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    Katie and I have just returned from a glorious day afloat , God we have missed The Broads !!! We arrived this morning ,09:30, at the wet shed after a quick clean and the usual thorough checks we went for a short cruise to Gays Staithe , the rivers (well the upper Ant) were very quiet only encountered two other boats underway. Clear sky’s , accompanied with glorious sunshine meant we spent a wonderful few hours there , there was two other boats moored there. Sitting outside eating crab sandwiches in the Norfolk sunshine was heaven , can’t wait till we are permitted to stay overnight , hopefully won’t be in the too distant future
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    Sorry, I bow to your superior knowledge of how viral epidemics spread uncontrollably. I don't know how many times we have been told that the virus can live outside on metal surfaces for up to 72 hours. I have lost count. I also bow to your knowledge of how the holiday industry works. Sure, let's get a boat back in on Saturday and tell the next guests they can't have it until late Monday, but they still have to return it on Saturday so we can let it settle for another two days. That'll work. How do you show somebody how to drive from being outside? With respect, you don't run a boat hire company and it is very easy to sit at a screen and type just how easy everything must whilst having little or no first-hand knowledge. I really don't care if you have any qualms over it. My wife is in a significant AT Risk category from this infection and I have an absolute duty of care to everybody who holidays with us and to my family.
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    As for becoming political Dominic Cummings is not a politician but an advisor, a public figure in the same way as leading business men and women, sports people . Whether he has broken the letter of the lock down restrictions or simply the spirit of them I think it is quite reasonable that those of us who have stuck to them rigorously should be allowed to voice our disapproval.
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    I think the government is doing as good a job as it can, and I for one am sick to death of people criticizing it's every move. I have no doubt that I shall be criticized for this post, but to be honest I no longer care!
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    I don't think this is yesterday's news at all. The Prime Minister, of his own volition, has chosen to support Cummings' actions and this means his personal, and un-elected, political advisor is now inviolate. While the rest of us risk fines, arrest and public disgrace if we so much as sit for a moment on a park bench. I notice that Prime Minister's Questions in the House of Commons today (Wednesday) did not take place. This, in itself, is a breakdown of constitutional democracy.
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    When I was 21 years old I had a heavy goods vehicle licence, by what they called "grandfather's rights" and have driven HGV's ever since, including formal training with the Royal Corps of Transport. I am licensed to drive every vehicle on the road today, including motor cycles and mobile cranes, but not fare paying coaches as I do not have a PSV licence. As I am over 65 I have to pass regular medicals including eyesight tests. So if I want to check my eyesight I go to the doctor who will fill in a form having examined me. I have no need, or excuse whatever, during lockdown restrictions, to drive to Barnard Castle and peer out to sea to check whether I can see anything or not. This excuse alone, on the part of Cummings, is a disgraceful insult to anyone's intelligence. And the press didn't "make it up". He said it himself, on live TV.
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    Today is my birthday. Can't say that I'm thrilled to be having yet another one! Still I suppose the alternative is no great shakes either. Received a card from my granddaughters on which beneath the heading of Greatest Nan Ever was a photo of me bathing them 21 years ago! they said that as we couldn't all be together today the next best thing was a photo of when we were. It really made my day.Tony bless him says that as he can't take me out to dinner as normal, he is going to cook Sunday lunch. Roast leg of lamb with all the trimmings - he is an excellent cook so I'm looking forward to that. Whatever you are all doing today have a good time. Carole
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    Lets get back to the Broads with this one, a real classic. This was over the weekend, look at that sky! That's an ex Brighton beach boat in the background, one of the Dunkirk Little Ships.
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    The French word for hiring is location, so "Locaboat" is quite a clever pun. They are the only real French boatbuilders and hirers who started off in the late 70s with their classic boats called Penichettes, designed to look like mini versions of the French canal barge, or peniche. They still run these old boats and they are very suitable for the canals. Very popular with their regular French customers, who hire every year at Easter, or in October. They also have a few boats on the Canal du Midi called Europa. These are the Crown Crusader hull and superstructure modified with an aft bathing platform and fitted out by Haines to a specification by Keith Gregory. Hydraulic drive off a Nanni turbo with hydraulic bow thruster, shore power, satellite TV and a Kabola hot water and heating system. So you have a British design, Broads built and run by a very reputable French company. Those, I can recommend.
