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  1. C.Ricko

    Fuel Prices, Northern & Southern Broads

    Richardsons at Horning and Stalham Still £1.15 per litre diesel
  2. Sheerline have built 2x RC45 for the broads and are building a RF45 for the south of France,
  3. BE quick, they don't hang around! (except the 740 but thats overpriced!) https://www.richardsonsboatsales.net
  4. C.Ricko

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    it wasn't mine so without asking i wouldn't, it was sent to the boatyard via private message on Facebook
  5. C.Ricko

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    got sent it from someone with a mobile phone,
  6. C.Ricko

    Mud Wherry Cast Off

    I have a video of this passing through the yacht station, its travelling fairly quick.
  7. C.Ricko

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    obviously i only took a photo of the sheet i saw so its not official and was probably provisional.
  8. C.Ricko

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    not sure about 7 river cruisers..
  9. C.Ricko

    3 Rivers Race 2018

    I think we were the last boat to finish at 5.30 I can't imagine anyone after us as the tide had started running out and we took about an hour to finish from the new inn..
  10. C.Ricko

    Bow Thrusters

    you only need to repaint the hull if you think the hull needs repainting, it will not harm the fibreglass if it is left. if the previous job was of a decent quality 2 pack paint you would be amazed at how well you can bring the finish back. once a single pack paint is used it is difficult to use a 2 pack in the future and it won't wear as well. without looking i would think that you would struggle to get a bow thruster deep enough in the water and you would need to raise the floor in the saloon.
  11. C.Ricko

    Faircraft Loynes New 2-4 Berth Cruisers

    Hi Simon, it won't have a side entrance as it will be in the same room as the aft doors but will have the same sunroof as the RF45 which will be central due to not having a side door.. as with all our creations we don't stick to a plan so we don't have a proper plan for this one, only a model of a 35..
  12. C.Ricko

    Broom Scorpio

    get yourself some waterskis!
  13. C.Ricko

    Faircraft Loynes New 2-4 Berth Cruisers

    Hi Simon, This is why we bought the Swancraft fleet, before that we have recently built Far Horizon as well as the Broadways and Crystal Horizons but the customers can't get enough of the Commodores and Commanders which we will keep building until our sedan (which is currently in development) is produced next year which will be either a 4 berth or 4-6.
  14. C.Ricko

    Overstaying On 24 Hour Moorings

    I know who it is, (if its the boat I think it may be) I wouldn't want anyone to loose sleep over this so if it is the boat I have in mind he knows he can move to one of my moorings when the Sutton mooring fills up but as its quite nice there I'm assuming that it will hang about..

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