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    I will try this time to make the tale a little less boring but I cannot promise! Having moved to Cornwall in early July although we were not actually in our new home until mid August but that’s another story, we will now have a much longer journey up to Norfolk with that in mind we have booked a b&b in Horning for the Thursday night before we take the boat over ,thus giving us the opportunity to eat in the Bure seafood restaurant that evening somewhere we enjoy. Silent Emblem Friday September 6th. Day 1 After a great evening meal and good night sleep we are ready to start our new adventure , having had a delicious breakfast we left Horning for Potter Heigham to collect some more fishing gear , then headed to Wroxham and Roy’s for the fresh food stuffs and finally back to Horning the butchers and arrived at ferry marine around midday. They said boat was not ready but it looked like an engineer was working on her we decided to just sit in the car and wait weather had turned chilly and there were several heavy rain showers, just before 1.30 we were told we could load up didn’t take long and the hand over was a little more thorough than in June as Silent is all electric and the guy doing the hand over wanted to make sure we were ok with everything finally we were set free around 2:30 it had stopped raining by now so sat up top and left the marina destination unknown. It was a real joy travelling along with only the merest of noise and it made us so aware of how noisy all the other boats were not that it seemed that busy. After a couple of hours we decided to find a mooring for the night and as it looked likely to rain again soon we thought it best, headed down fleet dyke and had a choice of moorings on the first set upon the bend hardly anyone there which surprised us, just got tied up and the heavens opened so no fishing for the time being I quickly unpacked and we sat and watched as a few more boats came past at the end of the day there were at least 3 moorings to be had dinner was a salad of local seafood and some new potatoes washed down with a glass or two of wine no Tv signal so sat and chatted and read until we were both tired and the first night in the nice large double. At handover we had been told to leave the switch in the cabin for the heating and hot water always on the water not fully off what a mistake the noise of it keep cutting in was awful although at the time in the dark I wasn’t sure what it was so I took the spare duvet and went into the saloon to sleep could still hear it but not so bad, we did not make that mistake again off off off before we went to sleep. Day 2 After not such a good night we took our time to get going this morning , the weather was not good heavy rain and quite windy , not sure what to do or where to head we had a leisurely cooked breakfast before deciding. As the rain had eased we left the moorings and headed back up the dyke again we sat up top great views and in the fresh air , once we turned onto the Bure at St Benets the wind was in our faces so not quite so pleasant,took a look down Ranworth and having decided to go to Salhouse came back out again just as the heavens opened quickly changed to inside steering , not such a good view but much warmer and dryer. As we approached Cockshoot dyke the end mooring was free and I was persuaded that we should moor up to do a little fishing , this we did although the wind was not helping trying to push us off the mooring, fishing gear set up I sat inside out of the rain but it soon passed and I thought I would take a walk down the nature trail. Very good too enjoyed it once at the broad I took some photos and sat in the hide for a while, when I got back to the dyke I carried on walking the other bank along towards the Ferry inn albeit on the opposite bank , this was quite overgrown so had a bit of a struggle and it soon started raining again so I headed back. Asking if we were heading off soon it was decided to stay put as wind and rain were both heavy and he was enjoying the fishing , spent the next couple hours watching moorings fill up although again never completely full. Enjoyed dinner on board again Ham salad and new potatoes again accompanied with some nice wine, TV signal ok so watched Stricky opening show then opted for a couple more hours with my book before turning in and switching that heater off. Day 3 We had decided last night to head to Stokesby today hoping for a mooring and a meal in the Ferry Inn , so after a quick breakfast we chose to slip the mooring early just after eight and take a slow meandering down stream and as it was not raining we set off up top. Lovely quite cruise saw lots of kingfishers just past Ranworth Dam no otter though as this was the spot in June we saw one, a couple marsh harriers and several Herons, Went along nice and slow hardly anyone else on the river what a joy that is it was so lovely, only had the boat running on the electric and it was really peaceful probably