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    I truly cannot fathom this cavalier attitude to a situation that has claimed almost 40,000 lives in around two months! Its not over yet by a long way I suspect! Also, folk with a similar attitude, please keep well away from me and mine! Two metres??? Preferably a good ten milesminimum!!!
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    With respect, there is no main issue. There are a bunch of very new and little understood risks to this whole scenario. Cleaning is just one issue and actually a relatively easy one to manage as it will be just ONE person on the boat with appropriate equipment and materials. Handovers are a BIG problem as it should involve the whole crew but this is impossible if social distancing is to be observed. Reception will be very different and strict arrival slots will be needed too. We will encourage people to bring their own, clean bedding. There's so much more to the matter than you would believe, including the fact that the BA will not permit operation until it has signed off risk assessments. And we still don't have a date as to when this MIGHT be able to start. There's plenty of chatter from the industry and the Canal & River Trust is getting it's knickers in a real twist, but the facts remain that DEFRA is in charge ultimately and then the BA and then the individual yards need to get going again. None of this will be easy.
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    A couple of hours ago Meet 'Harry' our third grandson, he is nearing two months old. He is with his Dad, our Dale, both of them with my Mighty Tiger. Dale is going off exercising himself and the Mighty Tiger today. One day down the road Harry will be astride the Mighty Tiger like his Dad and Grandad before him Griff
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    You do have a view because you refer to them with a derogatory name, "nimbys". I find this view most strange. Who would want people from outside the area potentially bringing in a virus that has had hitherto little hold? You seem to feel that the residents of Southwold are in some way concerned for their health and also their livelihoods. Selfish buggers. And why did they let all their property be bought up as second homes in the first place, eh? Brought this all on themselves, silly sods. There's a similar concern in these parts. With around 100 day boats in Wroxham and Hoveton, these now sleepy villages will be OVERRUN with people from outside the area as soon as hiring begins again. You think there isn't concern here too? What shall we do? Support tourism at government level to ensure that it survives two winters back to back or let a virus loose on it and see how well it copes? THE KEY THING that everybody who says that the risk of overnighting is low or nil is missing is this. If one person with the virus comes and leaves it on a gate latch, that's 72 hours of potential infection on that gate latch. The risk is low. If 10 people use 10 gate latches in 10 marinas, the risk has grown but not 10 fold because more and more will follow because Lockdown no longer applies to them. Expotential growth isn't hard to grasp, unless you particularly want to do something you are explicitly told you can't do but see others doing, especially high-profile people; at this point, the risk, in your heads, is low. Making people go home makes people think twice about the value of the journey in the first place and nobody here should forget this.
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    Well I have just completed my second full week back at work. So far I have been fortunate as only for two days was I in an occupied house, and they were very good at being anti social leaving me to get on with it on my todd. However the building sites / commercials were a joke. Very little social distancing at all. We all tried to give each other a wide berth but it's just about impossible. I have no further sites / commercials booked in short term so that is a relief. From now on in it's all domestics and experience shows that home owners know how to social distance and it is do-able. It has to be otherwise they would not be enjoying my services. As a result I have started monitoring myself even more closely for any symptoms. So far so good Griff
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    I don't think the risk from over nighting is low - its NIL in the circumstances explained! Not low, NIL! Its all about nimbys who won't allow second homers go back to their properties - I don't have a view on them as it does not affect me, but I am intrigued by the fact that some in Southwold, for example, still want them to stay away, yet in the same breath want extra Govt help in keeping their businesses alive, the very same the second homers attract and support! Cannot have it both ways!!!!!
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    Sent my other half a "Get Better Soon" card today, she's not ill... just rubbish at cooking!
