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    It would have been Iain's 70th today. I miss my dear old friend deeply.
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    They could come up with a design that looks slightly less like a bus
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    No, it isn't. I reckon that in general, you can't make any money out of less than 15 hire cruisers, but the WRC is a cleverly diversified business. They have a lot of "strings to their bow" and to start gently with just 6 boats is sensible, especially if part of your idea is to attract hire boats back to the south rivers. I don't know where they are being built but I do know that the WRC has its own building sheds, which have built boats of that size before, and they can call on a team of qualified people for fitting out, as required. I think this scheme will be very good for the Broads if it "takes off" and I wish them well.
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    I wouldn't if there is a pub nearby. They may never get to the boat
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    Yes they are, and this is the normal way of dressing them. The tradition comes from making planking repairs to a wooden boat. The boat may have been built with copper roves but repairs are usually done with brass screws. The boatbuilder leaves all the slots horizontal when he has planked up and before filling the holes with putty or with wooden dowels. That way, if the plank ever needs to be replaced again, you can clear away as much putty as possible and push your screwdriver in horizontal, to find the slot and remove the screw. This tradition is carried on in the fitting out of interiors, so that all the screws in a window frame, in cupboard hinges, on the piano hinge of folding tables, and even on the "feather edges" of Lino covered floorboards, are all "dressed" in the same direction. It is one of the marks of a high quality boatbuilder.
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    I miss him. He was very supportive to me in my hour of need. I still read our many pm's when I'm looking for advice. We did have plans to meet up, unfortunately it never happened , then he was gone. Im quite proud that it was my suggestion to name this lounge after him and very thankful the mods agreed. A top lad so he was .
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    I say! Very nicely fitted out inside. That is definitely a one - off job. Looks more like a Cotswolds pub!
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    Hi Russell, No shares available on Silver Cloud at the moment but one of our owners has intimated they may have to sell during this coming season due to a health problem. No problem doing blogs, we already have an owner who publishes on You Tube, Couple of points about Silver Cloud. Very easy to handle solo. She should be treated as a pure 4 berth boat. The saloon seating does not convert so if if you had a larger party in mind she may not be suitable, The syndicate has a no pet policy. This is due to us having dedicated quilts and pillows left on the boat. All we have to bring is sheets, duvet covers and pillow cases which keeps the packing down but in my case costs a lot in cattery expenses! If you ( or any one else) wants any information about Silver Cloud feel free to PM. Fred
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    A bar!! I’ll need a bloody brewery installed [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Yes I’d like to keep doing the vlogs if the other members of the syndicate didn’t have an issue with me doing them on the boat. Not so much the fact I was doing the vlogs but maybe more they didn’t want attention drawn to the boat. It’s something I would find out and make clear everyone is ok with before joining one [emoji3] Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Two things about Iain that are impossible.... 1) impossible to replace 2) impossible to forget Jeff
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    All of the boats quoted by OG are on the BCBM website along with loads of other usefull information.There is also Lightningcruiser.com a self managed boat, they have a share for sale as does Ranworth breeze. Other syndicates are, Southern Crusader, Blue Mist and even Broad Ambition,though you will need to own a Teak forest to persuade griff to release a share lol. Good luck. paul
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    It was a glass of Minervois Rosé actually. Note the emoticon, for Broadscot's birthday. Its hard to tell from photos but that does look like an AF hull and the windows are what you might see in a steel boat such as a Pedro. Again I am guessing but the superstructure appears to be in plywood which, hopefully is of marine grade. In which case I recommend a survey to make sure that the ply has not started to delaminate. It all looks a bit "new" to me, so hopefully no damage has been done but when plywood delaminates, you are too late. There does not appear to be a canopy for the upper steering position so that plywood varnished top is totally exposed to the weather, as is the instrument panel itself. Nothing wrong with a BMC 2.5 diesel. Indestructible!