only saw half a dozen other boats the whole way there. When we arrived at Stokesby there was space on the Staithe with the electric post so we turned around and went into moor, as I am very short I sometimes struggle getting on and off the boats but I found Silent to be perfect for me whether side or stern moored I could get off with ease. Fishing gear set up I went for a walk along the bank the weather was lovely and sunny although the wind was a little chilly, after a lovely afternoon fishing and reading we both got ready to go to the pub for our meal, the food was really lovely we both enjoyed it and will definitely visit again, back to the boat I topped up the electric it had had £0.49 on when we arrived and as the batteries had done all the work bringing us here that was soon depleted On board for a couple hours TV and reading and so to bed. Day 4 We woke after a great nights sleep this bed is really comfy and bigger then usual boat beds, had breakfast and deciding where to go we left mooring about 9:30 and here we had a small problem the bow thruster refused to work and so a bit more manoeuvre was required to extract us from our spot without disturbing the boat behind ( 2 things here we think engineer on boat when we arrived was doing something with bow thrusters and I think I read a review here from someone on Silent who also had issues ) Anyway off we head and think we will try to get into Ranworth again a very slow electric glide back up the Bure so peaceful not much other river traffic and apart from the early noise from the A 47 peaceful. We didn’t see much wildlife on the way and arrived at Malthouse Broad around Midday having dawdled around we were indicated there was a spot down the side so we headed in made quite a show with the people already moored as she came in totally quiet people gathered around to ask about it and have a look inside all very impressed as we were anyway. Weather a little chilly overcast but dry so we headed off for a walk up to the nature trail nice and peaceful walk and when heading back decide to have a pint in the maltsters sat outside although it was quite chilly for me , back on the boat the fishing gear came out, I must just say apparently the fishing has been quite bad nothing much caught and at Stokesby he fished quite a time and did not have one bite , but on the return journey up the Bure we saw several dead fish Pike Roach and perch. Decided to order a curry for tonight from Acle spice the delivery to the boat and it is usually delicious, and it was we always over order so we can have another meal the next day saves cooking and we enjoy it. Early night as we are both tired and surprisingly there are still free moorings here. Day 5 Up quite early and fishing starts we have our breakfast and fill up with water decide to take another walk before we head off and we follow the walk we saw Dave on Silver Cloud do on one of his videos it was lovely enjoyed it and will do that again only about 40 mins but away from roads and glimpses of south Walsham inner broad. Heading off around 11 am there were hardly any boats left on the moorings we are going to How Hill today not far we know but we were on shore power all night and batteries showing 100% again Bow thruster failed on leaving slow cruise back down Bure and I take helm so all the top can be lowered ready for the bridge the idea for How Hill is that tomorrow we want a really early start to go up the Ant on the electric so very very quiet to see what wildlife is up and about. Ludham bridge marker showing 8 foot 6 we need 8 foot 2 take it nice and slow from inner helm and clear with at least 6 inches to spare if not more , when we get to How Hill the corner mooring opposite the windmill is free so that’s where we go. Time for another walk and some more fishing weather ok showers and some sun a little warmer than yesterday , early dinner left over curry sat up top watching sun set and then to bed theses broad days are so tiring. Day 6 After an early night we are up and ready to cast off just after 6 obviously everyone else still tucked up in bed but we are so quiet I really do not think we disturbed anyone off we go at about 1.2 miles and hour up top I need my coat as it’s a bit chilly but stunning sadly wildlife we hoped to see are all also having a lie in. We arrive at Wayford Bridge just before 9 turn around and head back the way we came destination Ranworth again it’s his favourite place I think that and South Walsham I’m lucky that this time I’ve been to Stokesby and How Hill. Again we get moored straight away but on the right of the dingy dyke a little later someone moves out from the side a we quickly take the spot again bow thruster fails once moored we go for another walk and then a pub lunch not the greatest food for us but ok and better than cooking . More late afternoon fishing and I sit up top it’s quite warm the sun is out and we are both content , light supper onboard a bit of TV then into bed to read a bit before lights out. Day 7 Our final