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  1. Thanks for the replies, I had a feeling from wikipedia that it was independent of the main rivers but I want to draw a map with colour coded rivers and didn't want to get it wrong! I will have to have a look at Slutten's Dyke I had never heard of it, I was down the Waveney for a few days a few weeks ago, alas, i will have to check it out next time. Cheers, Clive
  2. Ok, this is probably a stupid question but I can't work out what river the new cut is on or is it neither the Waveny or the Yare and just the 'Haddiscoe cut' can anyone shed the light on this for me Cheers.
  3. Yes, had been at Wayford for years, very poor state as you said..
  4. you won't see Crestella again, I took this before it was broken up earlier this year...
  5. I wasn't going to mention him but i think Trambo has got about right!
  6. Hi Andy, I am pretty sure they were but I can't recall the name, they were bought back to Stalham and refitted.
  7. they all have jobs lined up or are currently working, Oyster has been taking on 100 new staff every 6 months since they moved to to Tunstead, its not really news any more, i know a few good people there.
  8. I think with every design of boat there is a compromise, either height and views over lower bridges or upper helms and loss of interior space, walk round beds/ coffin beds, separate toilets and showers or loads of beds, aft well, engine out back etc etc.. Stalham won't be building for a little while i doubt but there is a Monaco which is nearly finished.
  9. Most of the same original team will hopefully be building the new moulds, we start on Monday, it's a personal venture and we are out on a limb a bit, but its what we as a team want to do so we are all taking a bit of a risk, but have decided that in life you have to do interesting things which you can take pride in and what makes you happy. Ferry marina and Richardsons used the same designer for their boats, the team who built the Richardson's moulds and boats had massive input from the point of development, this time we are using a different designer, but previously the brief was to ma
  10. Hi Andy, Yes, my Daughter was born on the 16th October and we started on Monday the 19th, thats how I remember her birthday! Over the years we had built from scratch a superb set up muddling through quite a bit of it while setting up and evolving but the Team I had were awesome and a really talented bunch, they are in my opinion some of the most experienced skilled people in the business and will no doubt be successful in their chosen paths.
  11. Yep, Sad but true, nearly 11 years of good times and onto build number 48. Hopefully some exciting news pretty soon, also I have a new project being started.
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