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    I still ain't deaded! Although it does seem that there's an ongoing plot or at the very least a concerted effort to rectify that situation! You know there is a theory that dogs start to look like their owners or the owner starts to look like their dog? Well Dylan the starboard beagle, he who sniffs out strokes and heart attacks in me...has been very poorly indeed. He started having seizures several months ago now. He was being monitored, we had barbiturates to use should a seizure last for too long. Sadly he had a seizure during the night. I was woken by the sound of my little lad banging his head against the wardrobe. I had no idea of how long his episode had lasted. He came out of it quite quickly once I got to his side. Unfortunately, he suffered some brain damage in the process. He is recovering well, now on medication daily with additives in his food...he eats better than I do. So we are now left in the position where both master and dog walk with a limp, both of us have a slight sag to our faces, both of us have discovered a childish streak...I tend to laugh and joke, Dylan has rediscovered the joys of playing like a puppy. Meanwhile, Toby has taken to looking after us both. This means that Toby, who snores louder than Uncle Albert ever did, has taken to sleeping curled up on my pillow at night. Last night I was woken by Dylan pawing at my face and then he pawed at Toby who was fast asleep and snoring loudly. When I shook Toby awake, Dylan dived back into bed and went to sleep. As did Toby...and resumed snoring. I got up knowing I would have no chance at sleep now as both port and starboard beagles started sawing logs! As many of you will know, history is a passion of mine. Time recuperating from the latest bout of pneumonia has been spent researching the history of another passion of mine perfume. To be exact, a 3000 square yard area of London and the perfumers that lived and worked there. During my research, I have discovered a new joy in life. The assorted diaries of 17th and 18th-century inhabitants and visitors to London. I started with the diaries of Pepys, moved onto those of Evelyn and I'm now busily chasing down some 300 unpublished diaries held in county records offices. It's fascinating. Better than any soap opera, far better than Game of Thrones. Talking of things fragrance and perfume my collection has been rapidly growing. It seems almost daily that new fragrances arrive. Every week we sit down for an hour and catalogue new arrivals into what will remain in the collection, what will go into storage and what will be donated to the various charities we support. The photo below is somewhat out of date. The latest additions to my collection are from Atkinson's a company started in London in 1799. 'Pirates Grand Reserve' is one of my favourites of theirs, rum, coffee and spices! I'm looking forward to getting out on RT in the next week. Ellie has been dangling a week's cruising with her and our granddaughter Gracie like a carrot to get me to behave and get well. I'm really looking forward to it as it will be Gracie's first visit to The Broads. I want to make it as special as my Mum did for my first visit. So Pirates ahoy! Treasure maps and exploring and fun and stories and...just everything Norfolk Broads and boating! Grace has already decided that I am 'Big Captain' and she is 'Little Captain'. She tells me I'm in charge of steering the boat she is in charge of 'solving clues and beagles'. Grandma is 'in charge of everything else when the boat stops moving'. Grace is looking forward to buying her lifejacket. Please let there be a light blue lifejacket for sale in her size! I don't know who is more excited. Grace or me? Once I'm feeling a bit better I will be starting work on the new curved roof beams for RT's cockpit. I will see how the first one goes before trying to make all four at the same time! Hopefully, I can get the new canopy on RT before the Beccles Wooden Boat Show this year! I have a list of jobs that need doing and will tackle them one by one...with one hell of a lot of guidance! So...I still ain't deaded and neither is the beagle and we are both looking forward to catching up with everyone on the water over this next year!
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    Well yesterday's choice of moorings was by horsey mill, they have completed the heading work here and very nice the new bits are. After mooring up about 1.30pm it was out for a sail on Lydia with Polly, a couple of hours jinking around horsey mere. I did get slightly wet when I was standing in the wrong place as the mudweight was deployed for raising sail. The evening was passed in a convivial atmosphere as we dined at the Nelson's head, they do a nice bangers and mash. An early start this morning as I want to get through potter as soon as the yard opens. As for turning in horsey dyke, go to the corner, (stick your nose in by the white post,) and a Judith can just get round . Be aware if you are even a few inches longer you won't make it.