full day and it’s raining again we need some food for tonight’s dinner or a mooring with food so trying to decide where to go , we think we will go to Wroxham to shop then back out to Salhouse to moor leaving us a pleasant cruise tomorrow back to the yard. We set of up top as rain has stopped but it soon stars again and we head inside as it’s quite heavy going along we have a change of plan and decide to shop in Horning than head back to South Walsham surprise surprise! All Staithe moorings busy but the mooring in front of river trip boat is free it is now pouring with rain so we quickly moor up and I head off to the butchers get some chops for dinner and some bits for lunch soon back to the boat still heavy rain as we leave from the inside helm just past the Ferry Inn Mick spots an otter but I miss it dam ! Once past Horning the rain stops so we head back up to and enjoy a slow cruise to fleet dyke we arrive around 1 pm and it’s completely empty on the first corner moorings so we pick our spot and head in ,weather nice now sun out and reasonably warm fishing gear out and I head off for a walk I go down to the other moorings and there are space there too have a chat to a couple of boaters then head back past our mooring on up to the main river lovely walk and back on the boat I sit up top first time I have taken hoodie off all week. Sad as it is I need to start packing up which really does not take long we have toned down how much we bring these days so we are all sorted and have a final meal onboard and then a bit of TV before we turn in. Day 8 Up early and a quick tea and coffee and we set off we arrive at Boatyard around 7:30 there is 1 space left which we squeeze into get the car and start loading up whilst coming along I took the helm while the fishing gear was cleared away and the decks cleaned Once car is loaded we finish cleaning the boat and are ready to leave around 8:30 Into the office to return life vests and keys report issue with bow thruster and leak in bedroom window then we set off pop into Wroxham to buy Micks dad some Cromer crabs then head back to Essex to see him and finally set of from there around 12:30 to drive back to Padstow nightmare journey took over 7 hours did not arrive home until after 8 pm. Having said that we have already booked same boat for 2 more weeks next year June and September we really liked her almost almost perfect for us planning to go south in June a first for us to cross Brendon together. I have photos but no idea how they get from camera to blog ! Susan
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    It got pretty cold overnight. Lots of condensation to deal with this morning. But AT LAST it is dry and bright. We can get the wheelhouses rolled back before sailing for Wroxham. ‘B.A’ outside hotel Wroxham rest of us into NBD. Victuals, Showers, DTS. Sailed at 1400 by 1500 the rain is back on again. Now underway for Ludham Bridge. Overnight and the Dog Griff
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    Get your own back. Find it's web and crap in it :-)
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    Overnight at GYA. Easy moorings, good facilities. Found a new pub called ‘The Fallen Angel’. Beer was surprisingly well priced. Sailing shortly for Thurne Dyke. Yet again grey / overcast / windy. At least it’s not raining- for now Griff
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    I hope all contributors to this thread will remember that and think carefully before posting. That includes posting for the sole purpose of ‘stirring’ the pot. IMHO we are very lucky that the BA is participating in this forum and BA posts should be treated with respect, as should all posts. Challenge posts if you must but I think we will all benefit if views, opinions and thoughts are kept polite and respectful. Just my opinion of course.
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    A figure of “tens of thousands” visiting your existing centres seems to signify there is little or no unmet demand warranting expenditure on a new centre being commissioned , the BA funds would be far better directed to reinstating the collection points for refuse so helping to maintain the beauty and vista of the entire Broads network which was enjoyed by c. 7.6m visitors last year alone.
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    Being funded purely and simply by the public, why SHOULD`NT we expect them to publicise every detail?. EVERY charity, authority, council, or governing body is publicly funded, either by government funding, or charitable donation, that means it`s always OUR money, either via direct donations or taxation, which is being being spent, or even worse, squandered. That`s why we should expect all of these bodies to go into details, as we should have the rite to know OUR money is being used in a manner that is advertised. It seems to me, and possibly others marshman, that you don`t like it when people want to know what the BA are doing behind the scenes, why is that?.
