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  1. Dave, Hi If they're still open this year give Tracey (or John, the owner) a call at the Wroxham Tap. I did an article on it in "Places to Visit and Moor in the Norfolk Broads area" last year on 29th June.
  2. Yes, Bill. Just fill a small plastic bag and tie it around the shower head with a bag tie...
  3. Dave, Hi Quite so and I solved that by tying a plastic bag full of vinegar around what I wanted to de-scale. Also there's no-way it will damage aluminium alloys as something stronger might.
  4. Absolutely... I use it to clean glasses, vases and anything else which comes into contact with hard water over an extended period
  5. In bygone days I used to use vinegar; being acidic it eats lime-scale away a breeze. Pickling variety is best as it's 6% acidic rather than the 3 (ish) % of normal vinegar.
  6. Well, how far off tangent are you going???............
  7. Rod, Hi If you'd seen the state my head was in when Jax took butterfly stitches to it you'd probably have given up on me!!! I had to drink many large glasses of Gordons' Expectorant to get back on an even keel....
  8. With the price of metals today, Andy, I think UPVC may be cheaper!
  9. Jax, Hi Just bring a spare hard hat and a large glass!!!
  10. And it also means we can have the canopies up AND open the doors!!!
  11. Those of you who were at the Spring Meet last year will no doubt remember the damage I did to my head on Friday Girl's old metal doors! (Thanks again, Julz!). So, with the fitting of canopies forward and aft at the end of last season, and the need for the doors to now open inwards, we took the plunge and talked with several UPVC companies. After several enquiries, Eastern Windows, 50 yards from our moorings at Bells, were the most helpful and competitive. They were also most helpful with several sensible suggestions we probably wouldn't have thought of! The doors are made in 70mm UPVC and are both solid and nice to look at! And yes, David, I will remove the old catch when the weather is more conducive to re-gelling!
  12. Not up to speed on this, David... will it adversely affect my Nanni 50, do you know???
  13. Wayne, Hi I don't see why you can't (but I'll probably be contradicted) substitute the thermal fuse with a simple in-line one at very much reduced cost. No way can I see why the eber is powered by the cranking battery. The cranking battery is designed to do just that (crank) and NOT to power a domestic device...
  14. Wombat, Hi.... And your wife (ex?) still wants to come boating???
  15. Sorry, Paul, didn't know YOU were coming as well!
  16. What a joy to read such a simple uncomplicated story with a happy ending!! Well done, Mate!
  17. That's a goodie, thanks, Howard! Now I only need to work out how to attend onboard Friday Girl AND get a decent night's sleep at Riverside! Any suggestions???
  18. Andy and Sally, Hi What an awful experience... we do hope there's not any lasting damage to the mechanics/electrics. I regret that we no longer are moored on a floating pontoon where you can keep your lines short enough to, at least, stop her sinking that far...
  19. Paul, Hi You can pre-register and you will get a completely new licence number (and letters); You stick them to your transom and both forward quarters. You will need a Safety Certificate and Insurance. Don't see why you should drain anything; just close all the sea cocks before or after you lift her. Dis-connect batteries to be safe. Hope all goes well with your move; any pics of the boat?
  20. Rod, Hi Many thanks for your informative and erudite answer! My answer to your last question "Many in shipping are now asking the question of the airlines as to what exactly they are doing to clean up their act.Sorry could not resist the last bit " is... Not a lot!
  21. It's the 13th, Mate... but the Very Best of Luck!
  22. I found this interesting article in "theENGINEER" and although it doesn't have a lot to do with our propulsion methods it is indicative of the considerable efforts going into giving us a greener atmosphere: http://www.theengineer.co.uk/in-depth/t ... ue#Scene_1 Have you come across anything powered by LNG, Rod?
  23. And it works!!! Brian, lots and lots of thanks for such a simple super tool! I don't know where you guys find 'em but I'm only to happy to get them!!!
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