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  1. Hi David, this is a Sheerline 1050 we got from the Thames a couple of weeks ago, she is nice inside but just needs varnish and Heads doing, unfortunately all the handrails and mooring cleats were loose so headlining need to be removed to sort them, she has had a hard life but we are on the case with the cosmetics.
  2. Thanks for the comments, we had to go a long way backwards first but we are really happy with the outcome,
  3. Hi Simon, no, its silvertex (or something similar) its one of the only bits left from before the tart up!
  4. Tideway is finished and on her second hire! Here are some photos!
  5. fees paid until Dec 2020 hope someone takes her on, I have seen better boats broken up recently
  6. makes me feel happier about my plans for my wooden hire boat Jomaric, hopefully she will be ok on hire, I remember the state of the fibreglass boats we had on hire from Benson, I can imagine the worry to the owner of their wooden boat entering the concrete lock for the first time ! I hope it goes well for them
  7. yes it was years ago, she has been in private hands for a number of years now with some decent upgrades but still a solid boat.
  8. https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/bounty-37-mkii-2/ without the front well there is more room in the saloon of the Bounty 37..
  9. we have recently done a refit on a Bounty 40 centre cockpit, it involved new mattresses, flooring, repairs to bulkheads, new toilets, washbasins, worktops in heads and galley, and new cockpit seating also some cosmetics outside and all the windows rebuilt and new inverter+ charger. the refit we are currently in the middle of is having a new engine, dashboard, charger/inverter, curtains, flooring throughout, galley doors, large areas of rotten flooring and linings replaced, all windows removed and rebuilt, new toilets, washbasins and worktops in heads, rubbers replaced and large
  10. how much height would anew fixed bridge gain? I think double track fixed bridge would make sense if it were doable as nothing is likely to group there again, the last two openings (probably 3 )were to let boats out. Fixing Reedham is unlikely but it would make the Yare Navigation race much more interesting!
  11. is that not a Horizon 35 hull?
  12. Thats me on the front of Ladybird getting ready to give Chris Tuckett a kick out of the way in his Slipstream, I think the year that he did mainsheet for me. we were both under the bridge at the same time, not sure how we fitted!
  13. All the horizon 35s/42s built by Horizon craft had the vent fitted, if an engine needed changing then fibreglass window cut outs were used to slide the engine on its sump through the galley to the saloon.
  14. some vents are put in to cover up holes from accidents or purely access to fittings, poorly fitting canopies were easily justified in the past with a sticker saying "This is a ventilator do not block" a few years ago some boats could have a gas cooker, gas fridge and 4-6 gas heaters, as the heaters and fridges changed the ventilators were removed as they leaked or looked old. Brush strip has a place on boats but I don't like it, its generally used as an easy way out but soon looks crap, I do accept sometimes its the best option.. A lot of thought can go into draft proofing a n
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