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  1. What a joy to read such a simple uncomplicated story with a happy ending!! Well done, Mate!
  2. That's a goodie, thanks, Howard! Now I only need to work out how to attend onboard Friday Girl AND get a decent night's sleep at Riverside! Any suggestions???
  3. Andy and Sally, Hi What an awful experience... we do hope there's not any lasting damage to the mechanics/electrics. I regret that we no longer are moored on a floating pontoon where you can keep your lines short enough to, at least, stop her sinking that far...
  4. Paul, Hi You can pre-register and you will get a completely new licence number (and letters); You stick them to your transom and both forward quarters. You will need a Safety Certificate and Insurance. Don't see why you should drain anything; just close all the sea cocks before or after you lift her. Dis-connect batteries to be safe. Hope all goes well with your move; any pics of the boat?
  5. Rod, Hi Many thanks for your informative and erudite answer! My answer to your last question "Many in shipping are now asking the question of the airlines as to what exactly they are doing to clean up their act.Sorry could not resist the last bit " is... Not a lot!
  6. It's the 13th, Mate... but the Very Best of Luck!
  7. I found this interesting article in "theENGINEER" and although it doesn't have a lot to do with our propulsion methods it is indicative of the considerable efforts going into giving us a greener atmosphere: http://www.theengineer.co.uk/in-depth/t ... ue#Scene_1 Have you come across anything powered by LNG, Rod?
  8. And it works!!! Brian, lots and lots of thanks for such a simple super tool! I don't know where you guys find 'em but I'm only to happy to get them!!!
  9. I can't agree more as these new electrical management systems can be a nightmare for an amateur. However I'd still take up Mark's kind offer first!! Mark said: difficult to pinpoint anything definite Adam, but try the simple stuff first. Check all the wires that were disconnected when I removed the dud battery have been put back on (I remember there were 4 negative leads on the one terminal on the knackered battery), just incase one had dropped behind the battery box. If you want me to pop over with my voltmeter any time Adam, just let me know and at least we could try to find anything simple.
  10. Any chance any of you WHOMPERS can come down to Bells in the morning to help???
  11. What a shocking story! (So sorry, that wasn't an intentional one ). When we bought Friday Girl a year ago I installed several new 240V sockets and wired in the immersion heater. I then had a friend who is a qualified electrician run a check on it and he passed it all as safe and, if anything, over-engineered!
  12. Do you know something you're not telling us?
  13. Just back from Brundall where I went to prepare Friday Girl for NYE... couldn't get onboard as she was surrounded by ice 2-3ins thick; so I couldn't pull her in to the pontoon... Doesn't look good for Coldham Hall at the moment and it's very foggy there (and forecast to stay so) with the temperature about 2degs...
  14. Ever the optimist, I note that the forecast for next Tuesday (both Norwich and Lowestoft) is +6/+6........... let's hope!!!
  15. With the temps about or just above freezing, perhaps you might reconsider? At Brundall the marina is now OK.
  16. Lovely pics, Mark ....... let's hope the weather at Coldham Hall is a little more hospitable next week!!
  17. Rod, Hi I completely agree with that. Here in Gt Hockham, just 20 miles from Brundall (as the crow flies) we had temps consistantly down to -9 to -10 overnight recently. I'm not too sure that a small greenhouse heater would have sufficed anyway.....
  18. Lori, Hi Yes,it was mentioned on a recent topic.
  19. "Standing Charge"??? Don't they charge enough for your mooring, then?
  20. Brian, Hi Welcome from us, too. Where will you be mooring her?
  21. Welcome, Heather..... you actually talk???
  22. Barry, Hi To give you an idea, our Antares 760, with the 200bhp TAM-D 41P, used 27L/hr at 15kts... i.e. 2.5nmpg. (LWL 23ft and 9.5ft beam weighing 3.5 tonnes). So I'd be somewhat surprised if you get as much as you were told...
  23. David, Hi It takes a bit of reading but is well worth the effort! It also reinforces the complaints I made earlier this year about the sighting of diesel heater exhaust outlets on the new , higher-level, Broads Hire cruisers. The one we were next to, at the New Inn, had it's exhaust directly pointing into our galley windows... When they started it up it literally choked us within a few minutes and we had to abandon the boat for a while. Fortunately this happened in mid morning; I dread to think of the consequences if it had been at night whilst we were asleep.......
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