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  1. I have had BMW cars for the last 15 years last 10 with Run Flats. After a 525d I had literally eat the low profile tyres on it I was that adept at changing tyres Williams wanted me to do a stint! I for one was quite happy with Run flats not least that a blow out at high speed was manageble rather than potentially life threatening. There is much tosh talked about run flat and non run flat and the differnces these make, unless on a track you will never feel the difference. I am on my second X5 M Sport this one is the 4.0D previous was an M50D which was far more power than I needed
  2. I have not posted here for a few years but look in occasionally, I could not let this sad event pass without comment. Jill was one of the orignal moderators way back when Brian started the site. As a Moderator she was always bastion of fairness and even handedness, she saw good in everyone even when some of us could not. Her gentle encouragement to stay on the straight and narrow often worked much better than a heavy handed approach. She was a lovely lady and will be sadly missed.
  3. I have to say I don't like them Dave for two reasons. With uneven wear running the shaft at relativity high speed could lead to vibration, and I also had a fear of the securing screw & nut slipping and it ending down near my P Bracket. Having said that I did have one fitted for a couple of months while I was trying to find a solution and Kiki was out for just a couple of days, I felt anything was better than nothing.
  4. Looks like they will manouveur on a sixpence Rod Svitzer Sky & Shotley have 70t Bollard Pull so two of these will be more powerful Look forward to hearing how you get on.
  5. Not sure if you saw this link in one of Jill's resurrected thread links Dave. http://www.mgduff.co.uk/mgduff-product- ... ut+Anodes/ I had the same issue with Kiki being Turkish built and had to make an adjustment to the prop nut so that it would accommodate UK sourced Prop Anodes Old Prop Nut
  6. Designed to prevent growth and make for long life span Ian
  7. Give over Barry you will be embarrassing him Clive's contribution to the site is valued by all here I am sure; the widow into the running of a major Leisure Business is certainly of interest to me and his boat building threads has the odd interested viewer
  8. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-norfolk-21246618
  9. Fully agree Jonzo and what our IT gang advised us when I asked about the impending W8 launch. I would have though business was quite a big user and they seem to have cut themselves out of this market. I guess a lot is driven by traditional hardware manufacturers looking at how they compete with Ipad and other tablets (although these have less functionality than PC's) but they must be pinching some of the lap top market. I guess theses new flip top touch screen laptops are their answer and I guess this might have a place on these but for business forget it.
  10. Is this half term? £650 most of May. It is good to see continued investment in new stock, just the type of boat that will attract D.I.N.K.Y's who perhaps have never considered a Broads holiday and potentially could become long term hirers of tomorrow. There are boats to hire on the Broads to suit all budgets but clearly a new boat has a high level of depreciation built in which will reduce as the years go on. If you look at the range that Richardson's offer this can be seen across the range, something for all budgets and with a number of recently launched new craft and some in current
  11. Lets not go there Neil. Draw a line and move on.
  12. Speedweasle indeed... Far too much speeding on the Broads
  13. Oh hook....... -pirate-map-one-eye-smiley-emoticon-000825-medium.gif' alt='default_pirate.gif' alt='pirate'>-pirate-map-one-eye-smiley-emoticon-000825-medium.gif'> No I am Ramicus
  14. Nice lighting GR even the bit of flare in the first picture works
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