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    Wonderful meal at the Ferry House Fred, Julie and I had Sunday roast with a mix of beef and pork, Lisa had the roast with chicken and dad had the lamb shank. All reported that the food was first class and highly recommended Roxy, Yogi and Alfie (2 Newfies and their shitzu mate) got lots of attention from the staff and other customers Back on Moonlight Shadow now and the wind has gone, the river is calm and we are extremely relaxed!
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    Brooms marina has a visitor this morning
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    beautiful they may be, but i realised i had made a mistake, it was when Charlie posted an inage of his pennant, with the port and starboard horns in the picture, i realised my error - my horns were too short. as you know, when i am not happy, i go back and do it again, so now here is the first of the new longer pair, i had made some purchases, done some changes, the old unimat motor was replaced with a 120W 24V scooter motor, this can run off my 0-30V power supply, and although slower the motor has way more torque (i cant stall it, and it runs way cooler, so motor fitted, and time to do some work, some new collets had arrived so it was time to thin one end of my 1/4" brass to fit a 4.8mm collet. the brass was then mounted into the collet and using my reading glasses and illuminated magnifier, the internal shape was turned, then it was making out where everything needed to be and get down to work removing lots of brass to form the longer trumpet part, this achieved and smoothed out with finer grades of sandpaper, and we had the first air horn and a big pile of brass dust from turning. bear in mind this is about 24mm long and 6 diameter max
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    when i was at school i was bullied as i was (like your son) 6 ft 4 and built like an outhouse, i too was the gentle giant and was bullied because i didnt react, that is until the day they pushed it too far and i picked one of the other guys up in one hand by his foot, thats when they all learned they really didnt want to see me angry, it was also the last time i got bullied.
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    The wind has dropped slightly and the sun is now out Meeting friends at the Ferry House, Surlingham for Sunday lunch This is our mooring for the evening and even though the signs state Stern on mooring only, we were kindly told we could side on due to the winds which are still quite strong (gusts of 45mph) but are due to slacken during the afternoon and evening
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    I had a lot of time for the Alphacraft yard, hiring from them many times. Unlike some, I actually seemed to get on well with Langford Sr. If you could get him to talk he had some wonderful tales to relate. Sadly missed.
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    I don't normally post personal things on social media but sometimes it can help others who are dealing with similar, so here goes. Mental health problems among young men are growing and despite all the awareness campaigns, very little help is available. Eighteen months ago my eldest son had a complete mental breakdown. We found him in his house curled up in the corner of a room crying uncontrollably. I can't begin to describe how difficult that it is to see a big strapping 37 year old reduced to that state. The backup from the health professionals is zero.You are on your own. The Mental health team registered him as at risk of suicide but said if we were worried he might kill himself we should ring the police. He was allocated 6 weeks of talking therapy and various medications that turned him into a zombie. We moved him back home to his old room to give him stability and support but we had to effectively put him on suicide watch. Gradually, over many months, he has started to emerge, he stopped his meds after 9 months as he felt they were making no difference. He has always been a fitness fanatic and he joined a boxing gym. Six months ago we helped him move out into a diffent property he owned just around the corner from us. He has made steady progress with only a couple of relapses. He has now won five out of his six fights, the fights are staged to raise money for the local hospice, the next fight in April is the raise funds for a six year old local girl with a life limiting illness. I have never wanted to watch a fight but his brother and friends go along to support him. The joy of seeing him occasionally smile again makes the heartache worthwhile. His moving out was worse than when he left home at 20, then we only worried about him coping with money ( he is severely dyslexic ) The worry of, is he going to harm himself remains and probably always will, but once again we have to let him stand on his own two feet but be ready to support him if he stumbles. Probably the moral is, don't expect help and support from the health professionals, it is only there in name.
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    Ian, just you wait until the model sneaks up on you when you are out on the river then gives you a blast on its horns (note to self, make sure QE2 foghorn sound effect s loaded on sound card).
