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    Must Have

    Electric blankets!!!
  2. Hi, Can I also change our request to Happy Jax 3, Jack Snipe, Friday and Saturday night, Lou & Col Thanks Edited to say Happy Jax 3 not 2
  3. Oh Sue, so sorry to hear this news! Pete was a lovely man and I know you will miss him immensely, especially after the last year or two. RIP Pete, you will be missed xxx
  4. Lovely to hear from some old friends and really can't wait to catch up and share some stories. I have, in fact, lurked on here for most of our duration salty side, couldn't quite bring myself to leave and as some of you know we did join you at a couple of meets. always good fun!! Look forward to seeing you out and about
  5. Congrats to Steve and Jax! hope to see soon xxx
  6. Hi John, Its a great shame but Connor wasn't with us in Holland. I did say to him that he would have loved it out there. he could have used the rib as he wanted without being given the Norfolk Broads wave. you know the one "slow down, slow down, you're causing my teacup to rock!" Lol!! They have such a different attitude to boating out there, it puts us to shame. Still, we're going back next year to do it all again. 4 hours 20 mins going and 4 hours to get back, that's Lowestoft to Roompot (well the big sea lock before you get to Roompot). Brilliant!!! Oh!! and apologies for hijacking the thread.Lol!!
  7. Surlingham last year, blistering hot and a dip was just the thing!
  8. Swimming at Beccles, loads of people swimming and a great time was had by all This was at a NBN meet. Good times!
  9. My son and our dog swimming at Salhouse a few years ago, he's also been swimming at Beccles, Oulton Broad YS and Surlingham recently. He has never been ill or injured and I would not stop him, great childhood experiences.
  10. Ron "Chopper" Harris is my uncle, married to my Dad's sister Lee I was a bridesmaid at their wedding, the day my brother was born. Mum did get to see the actual wedding but had to leave in a bit of a hurry so missed the reception. Lol!! Have fond memories of watching the matches, mostly the West Ham vs Chelsea ones as my Dad's family were staunch West Ham fans living, literally, just round the corner from Upton Park.
  11. I agree with Mark, Labone is my favourite in Oulton Broad. many a good night there Had a take away from there last sunday and that was good too
  12. Harwich, from the wrong side
  13. Hi & welcome to the forum If you look round the site you will see many photos of members boats and even of members etc etc, feel free to post what you feel comfortable with. As for shoes, a decent pair of deccies are the way to go. My deccy of choice is Orca Bay Lou xx
  14. Rod, sorry that I missed you and Shirley, seems like a year since we last met up. Oh yes! it is a year Col told me all about it though, sounds like you had a great day/morning Hope to see more of the 2 of you in the next year Lou xx
  15. And once you've researched and purchased it, can you let me know which one 'cos I want one. And once I've purchased could you include me in the Baz tuition on how to use (I know you love reading manuals and I don't ) Lou xx
  16. Hi Tracy, We're up for a BBQ (Cobb) on Sat night if thats what every one wants Lou xx
  17. Loops

    Hello all.

    Are you doing the evening shift tomorrow, 'cos if you are we will probably see you. We will be going over the river, hopefully sometime between 6 and 6:30. Lou xx
  18. Loops

    Hello all.

    Oops! And welcome to the forum Lou xx
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