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    On hitting the grass, my first fooparr dawned on me I had my lightweight soft soled trainers on, should have been my boots. I grabbed the headrope whilst MrsG took charge of the stern rope. 'B.A' was sitting parallel to the bank, broadside onto the wind about 6ft off. In seconds she was squarely making her way out to mid river, my trainers were failing to purchase and I was slipping on the wet grass. I noticed the slightly raised quay heading, foot ware firmly engaged, headrope round my back, forget using back muscles (Dangerous and asking for injury) engage leg power - ALL of it. I was at full strength, had no more to give. 'B.A' stopped her parallel march for the far bank BUT was not responding to my heaving by coming back towards me on my bit of port bank. By now she was a good 15ft away from us. Glancing to my right I didn't quite know whether to laugh or be horrified. MrsG was valiantly hanging on for dear life to the stern rope. She did have her boots on, not that they made any difference, she was being pulled inexorably into the river, boots and all I had visions of 'B.A' being blown over to the Stbd bank, nestling against moored craft, head and stern ropes in the water, engine running, out of gear with me on the wrong bank AND MrsG in the wet and crinckly stuff. This was already serious and getting worse by the second. Some quick logical seamanship thinking was required with a fast solution, immediately if not sooner I bellowed at MrsG - 'Let go of the rope RIGHT NOW' there was no gentle please or thankyous besides the wind would have vetoed that, this was a direct order MrsG did as instructed. This did two things. Firstly it saved her from getting pulled into the river, (I do wonder if she would have let go without being told to?) secondly it eased the strain I was experiencing and reduced my 100% effort down to about 70% as the stern immediately swing out into the river enabling 'B.A' to go bow into the wind, between us we were then able to pull her bow closer to the bank, get a rhond anchor in and the head rope made fast. Her stern was well out at 90d to the bank but she was safe. My legs were on fire, MrsG was doing the tears thing, she got a major fright and also thought I was going for a dip too. (No chance, us Yorkies can walk on water if no one it watching). My legs were on fire. We had a quick hug then I got set to again, we were not out of the woods just yet. Joining two ropes together I made the stern rope long enough to get ashore with it, every time the wind took a pause I heaved the stern a little closer to the bank. MrsG couldn't assist as I had her standing on the fwd rhond anchor to stop it being pulled out of the ground. Little by little 'B.A' came back to me and was soon alongside where she should have been ten minutes ago. Canopy / screens down - after stowing below all gear that could have been blown into the river, casting off was a 'Breeze' (Pun intended) and in no time at all we were through the bridge, a Stbd bank mooring was safely achieved by simply disengaging drive. Canopy / screens etc back up, all gear returned and relax - Wow. I was in so much shock I almost forgot to put coffee in my Rum (Almost, I did say Almost) Debrief - Just how the hell had I not taken account of the wind FFS ? It's not like it wasn't obvious. That mistake could have resulted in damage to 'B.A' and other craft, ok so realistically me and MrsG weren't in serious danger although both of us would have aches and pains for a couple of days. With another male crew member onboard things would have been easier, full crew - no problem but that is no excuse, there was just the two of us. It just goes to show, even with the experience I have gained of approaching 60 years visiting the Broads, 24 x Yrs in the RN - I can and did, still get it wrong, badly so. Three days later, I brought 'B.A' safely first time alongside the moorings at St Benets prior to entering the Ant. One does learn and is never too old to do so Griff
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    I don't normally post personal things on social media but sometimes it can help others who are dealing with similar, so here goes. Mental health problems among young men are growing and despite all the awareness campaigns, very little help is available. Eighteen months ago my eldest son had a complete mental breakdown. We found him in his house curled up in the corner of a room crying uncontrollably. I can't begin to describe how difficult that it is to see a big strapping 37 year old reduced to that state. The backup from the health professionals is zero.You are on your own. The Mental health team registered him as at risk of suicide but said if we were worried he might kill himself we should ring the police. He was allocated 6 weeks of talking therapy and various medications that turned him into a zombie. We moved him back home to his old room to give him stability and support but we had to effectively put him on suicide watch. Gradually, over many months, he has started to emerge, he stopped his meds after 9 months as he felt they were making no difference. He has always been a fitness fanatic and he joined a boxing gym. Six months ago we helped him move out into a diffent property he owned just around the corner from us. He has made steady progress with only a couple of relapses. He has now won five out of his six fights, the fights are staged to raise money for the local hospice, the next fight in April is the raise funds for a six year old local girl with a life limiting illness. I have never wanted to watch a fight but his brother and friends go along to support him. The joy of seeing him occasionally smile again makes the heartache worthwhile. His moving out was worse than when he left home at 20, then we only worried about him coping with money ( he is severely dyslexic ) The worry of, is he going to harm himself remains and probably always will, but once again we have to let him stand on his own two feet but be ready to support him if he stumbles. Probably the moral is, don't expect help and support from the health professionals, it is only there in name.