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    I'm hitting the road early in the morning for the long drive to Wroxham and then a week on Brinks Jazz 5. Rollie is our 3 year old Lhasa Apso. He's a rescue dog we've only had since January hence this is his first trip to the Broads. I'm sure he'll enjoy it, even though it means him putting up with a long car journey to get there when he's not the happiest of travellers. I'm excited as always and trying to sleep tonight I'll be like a child on Christmas Eve. Even better this time, I'm meeting my son Cian in Wroxham tomorrow and he'll be with me until Monday, his first visit since 2015. We'll head off to a pub somewhere or other tomorrow night and then those of you at the meet we'll see at Salhouse on Saturday. I'll write up as we go, connection permitting.
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    Today was a busy day, 7am start, down to wroxham, through the bridge and on to potter, through that at just a shade under 6 foot, then on to candle dyke. After changing to Pauline's boat we then sailed to west somerton, brewed a cuppa, then sailed up to the pleasure boat where we had our evening meal. (I had a most excellent suet pastry steak and kidney pud.) Then it was a sail back to where I had left Judith 5 on candle dyke, just around the corner from martham boatyard, ready to hand back in the morning.
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    Porter & Haylett's yard at Wroxham in its Connoisseur days, Sept 81.
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    Final awakening on the boat, this was the view that greeted me as I opened the curtain.
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    Its been a while since we attended a meet. Well - we have been missing out on some great times and lovely people. we had a fun time and really enjoyed meeting some new faces, and catching up with others we know but just haven't seen for ages. A big well done to Polly and Chameleon for their "brilliant" joint organisation. thanks to everyone for their warm welcome back, hope to repeat meeting up with you all next time. Simon & Sonia + Dylan the dog & Red the pup.
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    I was last out cruising the rivers enjoying them and ''B.A' on 13th OCTOBER 2018, the last day of the lads week. It is now 20th May 2019. By my reckoning that is now over 6 months. SIX months! Now when one owns a boat (Well - Part thereof to be precise) and has the use of her 24 x 7 x 365, six months is plain and simple W A A A A A A Y too long. Yes of course I have been onboard since October but those visits have been upgrade / maintenance weekends. Then there was a ten day visit to Sutton staithe for her bi-annual AMP, spent all of 40 mins transiting her there and back to the wetshed on that one. However June 7th - that'll change. Four days afloat with MrsG, Son, his new partner (Just wait till you see her lads, proper stunner and top class deck totty) and hopefully at least one grandson, plus one if not two dogs. I intend to get 'B.A' out of the wetshed that fast after boarding we will probably still be plugged into shore power, wonder if I can get 10mph whilst still in the wetshed? No idea where we will be visiting / staying overnight, nor do I care. Counting down the days then once again Griff
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    Evening meal last night was aboard Malanka, a wonderful meatball casserole prepared From scratch, on a bed of his special rice, (if this is ever offered to you don't pass it up, it is gorgeous). Followed by a great evening chatting with Martin, Sonia and Simon - great company that passed the hours way too fast, but all too soon it was time for bed, it will be an early-ish start this morning as I want to get back the other side of potter bridge today. The week has been excellent so far and the end of this solo adventure is approaching far too rapidly, a good week with great company found on the way, old friends met and new friends made.
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    From the photos we're seeing and the look of the new menu I very much fear that the Locks is losing (has lost?) it's soul. Let's face it, it isn't the easiest place to get to by road or river, you have to make a real effort and there needs to be a good reason to do so. It's character was the old piano, the wine bottles covered in years of candle wax, the obscure wall hangings. The sense of being somewhere unchaged since the wherrymen stopped by for a bowl of stew, pint of black and a twist of shag. There was nothing like sitting in the bar at luchtime nibbling on a pork and stuffing roll with the sunshine beaming through the windows, illuminating the dust motes playing in the air. Sipping on a pint of Headcracker, or in more recent years "Gone Fishing", especially on the odd occasion that somebody would pick up the guitar that was always lying around the place and give us a song or two. The landlords wife used to have a cracking voice and would often give a short performance if asked nicely. That seems to be gone now. It would appear the place has been sterilised. We'll still pop in and see for ourselves when we're next tht way in July, hopefully the menu will have had a reality check and the pictures over emphasise the pillaging of the places character.
