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  1. C.Ricko

    'schooner' Identity / Fate ?

    my Grandad had a schooner named 'Wildflower' he stripped the copper off the bottom and gave it to the sea scouts who wreaked it on Corton?beach.. I have a photo of it somewhere going through Mutford lock..
  2. C.Ricko

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    years ago blakes operators seemed to assume that their boats were slightly better than Hoseasons, when the two combined there was some discomfort but I think we all soon realised that the common goal was much the same .. ( i may be wrong)
  3. C.Ricko

    Sea Level Change, Since 1970...

    well to be fair , where i am there are pictures which show the quay heading about 7-10 inches below where it was in the 1950s/60s i don't thin the land is sinking,,,;
  4. C.Ricko

    Hoseasons Brochure Is No More

    Rickos have a 2019 version, to be fair, the majority of bookings are via the Net but we have a shed load of other info in the brochure and other literature which when you consider the cost of the other publications we do it makes sense to combine them, hopefully our customers and the wider broads users find it useful
  5. C.Ricko

    Robert John Richardson

    Thanks for all the comments, he was a incredible person I was lucky enough to spend so much time with , he was an inspiration and will continue to be.
  6. we don't often have a problem at Ludham with the taller boats so should be ok, hopefully the first will be launched in time for the peak season next year, so we are not taking bookings just yet, the daybooks should be electric, we are building 3 as we moulded a different 3 for a Thames fleet, the sheer line is a refit , all for Fineway.
  7. Hi, Airdraft if looking to be about 8'4" as for windows, bonded are best but the sliders are not always very big due to the amount of border they need, the hoppers we designed seem to be ok but we will see what we need and what works where, there is plans to have decent hull vents which we can duct to wherever needs be.. electric boats are not the future, (yet!)
  8. C.Ricko

    New Boat From Herbert Woods

    we use lithium batteries on the RF45 for domestics, they charge quicker and give nearly 100% until they switch off. we put anything on the engine as you don't need a special battery to start a modern engine.
  9. its 38 foot long and should be a comfortable 4 berths without the 'coffin berths' I don't care if you are old fashioned because i know you will like the finished job as its going to be another cracking boat from us,!
  10. filling in the gap you can also see the multiple tape lines of the proposed swage lines and windows..
  11. frames built to fill in the gap.
  12. We started the new build/ development 9 years ago on the 19th October,, since then we have had the sedan drawings based on a 35 foot hull, over the years we have learned that there is no point me having a set of drawings and instead the team have learned to guess whats in my head and come up with what they assume i was thinking, this has worked well so far as if their ideas are better than mine then i can take the credit! This time we are going to build a sedan but we have started with what appears to be half a lego set, there is a a deck off a RL38 and the front off the RF45, the top has been suspended off the deck, split and extended and the saloon tilted to change the screen angle this picture is the mock up..
  13. C.Ricko

    Constellation 3?

    has to be the most interesting helm seat I have ever seen..
  14. C.Ricko

    Real Boats!!

  15. C.Ricko

    Real Boats!!

    two were built before the mould was destroyed, the other being 'farthing" which has a different rig.

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