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    At one time we kept my daughter's sailing cruiser at the excellent Martham Boats during the winter. That meant a trip up from Oulton Broad and through Po'er. Potter as with both T's being silent, Norfolk style. Anyway, arrived at the bridge, nosed up to it, no way thinks me so toddled off to the Bridge Pilot's office. 'You'll do it' says the pilot, 'half an inch to spare'! The challenge was obviously set, the honour of Suffolk was in my hands. He was absolutely right too, half an inch to spare!
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    got to build the mounts next. What? You mean you haven't done them yet? Griff
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    now have a pair done, got to build the mounts next.
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    No. By my (wife’s) own choice we do not take our boat through ourselves but pay the pilot to do so for us, this restricts the times we can pass through but saves worry and repairs. So we Choose to pay extra to moor the other side by paying about £10 each way. Our choice, my cowardice.
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    if i am on the rivers and headed that side of the bridge Ray (or anyone) you are welcome to come along for a look-see i will be spending probably the monday after the may meet cruising around up there, you could moor up one side of the bridge and i could pick you up the other side?
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    There is no end to your patience, precision and attention to detail, it looks perfect!
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    friday 15th may ranworth, sat 16 cruise in company to salhouse, sunday 17 departure
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    No. We bought our boat knowing we couldnt get under (as long as it could get under all the others) but since talking to the bridge pilot a few months ago, apparently ours on a good day will go through. I wont assume we will ever get a ‘good day’ but it will be a bonus if there is one when we are there.
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    Exactly Grendel. I am afraid things change. I study the weather and the weather in Norfolk has changed in the last 15 years I have been mostly here. We are getting hotter and dryer spells in Summer and warmer wetter winters which is pretty much the description of a Med. Climate. I would add my own observation that we are also getting more wind. My late wife's sister has lived in Mercia for about the same time and their climate appears to have moved, becoming unbearablely hot like North Africa in Summer, but with much less rain and very cold nights in Winter. The greater swings we are experiencing in atmospheric pressure Highs then multiple very deep lows sweeping across the Atlantic will make water levels much more suseptible to greater ranges. Since 1900 the sea level has risen about 6.5 ins but it is the rapid rate of rise recently that is of most concern. About 3 ins of that 6.5 has occured between 1993 and 2016. There are very many factors that effect sea level, it is not simple but I trully believe that the trend is up. As I said elsewhere you cannot compare Potter and Beccles. The first is inch critical with a tiny tidal range Beccles can easily have a couple of feet and more.
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    Get a smaller boat! Really? So those of us that own or hire craft originally designed to pass through PHB, paying a full toll as per the norm should now accept that we can't make use of the whole system? 'B.A' was designed to go under PHB at low tide, she used to do so regularly. I've taken her through a fair few times but it is rare nowadays and getting worse and I 'only' need 6ft5" or more to get 'B.A' safely through. So I and 'B.A' are affected. We purchased a boat designed for the whole system and toll her accordingly. Beccles old road and Wroxham bridges are rarely a problem although it happens. In the 70's & 80's (Me as a teenager) we used to take Broom Admirals / Supreme Commanders regularly through PHB and they need 7ft2" ! (Ish - I could be an inch or so out here) I have plenty of old photo's of our family on various hire craft up river of PHB Griff
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    Valid question but it's a 'no' from me too. Very few of us actually use the whole Broads system , should we receive rebates for the bits we don't use?
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    Sadly this is my experience as well. My son is mildly autistic which became more apparent towards the end of junior school. His secondary school were and are fantastic but the waiting time for an official diagnosis from the local CAMHS was nearly 3 years. Luckily we have health insurance via my work so could go private but even this was not straightforward as CAMHS changed the diagnosis process and guidelines so we had to have additional reports and tests. The general consensus was the change was made to try and slow down the amount of people going private as once the diagnosis is confirmed you can apply for extra help with schooling etc. This obviously costs money that councils don't have !! As it happens my son is quite mild and while he has issues we can manage them and he's actually doing fairly well at school. Sadly that's not the case for everyone. On the plus side he's had zero issues with bullying as at 14 he's 6ft 3 and built like the proverbial outhouse, for those that know him he's a gentle giant !
