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  1. Had a call on my mobile, one ring that’s all. Fortunately, my phone shows the origins of calls this call came from the Central African Republic and I don’t know anyone from there. A quick Google of the number +236 2278 ---- (left out the last four digits) revealed it’s a scam to entice you to ring back and get charged an extortionate connection fee. This scam has even got a name it’s called a “Wangiri call “meaning one ring and drop
  2. Quite agree Grendle.One or two posters on here I would like to see a big raspberry icon for. But it’s better to just ignore and walk away
  3. “All the poor pensioners” I must have missed that bit. Where did it say that? The fact that you know someone who’s doing very well thankyou does not detract from the truth that many pensioners are not. Is it too much to ask that they should be afforded some consideration in their later life or should we just go the whole hog and stop their free prescriptions and bus passes as well
  4. If they cut back on some of the obscene salaries paid to certain “celebrity” broadcasters then they could manage without depriving millions of pensioners of a bit of entertainment. A certain pundit reputably on £1.75 million a year springs to mind and a host of others who personally wouldn’t be missed if they went
  5. Looks like Harold Shipman to me
  6. I remember Ramjet well, he was an incredible wind up merchant and as long as it wasn’t you that he dropped on, it was hilarious. I did hear once that he came from Croydon but not sure if that’s right. He was a regular on the NBN quiz night but I think he got his marching orders when he upset too many people.
  7. Absolutely marvellous gadgets. When travelling home late one night, on an empty road a car full of people roared past me and pulled in front of me. Traffic lights ahead were on green and as he reached them he slammed his brakes on and stopped dead in the middle of the road. Fortunately, I was wary of his driving and stopped in good time. When other traffic began to pile up behind us he started his car and they raced away. Crash for Cash perhaps? All captured on dash cam and downloaded to computer for future reference With regards to memory cards I always us
  8. I started my working life in engineering and we used Imperial units and, on some sheet metal jobs, even fractions. I’ll never forget the one guy who would say its 22 inches and a quarter and an eight and a sixteenth and a little bit. The fun came years later when we started the change to metric. We were building units with components from USA --Imperial and from Europe--metric and we had to mate them together using interface plates
  9. Its not a spelling mistake its a quantity error.Battery is singular,Batteries are plural
  10. All my life my hair parting has been on the left. San cut my hair the other day My parting is now on the right I’m seriously contemplating the no 3 buzz all over TED
  11. Sounds like the old Delia Smith effect. When she did her program years ago whatever ingredients or utensils she used were complete sell-out in all the shops and supermarkets for weeks after
  12. When Douglas Bader had an Alvis TD 21 He used to bring it back to the Alvis factory for its service and wait for it as a guest of the Directors while it was being done. He found that his tin legs wouldn’t fit under the table so without further ado the Directors sent for the works carpenter who cut out a large scollop from underneath his part of the table and problem sorted. Years later when the board room was being refurbished I bought the table and still have it at home over 40 years later
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