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    No matter how blue the sky, how warm the sun and how sweet the birdsong there is always some kn*b within earshot ready to shatter the peace of the day with a chainsaw/stone cutter/cement mixer/angle grinder/shredder/planer/ whacker/loud lawnmower/drum kit/ pair of badly trained barking dogs.
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    I have been walking out with my camera for a few evenings and doing videos of the area. I have noticed a growing number of people on holiday on their boats; there were at least three last night and I can assure members that I am not confusing holidays with liveaboards. If I had observed this in the middle of last week, I would have been angry that people were not following the rules. But it's not last week, it's now and what I am angry at is the double standards and the ensuing situation. People are CLEARLY saying "stuff it" and I have to say that I can't blame them. I am incredibly angry over the situation which isn't political in the sense that it's one party against another; it's the government taking us all for mugs. Anyway, if anyone is interested in the video, have a little calm down:
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    unlike the majority, i have not participated in the public clapping, this is mostly down to my neighbours, with whom i want no association. we have just heard that we can meet with up to 6 people in our gardens with the appropriate 2m spacing, well, hardly a day has passed since the start of lockdown when our neighbours have not had 6 people from several households at the same time round, indoors or in the garden, with no social distancing, yet sure as anything there they are out there on a thursday night clapping, and worse mingling with everyone else clapping, so i want no association with their hypocrisy. i feel even if the nation as a whole stops clapping, they will still be out there every week, just for the enjoyment of making noise. I do like the idea of a day set aside for remembrance of those heroes and heroines and those that have suffered and passed away during this pandemic.
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    I agree Grendel in every respect except that if the matter is just let go then he has got away with it! I too don't have any party affiliation, I don't trust a single one of them whatever they call themselves. I just think that our PM is letting the country down by protecting this person from the consequences of his actions. I do accept that this isn't the ideal place to discuss this, but I do genuinely worry when I see an acceptance of this even when it is reluctant. However I have said my piece and been allowed to for which I thank you and the forum. I shall now return to everyone's mutual love of the Broads which is much safer ground!
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    Parliament is on yet another holiday/break thing other than that I agree with you 100% Vaughan. This is still very much Today's News and those trying to draw a line under it are the one's being "party political" This has nothing to do with 'Party' and everything to do with ' Government' Perhaps it is not an ideal subject for a Norfolk Broads forum but it is in the general area and no one is forced to read it. To speak truth unto power is everyone's responsibility wherever they are.
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    I see Roy's are stocking post covid garments...
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    I do hope the restrictions are lifted in early July, I am due to go down to the boat on the on the 7th July. If the staying overnight rules have been rescinded. Lets hope for the best. Regards Alan
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    when you are driving your car you can see the hazards to avoid , when you dont wear your life jacket, technically you can see the trip hazards and know when not to step back over the side, how do you propose to avoid something that cannot be seen, resting on something that looks no different to last time you touched it.
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    Irrespective of how we feel about the degree of risk one thing that cannot be denied nor misinterpreted is that there is a real risk of contracting covid-19 and yes a majority of those who do catch it may suffer little or no symptoms but almost 40,000 people to date in this country have died where covid-19 has been a contributing factor, I’m sure their surviving friends and families don’t feel there is minimal risk. I was and am one of those who feels the stern mooring ruling at Ranworth is a bit OTT as it is still possible to keep the recommended 2m distancing but will abide by the BA ruling . When venturing out I follow the original guidelines of frequent hand washing , hand sanitiser when running water not available and avoiding close contact with those outside my household , provided the general public still adhere to these basic rules the spread of Covid-19 will continue to decline . What we do have to acknowledge is the potential for the knock-on risk of creating psychological problems for many people especially those living alone who are now deprived of any social contact , if you have a friend or family member who falls into this category may I ask that with the U.K. government now permitting garden visits you pop round for a chat (social distancing yourselves of course), similar goes with those neighbours whom may well be feeling isolated.