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    What I would say is that be very aware that this boat may well have a wooden superstructure, and if that's the case then you're looking at wooden boat levels of maintenance on the exterior. An all-fibreglass boat will cost you more, but will just need a good wash at the start of the season and ideally a polish and to then be kept clean and sensibly looked after. Any wooden boat really wants to be kept in a wet shed, and that will cost you more every year than just a regular mooring. You can of course put a cover on it, but then you've got to keep that maintained and keep taking the thing back on and off every time.
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    It will be interesting to see what happens in respect of mooring fees when WRC hire craft visiit other boat hire yards. Under the the arrangement at Ferry Marina, hire craft from other hire boat federation boatyards moored free of charge at Ferry Marina and boats from Ferry Marina moored free of charge in other hire boat federation boatyards. Under the new set up, as boats in the hireboat federation are currently charged to moor overnight at WRC, l assume it is possible that hire boats from WRC may be charged to moor overnight in hire boat federation boatyards.
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    Ok a quick update. Phils guys have sent me a video of the starboard side chine and chine boards which in the video can clearly be seen are the original ones, copper nails and all. Well needless to say the rotted nature of the now lightweight boards was amply demonstrated by the use of screwdriver and the shower of rotten wood shards hitting the floor. These boards planks or whatever you want to call them are now being replaced so our little maintenance break just became much more major. Phil is clearing out the old ( from 1952) boards and replacing them with 2019 boards. When these last until 2077 the old lady will be 125 years old and I will be kind of dead. Wish us us luck more in process pics to follow . Martin and Fiona
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    All year round when we get the chance . I'm up at the boat every week as I work nearby two days a week so stay on the boat overnight. If time/weather allows I like to get out of the marina and on to the rivers but even if not, love just spending time on board.
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    I have just happened across the Authority's recruitment policy (Human Resources Policy No. 16 - Recruitment and Selection). This covers recruitment at every level. Paragraph 5 reads: 5. Selection and Appointment of the Chief Executive 5.1 The selection and appointment of the Chief Executive will be made by a panel of Members in consultation with Natural England. The panel has the opportunity to seek advice on the process from the HR Team, as they consider appropriate.
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    Good morning everyone. I was looking at boats to hire for next year and I’ve realised that hiring three to four times a year is getting very expensive. As such I’m beginning to think that the best way to visit the Broads regularly is by joining a syndicate boat. However, I have very little knowledge about this process and would welcome any tips, help or advice on how I should go about it, questions I should be asking and more importantly boats available. After hiring Royal Oak last year I’m liking the look of Thunder that I’ve so far found but I’m sure there’s many others. At the moment I’m only at the start of gathering information but if I want to visit the Broads more often and I can’t afford my own boat I think a syndicate is the way to go. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    The lovely Alpha 35 at Swancraft was advertised online as that is how we found the boat - we are the proud new owners of her. I have say keep ringing round the brokers as you do get to hear about boats that are coming up for sale before they are advertised.
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    Or may be an up to date joke book Regards Alan
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    There really is no 'true blood' argument to have. Aquafibre was Broom's sister company and they used to lay up all of the mouldings. There were a set available for anyone to buy, and once a Broom model had finished its production run (and in some cases during) those mouldings were also made available for any yard to buy as a set of mouldings - or indeed just a hull. If it wasn't fitted out by Broom, it's not a Broom. It's that simple.
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    More fleets down south can only be a good thing. I know many people prefer the southern rivers (I'm one of those people) and throughout the year there are always plenty of Northern hire boats making the trip. I think that probably many experienced boaters mainly hire from the North because the bigger yards have such a choice of boats and make it so much more affordable, and if they're out for a week or more then the two 'travel' days is no major hardship and potentially all part of the fun. Certainly when I was out last year for Whitsun half term, pretty much all of Ricko's available boats were out and there was a big convoy of boats coming down to WRC and Oulton Broad. I think the demand is there, but how it is marketed, positioned and priced is where the challenge lies.

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