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  1. It's a bloody good job that you don't drink alcohol, then, Neil!
  2. And from us too! (We had hoped to surprise you all but it wasn't to be; perhaps next year if I've totally recovered my balance after my double-knee ops last year). Have a Great Time!
  3. Enjoy your Roast Beef, Steak or Burger today!
  4. 1sostatic, Hi. A warm welcome aboard the good ship NBN and I look forward so to hearing about your Dad. Is Mum (June) still with us? Your Dad had a big influence on my subsequent aircrew career when I transferred to the front seat! Neil, do you know which Sqn John Willis was on and was he P, N or AEO? Sorry to be late in answering but I've been away a few days.
  5. I can't remember where I first saw/read this but does it still apply nowadays? "Rules were meant for the obedience of fools and the guidance of wise men"
  6. During our years on Friday Girl on the Broads we only ever left all the windows ajar and internal doors wedged open throughout the winters. We had absolutely no problems with moisture and never even took the bedding home!
  7. A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Dave.
  8. A warm" Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Andy.
  9. It would have been Iain's 70th today. I miss my dear old friend deeply.
  10. 30 dB is certainly impressive, Charlie! The table shows dB to signal gain values... x 1000! dB value times by +30 dB 1000 +20 dB 100 16 dB 40 13 dB 20 10 dB 10 9 dB 8 8 dB 6.31 7 dB 5.01 6 dB 4 5 dB 3.16 4 dB 2.51 3 dB 2 2 dB 1.58 1 dB 1.26 0 dB 1
  11. A warm welcome aboard the good ship NBN, Frank. Let's hope that's the end of your troubles this year!
  12. We're having a goose tomorrow (my favourite) instead of the usual variations of Beef Wellington or Turkey or Rib of Beef on the Bone. We cooked a shoulder of gammon yesterday and what's left after evening sarnies and cooked brerakfasts will go out on Boxing day! Boxing Day is our "waifs & strays" day from around the village and it's cold cuts, baked potato and Winter salad (red and white cabbage, carrots, onions, sprouts and whatever else we may have. All shredded together with a little mustard powder and icing sugar and sprinkled with cider or white wine vinegar). I normally make that tomorrow morning to let it absorb the vinegar and it's still crunchy the next day. I personally add some mayo to mine but Mary-Jane prefers hers neat! We're trying out three new (to us) gins over the next week but still have the staple Gordons and Bombay Saphire to fall back on. A Very Happy Christmas to you all from misty Norfolk.
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