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  1. To be contentious, I think the fining of this chap (in November) is over the top and particularly unfair given the amount of much more serious speeding that goes on unpunished all over the broads in the summer; a time when many more people are likely to suffer from wash spilling their G&Ts and much more damage is done to banks.
  2. Obviously not a lot of Hardy owners on the forum then. Thanks Mark for your comments and now that you mention it, I do remember somewhat difficult low speed handling. It was never really a big problem on the open sea, occasionally in harbours but this was somewhat offset by ease of manoeuvrability offered by outboard power's swivelling prop. I can see that it might be an issue on the Broads. Mark describes the bolt on rudder extension as a down side, can anyone say why it's a down side? As I was thinking we might have it transported occasionally to other waters, I was wondering if say a 40hp would give greater versatility for say, the Orwell, Stour and the short sea hop to the Deben, and yet not be too much for the Broads. I sold a previous boat because it was over powered for the Broads at 150hp with turbos which never got spun up. I assume that a 4 stroke 40hp shouldn't have too much of a problem, but am I wrong in that assumption?
  3. Having sold our Freeman 27 back in July, we're turning our thoughts to replacement with something different. It looks like we will be day boaters from now on, with maybe the odd overnight on occasions. So, thoughts turn to the very first boat we had 20 years ago - the Hardy Pilot 20 - which faithfully took us many places around the Solent and also proved to be very simple to maintain. I was rather surprised to see the air draft at a smidgen under 6ft 4ins which suggests it will get under most broads bridges, and at 20ft it will be able to sneak into very small mooring spaces. Voila, looking good. Are there any owners on this forum and if so can you confirm the ability to get under all bridges (except Potter of course) and what you feel is the ideal outboard power. I'd be looking at 4 stroke for quietness and ability to troll for many hours. Many of the Pilots I've seen have 20hp or 25hp, which sounds a bit low to me........but we had a 75hp before which was ideal for sea use and obviously would be too much for the Broads. Looking forwards to hearing from any Hardy boaters out there.
  4. All very righteous so far. The stats seem to show ( I know, stats!!!) that the vast majority are responsible about drinking and driving, and the accidents are caused by those who have no respect for the law and other people's safety. These people drive at double or triple the legal limit. I believe that exactly the same applies on boats, and the idiots will carry on regardless of any regulation changes. If we carry on screwing down the limits, many areas of life will be the worse for it and the killjoys will have their way.
  5. We moored at Broads Edge for a couple of seasons until 2012. At the time, I would say the toilets/showers were pretty basic and not something my other half wanted to use. I see though from other posts that a new block is coming so that may answer that issue. We also found it inconvenient having to go to the staging pontoons for water, especially at busy times, rather than having water points available to be reached from each mooring. At the time we were there, you couldn't use fresh water for washing your boat; call me fussy but I don't like covering my GRP in brown, slimy water! Other points which related to our going elsewhere were the long trail down the Ant every time you want to go somewhere....beautiful though it is, it takes a long time. Perhaps the most difficult point for us was that you couldn't bring in any marine engineers you want, other than French Marine with special (reluctant) permission from Dave. Whilst this may be the case at many marinas, that would normally be ones who have their own professional engineers on site - not something I saw any evidence of at Broadsedge. If you have something more specialised than BMC/Perkins engines you may feel you want particular engineers to pamper it...... So overall, nothing massively wrong with Broadsedge, but niggly restrictions which didn't suit us. Others obviously find it very satisfactory.
  6. I've somehow missed the beginning of this, it feels like a thread starting half way through - what's it all about please?
  7. And to say that someone's boat name is stupid is surely a bit over the top!
  8. I have to say that I'm entirely with Mark on this one. If they're moored legitimately, then it's legitimate - end of story. I feel some sympathy for anyone running a business, but it seems more that the business is simply in the wrong place to achieve adequate footfall.
  9. In reply to Mbird : that's a very generous offer Mark, thank you. As it happens, I got a good deal at the Horning Boat Show yesterday so all sorted. Thanks again to all for your suggestions.
  10. Thanks for all the helpful suggestions. Much appreciated, Pat
  11. Can't help wondering why it says Warning Posts 0 under my avatar, and doesn't seem to appear on anyone else's. Is this good or bad I ask myself? Zero sounds good, has everyone else been bad?
  12. Hi All, I've been looking at mooring ropes, perhaps more correctly for the sticklers, warps! Anyway, having thought I'd get a nice new set for bow, stern and fore and aft springs to get a neat look on a new mooring, I've been somewhat appalled by the cost from the likes of Jimmy Green. It seems to be normal for a soft loop at one end to be charged at £8.50 and the rope itself to be anything from £1.20 per metre to £3.50 per metre plus carriage. It's 3 strand polyester. Anyone know a good value local supplier who can also put loops in at a reasonable price? If not I'll have to just do it with my messy looking bowlines! Thanks, Pat PS. I know in theory I could splice myself, but my efforts in the past have been dubious to say the least!
  13. MBA Marine - I didn't say I was fighting against it, I merely ask for it to be constituted with common sense and consistency.
  14. Well there we go with inconsistency then. Mine passed with two glass bowl filters. I found the whole thing absolutely maddening at the time as it cost me a lot of money having new (inferior) fuel lines, hatches cut in the sides so the breather pipe could be inspected, modifications to the gas system and so on, and so on. None of these deemed necessary by one of the foremost quality boatbuilders in the uk. I have no problem with there being a BSS, I'd just like it to be both sensible and consistent.
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