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    First day complete and now on Moonlight Shadow chilling with the dogs, a glass of wine and watching nonsense Saturday TV as we chat Picked my dad up at 7am and by 9.30 we were at Ivy's Farm having breakfast. My dad and I had a small breakfast whilst Julie went for jam on toast. We arrived at Brooms around midday and by 1pm we had loaded the boat We then went for a drive, stopping at Latham's, Potter Heigham, Tesco at Stalham to fill the car and we picked up some brochures from Richardsons and Herbert Woods as Dad loves to research the boats. We got back to Moonlight Shadow around 4pm and after taking the dogs for a walk we went to the Yare for a few drinks and food We loved it, as Roxy and Yogi were welcomed, the food was wholesome and the staff and customers first class We then walked back to our moorings to settle down for the evening
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    No leave the bridge well alone, it was there before any boat that is still on the broads and while the smug gits on smaller cramped boats are that side of the blockage they are not in my way on the proper southern rivers....
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    Is there an echo in your shed JA ?
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    Ive got a little Otter You can buy them lots of shops have them Their called travel kettles Sorry couldn't resist
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    Understood, however true Broadsmen will state that the river levels at PHB have slowly been increasing ever sine the port commissioners stopped regular dredging the lower Bure when the Ba took over. Some coincidence that is for there to be no truth in it just why then did they have crane dredgers on each bank especially on the bends ready to go into action all year round? what a waste of time / money / resources that was eh? Griff
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    Oh how I can relate to what you have just posted grendel. Not that I am built like brick outhouse but when at school when about 13 I was the odd ball, parents were in the RAF and I had been abroad with them, they were all , well no hopers and I suppose and stuck out like a saw thumb. My parents were very strict and I had to be in bed by 8.30 (1959). These kids at school were just going out to the nightclub at that time, so I was pilloried for it. They tried every trick in the book. cut my hair, slung my gym equipment , bag and all in the cut, sniggered and ridiculed me whenever they could. Chucked me off the school bus in the middle of nowhere in the winter. Bus driver just sat there. Just a few things, until it came to the last day of term. I took the bull by the horns and went into the loo and gave myself a make over, came out tarted up to the nines and they could not believe their eyes that Miss Prim had changed, they all of course wanted to be my friend then. I had great delight and telling them exactly what I thought of them. I have never forgiven them.
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    left as it is, even though its not getting lower, no matter what the water levels are doing
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    Left as it is, even though I have only managed to go through once in the last ten years.
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    I did couch it in the terms of "I suspect" !!! Your view is noted - so I expect will be mine.
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    That's sealed it then Wishing you all a great week afloat Griff
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    So Brooms Marina has the approval of a seal.
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    Just a small point or two. The American bomber crashed in a field trying to avoid hitting a school, their final act of heroism. The flypast etc was a year ago yesterday (or the day before) but the story had had such an impact that it was re-told yesterday. The whole thing was very moving last year.
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    Correct Vaughan, sailed off into heaven many years ago now but taught me a lot about how to fully appreciate how lucky I was to grow up in a Broadland village with everything water related on tap, sailing, fishing, canoeing, wildlife, trips to yacht clubs to pick up boats for repair, have a cup of tea and a mardle with the caretaker. Since his passing I’ve met various other boatyard people who acknowledge him and give me the impression that there was a real joined up spirit in the good old days, no wonder so many grockles felt so well looked after and fell in love with the broads for what they are, he had numerous friends and customers who started their affair with a hire, then owning an ex hire boat perhaps, a second or retirement home nearby, and definitely not seeking to change the place into something else!
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    Now there you are - two genuine voices. No biais, nothing against one man, just personal history and love of the Broads. These are not the usual suspects - this is the genuine groundswell of public opinion. Have to be a bit careful of that in speaker's corner. You might get warned for it.
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    Thanks Upcycler, totally agree and brings tears to my eyes as a 4th gen broadsman: 1st gen as reserve warden at Hickling, 2nd gen as son of who became foreman boatbuilder at HW Potter Heigham, 3rd gen as grandson and became equally competent boatbuilder, 4th gen myself great gs who loves the broads for what they are, not a boat builder for sure but a boat user for deafinite!