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    I believe you are thinking about a different forum that John Packman was a member of
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    An outstanding achievement to win the "double" world title, constructor and drivers titles for an unprecedented sixth consecutive season. They developed the best package for the hybrid era but it is clear that in recent seasons other teams have closed the gap yet Mercedes keep producing the goods, even when their car is not the fastest. A fantastic achievement for everyone at Brackley and Brixworth.
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    That’s the flotilla underway for Reedham. Sailed at 0730. Breakfast underway. It’s grey and overcast but at least it’s not raining Griff
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    Only ever saw cormorants on Breydon Water in the 60's. Now they're the bird I predominately see EVERYWHERE! Why? Because we bottom drag-trawled their traditional feeding grounds. Man is the major cause of nature imbalance. If man disappeared, nature would find it's own balance. It wouldn't necessarily be the one humans would like or appreciate, but it would be a long-term overall balance of predator and prey.
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    As an observation - is there not a world of difference between a visitor centre at a specific venue eg Stonehenge and one in the Broads. which are scattered over what is quite a large area which of course takes days to cover by boat (bases for which are of course scattered across the area) and even quite a long time by road and even longer by the much diminished but allegedly sustainable public transport. Which with the seasonality of the Broads for other than the hardiest souls who would be unlikely to visit a centre even if open makes the need doubtful. Schools for practical reasons have quite a small window for full day or even half day trips even if they can afford the transport which seems unlikely in the reasonably near future ( as someone has said a mobile service may be more sustainable with field trips if essential for say, 6th forms and the like) As an aside I do wonder what use the current Brown Tourism road signs are which state For the Broads follow - then different locations dependent on which direction you are coming from.
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    Chub prefer the canal system, probably something to do with the locks.
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    "Stop pulling me out of the Bl##dy Water"
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    The article in the EDP mentions the site and the daffodils on the the edge of the created broad, they are the most unlikely daffodills I have ever seen, more like irises to me. Regards Alan
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    Here is today's EDP info https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/what-now-for-whitlingham-country-park-1-6325279
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    There is very definitely a large catfish on the Waveney. I caught one at 18 lbs many years ago. I also witnessed what I suspect is the same fish some years later at 86lbs. A 110 lbs plus fish came out at Beccles a few winters ago, apparently well witnessed and recorded. As for carp, blessed nuisance fish, I've had two off Oulton Broad over the years, both unintentionally, one also at 18 lbs and one at 21 lbs. I also witnessed a 48 lbs come out near the Waveney River Centre four years ago. They are there, needle in a haystack fishing though.
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    Costa Lot muffins & coffee, surely not, falcons aren't that silly, surely!
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    Why the late departure? Nothing to do with the night before, I trust? I have tasted your bread before. Worth waiting for!
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    Broad Ambition taken moored at Reedham this morning.Looks good.
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    Dont worry about the drift of topic guys. It's making interesting reading. Although I do disagree with some of the points of view and agree that hirers really should report any problems they have had with the boat when they hand it back at the end of their holiday. The yards can not possibly check every last thing on every boat in the few hours they get between a boat coming in and going back out again. As for the food at Reedham Ferry. Well where to start? The pub is shut on a Monday and Tuesday. We got there 4pm Wednesday to find it doesn't open until 6pm. The menu is very limited to say the least. We both struggled to find anything we wanted to eat. In the end we were saved by a group of locals at the next table who were offered steaks (not on the menu!) Liam had a steak and I had the beef cheek. The food was nice but it was expensive for what it was and the beer was atrocious. A shame as we have in the past always enjoyed a stop here. We probably wont bother next time! We are heading back across Breydon today and up to probably Stokesby.
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    It should also be remembered that Tom in his new member post said if we have any questions, he will put those questions to the relevant department. I completely disagree with the comment about our RIGHT TO KNOW being a hostile attitude, it IS a right to know, meaning we are asking important questions for which the BA (not necessarily Tom) are obliged to answer. Had people been using words like "I demand", and verbal accusations, then yes, he would (very wrongfully) facing hostility, but to imply hostility at a probing question is a bit naughty.