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    Additional photos from day1
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    Where better for our first night than my favourite Broads pub (also includes a free wind pump)
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    day 2 pictures, up to catfield staithe and horsey
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    Richardson’s price promise 😉
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    The salhouse gathering
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    Strangely enough I noticed that above the bridge at potter nearly every third boat had numbers placed within the regulations, but not the guidelines, one boat that just about complied with the guidelines had the numbers within 2m of the bow, about 1m from the stern of the 3m boat.
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    Finally somewhere near horning where I can get internet, so today I went all the way to wroxham, took myself through the bridge (martham don't require a pilot for any other than potter) at 7'6" there was tons of room for Judith. After a quick shopping trip into Roy's to get some long legged trousers and save my poor pink legs from getting even more burnt, Then it was up to the end of the navigation at coltishall. Turn around and back again as we had booked moorings and food at the new Inn. Once back in horning I was a bit early, so went on to cockshoot dyke where I moored up for a cup of coffee and a trip to the rest room
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    Final Part: We come to the conclusion that we have possibly got something wrapped around the prop which would explain the drop in speed and rise in temp. We carried on slightly further until the river widened slightly and then I went from drive into neutral and then into reverse and a sharp blast of reverse throttle and back into neutral followed by drive. We completed this a couple of times and my friend who was standing out the back confirmed that a whole load of weed and vegetation appeared in our wash. We continued on our way and the speed pick up was back to normal and the steering was 90% back to how it used to be. The engine temp was also slowly returning to what we would expect for just being on tick over. A little way further and again the speed started to decrease slightly and the steering felt more vague again. We continued onto to where the Thurne meets Candle Dyke and the river is wider again and repeated the earlier exercise and again we shed loads of weed and vegetation off the prop and things returned to normal with the steering completely smooth and responsive again. We then continued our cruise uneventfully back into Potter. We arrive back in Potter at 3pm and on approach to the green outside Norada we can see an RC45 and two other hire boats moored up waiting to go through that bridge. I thought the other two hire boats were gems, but now I think one of them might have been something like Clear Horizon. Anyway we are slightly nervous to see so many boats waiting and that only increases when we can see the bridge height gauge fluctuating at something just over 6ft 6in, possibly 6ft 7in! We moor up and I wander back to the boat behind to try and ascertain what clearance they were told they would need by the pilot. Pleasantries exchanged and they tell me they are waiting for clearance for the bridge. They have already spoken to the pilot who said they needed 6ft10in and there was no chance till at least 4pm. The pilot had said he would be over then to talk to them and hopefully there would be enough clearance by then. They are quite worried at the prospect of having to spend the rest of their holiday above the bridge. I'm slightly reassured that we need a little less and therefore if the pilot thinks it might go sometime after 4pm, then we have a good chance as well. No point in going over to the pilots office as we already know he is planning on coming over in an hours time and we are all in the same boat, excuse the pun! So we decide on some routine maintenance and check both the reed filters. The primary had a few strands on weed in it and the secondary filter had quite a few seeds and finer bits that had made it past the first filter. All cleaned and reassembled we start the engine and check we have good water flow and everything is fine and now all we can do is settle down to wait for the pilot. 4pm approaches and we see the pilot coming over the bridge. He walks past the RC45 and then stops to talk to us. He says he is going to take the lower blue one through pointing to the gem behind the one behind us and then the RC45 in front and says that he will try us nearer to 5pm and the one behind us. This is why I now think the boat behind wasn't another gem, but perhaps a Horizoncraft. I think the front where the sliding roof meets is slightly higher than the gems? We watch as he first takes the Blue gem through and then comes back and takes the RC45 through. I know that the RC45 was designed to have a chance of getting through the bridge, but am suitably impressed that it needs slightly less clearance than my 1992 Alpha. Excitement over for a little while we raid the fridge for a cold one and settle back to wait till 5pm. Apart from a couple of peacocks appearing on the fence from behind Norada all is quiet. Just before 5pm the pilot appears and asks if we would join him on the boat behind to provide some extra ballast for the bridge. So much to the surprise of the people behind we head to their boat with the pilot and jump on board, much to the excitement of the two dogs on board as well. Introductions quickly made and we are departing the mooring and heading across the river to the boat yard to pick up three boat yard workers. Now with eight of us and two dogs on board we are heading at speed for the bridge. This is the first time I've been under this bridge on something I didn't own, or hire. We pass without incident and the pilot heads over to the