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    Agreed. In fairness to Clive, he has chosen to private message me, and perhaps others too. I appreciate him doing that and have responded as fairly as I can, pointing out something of the reality, not least the good work being done by the Rangers and the Communications team at the BA. Okay, so I do wish they'd drop the BNP nonsense but that aside the Authority does do an excellent job in getting safety advice out to where it matters. I also made it clear that when outsiders tell us what to do, most notably when it is already being done well, that we do tend to be a tad irritated! As for the NSBA, it appears that they have chosen to be totally non political, their choice, but what they do do well is to provide the very excellent 'Green Book', many a Broadlander's bible, well worth the subs alone.
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    This is my Stepladder....I never knew my real ladder
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    Personally I'd be happier if they were played in another country as I can't stand the game, but I realise I'm in the minority there.
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    Once again the NBN Brains Trust comes to the rescue! On occasion I do use a vice like thingamajig that came with my drill press. I just hadn't put two and two together regarding the slots cut into the metal drill press table. My usual method of using the press just involves flinging a piece of scrap wood onto the metal table to act as a backer...but I'm getting in front of myself. I'd forgotten to take my evening medication and although I went to bed early I awoke at midnight with godawful cramps in my arms, legs, neck and back. With some pa-lava I managed to roll off the bed onto my hands and knees, and using the wardrobe door as a support, got to my feet. I staggered into the bathroom, turned on the shower and let the hot water do it's work. Muscles now a little easier, I made a mug of Horlicks and took my meds. The silence and birdsong of the last few weeks has been replaced by the constant drone of car and bike engines. Midnight and the petrol heads are still revving up and down going nowhere in particular and making a lot of noise about it. I'd forgotten how irritating and pervasive the traffic noise is. Off to bed again and this time I slept well into the morning. Ellie was chirpy this morning but I knew why. Weeks of separation from our grand-kids had come to an end. As usual, the cart was before the horse and with no child care in place people are having to return to work. Of course, this leaves grandparents to pick up the slack which we are more than willing to do. Right, so drill press. I retrieved the 'thingamabob' that Nigel mentioned and started hunting out some nuts, bolts and washers to hold it down. I'm going to have to nip to Wilko's and get me another bag of nuts and bolts at some point! I decided to use the other drill press to set up the vice on. This drill press was a present from Maurice Mynah and has a bigger motor and runs at higher speeds than my drill press. It also drills smoother with less wobble on the bit. I just don't have the original chuck key for it. The key for my drill press is too big but the key from my morticer 'sort of' fits. With the thingamabob set up I cut some more stock and had a test. Worked perfectly! All the wheels now sit at the same level! Now for the platform to sit on top of the chassis. For this I cut a scrap piece of mahogany on the table saw, then still on the table saw I cut a rebate along each side to give me a 'T' shaped profile. I glued and clamped this in place using some elastic bands to keep things aligned and then a couple of clamps. When it was dry I cleaned the glue squeeze out with a card scraper and then ran my block plane over both channels. Now for more roundy bits for the boiler. Without a lathe this was going to be a hole saw based project. I cut more rounds of walnut and maple and threaded them onto a roofing bolt with a washer at either end and finally a nut. Chucking the bolt into the corded drill, I gave all the rounds a quick sanding on the belt sander. I then used the bolt at a clamp to glue the assembly together. When everything was dry I gave them another quick sanding and plugged the hole left by the mandrel with a small piece of mahogany dowel. Now on to the driver's cab. I'd over complicated things here. I spent some time cutting out the cabin side on the scroll saw and then realised I would make a better job if I cut two individual pieces. I will change those on Friday when I can get back into the shed after having the kids for two days! That evening I gave Gracie her lock box! I'd filled the bottom section with old half pennies that had been nickel plated so that they were shiny. Of course the ship on the half penny means this was PIRATE TREASURE! Gracie loved her box. I let her try and find the key to open the bottom section and find the treasure. With her declaring that her 'pirate treasure chest was too precious to let Arlo anywhere near it' I think it was worth the hard work.