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    Hi Susan, I load my photos onto my laptop first and then use the 'choose files' link below to select them. I have had problems loading them once or twice, so nowadays I usually edit the photos I want to post to re-size them. Lovely tale by the way. Helen
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    Come on PW - you cannot really expect either the BA or the Charitable Trust to go further into what would have been private negotiations? You can argue all you like that a charity is "public" but would you really expect any Charity to go into the details behind such a decision - can you expect to hear the National Trust, RNLI, or the RSPB go into details behind their decisions, especially ones that MAY have an element of controversy attached?. I suspect all you will get is what we heard from James Colman - that they thought it the right time to have a change. There are many reasons why charities change advisers and even if you knew, it would make little difference. I suspect some would wish to hear the detail so they could pick holes in what the Authority did, or did not do. I doubt those will be given that opportunity!!
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    I do sometimes wonder that some fisherman think that if they put bait on a hook they will catch something, if they don't, there is something wrong with the river. Fish are not stupid, wind, temperature and time of the year will effect how a fish feeds amongst other affects on them of our river system. I have learned this from a seasoned fisherman, that some can't simply adapt to the thought that fish have a brain of sorts!!!!!
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    We’re out on Zircon Emblem. Had the pleasure of saying hello to Griff in The Lion earlier.
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    I see this from both sides - reader and newspaper - as I live a long way away and reading the papers keeps me in touch. As does this forum! If I buy a UK paper it will be a day out of date and cost around €3, even though it is printed in Marseille. The Sunday Times costs €5 for a shortened version with no colour supplement or magazines, also printed in France. So the answer is, I read the papers on line! I accept that I am reading them totally free, and so they have to make their money from the advertising or they wouldn't bother to run the website. There is no doubt though, that such intrusive advertising as they employ, is a blasted nuisance! By the way, don't ever run any of their video clips. They contain all sorts of viruses, which I had to have cleaned out by a professional.
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    I imagine things like this don’t help: https://www.eastern-ifca.gov.uk/fishing-vessel-owner-master-fined/ Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
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    If it's only as big as Marshman's front room then it is hardly likely to pander to the vainglorious aspirations of the good doctor!
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    Some fair comment there Marsh but 'hold yew hard Bor'! Whilst I am no great fan of the RSPB I do appreciate what they offer, me being a great fan of Minsmere for example. Their Minsmere visitor centre is a great success, well worth a visit. Plenty of car parking and miles of delightful walks. The shop and the cafe are well run and probably big enough to be sustainable, with a volunteer staff, even I have spent too much money there. Mind you, it is also a great draw for potential new members. So why shouldn't the Authority have its visitor centre? Unlike such as the RSPB, a registered charity, the BA has no willing 'membership' to prop up such ventures, the RSPB is hugely profitable. There is little or no commercial acumen at Yare House, that much must surely be obvious by now. Beyond that there is no great requirement for the Authority to provide such facilities. Comparing Holkham Hall with the potential Acle Debacle, surely you are having a laugh, you have to be!!
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    I believe that it was largely funded from the DEFRA Grant, not navigation although I don't doubt that the 24hr mooring was charged to the toll account. I don't see anything untoward there.
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    Many years ago, i worked at Biggin Hill, and one of my colleagues made a comment in chat which made me stop and think, even though it seems way out, or far fetched. He said he sometimes believes man is NOT native to this planet, because wildlife has a natural balance, and lives well within our planets bounds, and does not evolve like man has, ie, can a fish fly a helicopter, and can a pig sail a boat etc. I know this may seem a bit wierd, but when you think how man has evolved, and is rapidly outgrowing our planet, and use many of its rescources in an irresponsible manner, plus our facination with flight and space travel and the desire to develope and progress, but the animals have`nt, and can never do so, i sometimes think my mate may be on to something. Maybe man was seeded on this planet a million years or so ago by some form of being from another, possibly dying planet to repopulate the species. And no, i`m NOT David Icke in disguise. I bet this is going to get some strange reviews?.
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    Good, i`ve got the rest to watch, we recorded it.