quayside where we all depart. The couple on the hire boat ask if they are needed to help bring my boat through and the pilot informs them that we should be ok as we need slightly less clearance than they did. Phew! looks like we will be getting the right side of that bridge fairly soon. The six of us head back towards my boat and a take a glance at the gauge in the pilots office, 6ft9in an inch less than when we came through the day before. The bridge gauge near the green at Norada is showing somewhere around 6ft 7in maybe 8in. Back on board my boat and with three people sat on the front and the rest of us inside the boat's engine and transmission again get a good workout from the pilot and we are heading towards that bridge. This time I am watching from the back and it does look incredibly tight, but we are suddenly through without exchanging any fibre glass with the bridge. The pilot drops us of and we continue down the river with another celebratory drink and on to our destination for the night which is The Lion at Thurne. The next few days pass without too much incident, apart from someone removing one of my fenders complete with fender eye and screws, but at least they, or someone else had the decency to leave it on the gas locker for me! One more job to add to the list of never ending jobs to complete. The main reason for telling this tale was that my boat is designed to go under that bridge and whilst it is getting rarer to find the clearance to pass under, it still does from time to time. I believe last year was a bit of a bumper year compared to the last few for boats getting under the bridge, however personal timing meant I wasn't around for the September period when I think it might have gone under pretty much any day. However whilst the window of opportunity appears to be shrinking from one side, getting the clearance under the bridge, it is also shrinking once under the bridge. With barely enough clearance to get under we struggled with getting up Catfield Dyke due to the growth. Going down Meadow Dyke due to the lack of dredging, and going to Somerton due to the lack of weed cutting. Much more clearance under the bridge and we probably may not have made it to Horsey. OK the BA cannot control the water level under the bridge (putting to one side the fact that I am not the only one who thinks that a sustained program of dredging on the Lower Bure may help that one) but they can control the maintenance or lack of, above the bridge. Maybe the above will provide some sort of an answer as to why I am particularly peeved, (I really would like to use stronger words there, please feel free to insert your own) that the BA seem to have better things to do, like go around and hassle people who have paid their toll, but haven't thought to comply with their latest "guidance" on registration number placement. Here's the deal BA, do some proper maintenance above that bridge and I'll stick an extra number on the boat to comply with your guidance. It's not like I'm asking for something that I wasn't able to do before. I have pictures of my boat at Catfield staithe. It has been there several times in my ownership. I have made several visits to Horsey and have a picture of my boat at the staithe taken from the top of Horsey windmill. I have never had any problems with stirring the mud up on the bottom getting to Horsey Mere. It has also been to Somerton many times in the past, again without ever fouling the prop. I accept that some of what the BA do is good, and generally the front line staff do as good a job as they can, given their management, but I'd like to see less empire building, less talk of Acle Towers and some more maintenance and action. I suspect the usual BA apologists on this forum will accuse me of BA bashing, well to be honest that's your opinion and your welcome to it, but I also have mine. Thanks for reading.
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    Timmy I’m not sure I can handle anymore phone calls when I’ve said don’t call just concentrate on getting better 😍. I love you like a brother and you’re a great guy to know and have as a friend but Jesus please stop frightening the bejesus out of me✅. Just have a few days weeks or months without the boat being sabotaged , tools nicked and you being admitted to hospital twice in ten days. You’re as mad as a box of frogs but wouldn’t be without you for a moment. STAY WELL YOU BL***Y loon. M
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    I've been slow at updating this. I've been enjoying myself so much I haven't want to waste minutes by staring at my phone. Sunday 19th May We said goodbye to the folks at Salhouse and promptly messed up what should have been a simple departure. I forgot to switch over the steering from lower to upper, delayed by going downstairs to correct and then by the time I was back at the Upper helm the boat was pointing firmly towards next door. Thanks to Pauline and Cambridge Cabby for helping us correct. Today we were Great Yarmouth bound to head south. In the morning we made the journey as far as Acle in one hit. Those paddle boarder types were at it again around Thurne mouth but this time they'd turned away from Great Yarmouth when they reached the Bure. At Acle we needed water and so made a stop in Broads Boating Company basin. There were only 3 BBC boats in there and I've seen none on the river as I write this so I hope things are OK. We chugged around to the Bridge Inn where there was plenty of space and I'd booked a table for lunch. The food was lovely as always. We set off just after 3pm. This was on the early side given slack water wasn't until 1825 and sure enough we were in GY in no time with the outgoing tide but turning on to Breydon was slow. At full throttle on Breydon we made about 5mph. We moored for the night at Berney around 1815. It was very peaceful there, even though I continue to lament the loss of the pub. Rollie really enjoyed his 3rd walk of the day and seemed set on going as far as Great Yarmouth....
