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  1. I'm using Vista and Windows Photo Gallery on my laptop and want to reduce pics to 1600 x 1600 or less for the Forum. At home I use XP and WPG and it's simple but on my laptop I just can't find the instruction to reduce the pixels; all it lets me do is crop. Any suggestions, please? :oops: I put this in Technical Discussions but I'm not sure if it won't get more views (and hopefully the answer!) here.
  2. I'm using Vista and Windows Photo Gallery on my laptop and want to reduce pics to 1600 x 1600 or less for the Forum. At home I use XP and WPG and it's simple but on my laptop I just can't find the instruction to reduce the pixels; all it lets me do is crop. Any suggestions, please? :oops: I put this in Technical Discussions but I'm not sure if it won't get more views (and hopefully the answer!) here.
  3. I'm using Vista and Windows Photo Gallery on my laptop and want to reduce pics to 1600 x 1600 or less for the Forum. At home I use XP and WPG and it's simple but on my laptop I just can't find the instruction to reduce the pixels; all it lets me do is crop. Any suggestions, please?
  4. Thanks, Rod. Yes, that's about the end of the shake down cruises, totalling 23 days so far! You may remember we had a bow-thruster and hydraulic steering fitted before we bought her? So it's easy on the wheel now! Will try to meet up in July over that Summer meet at WRC; I think you will be somewhere nearby? (i.e. on the Southern Broads?).
  5. Perry, Hi Yes, unfortunately our mooring there just wouldn't manage a 12ft beam......
  6. Rachel and Ads (Adam) are due to arrive at 12.00 and actually make it... must be a record! Stow their overnight gear and we're off to Coldham Hall, whose moorings are empty, for some Humpty Dumpty, 'Reedcutters' I think. And jolly good it is! The girls manage with Aspalls cider. I take Jim for a walk and then it's time to head up-river to the Surlingham Ferry, where we've booked a mooring and an evening meal. Moored up ontime and now it's Wherrytime again! Back onboard a good bit later, after feeding two visiting swans, me for a snooze and others to take Jim for a walk. A really good meal at the Ferry; I am brave and try the rib-eye.......... it is superb, about the best I've ever tasted! Well done you all at the Ferry! Monday I'm up early again and clear away the debris from yesterday while enjoying a refreshing cuppa! Rachel and Ads are up and about by 09.00; so we set off for Brundall. Rachel helms, she's a natural and steers small. We tie up at Bells and tidy up before our short journey home. It's only been a short break but what a lovely time we've had. Good company, food and drinks! We can't wait until the next time!!!
  7. Thanks to you all so far with the nice comments. Now waiting for Rachel to bring me the CD of all the pics she took at Surlingham. Sorry, Paul, not about now until early May. Can you make the Spring Meet?
  8. Saturday A beautiful calm morning, looks like a good day ahead. Forecast is good for today and better for tomorrow! Jim out for a run at 07.15 (late today) and then back to the boat to find Alice up and about. Brew a cuppa and make scrambled eggs on toast for us both. Then fetch the Saturday EDP for Mary-Jane. Out with the sowing machine and attach Velcro to the new port and starboard cabin forward front and side curtains which, along with all the others, I'd made the week or so previously. (Rod, I remember Jeckells quoted you £800 or so for them all? Well, the materials cost me £75 and it took me three days of non-intensive labour to machine them all up!). Have to move the Velcro bits on the window-frame here and there but eventually got them to fit