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  1. At 16 my first “car” was a Bond Minicar. A three-wheeler which I could drive on my motorcycle licence because it had no reverse, with a Villiers motor bike engine and a kick start lever under the bonnet to fire it up, Top speed 35mph on a good day, downhill with a following wind. I think it spent more time on two wheels than on three At 17 passed my driving test in the good old Triumph Herald and got a 1932 MG J2 Midget, a genuine “abandoned in a barn” job. Looking back, we should have left it there, it was a bag of nails Probably had about 35 cars since then, worst ever car I’ve ever owned has got to be a Hillman Imp and my favourite was a Honda Prelude with 4-wheel steering
  2. I would have got that one wrong. I thought Thruppeny Bits was Cockney rhyming slang
  3. Went to my local butchers yesterday to pick up the usual festive fare and asked the Butcher what he was having for Christmas dinner? Rib Eye steak and Chips, was the answer Sounded good to me
  4. All sound a very expensive way of making coffee to me. All you need is a mug, hot water and a bottle of Camp Coffee
  5. Saw this article on the news today and now can’t get the image of Kenny Everett doing Brother Lee Love out of my head .Try it
  6. I I only buy one newspaper a week and that’s on a Saturday morning. I carefully take out the TV supplement and throw the rest of newspaper in the recycle bin. The TV supplement is the only believable part
  7. Everyone seems to have their own views on these calls and how to deal with them. Personally, as soon as I get the gist of the call being a scam or nuisance call, I hang up and immediately block the number. I then google the number on a reverse phone number look up site and look for comments about this number, most are about, Take a short survey, Claim PPI About your recent accident, etc Then there’s the real criminal ones trying to get into your computer I think it’s very unwise to try and take these scammers on, as remember, they have your name and phone number and can cause you no end of problems Simply hang up and block the number
  8. Your problem seems to be solved by Maxwellian lending you a slide holder. I had the same problem as you while scanning hundreds of photos and slides and my slide holder broke. A replacement cost was sky high so I did some experimenting and found that you can scan without it. It is after all just a positional guide. I use an Epson V500 /550.The one Maxwellian is lending you looks the same as mine so it should be “problem solved”
  9. I “accidently” ended up with a Honda 20 years ago when someone rear ended my Volkswagen Scirroco and wrote it off. I was so impressed with them I’ve been hooked ever since. So far two civics, three jazzes’, an Integra and a Prelude
  10. "At this present moment in time" Do you mean like "NOW" innit?
  11. And I will answer very slowly
  12. They were robbed by the waiter. They offered £30 to pay for the meal.The cashier said charge them £25 so the waiter should have taken back £5 to the three ladies and let them share it amongst themselves £1.66 each making the meal cost £8.33 each and give the waiter 1p left over as a tip
  13. Too be fair to Kingfisher666 I had that thought as well, half of the posts were for full members only. Very often (every day even) I have a look at the forum and don’t usually have to log on to see it and I can understand new readers and potential members feeling excluded. Perhaps the full members section should be separate from the general forum with a different log in methodJust a thought
  14. lovely photos and great to put a face to a name
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