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    As an illustration of what appears to be the minority opinion here and not on The Broads of course. My local was really struggling due to the demands of said leeches (pubco's), it did that poorly that they eventually put it up for sale. Taken over by a brewer who refurbished the place very sympathetically and also established a micro brewery. You won't find any fizzed "beers" and only Kronenberg and a Czech lager that I can't remember the name of. The rest are his own creations plus a few worthy guests. No food at all except the odd nibble on its quiz night. THe place is packed to the gills every night and is a relaxing delight to imbibe in with a lovely beer garden out the back. Has been thriving for some four years plus now. Wonderful place!
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    Hi Gang Thanks to all for a great weekend. Good to put names to faces. Also to be in your company, although the weather could have been a little warmer and drier I don't think it dampened the spirits. Thanks must also go to Polly for her organisation and to Mike (Chameleon ) for the quiz but also to him and Pat for putting up with me for the weekend Here's to next years And for a lot of you see you at Beccles in August
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    All really good so far. Left home in Cardiff at 0640 and pulled up in Roy's car park at 1210 after two stops en route - smoothest journey up for a long time. Picked Cian up at Hoveton and Wroxham Station just after 2. Boat was ready and we were very pleased with it (review at the end of the trip). I said hello to Andy (Boatyman), who'd taken over Brinks Encore and is also coming to the meet tomorrow. It was an ultra laid back hand over. "Have you been before?". "Yes, many many times." "Is there anything you need to know?" I asked 3 or 4 questions about specifics I could think of for the boat and that was it. "Are you OK to get out of here?" "Yes, fine" I said, knowing the space was very tight. As it happened Jazz twisted around no problem and we were away. It was a cold and drizzly afternoon but nevertheless Cian and I enjoyed time up top enjoying the scenery. We decided to head for Thurne and a meal at The Lion. Lovely beer, food and atmosphere once again. Rollie has been fine aboard. I think he thinks the boat is a small house. I must admit although I like the boat so far it does have the look of a house about it.
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    Guess what? I've got another batch of chocolates from The Ferry Inn at Stokesby. According to the barstaff they are selling really well, plus I personally think they are sooooo yummy
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    Have a great weekend everyone. Don't forget to have a beer for those of us unable to attend
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    Sorry it's a bit late. Hopefully you are out of hospital now? A few more for you all.
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    Very fond memories of wonderful family holidays and always being terrified when dad drove over the bridge to unload our luggage!
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    I think a suitable punishment might be to make them attend the meetings of the club and assist in the repair of the damage they caused, then they would get to know the people they have caused suffering to, they will gain an insight into the amount of work that goes in to a model railway layout, and on top of that they may also gain a new interest that would keep them off the streets.
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    day 6, sunday, and it was packing away time, an invite for a Malanka cooked evening meal tempted me back up to coltishall common, where a wonderful evening was had.
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    day 5 saturday dawned, and it was cruise in company day, this went well apart from 1 boat that decided to overtake 3 others right on the corner by the swan as we came up, breath in everyone. I have noticed that 1 of my cameras has a smudge on the lens, please excuse this, s that I too could dress ship, Malanka's boathook was borrowed and the mount tube of my telescope was called into service to support it. as we passed the ferry inn, something unusual in pink was occurring. we passed water rail moored up.
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    day 3 was through potter heigham bridge, all the way to Wroxham, under the bridge and up to coltishall, then back to horning. passing wroxham broad there was a dayboat with a photographer and a swimsuit model. Wroxham village has a free mooring for a couple of boats.