smoothly. The old ones were fitted with studs and never did hang properly. That's the beauty of Velcro, you can put an extra-wide bit on the window frame and then move the curtain to fit. Quite thirsty now but we have to wait for Alice's Mum to pick her up at 12.30. Find Alice on Ken and Rose's boat lovingly handling their African Grey parrot... brave girl! It can mimic them so well that they seldom know who's calling who!!! Alice's Mum arrives and has time for a coffee and to admire the new boat. I took the whole family out last summer in the old boat in a F3-4 out of Lowestoft and they haven't been too keen to go out again... (they did ASK to go out!!!) A lazy afternoon in the sun with one side of the sliding roof open which keeps the N'ly wind out and lets the hot sun in. Manage a vino or three each. 19.30 and we arrive at the Red Herring for another memorable meal. I am in low-key mode and ask for their special cheeseburger (Philistine, I know). It is excellent; one of the best I've tasted in a long career of burger debauchery..... Mary-Jane asks for something exotic which looks and tastes good but she doesn't care for the sauce on it. Home for an early night as we are leaving early tomorrow morning. Hope to be away before 07.30 to take the ebb to St Olave's and then the flood from Reedham to Brundall. Sunday I'm up and about at 06.15 and take Jim for his morning constitutional. Then have lovely cuppa and a cheese and onion toasty to get me going. Unhitch electrics and cast off at 07.20. What a beautiful morning! Hardly anything about and the first boat I see moving is 'Janet' down the New Cut. Also see the Marsh Harrier again with a stick in its mouth. Pass through Reedham and see this big Alpha with LOTS of men onboard.. wave at them and they respond! A mile past the Ferry and I'm suddenly aware of a shape behind my port ear! It's them again, now at 09.30, and they're mostly stood on the roof with cannies.... Get into Brundall at 10.55 and moor outside Bells to wait for our next passengers.
  9. We were crossing the North Sea returning from Flushing in our Antares 760 (25ft, single Volvo TAMD 41P). Some would say foolhardy but we had previously spent 25 years cruising the Channel and North Sea under sail and power. We crossed over every year from '06 to '09 and that was the only calm crossing we had. All of the other times there was no way we could have even stood up, let alone take the pic! We gave up sea passages late last year and now cruise the Broads. I must say it was a great delight when I drove 15tons of Junior Service aluminium into one of your ships one day in the North Sea! : :
  10. Friday Wake up to a foggy morn! Really beautiful and now flat calm. Take Jim for a walk at 07.00 and then back for first cuppa... Jim likes one too! 10.00 and girls still asleep. Mop boat down without waking them! Next-door boat departs and it's shaping up to be a better day. Alice up and has cheesy scrambled eggs and toast with a glass of juice; I survive with a cheese and onion toasty... Mary-Jane has tea and toast in bed. Lunchtime and all off for a walk which ends up at the 'Lady' where I'm getting a taste for the Wherry. Alice buys TWO large packets of Cheesy Quavers and sets down to demolish them. This eleven year old can eat! Afternoon walks with Jim and then it's off to the Lady for tea. Alice has the all-day breakfast and lots of my chips while Mary-Jane has a very good gammon steak. I have the rib-eye steak but I think it must have come from the same butcher who supplied the Reedham Ferry last year... it looks and tastes like a bit of beaten-flat rump . Unusually no-one comes to ask how our meals are... We haven't been back to the Ferry since.............