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    Remember the first page of this thread? A red rag to a bull! That is the real topic of the thread as I see it. On looking back, it is now over 40 years that those of us who love the Broads that we live in, work in and visit for our holidays, have had the continual threat of surrender to a national park quangocracy being held over our heads like the sword of Damocles. And don't forget the likes of Griff, Speedtriple, Norfolk Nog, Broads 01 and all the rest of you. You may not live on the Broads but you are just as important stake-holders as anyone else, with every bit as much right to have your voice heard, but certainly no hope of a vote on it! I think Marshman is quite right when he asks who are the usual "Pro" suspects? In the last 40 years I don't think I have met or spoken to anyone who wants to see a Broads N. P., or maybe they have preferred not to say so? At the risk of getting personal, I do get the feeling that the "pro lobby" is being driven by only one voice. But a very big voice, with un-elected and un-accountable influence. Why do I fear a national park? I think a good example, if you read the EDP, is Chris Packham, who has now decided to tell us to stop building the rest of the NDR because of a handful of some rare species of bat. The cynic in me wonders whether the furtherance of his TV career has equal importance with the safety of the bats. And anyway, what are those very expensive bat bridges supposed to be for? Work on the Acle Straight is still held back after 4 years while what PW calls the "floppy hats" are busy re - locating a colony of snails. I read recently that they were not sure if this has been successful as the last time they looked they couldn't find the damned things! Dead or alive! Meantime the motoring public are still dying, day and night, on the outdated and unsafe infrastructure of one of our main trunk roads. Maybe off topic, you think? But not in a national park. We can already see on the Broads that there are too many un - elected bodies and highly profitable charities which have assumed an all - powerful influence. If anyone can realistically stop navigation it will be the RSPB and I fear that NP status will give free rein to their visions of "un - dredged, reed fringed rivers" populated by flat bottomed electric wherries. They may assure us that the right of navigation will be "preserved" but what will a Broads cruise be like in future, and how much of it will be left? In the years to come, I don't want to set off on holiday in my boat, only to have Chris Packham leap out from behind a tree and tell me I can't moor at St Benets any longer, in case I tread on a Little Whirlpool Rams-horn snail. These critters are, I gather, about the size of a grain of wheat. I seriously suggest that if the BA want to successfully "market" their vision, they should do so by engaging far more with the local public in open and honest explanation of what they are trying to achieve and why they feel it would be better for us. They should also listen to, and answer, our questions and concerns. Personally I don't really care whether or not these signs have been erected within the letter of highways law (and nor, apparently, do the BA) but I see them, after all these years of wrangling, as a deliberate antagonism of the local people. And just for once, it seems the locals are answering back!
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    Please keep it civil people, and on topic.
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    “I would much rather that the many negative threads started by those who campaign against the BA, and specifically it CEO, did not even appear here, but were confined to campaigning sites like Protect The Broads We are Not a National Park. I'm sorry, but the nub of this is a rather childish, but unfortunately accurate, "He started it Miss" If this site is used as a vehicle to campaign, then there will always be push back.” I agree with all of the above posted by Batrabill. The same few insistent wranglers are damaging this Forum. We suffer as NBF suffered before us. I have been reading the same squabbling for something like15 years!! I think of it as the abuse of a resource, to which some of us commit time and money, only to see it subverted. Have I lobbied Parliament? yes Have I written in support of the Broads? Yes again. Do I think the anti BA campaign has lost its objectivity and balance? You bet I do!
