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    Sad News

    Indeed, A great loss, hopefully someone will take on the database and carry on his legacy, condolences go to all who knew him, I never met but sent numerous emails and photos to him almost bombarding him at times but he always replied with thanks. Well Done Craig
  2. we had Premier Gem, Modern Gem (renamed Eastern Gem) and Top gems, we also had the shorter versions we named 'Crusader" i think more than one 40 came from Loch Lomond, along with the the Crusaders,
  3. To be fair, the first Easter we bought the yard back we could only get about 50 boats in a fit state to operate them (Many of which were wooden) the fibreglass boats which were largely less than 10 years old were stored in the 3 basins which were called the 'graveyard' the yard had been concreted and some office buildings put up, with regard to the NBD deal, you have to take your hats off to Paul and Barbera I think in the time have operated they must be the most successful people in boating in the UK
  4. just a couple sold, viewing will be more simple soon when they come off hire so come give us a look ! https://www.richardsonsboatsales.net cheers, Clive
  5. Morning flight was moved because it was constantly sinking, it sat on a mud berth which was dredged as an experiment due to the mercury levels in the mud. the maintenance on the boat was not worth while and she took up space from which the hire fleet could be run. as it happens the yard was not viable due to the lack of car park and the hassle of ferrying everything to and from the staithe. the diesel delivery in particular was a worry and we didn't think that the delivery hose over the river could be ignored much longer. Personally I loved being sent over there to work, the place had a lovely feel to it but it was a way of life more than a business.
  6. If i remember correctly we sold it to a Naval museum who raised it by wrapping her in polythene then decided it was a bad idea so passed it on to someone else, the BA told them they needed insurance before it could be taken onto the main river.
  7. Hi, I don't think he bought the launches with him, As for my Baby Betty, i don't think it will be quite finished but who knows!
  8. Hi Dan, If you want one i could put the price up a bit...
  9. I rook this a few weeks ago on Ranorth. we get out on her a fair bit.
  10. Hi Davydine, We don't replace as many as we remove
  11. Mainly available around October time, there are better pictures on the holiday website. https://www.richardsonsboatsales.net Enjoy!
  12. I couldn't get far back enough to get the whole boat in but this is on the River Lea with West Ham stadium in the background.
  13. Brooke marine sold boat kits so they were not all built at the yard. Phoenix Yard in Potter Heigham have recently taken a mould from a Brooke and put a keel on it, there is a Brooke launch for sale on Facebook market place
  14. we fit quite a few at Horning, ring Jason for a quote 01692 630614
  15. my Grandad had a schooner named 'Wildflower' he stripped the copper off the bottom and gave it to the sea scouts who wreaked it on Corton?beach.. I have a photo of it somewhere going through Mutford lock..
  16. years ago blakes operators seemed to assume that their boats were slightly better than Hoseasons, when the two combined there was some discomfort but I think we all soon realised that the common goal was much the same .. ( i may be wrong)
  17. well to be fair , where i am there are pictures which show the quay heading about 7-10 inches below where it was in the 1950s/60s i don't thin the land is sinking,,,;
  18. Rickos have a 2019 version, to be fair, the majority of bookings are via the Net but we have a shed load of other info in the brochure and other literature which when you consider the cost of the other publications we do it makes sense to combine them, hopefully our customers and the wider broads users find it useful
  19. Thanks for all the comments, he was a incredible person I was lucky enough to spend so much time with , he was an inspiration and will continue to be.
  20. we don't often have a problem at Ludham with the taller boats so should be ok, hopefully the first will be launched in time for the peak season next year, so we are not taking bookings just yet, the daybooks should be electric, we are building 3 as we moulded a different 3 for a Thames fleet, the sheer line is a refit , all for Fineway.
  21. Hi, Airdraft if looking to be about 8'4" as for windows, bonded are best but the sliders are not always very big due to the amount of border they need, the hoppers we designed seem to be ok but we will see what we need and what works where, there is plans to have decent hull vents which we can duct to wherever needs be.. electric boats are not the future, (yet!)
  22. we use lithium batteries on the RF45 for domestics, they charge quicker and give nearly 100% until they switch off. we put anything on the engine as you don't need a special battery to start a modern engine.
  23. its 38 foot long and should be a comfortable 4 berths without the 'coffin berths' I don't care if you are old fashioned because i know you will like the finished job as its going to be another cracking boat from us,!
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