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    I've absolutely no interest in political sides, but I do care about this virus and the impact it has had on people and their lives. It goes without saying not least those who have lost their lives, but also those who have had to sit at home and couldn't be with their loved ones in the last moments of their lives, those nhs staff members who have gone into work everyday and tried their utmost to help patients and have had to deal with the repeated emotional impact as they see patients who could not be helped and yet bravely soldier on shift after awful shift dealing with it. Also, those nhs staff and carers who have moved out of their own homes and left partners or young children behind for weeks at a time so that they could undertake more of these difficult shifts whilst ensuring they only put themselves at risk and not their wider families.....I do care a lot about those. And that's not even starting with the majority of us that have done no more than to stay at home, stay safe and stop the spread where we can to help the NHS do what it needs to, all the while missing our family members terribly. What the adviser chose to do was just that- a choice. His choice. In my mind it wasn't acceptable given what was being asked of and being done by others. And then to top that by suggesting he drive to a beauty spot some 30 miles away "to test his eyesight" I feel was the final insult. He disagrees. Im pretty sure he didn't mention that particular trip was his wife's birthday, did he? Wiki seems to indicate it was.... I sincerely hope that the choice made, and now very publicly played out, does not encourage others to make similar choices, but of course it may well do. Right, I'm done. I agree with Ray- I've had my say and thanks. I shall get back to hoping and praying that this virus goes away, and stops taking or ruining lives in the way it has so far, and looking forward to better times when we can hold our loved ones close again- maybe even one day get back to the Broads and be truly grateful for each day that we get. And possibly, hopefully and with much luck we will once again get to have a picnic with our own family whilst sat next to the river on our birthdays
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    This whole story is showing the country in a bad light.We have all suffered hard ships for weeks on end.For my part ,apart from two odd hours in hospital I've been at home for ten weeks,my world is the house and the garden let's it.This man thinks we are all stupid. He is a aide not a politician. It is disgraceful and it will remain today's news until he goes.This dreadful disease and the fight against it is not helped by this very selfish man.
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    I shall remind everyone once again that this thread is for serious discussion about the virus, it has been straying towards politics, which would of course be against TOS, so could we please get back to topic (even though I am not certain what that entails) I think we have discussed the political side of this enough now here.
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    So it is trial by NBF now. Isn't it time that someone locked this thread down? It is becoming political, offensive and highly inappropriate for a boating forum.
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    I am not at all sure that the number of people that died solely of Covid-19 is relevant. People are dying. Vulnerable people are dying because this disease is causing massive complications. Maybe we wait until all the sick people have been killed off..... The future IS important. Tomorrow is important and, for thousands in ICU, so is their next breath because there are still 300 or so people passing every day from the effects of this. Opening the economy too soon and too quickly is likely to make the infection rate rise. We keep hearing about how masks are important, yet today, my son's school sent out a missive that tells us that the education department does not recommend them. Why is it appropriate in shops and not classrooms? After all, the child could go into a shop without one, contract the virus and then take it to school. None of these questions seem to be addressed. There seems to be no joined-up thinking or communication between government departments and this causes more confusion and, for me, generates a very real reticence to actually get out and try to be "normal" because I don't believe a word of it. This draws into something someone else said about following what the scientists are saying which is increasingly at odds with the Government message. Given that the Government wants "normal" or as close to "normal" as we can get, you would think and hope that it would invest the time in communicating messages properly to help us back to whatever normal will look like. My son is in Year 10, facing exams supposedly next year and the school wants to know if we will send him in given the latest missive. What's more important right now? Health or exams? Given the serious amount of leeway that the education system is going to have to adopt in the next few years because of this, the exams seem less important right now than keeping safe. Quite how Maurice can consider the is government doing a good job is beyond me. The death numbers alone are staggering and the closest thing it has to anything being "world beating".