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    In the last few weeks there have been examples of both.The social media which we along with millions are taking part in,has a responsibility to all of us. Sadly Caroline Flack took her own life.It appears she had her demons.She was a big celebrity and would expect her life would be looked at in great detail.The other day a mad mad killed nine people for what reason?Then killing himself and he's Mother.Only the other day the knitting of the poor man in The London centrol Mosgue.The story of the young lad in Australia picked on because of he's size.He's Mum posted the story about the bullying he received. The good that came out of this very sad story was the fact that Celebs highlighted his story. I believe social media has a responsibility to all of us.I admit at time I've typed something that later I thought perhaps I shouldn't have done.However some of the things appearing on net and press and TV is just not on. Mental health is a large problem offen over looked or not even understood by some.We need a open debate that is a good that.We all have a responsibility for our actions. Its had work being nasty, it may be throwaway comments or actions,planning to hurt others.Its easy to be nice to others.Thankfully theres more good then bad.So many floods in the last few weeks,many have rallied round helping others.That should be highlighted and not the hatred that grabs the headlines.
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    I’m bored too. Worse, I feel this thread, and others like it will put people off NBN. It’s just relentless. Same old. You are not doing yourselves any favours in potentially engaging new people in a serious topic.
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    white slea moorings, its a wonderful little mooring, perfect for the last night before returning the boat to marthams boatyard
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    Irstead because its, well its just lovely. Stracey Arms. We don't notice the road noise. I’m fascinated/mesmerised by just watching the tidal flow. Maybe I’m just weird but I could stay there for hours watching the river doing its thing. Entrance to Thurne Dyke so we can watch the world go by and the incredible sunsets.
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    this is white slea, its just boat shaped, and you can see how much space is left with Judith moored there (34 feet) maybe room for a dayboat too? or a small yacht. the mast visible behind is on deep go dyke moorings
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    There are so many places. My first trip was back in the 90s with our children but I discount that and consider that really my love for the Broads started when Mr SwanR and I came back in 2012. I had the good fortune to have picked Swan Reflection from Swancraft. And my first mooring was Bramerton Common. I was so nervous about mooring but a lovely couple on a private boat helped us out. And here's a photo from that first night ... when the Waters Edge was still the Wood's End pub.
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    But we are on topic! The BA opened this discussion by putting up provocative signs announcing a national park whilst being clearly aware that there was serious local opposition to the concept. They have therefore thrown themselves open to whatever criticism social media may wish to chuck at them!
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    I have no problem with freedom of expression. However I have a real problem when it becomes a "Snide" comment about a business using a legitimate marketing tool to further a few members vendetta against a man and the organisation he heads. Sadly all I now see is: What was a forum of like minded boaters turning into a pressure group making mischief. Sadly the other stage, once the spiritual home of these protagonists has shrunk to such an extent that their venom has found a new home here. In the words of Forrest "That is all I have to say about that" but I think this forum is moving the wrong way onto melting ice.