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    I think all youngsters should have to give a year of compulsory national civilian service. This would help them grow up, teach them respect for others - people and property, help to integrate them with the rest of society and get them used to working. It would also provide a useful source of low-cost labour for everything from caring for the elderly, to fruit and veg picking, recycling, cleaning dirty road signs, cleaning beaches and keeping our streets clean. What about their human rights? Human rights should be earned and should be coupled with human responsibilities. Eligibility for any and all benefits should be predicated on people completing their national service. Timing should be after leaving school and before taking up full time work or further education. I'm not saying it would stop all the nastiness that is going on at the moment, but it would go a long way towards it. There should also be a military option for those youngsters interested in later pursuing a career in the armed forces.
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    We decided that a proper plan should be made. More than that, a log should be kept. That meant a log book, and a pencil. We ran through the park and to the shop in Oulton Broad where a small notebook and an HB pencil were acquired for twelve pence. The next port of call we decided should be the harbour master's office where we could obtain details of the tides for the rest of the week. When travelling along the Waveney in an unpowered boat travelling with the tide was essential. Even an eight year old knows that! We ran along the boulevard but the harbour master was nowhere to be seen. His office was locked but there was a chalkboard on the wall with todays low water times at Oulton Broad, we could work it out from that. Couldn't we? I looked at Billy and asked "how?" Low water is the same time at Beccles as it is here, he explained, and it moves forward about forty five minutes every day. On top of that we know that the tide comes in for five hours, sits still for half, then goes out for six he said. I looked on amazed at this font of knowledge, but I was a bit alarmed that his calculations only added up to eleven and a half hours. by my reckoning we were missing an hour and a bit somewhere. A cloud came across Billy's face, in just a second his look turned from one of intense excitement to that of an airline pilot who had just worked out that his aeroplane was running out of fuel. We've got a problem he said. I looked at him, hardly daring to speak, what? I croaked. The tide is too early. Low water this morning was 4:45 he explained, that means tomorrow it will be 5:30, or near enough. Add five and a half hours that means high water at Beccles will be 11:00. We'll barely have time to get there and we'll have to turn back and come home. That was when it struck me that Billy was planning to go tomorrow, but we couldn't! We can't go tomorrow I said, my mum will want to take us to the beach, we always went to the beach on the first proper day of holiday. And we still have to try out going to the river, I said. Remember your Uncle said we can only go if we get up to the river and back OK. I'd forgotten that, Billy said. But it'll be alright. I often go up to the river, the best fishing spots are right on the corner where the dyke turns into the river, but don't tell Uncle Johnny, he doesn't know. Anyway, he said, later in the week the tides will be better. He paused for a moment, lost in concentration. If high water in Beccles is about eleven tomorrow, he said, it will be quarter to twelve on Monday, half past on Tuesday, quarter past one on Wednesday and two o'clock on Thursday. He paused again, looked at me and in the hushed tones of a spy about to reveal his greatest secret he whispered. "We go on Thursday".
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    The insidious nature of the beast that is the PubCo set a ground rent then a target amount of barrels of beer per year at a set price which is far greater than you could buy on wholesale. If you fail to meet that target you pay a fine of X amount per barrel undersold! If you meet the target you are re-evaluated for the next year and the target barrelage goes up until you fail and give up the lease. Food sales are never reflected in the rents and are generally the only point where a lease holder has free range. The more they make from food the more they make personally, but beware, the greater the food sales, then generally the greater the beer sales and as per the start of this missive, that's where they grab you by the short and curlies. Eventually all good lease holders have to give up under the pub co scheme. Buying the freehold as a community pub like the White Horse Upton, or buying the freehold like Rick at The White Horse Neatishead or The Lion at Thurne is the best, but not guaranteed chance of surviving.
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    Clive. Have read your price promise which I find reassuring and encouraging. You may just have won a new customer.