  11. Thursday, 15th April Planned to be away from home by 09.30 but make it by 09.15... good omen for the rest of the week? Alice, an 11 year old who adopted us as Grandparents two years ago, and Jim, our dog are coming too. Stop of for fuel en-route but arrive at Bells just before 10.00. It's 29 miles from home to boat. Load food and drinks, well alcoholic, actually, (the drinks) and make Friday Girl all ship-shape and ready to go. Alice very excited and happy to wear her life-jacket. Give her an extra Easter Egg we had and say “That's your lot for today!â€. Slip our moorings at 10.15 (we don't hang around!) and set off against the flood for Oulton Broad. Very little traffic; all the pubs along the river to Reedham are deserted apart from the odd one or two hire-boats. Using revs for 5mph in still water we are making 4.3 mph GPS as we enter the New Cut and that then immediately goes up to 5.7mph so back a bit to stick to the 5mph limit... “Boat close astern†from Mary-Jane and I look aft to see an old Broom cruiser, 'Nikerma', approaching rapidly. Move well over to starbd to let him pass and we are both surprised at the speed with which he does... 'Nikerma disappears ahead leaving a good wake and exits the cut long before we approach the canal boats/new road bridge. Not to worry as we then see what we believe to be a Marsh Harrier! With the flood now with us we make good time to Somerleyton where we find 'Nikerma' waiting for the bridge!!! Can't help but smile as we motor serenely by... At last approaching Oulton Yacht Station and again we see the big bow wave as the intrepid 'Nikerma' attempts to beat us to the moorings. Doesn't bother us as we have booked a stern-on mooring already. Stern to the pontoon takes two attempts as the NNE'ly is quite fresh and the gap's not much wider than we are! No-one to assist initially as Peter and Gerry are away in Lowestoft mending beach-huts... Waveney lost a couple of hire-boat customers who just couldn't cope with the wind and departed for pastures new! Moored up and electrics connected by 14.30 and it's tot-time! (Sorry, Barry). Well, glasses actually... cool wine for Mary-Jane, Juice for Alice, water for Jim and a large G & T for me! Later we walk up to the Red Herring to check our Saturday night booking is OK; well, that's my excuse... Nice tea which Mary-Jane pre-cooked at home, just the pasta to boil and the Bol Sauce to microwave up. After we'd all had enough Alice finishes the rest with gusto!! Mary-Jane and Alice settle down in front of the TV and Jim and I head off to the Lady of the Lake for further liquid refreshments........ (More to follow plus the pics.)
  12. Lovely story, Donny.. it's made me decide to start a write up on our four days over Thursday, Friday and last weekend. Hope to get more pics from friends who joined us onboard Sun/Mon before I post.
  13. Yes, I had heard about it, Paul but I'm still interested in other options! I can't find their advert for this service and what they offer.. where did you see the ad, please?
  14. Thanks, Lou and Baz. Boulters seem a good deal and we've checked their website which is very informative. Have a super time at Easter, Lou.. the RNSYC will be old hat for you two! xxx to Lou!
  15. Does anyone out there have details of any "break-down" schemes for boats on the Broads, please? (Names, costs, phone numbers?). No, we don't anticipate anything but we do like to "be prepared"!
  16. [/quote] No need John http://www.makefast.com/sprayhood_section/internal_end_plugs.asp
  17. Yes, they look just the job, many thanks... err, now where do I get bits of s/s tube flattened at one end?
  18. Thanks, Jim and to make it easier to understand what I'm after here's a couple of pics of the bars in question: The front ones may even be 1.5ins dia.
  19. Can anyone help, please? We need two burgee jack-staffs/jack-poles/flagpoles to fit our 1.25ins diameter front rails or two that will fit 45degs angled grab-handles aft which are 1ins dia. (The ones at Norfolk Marine will only go up to 1ins max dia and will only fit horizontal rails).They need to be 18ins or so in length. I spent over an hour yesterday on the web trying to source some to no avail.
  20. Mark, Hi I've downloaded it but when I click on the desktop icon it comes up with "Message" and below that "This is a non-activated version" ... sorry but my computer skills are pretty basic! John
  21. Pete, Hi I downloaded this but is there anyway I can get out of paying the $$$'s to use it just once? John
  22. I must have had a memory loss, Paul... didn't know it that was that late when we fell on-board! I wondered why there was some discussion as to whether you were both coming out at Oulton Broad! Sorreeeeeeee
  23. John (HA) was getting them in but the much loved HD had ran out and was in the process of being replaced. I was dithering a bit on what else to have when John (who has lost none of his military bearing despite it being a while now since he was in the RAF) Stuck his pint of Brains SA Gold in front of me and said "Just get that down you". Now anyone who has been in any form of quasi military type organisation will well know one does not refuse a direct order immediatley obeyed albeit with great trepadation. Rod, Hi It's actually 30 years ago since I departed Her Majesty's Flying Cub! And for the next 22 I was in the Merchant Aeronautical Branch tramping around the world in search of cargo! Great story, I've done mine all at once and must try to do better next time! Many thanks for the lift to Burgh castle and return; I didn't know you had trained as a rally-driver as well as your other talents! You'll remember this?
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