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    Saturday 15th Feb 2020 Sailing preps, by 1030 we are in the wetshed. Jason n Sonia Hatch visited. I then commenced a low level deep clean through all fwd from wheelhouse, below decks, bilges, under bunks and drawers. Took me hours n hours. All done, well chuffed. Plugged Tv into our shoreside aerial - works well. Dinner onboard again from Stalham chippy, his time one large fish n chips between us, no mushies as they had ran out. Easily enough for the two of us. Still £10:05 though. Watched tv, then dvd. The wind and gusts outside were doing Dennis proud, I did not give a jot Griff
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    First day complete and now on Moonlight Shadow chilling with the dogs, a glass of wine and watching nonsense Saturday TV as we chat Picked my dad up at 7am and by 9.30 we were at Ivy's Farm having breakfast. My dad and I had a small breakfast whilst Julie went for jam on toast. We arrived at Brooms around midday and by 1pm we had loaded the boat We then went for a drive, stopping at Latham's, Potter Heigham, Tesco at Stalham to fill the car and we picked up some brochures from Richardsons and Herbert Woods as Dad loves to research the boats. We got back to Moonlight Shadow around 4pm and after taking the dogs for a walk we went to the Yare for a few drinks and food We loved it, as Roxy and Yogi were welcomed, the food was wholesome and the staff and customers first class We then walked back to our moorings to settle down for the evening
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    having just seen this, I hired starfire when they were both in alpha's fleet engine was enough ,only downside was sidewind, very spacious saloon, did 2 weeks and covered most places north and south
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    It's a great thread For me a great mooring has to be either outside a pub or within walking or rowing to one! I love summertime. sitting in a pub garden pint in hand watching boats go by, so one in the south one in the north The Ferry House Surlingham - IMO best pub and mooring (especially now the quay heading is repaired) on the broads without exception, lovely garden very dog friendly, great food and beer, Sonia and her staff are so welcoming and you can book a mooring. So that's where we'll be heading first night of the holiday The Ferry Stokesby - bit too much to watch last year, including me leaving Mandy on the bank, but again good food good beer and homemade chocolates to boot. Very dog friendly and handy for crossing or having crossed Breydon
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    Correct Vaughan, sailed off into heaven many years ago now but taught me a lot about how to fully appreciate how lucky I was to grow up in a Broadland village with everything water related on tap, sailing, fishing, canoeing, wildlife, trips to yacht clubs to pick up boats for repair, have a cup of tea and a mardle with the caretaker. Since his passing I’ve met various other boatyard people who acknowledge him and give me the impression that there was a real joined up spirit in the good old days, no wonder so many grockles felt so well looked after and fell in love with the broads for what they are, he had numerous friends and customers who started their affair with a hire, then owning an ex hire boat perhaps, a second or retirement home nearby, and definitely not seeking to change the place into something else!
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    The first time you moor at Cockshoot Dyke and wander down to view the Broad from the hide at the end of the path is magical. We had no idea of what we would see when we opened the hatch. You can't have that moment twice but it's still a place we love to moor when it's quiet. Here's that moment for me ... June 2013. :)
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    Well, mostly people have gone for the idyllic countryside moorings, which I also love, but I'm going to choose an "in town" mooring we came across. We were cruising up to the bridge at Wroxham to see if we could moor outside the Wroxham Hotel. On the way up I noticed there was just one space left, on the quay at Barnes Brinkcraft, and almost sailing past it, had to do a sudden stop and reverse to get in. This is the mooring I thought so good, I didn't want to leave the next morning. It was mid June, and so many boats, hire and private, were cruising past, looking for space. It was a boat spotters delight! We were facing the bridge too, so had a great view of the Shenanigans there. Never got back to it unfortunately. That's us in the little Silver Symphony.
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    No need to get personal, it helps nobody in the long run.
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    There is the possibility that there are some among us who just can't be bothered to argue the toss! I only read this thread every few days now as it is not at all difficult to predict what will be here! Bored? You bet I am!
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    Based here in Norfolk we have escaped the worst and it’s really just been breezy and wet today - last night was windier and quite noisy, but so far no damage. I hope everyone else fairs well . Keep safe.
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    I speak as a visitor both hiring and now a boat owner for the last 40 years or so rather than a resident, it is my experience the vast majority who come to the Broads rather than Norfolk in general come for a boating holiday or with the riverside properties angling and in many cases both, in general these also make up the majority of those interested in the flora and fauna of the area all centred on the navigation and has nothing to do with NPs or equivalent status, in fact when coming for the first time most I speak to are not aware it is supposed to be one so promoting it as such is pointless as well as being fraudulent. The rise and decline in the holiday trade be it on the Broads or elsewhere in the country is very much to do with cost and peoples changing lifestyle and it is down to the various sectors of the holiday trade to make their product more attractive it is not the job of the BA, their responsibility is to maintain the infrastructure and habitat and make it as accessible as possible within its existing boundaries. Fred
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    Brooms marina has a visitor this morning
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    I have to agree, conversation ebbs and flows across subjects as one topic leads to another. Imagine a dinner party or just drinks down the pub where the topic is specified and woe betide anyone who wanders off! It also can be a very good way of steering folk away when/if things get contentious!