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    I'm not sure Rush were too good on Roller Skates ….. Do you find that time seems to move faster now than it did? Are there less hours in a day? I set myself a list of tasks to complete on Friday ahead of a garden party and barbecue today. I knew yesterday would be taken up by shopping and baking so was keen to have everything in the garden ready. By 7pm I was nowhere near finished. I should explain that we are undertaking a major redesign of part of the rear garden, removing, piece by piece the paraphernalia of the builders yard that our garden once was. needless to say I was left to mow the bottom lawn and get the garden furniture out this morning, the conundrum being to do it early and annoy the neighbours or wait for a sensible hour and risk being still at work as guests arrived. Compare that then to those days of childhood in Norfolk and especially the first time we were allowed to take my friends boat out onto the river. My friend was Billy, who lived on a boat on the broad with his sister Jennifer, Uncle Johnny and Aunt Mary. Uncle Johnny had worked around boats all his life and both Jennifer and Billy were true "water rats". I don't remember first meeting them, they simply always were, since before I could remember. The first order of business on arrival was always to go and knock on the wheelhouse door of their boat and say hello. Milkshake and cookies would quickly be produced by Aunt Mary as we caught up. Eight year olds have lots if catching up to when you haven't seen each other for fifty weeks. Billy would pass on what was new around the broad and would invariably have a plan for how we would spend the next two weeks. Imagine the excitement then when Billy broke the news that subject to my parents approval we would be allowed, for the first time, to take Billy's boat out of the Broad, along the the dyke and into the river. As long as that went well then we would be allowed to make our first "unassisted" expedition to Beccles. As usual on that first Saturday, after tea in the caravan I was allowed to go back out to play and Billy and I headed for the park, but unlike in previous years there was no football, no cricket today, Instead we sat cross legged staring over the water towards the entrance to Oulton Dyke and slowly, deliberately, we made our plans for Beccles …..
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    What a great group of friends!! Thanks to each and every one for helping to make it a relaxed and happy time. The only thing wanting was our missing Timbo, John and Seagypsy to whom all good wishes, you were really missed.
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    Fantastic weekend, thank you!
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    The perfect thing for breakfast, hot rolls, fresh out of the oven
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    Had a lovely CinC today weather was a little chilly then warm then wet then warm then it got dark and it was freeeezing
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    I think we have to accept that whilst quaint quirky pubs are a God send when its viable, the world continues to turn and a pub has to decide if it wants to try and remain as it is and struggle potentially closing for good, or modernise and have a chance to survive. Now I haven't been into the "new" Locks yet, and obviously hope it has managed to balance the fine line between the two, but I'd much rather a pub sorts its beer out, be friendly and modern, than try to keep hold of a model that it can't sustain and close meaning we lose it for good. A great example of what I mean is The Ram at Brundall. It was, let's face it, dated and struggling. Today it is modern and clean and fresh, it doesn't have the older look it once did, but I have yet to call in and fail to see it thriving. And what a great sight it is to have a village pub, reopened, looking to stay open and providing a focal point, a community hub at the centre of the village. I couldn't care less what their menu contains, and as yet they are still in the early stages of their food menu I believe, but you walk in, are made to feel welcome, get a decent beer and, for me at least, I have stood at the bar next to the locals and been invited into their conversation and had a ruddy good evening making new friends at the bar. I'd much prefer this than an empty pub with a posh menu at 30 quid apiece. Go in, sit down, drink beer, cheers
  45. 5 points
    I’ll moor next to her Liz then we can 50/50 on the donations..... Here are Grendel and Polly finally making it out of South Walsham where they were sleeping 💤 in the afternoon. Peter has some great day boat footage for those of a photographic bent too... See you all tomorrow from a damp but enthusiastic crowd on Ranworth Island
  46. 5 points
    I've always thought Ferry Marina were expensive, I was only looking at their site this morning they seem to have a lot of boats still available, never hired from them but friends of mine have and have always been happy with the service However, I'm not really interested in the other hire companies anymore, we've found our 'perfect match' in Pacific Cruisers! This will be our third straight hire with them, and I've yet to find even a minor niggle, nothing is too much trouble from a life jacket for our dog to letting us pick the boat up earlier, and we get given a discount when booking on already bargain prices! Fiona Richard and the team just can't be beaten for customer service in my opinion
  47. 5 points
    And from us too! (We had hoped to surprise you all but it wasn't to be; perhaps next year if I've totally recovered my balance after my double-knee ops last year). Have a Great Time!
  48. 5 points
  49. 4 points
    Coltishall to Wroxham I ended up using 2 cameras and missing a section in the middle
  50. 4 points
    Beautiful sunrise over the early morning mist on the water.
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