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  1. Dan, Hi That's an impressive write-up on Magical Time but I see they're not taking bookings until July..... I wonder why?
  2. Rob, Hi It's necessary to point out that there are frequent noticeboards which say "Slippery when wet". they are, in fact very slippery and nigh on dangerous at night. In the winter, when frozen, they ARE dangerous........ at least the bloody geese have been penned up..... I recently asked David Archer to consider putting chicken wire down all along the walkways.....
  3. But now I've installed the English Dictionary it does!!!
  4. Thanks, David. I did install it but it doesn't work with firefox, which is my preferred browser.
  5. James, Hi When I post a reply it used to underline any errors in both my words and the ones I had quoted.(As in yours above). Perhaps it's this new laptop but I've tried eveything to do with 'spell-check' and can't get it back.
  6. Seems to me that yoo dont need it John, cos I can sea thears nuffin rong wiv yor spelin Dave David and Dave, both............ : I doo now how tu spel but im komputr dislexik and mayk lots ov mistayks............
  7. I posted this in the members' area but so far no replies.... any help here, please? I've notissed that the spell-chekker isn't working.... :naughty: How do I get it bak on, pleez?
  8. You're not wrong there! http://www.metoffice.gov.uk/weather/mar ... thForeland Are you bringing your boat up here again?
  9. Sorry, James. I can now see your meaning.......... We came from Somerleyton to Wroxham yesterday and it was a very long flog... I timed it to be at the Vauxhall bridges by LW +1.15 and we still had an ebb up the Bure unitl after Acle... despite the fact that at the Breydon bridge it was in flood already.......... Where are you aiming for on Friday?
  10. Is that significant, James? I mean, the Bash isn't until Saturday....
  11. Jimbo, Hi Are you about in the next couple of weeks? I'd really like to meet up to see the camera and hear all your views on it.
  12. OMG, Mark. I DID look through the topics and thought this was OK......... sorreeeeeeeeeeee It must be great to ........................
  13. http://www.trustedreviews.com/digital-c ... umix-G2/p1 I've just read this review and the G2 does sound impressive for me, a rank amateut photagrapher. Will it suitme? (I don't have a video camera).
  14. Here goes, then: 1xDeep Fried Brie Wedges, 1xCalamari Hoops, 1x8oz Gammon, 1xSteak and Mushroom pie. Thanks, Barry. ps. Still not got those Breydon pics yet..........
  15. Would Sutton Staithe like us all to pre-order, Barry?
  16. Watch out, you Salties! http://www.edp24.co.uk/content/edp24/ne ... 3A37%3A650
  17. Thanks, Jill That's what I'd hoped was happening...
  18. Barry, Hi I thought the plan was to eat at the Sutton Staithe Hotel and you were doing a block booking??? Puzzled of Hockham
  19. Ditto us, Richard, and we'll share a taxi back if you wish!
  20. Jim, Hi I guess it's a fair bet you will as, being a Saturday, it's fair likely that most hire-boats will be changing over.... let's hope so, anyway!
  21. Pete, Hi Look forward to seeing you both! THAT jumper.............. it reminds me of when we flew for Southern Air Cargo (aka the CIA's private Air Force) in the 80's....... We had T-shirts given us that said: "Admit Nothing Deny Everything Make Counter Accusations" But that's another story!!
  22. Sorry to be late in replying but I always use a hot-air gun or an hair-dryer to remove stickers. no problems!
  23. Julz, Hi We're so sorry to hear that and hope all goes well. My scabs finally fell of last Thursday and unfortunately I have another from today..... But NOT from the door-frame. this time the door-handle...........
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