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    The demands and pressures of life can and do get on top of the best of us, we mentally turn off, we inevitably give in, our minds have no other option. Blessed are those who have families and friends to stand by them.
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    Thank you for sharing such a personal story Psychic Surveyor. You never know what you may have to help your children through no matter what age they reach.
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    I suppose that I might now be accused of trolling but, hey ho, here we go. We all make provocative statements at some time, even unintentionally, but perhaps more likely down to good intent rather than malice I hasten to add! There always has been and always will be oddballs in life, and generally I'm drawn to them, but when it boils down to sheer, aggressive nastiness, such as trolling, then I have my reservations. It's not just down to social media, it's a streak in mankind that is probably within our DNA, but social media has provided an easy outlet. Most of us learn to cope with it, to a greater or lesser degree, but one or two seem to revel in the discord that they cause, even when they are of an age when they should damn well know better! As for mental instability in general, I am no expert but I've been on this planet a few years now and as a social photographer, I specialised in people, I soon became aware that social misfits tended to lack friends, other folk that they could relate to, from whom they could learn by experience. A self perpetuating problem as the more insular they became the less likely they were to share their lives and their problems.
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    You gave your son the very best help and care, long may he thrive and move forward from his dark place. 👍
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    We've all done sadly but we have learned the lessons so graphically highlighted. Part of the problem I believe is annonimity, a perfect cover for bullies, with the right of freedom of expression comes the responsibility to use it fairly. Although no one like the surveillance culture that is ever growing, I think it is right that if we want to post (publish) online (or anywhere else for that matter) then we should have to waive the right to hide our true identity and let each person stand by their words and face the consequences of them. Some comments, not in decent places like this, are cruel, bullying, obscene and even incite violence and suicide. These people should have no hiding place... in my opinion!
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    I admit at time I've typed something that later I thought perhaps I shouldn't have done. You will no doubt be relieved to hear that you don't have the monopoly on that one. Done it mysen times too many. Although I know I am getting better at leaving the keyboard alone and not jumping straight in. Still needs more practise though, ongoing Griff
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    Not wishing to be contentious, theses were on hire on the Southern rivers and were in the Alpha hire fleet for several years, so they must have been okay. With regard to the height, surely the new fleets on hire from Ferry, Richo’s and NBD are taller, so there is no real reason that it couldn’t be used on the Northern rivers. After all, aside from Grendel’s beloved Martham boats, not much other than day boats, ducks and swans safely negotiate Potter, which only prohibits cruising above Wroxham and Wayford. Even with a refit at say 20k, it remains a lot of boat when compared to what is on sale through the various agencies for the same money.
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    And sadly the forum has now lost the knowledge, insight and information so valuable to all of us from a couple of the forums respected long standing members who`s contributions to constructive debate were only treated with attempts to detract and derail instead of reasonable counter argument. Fred
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    Coltishall, on the horse shoe by what used to be the Anchor PH. Many happy summer's afternoons spent there. Our holidays had (almost) the same itinerary, year on year; we hired from Brister Craft so Brundall >> Reedham >> Acle >> Coltishall >> Stalham >> Oulton Broad >> Beccles >> Brundall. Always had a formal dinner at the Waveney House Hotel, Beccles, many precious family afternoons spent there, laughing at my non too athletic mother climbing onto the wall off the boat to get ashore. Stalham was also a favourite, we used to moor at the boatyard opposite what now is the Museum of the Broads, room for three / four boats, lovely for watching boats head up to the staithe and then turn around again for lack of space. When we returned to the Broads after 30 years we followed much of the old itinerary, somethings hadn't changed very much and vivid memories of my departed father gave me great comfort. He loved Norfolk, especially the Broads, having spent holidays sailing the Waveney as a boy in the late 1940's. This was taken in 1977, Reedham, in what was Pearson Marine's boatyard
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    Thanks Upcycler, totally agree and brings tears to my eyes as a 4th gen broadsman: 1st gen as reserve warden at Hickling, 2nd gen as son of who became foreman boatbuilder at HW Potter Heigham, 3rd gen as grandson and became equally competent boatbuilder, 4th gen myself great gs who loves the broads for what they are, not a boat builder for sure but a boat user for deafinite!
