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  1. Clive, Hi. Golly Gosh... I wish that we still had a boat! John R
  2. What a beautiful story, Robin, and such a truly magnificent ending! John
  3. Welcome aboard the good ship NBN, Malcolm
  4. We were waiting for the tide to go up the Bure and took a trip down to the sea for an hour.
  5. It's so good to see marine firms comimg to and expanding in Norfolk. Although these aren't Broads boats it shows a belief in the county's vast experience in boatbuilding. https://www.edp24.co.uk/business/yacht-builder-in-wroxham-and-ashmanhaugh-recruits-1-6755866?fbclid=IwAR01e7LSomzwT9mmBDMe8FPL8YgYp2TVoy9nLk0dNUAvBjvo7HLhn0htMPA
  6. Because it maximises income.........
  7. I've just read through the EDP article (twice) and it certainly didn't depress me. All the precautions are temporary measures designed for our own safety. Although we certainly won't be going out this weekend we are planning a visit to the Ford (Larling Angel) next weekend. And yes, with all the afore mentioned restrictions, two friends and our dogs will hope to bask in the sunshine and enjoy a friendly, cheering pint of the Best! (Our beloved Hockham Eagle has decided not to reopen just yet; they have two children, a 2 year old and a 2 month old). We shall raise a glass to all old pals luckily out on the Broads!
  8. Andy, I'm truly saddened to hear that, especially how in recent years you seem to have turned around Freedom. I always attempt to read your posts and you have been ever-helpful to so many of us with your kindness an excellent tips on "how-to-do-its". Our very best wishes on whichever path you choose to tread next .
  9. Well said, Ian! Our mutual problem is that lockdown is endless until a vaccine is produced; in my case age and Mary-Jane's health problems. I can't see any return to whatever was normal until such vaccine arrives and tolerance returns to our streets.
  10. That's really very good as the current average price for red diesel is 50p/L and the Fuel Duty 58p/L is everywhere. Well done SS!
  11. And you don't need to iron anything as no-one is likely to notice!
  12. So very well written, John. Thank you. Both Iain and Alan were good friends of mine and and your final sentence says it all for me. To them both I offer a toast for a life well-lived.
  13. I was reminiscing about the huge variety of pubs we are lucky enough to have on the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads when I came across this pic of the dog and his Boss. Anyone like to fill in the details?
  14. D46, you may or not know that Maxwellian was the only Member who offered to take on the "ownership" of the NBN when Jonzo had finally had enough of us all. Without that commitment I doubt we would still be here. And yes, I do know what I am talking about, because I was the Chief Moderator then and even I refused to take it on with all the associated aggrevation. With these thoughts in mind perhaps you might "moderate" your tone of posts, please?
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