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  1. Excellent choice of music.
  2. I will be aboard Fine Gem for a week in June.
  3. Hi I have booked with Richardsons again for 2012, this will be my 3rd year. I do not have a loyalty card and have never been given one. Does this mean I will miss out on this bonus scheme?
  4. Waking up at 5.30am and having a lovely cup of tea I was ready to face the world, Time to put the fishing tackle up and hopefully catch a few before breakfast. I set up both my 13ft float rod and also an 11ft rod for feeder fishing. All set up and sitting at the stern I ran the float through and “Hey presto†first chuck I had a decent roach; this was followed by several more before the skimmers made an appearance. It was a lovely morning with clear sky’s although a little chilly it was great to be up before the river got busy. The others had now risen and Pete joined me while Ashy got the
  5. As we headed out of the boatyard it looked like something akin to the “Wacky Races†with hire craft jockeying for position seemingly in a rush to start their holiday. Why some feel a need to race everywhere beats me, if only they would slow down they could really see why the broads are so beautiful. We slowed to 3 knots and ambled along quite steadily, taking in the surroundings and just relaxing. The crew consisted of two anglers myself and Peter and Ashy who is a twitcher (bird watcher). On entering Barton Broad Ashy gave his first of many tutorials in the week, pointing out different bir
  6. I don't know what happened but I submitted my second account of 3 men and a boat last night and its not appeared?
  7. Yes thankfully I am. I have hired boats since 81' so I feel competent enough, but I understand what you mean My littleboat.
  8. Its taken a while but here is my first attempt to write my Holiday tales. 18-25th September After a 5 hour journey from sunny Bolton with a stop for breakfast just before Sutton Bridge on the A17 we finally arrived at Richardsons yard. It was 10.00 and the yard was an hive of activity, we walked around and spotted Gold Gem 1 the boat we had booked for the week.Initial impressions were that we had chose well and there would be ample room for two anglers and a twitcher (Bird Watcher) aboard for the week.Because of the time and not wanting to announce our arrival on an already very busy receptio
  9. Hi Neil, we will be down on the 25th so will miss you.
  10. Hi folks, well we had our week on Gold Gem and I must say it was excellent, not the most modern boat but very clean & tidy. With only 3 adults aboard we had plenty of space, the boat ran like a dream and was very easy to handle even for the novice among us. We enjoyed it so much that I have today booked the same boat again for June 2011. TIGHTLINES
  11. Hi jonny, you must write your blog from your holiday as it's always a good read.
  12. Thanks for the response folks, We are really looking forward to our annual pilgrimage to bootiful Norfick.
  13. Hi Would anyone have any photo's of the interier of Gold Gem, I will be on this craft in September and would appreciate any photo's and reviews from any past hirers. Thanks in advance.
  14. Hi folks, thinking of going to Potter Heigham the first week in March, anyone know how it fishes in general at this time of the year?
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