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    Another from Neptune Marina, Ashokan, formerly Calib. The old name is visible as a shadow on the dodger. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=15648&BoatHistory=25664
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    Ring them. They are one of the few yards that hire put in February and November. Think it is only selected boats though. Not the whole fleet.
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    Just make sure the spiders are not the type I meet
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    Yes lots of water at Reedham. That wasn't high water either. The meal at the Bridge last night was excellent. Perhaps the best we have had so far this week. Looking forward to a curry tonight.
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    I am an RCC committee member and nothing has come before us regarding this- yet!
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    We dont usually eat out as much but it has just turned out we have this week. We are at the Bridge Inn, Acle tonight. Not been yet this week so decided to go here instead of Stokesby again. We try our best to support the local pubs. They are what make the area special and need our support to keep them going. Struggling with internet reception today so the pictures will be posted tomorrow.
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    Oh dear! Social media is important in business these days, first thing folk do is look at the website or Facebook. Resting on their past laurels maybe????
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    Lovely photos and always good to hear reviews of the various hire yards. Sounds like you had a lovely time.
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    Got up this morning and made Mrs O a bacon butty for breakfast in Windmill Lady's not very palatial galley. I was surprised by a beautifully marked bengal cat, which was sitting on the port side deck, peering in through the galley window. He waited patiently there for several minutes and was rewarded by a few bacon scraps. He seemed to be quite at home on the boat, which I know many cats are not, All too soon, he was off on his way, having brightened the start of my day.
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    Saturday 28th September I was up early, switched on the kettle, the immersion heater and the heating. It was certainly a chilly morning, but not raining for once. The wife followed shortly after and was joined by lain to take the dogs for their last early Broadland walk. I made my tea, which I drank before going for my shower. Before buying into Moonlight Shadow, when we were hiring, we’d never had a boat with 240v plug-in, never mind an immersion heater, but it didn’t take long to realise what an advantage it is, when mains is available. Fortunately, Norfolk Lady is similarly equipped, for which we are extremely grateful. The others arrived back just as I had finished getting ready, so we quickly mopped the windows with the Karcher window vac, before casting off for the short journey back to Brundall. It was about 07:30 when we arrived at Broom’s fuel quay, just ahead of two of their returning hire craft. Well timed, or what, I thought to myself. Pump outs completed and with Moonlight Shadow refuelled, I paid the £93 bill before casting off and moving to her home berth just a few yards away. With the fuel totalling £70 and given the cruising we’d completed over the week, I was quite happy with the amount we’d used. We moved the cars nearer to the mooring and began to pack them. At least the rain held off and although the process took some time, we were locking her up by 09:30, with the carpets vacuumed and the bathrooms cleaned. Although the boat is cleaned at the end of every weeks use, I hate leaving it in a mess and we always try to leave it as we find it, a habit bred by hiring over the years. It was just a short drive to McDonalds for breakfast, before making the journey home and back to reality. Despite now having our own boat, which we visit every other weekend and will be spending future holidays on, I hate leaving Norfolk. Over the years it has become a happy place for the wife and I, a place where I feel comfortable and ‘at home.’ Norfolk Lady should be back in the water soon and we can’t wait to return, anxious to see the results of Paul’s efforts. I am so thankful that a dream that I held for so long has now become a reality.