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    A quick report from your overseas correspondent, which may, or may not, be encouraging! In France an enormous amount of bulk cargo is still carried by water and so commercial waterways have remained open throughout. Other waterways for pleasure only, such as the Canal du Midi, re-opened their locks on 28th May although the canals themselves have been open, for the hundreds of people who live on boats in towns and villages. Most waterways also play a large role in water supply, farmland irrigation and electricity generation. An article in this month's "Fluvial" magazine says that the tourist industry is still awaiting a date from the government for the start of boat hiring, although today (2nd June) all bars, restaurants and hotels are open and travel is unrestricted within the country. It is not clear whether holiday homes and B&B can be visited but campsites and "holiday colonies" are now open. There are still a lot of conditions applied to businesses, which mainly involve social distancing. Of the hire boat companies, "Les Canalous" which is a marketing co-operative of small businesses, similar to a mini Blakes, don't seem to say whether they are open or not! They just say you can change your booking date free of charge. Locaboat, on their website, say they are now open but we drove past their main base here on Sunday and they looked well closed to me! They have removed the boom across their basin since last week and someone has now put a flag up but that is about it. Le Boat are saying that they estimate opening in France on June 15th and on the Thames on 12th June. They also have several pages about their precautions on the bases. It seems you will be required to do almost all of the reception procedure on line before you arrive, including proving that you have watched no less than 7 videos on their site. They say that boats will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected; linen will be on board but beds not made; only one person from each party allowed in reception and arrivals staggered by informing the base beforehand of your exact arrival time. The trial run will be given to the skipper and one crew only while the rest of the party stay on the bank. They accept that a trial run cannot be given outside of the social distance and so the instructor and the clients are obliged to wear masks. The instructor will wear gloves and sanitise anything he touches. They also say that if a case of COVID is reported on a boat it will be taken out of service for at least 72 hours. Typically of Le Boat, it looks as though there will be even more box ticking and signing of disclaimers than usual. So a lot of this still seems to be driven by social distancing. I may be quoting these figures out of context but I can't help noticing that total COVID deaths in France, as quoted yesterday, are just over 28,000. In the UK I believe they are said to be around 40,000. The social distance in the UK is 2 metres. In France it is one metre. I can't help thinking of that line from the famous song by Dire Straits : Two men say they're Jesus : one of them must be wrong.
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    She's done a few miles this week! She is coming out shortly, now facilities are opening up a bit again, for some routine maintenance and (as Griff would say) a couple of upgrades . And possibly her first trip through Mutford Lock?
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    i feel for you Andy and others in the same predicament iam wondering if it may be worth talking to your local environment health department situations are changing daily possibly a grant would become available for such locally anything is worth a try any economic harm to you is economic harm to the area as a whole customer confidence is paramount to any recovery .........good luck Andy and i wish you well for the future finny
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    I'm partial to Yoga myself...my favourite is Múller Light(Strawberry)
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    Back to walking the dogs on my own-some this morning. Having said that, both Ellie and I were up and chatting over the garden gate at five thirty this morning. Spot had woken up with an urgent need to go outside. Apparently he'd indicated this by nudging Ellie awake and starring at a guitar in a corner. This information caused me a furrowed brow until Ellie explained that as Spot is blind he doesn't know what he's looking at. I was awake because Dylan had another big seizure during the night and he was unsettled and needed to see his Mum to make sure she was OK. He just won't settle until he has done the rounds and seen everyone and made sure they are all where they should be. When he's a bit poorly after a fit, he will be my shadow all day so things may get crowded in the the workshop today. The glue-up of the skirts on the chassis yesterday had turned out quite well. So I got stuck straight in and trimmed and sanded everything. Next I went around all the pieces and made sure everything was sanded ready for glue-up. I shaped two wheel arch bits to go either side of the boiler and then got down to the glue up. To stop things 'floating about' during the glue-up I was using both wood glue and CA glue at the same time. The CA will give me an instant 'grab' and the wood glue will provide lasting strength. While I waited for the glue to cure I got on with making the buffers and the coupling. It was somewhere around this point that the fence on my band saw decided to drop to bits! It had been a bit of junk from the word go. Whenever you locked it into place the far end of the fence would twitch