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  1. £135.75 and an IOU for £2.0


    I see a conscientious chap taking his best friend out for some much needed exercise Nice one Dilyn
  3. I guess shorterer didn't cut it
  4. I met one of those years ago on the Canal Du Midi, a commercial one I think, blasting towards me in the centre of the canal. They don’t take prisoners and the wash put me into the overhanging trees on the other side. No wave, no apology just eyes front and carried on. I had to moor up and rest till my heart rate got back to normal
  5. I'm just a few miles up the road at Coventry South
  6. Looks like The Old Saxon Mill to me
  7. I’ll second that finny. I left school and went into training in an Aircraft factory where whole departments consisted of women. They were the welders, press operators, riveters, assemblers and all sorts. drafted in during the war when the men were away and no way were they giving up their independence even though the war was long over As a young lad I was terrified of some of them and I would rather walk outside in the rain and snow past their departments than risk walking through it.
  8. Agree with Arthur on this one. At the end of the day the quiz is just a bit of fun and time to relax and chat. Some weeks the attendance can be a bit low but over the years it has fluctuated from four or five to over twenty. I can even remember when it was so popular it was run twice a week. People come and go as they want There has been attempts to change the format but they became so complicated they were abandoned. ” Fastest finger first” wins, well that’s o/k. The quizmaster will often use their discretion on typos, spelling errors etc to even things up a bit Just come along
  9. Ken Dodd on income tax In the 1800s, one of the MPs in London decided to introduce tax. In those days it was 2p in the pound. I thought it still was."
  10. As Ken Dodd would say "It’s very discomknockerating”
  11. Scam or Spam? I am being bombarded daily by Emails from Coupon&Go offering bargains for everything from the Lottery to Amazon. I never open or reply to them or try to unsubscribe (as I don’t trust the unsubscribe option) I just delete them. A quick google tells me that they’re based in Barcelona and Paris. Any thoughts?
  12. Had a call on my mobile, one ring that’s all. Fortunately, my phone shows the origins of calls this call came from the Central African Republic and I don’t know anyone from there. A quick Google of the number +236 2278 ---- (left out the last four digits) revealed it’s a scam to entice you to ring back and get charged an extortionate connection fee. This scam has even got a name it’s called a “Wangiri call “meaning one ring and drop
  13. Quite agree Grendle.One or two posters on here I would like to see a big raspberry icon for. But it’s better to just ignore and walk away
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