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  1. I’m a Norfolk man, plain and simple. My home county has always been a place of warmth, friendship and welcome, and Broadland a key part of that, something of which I have always been proud. This forum has for some time been slowly degenerating into a place of nastiness, led by a highly opinionated and intolerant minority. The many people I know and share time with on the Broads are friendly and gentle, caring of others. I have no time for the bitterness I see expressed here, and I truly hope, in the many days I spend on the rivers, never to meet any of those who express such vicious intoler
  2. I entirely understand, even though I disagree with, the safety concerns argument. That’s a reasonable debate and I respect the views of those who disagree with my perspective. What I can’t come to terms with is the extent to which this discussion has degenerated into a torrent of bile and invective, much of it directed at the motivations of the organiser of this event, and some of it perpetrated by moderators who should be setting an example. I’m amazed at this on the so called ‘friendly forum’, and deeply ashamed, as many of you should be if you re-read what you have posted. I’m even more
  3. Saw her heading upstream between Horning and Wroxham yesterday, Good Friday, before the rain set in.
  4. It has been made abundantly clear by Mel Holland that there will not be any closure of the river. She also made clear that the RNLI charge a commercial fee for providing support cover to events such as this, a fee which will be paid out of receipts. I’m all for reasoned argument, and I accept that others have safety concerns which I don’t share, or at least that I think are overplayed, but at least deal with the facts.
  5. ... and even the most experienced and skilled amongst us occasionally make a complete pig’s ear of it.
  6. Don’t worry. The idea that the Earth is round was unpopular once.
  7. Some members. Some of us are perfectly happy with the use of the term, and we have the right to express that view, however much some members try to shout us down.
  8. But that works both ways. Your right to do your own thing on a boat could be seen as interfering with others right to enjoy their chosen lifestyle of wild swimming. Why should your pleasure always take priority?
  9. Sounds like a great and well thought through event. I wish it every success and hope that it becomes a regular fixture in the Broads National Park calendar.
  10. Would that be the organiser who has organised, and completed, swims across the English Channel, amongst other events? Isn’t that a bit risky, getting somebody on here who might have a clue what they’re talking about?
  11. EXACTLY! Which is precisely why I am confident that the BA would not be allowing it unless they were satisfied that adequate control measures were in place to mitigate risk.
  12. I know enough about the BA to know they would not have permitted this without them.
  13. Not sure that you can, but damned sure that when the organisers asked for permission to stage an event such as this that the BA will have required them to submit such, will have reviewed them and made any approval conditional on changes that they saw appropriate. That’s the way the BA works, they are safety obsessed.
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