off to one side. I collected up all the bits of the fence and for the life of me could not see how the T-piece of the fence was connected. It was hours later that I spotted a set screw on the floor along with a small nut. I will have to check the thing out properly tomorrow before I start work on the carriages for the train. The next problem I had was blunt drill bits. I need to buy some more bits and send these off to the charity. That or I buy a drill bit sharpener? I finished off the fenders...I mean buffers, I've been calling them fenders all day, as well as the coupling and I drilled sockets for these to be fitted and glued them in place. Off for lunch and a well earned coffee. I spent a bit of time tousling Dylan's earholes and took Ellie to purchase some bedding plants. Back in the workshop and it was final clean-up time! My usual card scraper techniques would be useless unless...yup a Stanley knife blade works just as well if not better on such a small project. A final sand to three twenty grit and I gave the loco it's first coat of mineral oil and left it to soak in. I gave it three coats altogether and in between coats I did a spot of tidying up, emptied the shop vac and put away some of my tools. The final coat of mineral oil had soaked in after tea and I applied a generous layer of Beagle's Ear Wax before buffing everything up using my multi-tool to get into the small hard to reach places. Just as I was putting things away and getting ready to lock up, something hit me on the side of the head. An almighty buzzing sound erupted from the far corner of the shed. I thought I'd left the Multi-tool turned on and it was banging against the side of the shed. Nope! It turned out to be a may bug! I don't like these damned things, so it got evicted and went of to scare the daylights out of the folks having a barbecue two doors down! Tomorrow it's the rolling stock!
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    My maritime and broads experience is a nice round figure: zero. But I was recently impressed by the general attitude towards my thread regarding safety equipment. It was quite relaxed in a "don't worry, we've got it covered" sort of a way. On the other hand, too many safety patrols or even safety notices could put people on edge, create unnecessary fear and spoil the relaxation.
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    With the greatest possible respect for the original posters intentions this smacks of blazered buffers in well-polished Freemans cruising around shouting at well-lubricated stag parties to put a lifejacket on!
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    Turn up the volume:- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x2XXwqhKsq0
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    It seems to me, with respect, that this is yet another way of diluting the response - how many more differing watch or rescue groups do we need? Is there any real evidence that it will actually add anything to what is already available - or is it just another example of well meaning individuals and associations looking for something to do? OK that may sound very harsh but we already so many organisations involved in watching, search and rescue, and assisting, I have lost count! Why not join up with another one - or do people need to be in control of their own "patch"? As far as I am concerned the system as it now is pretty good - so why try and fix it? P.S. Dubarrys? It can ruin my old trainers or Roys Crocs if it likes!!!!!
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    can't wait till we can get there, might have to have a long day out next week. have done it in the day before, 400 mile round trip. last visit was just before lock down.
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    Max Vestappen thinks F1 is a contact sport.
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    Just to add to the confusion the raised portion of the cabin on this sailing boat is often referred to as a 'dog-house', a place that I often frequent! Coincidentally this boat is a Vertue, a real little ship if ever there was. Some friends and I sailed one from Cuxhaven in Germany back to Lowestoft, largely in a full gale plus. We passed through the North Sea fishing fleet hove-to on the Dogger Bank. We didn't walk fore and aft along the cabin sole, rather we walked along the bunk sides! A few days later I popped into a friend's wet-fish shop and and a fisherman was telling all and sundry about his last trip and these mad ***kers on a sailing boat who had sailed through the fleet! I pointed out that we weren't ***kers, just that the owner wanted his boat back by the weekend!
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    Ray i disagree, i have no interest which party is in power, i am just fed up of hearing about an idiot who failed to respect government policy, all the time we talk about him we are keeping his name in the news, and any spin doctor will tell you free publicity isnt ever bad. add to that the press's antics and the whole thing has become a farce.
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    Vaughan if you can see the sea from Barnard Castle I can assure you that your eyesight is in perfect condition...
  50. 5 points
    I hesitate to enter this debate as I agree we don't "do" politics and we could say that this dispute doesn't concern the Broads but does it? As private boat owners we have been fastidious in sticking to the guidelines and keeping away during lockdown. So how would we feel if Cummings had driven 200 miles to celebrate his wife's birthday on Ranworth Staithe and "check his eyesight"?
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