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  1. Norfolkboy

    Well Done

    WOW!! what a difference, super job, well done Brian. Pete
  2. 45 minutes to Hoveton, a nice leisurly plod Pete
  3. Norfolkboy


    Hi Barry, I don't think the dutch barge is a problem, it's only temporary visitor, they don't get in anybody's way and I would imagine the skipper is experienced and competant to handle a vessel that big, though looking at it, it isn't that much bigger than some of the larger broads hire craft. I wouldn't mind a beauty like that myself. dream on Pete!!. Pete
  4. Hi Carol, thanks for the history of Doris. very interesting I stand corrected and my apologies to the current owners. Doris looks neglected, an unfounded assumption. hope the money can be raised to get her back to her former glory in the future. Regards Pete
  5. Old Doris looks a little sad and neglected, it's a great shame the owners don't take more care of these historic old craft, they deserve better than this don't they . maybe the museum of the broads should take her in. Pete
  6. Hi Andy and Nadine, welcome to the forum, you'll find lots of good advice here, don't be afraid to ask there will always be someone who can answer any question you may have. it's a lot of fun here as well. enjoy!! Regards Pete
  7. both goers now, thanks!!. Regards Pete
  8. Labrador. your links don't work mate, kept telling me "Not a registered protocol" Regards Pete
  9. Clive, even professional photographers don't get it right every time, do they Bruce, Paul??? you take brilliant photographs mate take my word for it. you have nothing to be ashamed of, your rejects are my best Regards Pete
  10. Hi Geoff, sounds like you had a good time despite the rain and the cold, not to mention the gales lol!!, great holiday tale thanks, enjoyed reading it. hope you get over the man flu soon. Oh before I forget, that fish you caught, spotty like a gudgeon with spiky dorsal fin, that was a Ruff or Pope, it's related to the Perch I believe. used to get lots of them in the 60s but don't see many of them now. Regards Pete
  11. "I always tend to believe my pictures are not very good" Hi Clive, I must disagree with your above statement, your photographs are superb, if I could take photographs half as good as your's I would be more than pleased, so do carry on taking and posting those wonderful pictures I'm sure the rest of the members will agree with me, we love them, thank you!!. Regards Pete :clap
  12. Congratulations on your engagement Shaun and Jill , I was in your position 35 years ago so I know how you're feeling, hoping you have many happy years together and may your numbers increase lol!!. Great story, lots more holidays like it to come. Regards Pete
  13. Hi Steve, hope you have a great time on the broads, let us know how you got on when you get back. a few photo's would be good to. early morning/evening would be the best times to fish. Pete
  14. I believe Muntjac deer have small antlers and Chinese water deer have no antlers just downward pointing tusks (Canine teeth). the animal in the picture doesn't appear to have antlers so it could be a water deer???. I don't suppose we'll ever know for sure. Pete
  15. Mmm!! Open river or Broad??, I'll go for Wroxham Broad. Pete
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