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  1. Nigel and Julie, Hi I'm not too sure about libel laws and so I won't name the one I wouldn't use again... but it's the one fitted as new to our Beneteau Antares 760! It doesn't have a shear-pin fitted and when we ingested a passing rope it bent the shaft and we had to have a replacement. (about £1000...). It relies on the fuse blowing but this obviously didn't happen quickly enough. BTW it's a good idea to keep a spare fuse for your B/T as they are not universally available. We had a Vetus B/T fitted to our previous boat by Goodchild Marine at Burgh Castle and they were very competitive with other yards we tried. With the B/T when mooring alongside we always motor astern into the prevailing wind/current. I then step off and tie down the stern and Mary-Jane just uses the B/T to bring the bow in for me to reach the fore-line. The following Utube links help. Good Luck!
  2. Thanks, Jill, here's another one. They were taken at Vlissingen (Flushing) last year in June when we spent a fortnight in Zeeland. We arrived via Shotley and Ramsgate overnighting and Blankenburg for refuelling. We had meant to stop off in Dunkirk but the weather was so gorgeous, calm seas and a following tide, that I pushed on to Blankenburg to refuel before continuing to Vlissingen (a mistake because fuel was cheaper in Holland than Belgium!). Entry to Vlissingen is quite easy directly from the sea except at LW +/- 2 hrs when the bar is restrictive. It's a lovely little seaside town and the marina used to be the fishing harbour. You can see some of the many bars and cafes in the background; some or most we managed to visit! We later motored on to Middelburg where we stayed for a week at the yacht club, meeting lots of old friends from previous years. Middelburg is another smashing place to visit and though we had meant to go further inland we found lots to do there. It finally took us about 6 hrs at cruising speed to get back to Lowestoft. With the £/Euro we are most likely to be found on the Broads this year!
  3. I met Mary-Jane on a blind date on a Friday in 1980! Hence "Friday Girl"! (present one is the third so-named).
  4. JM, Hi Coincidences! That must have been you overnight at the WRC moored next to us? We had a super time in the pub on NYE; not too many people but good music from the group and so very friendly faces. Also GCM where we will be moored this year after we come out for the rest of the winter tomorrow (at GCM). We were there in 1985 for a while and have had much work carried out by Alan and his team over the years... a top-class marine workshop, I don't think you will find better on the East Coast. Look forward to seeing you again in the Spring
  5. Again many thanks for all those helpful tips and suggestions. We were not making light of the passage problem and did do it previously in 1980. However we knew little or nothing in those days about boating; I was a recently retired pilot in the RAF, so navigation wasn't a problem but with only an aeronautical chart we set sail to Grimsby and later up the Humber to York. The trip to Grimsby was quite long as our boat then was a Colvic 30 capable of 8-10 kts; we didn't have any nav kit apart from a compass but I recollect it was a relatively calm day! The trip from Grimsby up to York took us all day and basically we just cruised up the river with a following tide until we arrived at the lock; then on to York. Coming home we came via Lincoln and had to part flood the bilge in order to get under the Glory Hole! Through the Wash was mainly foggy and we picked up a crab pot off Wells (but I had a wet-suit on board and managed to cut it free...). Ah, the stupidity of (relative) youth! But hopefully we have learned some lessons in the past 28 years boating, mainly sail but now motor, and the ideas gleaned from all the posts in reply to our topic have been most appreciated.
  6. So many thanks to you all for all that excellent advice. We have motored to Holland (yes, in a 25ft boat) many times and understand the problems of sea-passages; so up the coast to Grimsby won't be too daunting. All the www's have been so helpful and that's exactly why we joined this net. If it would be interesting we will post a short blog of our trip when we return? Good Boating in 2009 wherever you may go.
  7. Hi, folks, and a Happy New Year! Not strictly to do with the Broads except that we will start at Burgh Castle! Does anyone out there know where we can get pilots/charts for the upper Humber and Selby to York? Many Thanks
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