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  1. Griff said: So I am leaving it at that. I have thanked him for his timely remarks and he did his best with interviewing his staff, even though imho they were being economical with the truth. No need to flog a dead horse. Robin is of course aware of the communications I have been carrying out. I have invited said operations manage to have a read of this thread and make comment if he wishes too. If nothing else, I would hope that me getting onto Peel will hopefully sharpen up the staff that operate the bridge into being somewhat more on the ball and not taking us leisure craft for granted, otherwise they will suffer yet another internal investigation. Eventually some mud will stick. There isn't and never has been smoke without fire. I think that really sums it up, doesn't it? Congratulations to you, Charlie on getting so far and keeping us updated throughout this sorry saga.
  2. A very warm Welcome Aboard the good ship, NBN, Jacquie. You certainly haven't (and won't) bore us here!
  3. In future Moderators' posts may be taken to be Moderator hat off, unless preambled with "MOD HAT ON"
  4. Common sense surely says that the ages of the children are the defining factor and a blanket veto doesn't make any sense, does it?
  5. Ricardo, Hi. Don't worry on our behalf, please, we're quite used to Fish-heads and Pongos having a gentle dig at the youngest service! John (ex HMFC Buccaneer driver)
  6. I found it an informative and interesting article, John, and I fully agree with JohnK's post above.
  7. A very warm , Chris! What an interesting opening post. I'm sure that you will find lots of like-minded peeps here only too pleased to share Broads stories with you.
  8. That's exactly what they've done at Harling Road, just down the road from us on the way to the St George's Distillery!
  9. It certainly is, Chris. Now where's the birds?
  10. A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN from us too, Katie.
  11. Thanks, John. Sorry that I misunderstood you.
  12. I agree with John. Surely visitors from anywhere are a bonus for local business?
  13. John, hi. It can be moved into full members if Vaughan, Robin & Griff wish?
  14. I didnt know that, Vaughan. Was it built at Hethel?
  15. Haven bridge was always a problem in our yachting days (1985 - 2005) and Robin mentioned the tremendous tides both in speed and height range which kept him up most of the night. The average air height at high tide is quoted as 9ft 6ins and our next boat, Friday Girl 3, had 8ft 10ins. So we were able to go directly underneath on return from abroad to Goodchilds and later Bells in Brundall.
  16. Steve, hi, I did see that. It shows the sequence from booster detachment to landing on the vid and explains that the central one ran out of fuel before it landed on the ship.
  17. I don't know about today but pre 2010 we used to arrive back in our mooring at the RNSYC in Lowestoft at any old time day or night. No-one knew if we'd come from Ipswich or Den Helder and certainly very few asked, apart from "Had a good trip?"
  18. What super news, Peter! It was so nice to see so many new and old members posting too.
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