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  1. Hockham Admiral

    Just Saying Hi And Thanks For Letting Me Join [emoji3]

    Welcome from another one!
  2. Hockham Admiral

    Next Forum Meet?

    Welcome aboard, Sazzajn. The next one is at Beccles over the late August Bank Holiday:
  3. Hockham Admiral

    Regular Maintenance

    We used Peachments to service our Nanni 50 and Beta Genny and they would check belts and impellers each annul service, replacing where necessary. It helped that I took the impellers off when not intending to use the engine(s) for a month or so and kept the belts at correct tension (+/- 0.5 ins?).
  4. Hockham Admiral

    New Member Saying Hello

    A Warm "Welcome Aboard" the Good Ship NBN, sheephead and Bill.
  5. Hockham Admiral

    Are You, Like Me, A Fat Pig?

    Although it's a B way to do it I can recommend a double knee op to lose weight! Last October I was hovering around 17 stone but after my first knee replacement I didn't feel like eating much and couldn't get to the Hockham Eagle lunch and evening times. I gave up cooked breakfasts and suppers and now have one cooked (teatime) meal a day. 3 months later and my second knee op (far too soon, by the way) continued this all again. I've now been a steady 14 stone 7 lbs for the last 2-3 months! I recently found a box of folded clothes I put away many, many years ago... now I've got a new wardrobe! (BTW, I'm 6ft 2ins)
  6. Hockham Admiral

    No. 1 When You Were Born...

    "Could You Please Oblige Us with a Bren Gun?" written and composed by Noël Coward.
  7. Hockham Admiral

    Spring Gathering May 2018 - Names here, please

    And our Grandson's wedding, which is why we won't be there. Have a Great Time, ya'll!
  8. Hockham Admiral

    Advice For A Newby Please

    John, Hello from us and a warm welcome aboard the Good Ship NBN!
  9. Hockham Admiral

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    We didn't hire one, it was our own, so we weren't responsible for our own choices in hiring an all electric boat. The generator had an underwater exhaust and was very quiet but we still respected the other peeps. When built they were avoiding a gas installation, hence the genny. Propulsion was by Nanni.
  10. Hockham Admiral

    Burgh Castle Moorings

    Unfortunately, in an all-electric boat, for your early morning cuppa or late night chocolate, you need to boil an (electric) kettle. That means either running your generator or being plugged in.
  11. Hockham Admiral

    Newbie Requires Help

    Welcome aboard the Good Ship NBN, Donnyboy! (We had an 8ft 9ins airdraft boat and never had a problem when it was less than half tide).
  12. Hockham Admiral


    Welcome aboard, Twosaints, and I'm sure that you will enjoy your times here!
  13. Hockham Admiral


    A warm welcome aboard the Good Ship NBN, Lesandcol.
  14. Hockham Admiral

    Hi!, I Am Still Here!

    And so very good to hear from you again, Mate!
  15. Hockham Admiral

    Forum Behaviour

    The above will also apply to "likes" I've assumed.

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