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    I’m not keen on stern mooring either. We haven’t done it much, as we didn’t have the best experience on one of our first Broads holidays. Womack Staithe in May. The people who squeezed in next to us went off to the pub, returned after dark and promptly fired up their engine. Grr. Love wild moorings up the Ant. Irstead is special too.
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    I have been holidaying on the Broads for over 60 years both as a hirer and syndicate boat owner. Unfortunately health issues mean I probably won't be able to visit as a boater again. I would just like to thank Jenny Morgan and others who over the years have worked to keep the Broads the special place it is for future generations to enjoy. There is no doubt in my mind that if full National Park status ever happened it would be, because of the Sanford Principle, to the detriment of navigation. I don't know how long, and by who, attempts have been made to make the Broads a National Park but the page attached from a 1989 Hoseasons brochure appears to say that the Broads was a National Park at that time.
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    Noooooo MM how can you not like The Bridge Inn? One of the best pubs on the system for me, well most of the Broads pubs are to me anyway, Jay's not too keen on the pubs though I loved Stracey Arms moorings when I was a little girl too, with the little shop and animals. I remember one time we were all sleeping before being woken with a bump, my Brother fell out of bed waking us all up, when we jumped out of bed to see what was wrong we were all stumbling like we had one too many, Dad had the ropes too tight and of course when the river levels dropped we were hanging off the quay Embarrassed doesn't even cover it Apart from Great Yarmouth I don't think there's moorings anywhere on the Broads I don't like. It's all beautiful Jay and Grace x
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    Belaugh Church moorings.
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    Our first ever mooring was Irstead, many years ago, so that is always special, particularly now when finding it free is like winning the lottery! Our favourite moorings are wild moorings especially when you find a spot that will only take one boat. The island at Salhouse is great, just on the corner where the big pleasure boats come in at night, so much to see there, wonderful wildlife when it quietens down and in the early evening the boats on the shore having fun, kids shouting, dogs barking.... then the evening pleasure boats pass close by, more wildlife lol
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    Langley Dyke?, place is a real dump, don't go there everybody, you won't like it at all .
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    Thanks for all the contributions so far. Not surprised that Mark thinks his home mooring at Brundall Gardens is the best, having been past several times. We like the Brooms mooring that Moonlight Shadow is on too, with stern facing the river. I’m with Grace though, those first impressions of the Broads never leave you. Our first ever night was mud weighted on Hickling Broad on a very warm and still midsummer night. That was in 2014 though, not until we were in our mid 50’s. You could say I had a deprived childhood. (Not really, just as far as the Broads are concerned!)
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    Oh Helen what a lovely topic When I was a little girl I remember crossing the 'sea' and mooring up at the Berney Arms. Having a real beer shandy and a packet of crisps sitting outside with my Dad watching the boats go by. At night it had an eerie feel but in a good way if that makes sense, the sounds of the water and wildlife will stay with me always More recently the moorings at Potter opposite HW, roof back with a glass of wine, feeding the ducks and watching the world go by, I know Potter gets a bad wrap sometimes but I think it's a lovely little place to moor Jay and Grace x
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    It has to be my home mooring at Brundall Gardens. Riverside, nothing in front to spoil the view upriver, wifi, power. Peace and quiet. Whats not to like.
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    Any commercial business using the tag line is surely using it for marketing.
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    I pair of air horns, thats a mm rule behind
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    Anyone involved in Broads boating tourism in the 50s and 60s will tell you there is now one heck of a lot less. They will also tell you however, that there were many other factors both on and off the Broads, which brought about this decline and you can't really blame the BA for any of those. I think I can reasonably blame them for not doing enough to try and let business recover from it, in their early years but then, they are not supposed to be involved in marketing. That is not their role. Oh dear! I hope this doesn't sound as though I am "sitting on the fence"?
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    My advice would be only use your phone as a phone for calls/text and never anything regarding banking/accounts or bills. Sometimes being a Luddite does have its benefits. Regards Alan
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