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    Last weekend Broad Ambition got her first real outing since a bunch of work had been done during her bi-annual out of water works. Friday 21st June: Shiela and I would crew up on Friday, cruise to Wroxham in the evening and the following afternoon I was expecting 4 guests to arrive who would be staying onboard until Sunday afternoon, plus possibly 1 or 2 others who were coming for the day. Just as well Broad Ambition is 40ft long, because what actually turned out was including Shiela and I, we had 12 people onboard - 4 of whom were children. Firstly we left Stalham and I helmed, while Shiela did a through clean through - this meant every glass and mug got a wash, all surfaces wipe down, all berths and seating vacuumed - once se gets stuck in if you stand still long enough you will be dusted! Then she mad the beds, then she cleaned all the exterior windows and then she finally got around to sitting down - were passing Salhouse by then! The funny thing is I have not been on the rivers for a good while either, so being on Broad Ambition and not just out for a bit testing a new aerial, or making checks on things was nice. However there was that little issue that I had to get her under Wroxham Bridge and I have not done that for - hmm perhaps 8 or more months and as fate would have it we would be arriving at almost the top of the tide. As we were passing Barnes Brinkcraft I got the binoculars out and spied the height gauge - just on 6' 6" - this was going to be a tad tight. In fact I (and someone else I've since spoken to) now feel the height gauge at Wroxham is very much 'spot on' where for years before it was on the conservative side - a bit like Ludham Bridge's height gauge. Well we went under fine but I'd not want to be going under at what out safe minimum air draft is (6' 4") because I am pretty sure our mast would get crazed. We have a new one, and the 'tear drop' at the top is slightly longer, this causes it to lay slightly higher - just a tad - but let's just say be nice to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Once through the bridge (and hitting my head on one of the chains) it was fenders down and my Bowlady was off doing her things, straight into a very public stern mooring while people sat on their boats sipping wine and beers. Those on Gold Gem must have rolled their eyes when at gone 8:00pm we turn up. Still, we moored up flawlessly, shut down and having put the wheelhouse canopy up was straight off to the Kings Head for food. Now, I am not here to 'bash anywhere' but to have run out of clean wine glasses, and to have produce the food they did was very poor. The veg was the left overs from the carvery - minus being heated up. Long story short we ate half of the food, drunk our drinks and literally headed over to McDonalds. Back onboard we opened up the locker - Shiela's new love I introduced her to is Malibu and Coke, the issue is 'coconut flavored coke' can go down a little too easily lol. We had an early start the following day so it was off to bed pretyt early all things considered. Saturday 22nd June: We had guests coming from London who had never been further than away from the capital than Hatfield so getting them to change trains and get to a little station called Hoveton & Wroxham was not going to be a smooth process, especially when their connecting train broke down and they were sent onward from Norwich in a Taxi. We moved the boat back under Wroxham Bridge to the Hotel, this was a mistake on my part. I did it because I was anxious to be the 'correct side' of the bridge for our little tour we had planned and thought we could all meet in the Hotel, have a drink and introduce everyone and then move to the Boat. However by mid day, it was clear this was peak bridge shooting time and the Pilot had his work cut out. It also meant that everyone who were wanting to go under the bridge would arrive, find the Pilot collection mooring full and then expect their boat to stop and sit like they had stopped a car. The breeze gentle brought them alongside Broad Ambition - a few wise words from me got them on their way without incident, until a 42ft forward steer arrived. It had 5 or 6 chaps onboard, but they were all inside the boat and as they went to move forward it was a case of full throttle, left hand down a bit. The stern and the galvanized steel rubbing strake came right for our stern quarter, doing what you are not meant to, I fended off best I could with my right foot and though they squeezed our fender flat, thankfully the hard edge of the metal avoided our delicate wooden hull. Phew, I thought, where is everyone? Shiela arrives telling me there was a change of plan, we had 4 kids coming, and a couple who had only been together a short time and would be their first outing together with all their kids - oh and nobody had ever been on the Broads before.. Slowly they came, picnic items, booze, bluetooth speakers, cameras you name it - what a scene this was causing outside the Hotel. All aboard I calmed everyone down and spoke about safety and what to and not to do and let Shiela cast off and deal with the ropes and fenders while I spun Broad Ambition around and headed off to Salhouse. We past the big trips boats, numerous day boats who were all behaving themselves, even if they drove as if in a car on the left for a while until they figured why is everyone on the right