected.
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    What there was cleared overnight Monday or mostly - Hickling was virtually free of ice yesterday. Not sure we are actually going to get the penetrating easterly (yet?) - the weather systems most likely to be from N and NW which is not quite so bad!!
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    Cut down on the bevvies then of course you can!
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    The Elysian (Mk 1 in this case) is a damned good boat, and will get under Potter bridge as long as there's 6' clearance. The pilots take Nyx under at 6', I take it under myself if there's 6' 3" or more. Nyx is an Elysian Mk 2 but I believe the air draft is the same. That one is a good price if it's in reasonable nick or better. Note to Pumpmedic… Tjhere will be plenty of people on this forum (myself included) who will willingly help you get your boat from A to B on the broads. If it needs road haulage I can recommend Kingsley Farrington (if he's still doing it). He moved my last boat (St Christopher, 25' Seamaster) from Cosgrove to Wayford bridge but that was back in about 1995.
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    Suffolk n' good rather than being Norfolk 'n Good!
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    Volunteer is most certainly the right word! We just love the opportunity to help/show off to new brethren of the rhond. CDs might include The Singing Postman, just to teach you how to talk proper! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PHe4tMN6IeE
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    Just don't get us started on flag etiquette and trailing fend-offs! Especially blue fend-off's That a full barrel of fish bait and just Toooooooo embarrassing to mention - For some Griff
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    Yagis and Log Periodics look similar. However, Yagis are more oblong looking with most of the elements about the same length. Log Periodics tend to taper more with the elements getting shorter and shorter. Having said this, there are lots of different designs so it can be a bit difficult to tell. If you are buying a new one, the seller should know. I think RG6 co-ax is commonly used for short runs with freeview and should be fine for boat applications. There are waterproof and low loss cables available if you want to spend more. Lots of places sell it - Screwfix, Amazon Toolstation and many more. Any aerial shop should also have cable. Hope this helps Nigel
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    I can't recommend any particular aerial as I would not dream of watching TV on the boat and so don't have one. However, I am a radio ham with lots of experience of messing about with aerials so I can give out some information which I hope is helpful: The TV signals on the Broads come from the transmitter at Tacolneston. This is to the south of The Broads and quite a long way from some places. The transmitter power there was increased when the old analogue signals were switched off and this improved reception generally, but boats are low down and often get behind trees and other obstructions which can give problems. The signal from Tacolneston is horizontally polarised so your aerial must be correctly oriented. Cross polarization greatly reduces the signal. The rule of thumb with aerials is the higher and bigger they are, the better they will work. The co-axial cable connecting the aerial to the receiver is just as important as the aerial. It should be good quality, dry, undamaged and have no joints. Connectors must be correctly fitted and preferably soldered. If water gets in then the cable is junk and you need a new one. If reception is poor or suddenly gets worse, look at the co-ax first. The connectors must be clean and free from corrosion. The outer sheath or braid is not a screen. At these frequencies, the co-ax acts as a transmission line with the signals travelling on the surface of both the inner and outer conductors. Any damage or joint can look like a short circuit to the signal. Amplifiers or boosters are no substitute for a decent aerial. They amplify noise and unwanted signals and can cause a range of problems. Passive splitters or diplexers greatly reduce the signal strength. They will at best halve it. If an aerial is advertised as being a miracle aerial then this means it will be a miracle if it works. Aerials that look like dart boards are best for playing darts. Omnidirectional aerials are often small and have no gain so they work best if mounted as high as possible. They have the huge advantage that you don't have to point them at the transmitter so they work on swinging moorings or when you are motoring along twisty rivers. Directional aerials have gain and this means that they effectively boost the transmitter power. As seen in the chart a few posts ago, a gain of 3db is the equivalent of doubling the transmitter power. This is just about enough to notice a difference. However, they work best in static situations. They are not so good when you are on the move. Many aerials have gains much more than 3db and they also reject unwanted signals and noise. There are two types of directional aerials in the shops. Yagis and Log Periodics. They look similar but are not the same and work in totally different ways. Yagis have more gain and are simpler aerials. However, their bandwidth is fairly tight so it is important to buy one made for the Tacolneston transmitter. They will give the best reception and will be cheaper. Log Periodics have less gain than Yagis for similar size aerials but they have a wider bandwidth and are suitable for travelling round the country in a caravan or similar. They usually cost a bit more and are not really necessary on the Broads. So, in summary: Mount it high, use good quality cable. Look at the aerials mounted on the houses in the area, get one the same and point it the same way. Yagis are cheap and high gain. Omnidirectional is best for moving boats but has no gain. Nigel, Ham radio station G4AXA, Ludham

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