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    This is doing a great job of keeping this topic on top folks! Keep it coming!
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    I know that topic-creep is not uncommon but this started out as a thread about a particular boat that’s for sale. We do seem to have veered a long way off course with this one! Has anyone got anything else to say about any boats currently up for sale? Personally one of my favourite things to do when I visit Potter Heigham is to have a look around the boats for sale. But I would never want one as big as 42 feet!
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    www.hardleywindmilluk.org Newsletter Late Winter 2020 The beginning of the year and some of us have been at the Mill over the late autumn-winter period. Towards the end of last year, we had some of the teaching staff who took a look around the Mill as part of the inset day. We also took some children, a total of ten in all, who acted as carers for their families;around the Mill and gave them a small change for part of a day. This year we also took a larger group of children from Somerleyton school who, in their various groups, were looking to compose the various musical themes around the Mill and the river Yare as organised by The Water, Mills and Marshes group. It was quite a windy and wet sort of day but the children and staff faced the conditions without complaint. We are still waiting for the bronze bearing at the bottom of the shaft, to be regenerated by John Bone at his foundry, to connect to the turbine. The brickwork on the tower still needs repointing with some of the bricks to be replaced. The engineers have been working over the winter period ensuring the Mill, Visitor centre and moorings are in good condition. Extra support has been given to the upper platform and is in good order now. In March we will use two weekends to Spring Clean the Visitor Centre and Mill including a refresher course for volunteers to re-fresh the various functions for the use of the Mill. You may remember, in the last Newsletter, that a film company (Camouflage) were producing a short film featuring the Mill as a promotion for Norwich City and suggested that we could have some of the video for our own use. Well I’m pleased to say that is now on the website (www.hardleywindmilluk.org) and shows stunning shots of the Mill and the surrounding area from last August 2019. We have another busy season coming up this year with all the usual suspects. The AGM takes place onThursday 2nd July, with guest speaker Rob Bylett, who will be introducing Romans on the Doorstep.Please visit the website for all the events. Finally, we will hopefully be part of the Chet B-Line (please see the next page for more information) Anyone who feels they may be able to offer help, a few days a month, mostly at the weekends, please contact Frances Kirkpatrick on 01508 – 520331. Griff
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    No. And it is nothing to do with The Broads Authority. Reppsbridge or Potter Heigham is a schedule 4 Ancient Monument going back to Henry iii in the mid 1200s. Get a smaller boat! If you are fit, standing headroom is not obligatory. If not have a short brake courtesy of Martham Boats and stay above the bridge.
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    No from me either although I am one of those affected. Fred
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    Although I love visiting above PH I would be reluctant to see this barrier changed. The joys of not having flotillas of stinkies makes it a beautiful place to visit.
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    The Alpha craft with the sliding cockpit were designed especially to get under P.H. Bridge, or so I was told by a broads boatbuilder. Nuff said from me :-)
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    I'm sure after a good scrub it would be fine to crack straight on with but I think if a good a boat like this at that price I'd like to spend a little bit extra updating it. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Being of the older generation, I (probably with most of my contemporaries) just can't "get" Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and all the rest of it. Why! Why bother with it, if you know it's going to end in tears? But to the youngsters, it seems there's no other way to live their life. And that's the problem, there's no support network that we had in the playground, chums who'd stick up for you when you needed help. Pals to spend time with out of school. Today's young seem destined to be lonely by choice, and that's not good for them, mentally.
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    Warnings have been issued, but not for the reason above, the warnings were issued because of the tone of the discussion had degenerated to a point that was unacceptable. as a reminder, there are additional strictures in speakers corner. it was felt that some of these were being ignored so action was taken and warnings issued. we dont want to stop debate, but we do insist that it is within the guidance above.
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    I saw that too and in my opinion that term of the Broads National Park Sucks. I am old school and for me it will always be the Norfolk Broads whatever they do to try and rename it. Since I'm a Trekkie fan and if Spock was around to talk about the "Norfolk Broads", I'm sure he would say "Live long and prosper".
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