hand side of the river..The suneshine was glorious, but we had a nice breeze so it was not too hot. We arrived at Salhouse, public stern mooring number 2 complete the kids went exploring in the 'forest', the girls sat on the grass and gossiped and drunk some Pimms and the men talked boats as I showed them the restoration book, and talked through all the upgrades and changes since that had been produced. It was a lovely time to be on the water. A couple of hours later we were back underway to Wroxham to drop our day trippers off - outside the Cafe were several hire boats stern moored, we were almost stern to when we were told we could not moor. Baffled I asked why - dropping off point is down there' came the reply, I said that was the Pilot's moorings, and the reply of "yes" came back. I asked again why we could not moor here - "Dropping off point is down there". Well we could have played this game all day, so I proffered money - ah now we might be able to moor. Simon, a chap I had only met hours before told the chap in no uncertain terms we were not going to negotiate to drop off 4 kids and two adults and we'd head down to the 'dropping off point' for free. So I did. Having dropped off the day trippers it was now 6 onboard and all adults - but not a bit quit - it was party time, though I was 'on duty' so declined in the dancing and drinking too much. Now where were we going to go now? Thurne, Acle? Acle there was bound to be a mooring somewhere - we headed off around 3:45pm from Wroxham. Arriving at Acle I was shocked to find everything taken - the moorings which have been improved along ther grass bank on the Pedro's side, the moorings on the opposite side and of course outside the Bridge Inn. We carried on for Stokesby. Upon arrival, it too was all full. Not good. We spun around and then I hear "Robin..Robin" and a couple on their Alpha 35 were asking if we wished to come alongside them? Oh what a generous offer. I came in against what was now a very fast running current and we tied up. I had never met them, but they had followed me on You Tube for years, and it was a chance to get to talk to me and Shiela. In more recent times I have had some rather unkind comments made among comments on You Tube and Facebook Groups. The amount of people I met and chatted to - and this couple and their kindness made me see what a small minority negative comments and people are, and what the Broads is really about is an open mind, being kind and helpful. The food at the Ferry Inn was not only good value, but first class. Even if there was some oddities like get your own cutlery and sauces, but the staff were great and we all had a lovely evening. We got back to Broad Ambition and the rest of the party went onboard to watch a DVD while I was collared again and spent ages chatting to Mal, a former National Express coach driver and his wife about everything boat..and life..Proper good folks they are. I was pooched and hit my sack, we had to be up and away before 6:30am the following morning as our neighbors were off over Breydon Water with three other boats to catch the early tide - if we were not gone we would be off to Yarmouth too lol. Sunday 23rd June: Another cracking morning, warm and sunny - we were up and underway before 7:00am and made for St. Bennets. When we arrived we got breakfast on the go, very posh it was too - smoked Salmon, toast, scrambled egg, fresh fruits and juices and I had to do nothing but enjoy. After we ate, it was off for a tour of the ruin's and we walked to the Cross. I never knew, or had seen before, the amount of coins - many clearly hammered into the cracks in the wood of the Cross. It was beautiful, and as ever so quiet here. Back onboard we took a slow cruise with everyone having their times on the helm - Mohamed who works for BA driving a tug - moving planes - was able to pick up the delicate art of boat steering as if he had done it all his life, his wife on the other hand had no idea what hand, eye and boat was doing so try as we might it was always a zig zag - the other ladies were as bad, but since Shiela is good and as I now say 'qualified helmsmadam' I cannot be sexist and say women cannot drive boats lol. We arrived at Wroxham in very jovial moods, and once again under the bridge. Dropping off our guests for them to explore Wroxham in their own time before they train, Shiela and I took Broad Ambition back under the bridge and headed for Stalham. It was strangely quiet onboard - but nice to be just us on the rivers and taking out turns at the helm. Back to the Wet Shed, clean through and off for home it all seemed to have gone so quickly.
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    Just be thankful we don't have the nasty b****rs prevalent in Australia. My neighbour's son was helping out on a ranch there during his gap year. While collecting something from a barn, he got a spider bite. Thinking nothing of it, he carried on with what he was doing, but mentioned it, with a laugh to his chargehand. Who, on seeing his arm swelling, went white, and got him in the van and straight back to the ranch house where there was kept anti-spider venom injections. That administered it was straight off to the nearest hospital, where he stayed overnight for observation, with a nasty fever. No long-term repercussions, but I don't worry so much about our friendly little visitors now!
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