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  1. What a delightfull vid, Jean; it very well reminded me of our own long love affair with our Broads.
  2. A warm welcome aboard the good ship NBN, herman!
  3. A warm (!) "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Longjohn. Whatever you choose we hope that you have a great time.
  4. I do hope that that was intended as a "punny", Chris! This is supported by the BA, no less. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/lake-lothing-third-crossing-given-broads-committee-support-1-5685086
  5. Both my Grandfathers were gassed seperately in the Somme and neither lived beyond 50 years, Ian. So I wear my poppy with both Prida and Sadness that I never knew them.
  6. Some friends of ours are giving up there steel narrow boat and are intent on buying a Broads cruiser. They have seen a 35ft 1968 Ernest Collins "hybrid" (Glass hull, wooden superstructure) and have asked for my advice but unfortunately I have no experience of such a combination. So can anyone help, please, with things to look for which may affect one of these classics?
  7. The unfortunate thing in all of this is that we no longer have James' voice on the committee and will be the poorer for it.
  8. A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN from me too, cybercypher.
  9. Did they ever get around to refurbishing the toilets, does anyone know, please?
  10. Here's my comment under that Broads Blog: Hockham Admiral2 October 2018 at 10:27 Words fail me, James..... You have my utter admiration for standing up to this intolerable behaviour and thanks from us all. John Redford
  11. Here in mid-South-Norfolk we are exceedingly lucky in that our small village of some 650 inhabitants has a pub with SEVEN real ales. Yes, Howard, SEVEN! The Hockham Eagle has gone from strength to strength over the last few years since our landlord bought it from Punch. His pricings seem unique in that ALL his seven real ales cost £3.50... Whether it's Adnams Southwold, Woodfordes Wherry, GK Abbot or the new Adnams Two Bays. Here's a couple of pics from last night: Everything else (ciders, lagers & Guiness) is £3.80. Oh, and Ghostship non-alcoholic (0.5%) at £3.00!
  12. Sorry to leave it so late but Grandson, his Wife and our two Great Grandchildren have suddenly decided to visit with us for the weekend.................. Have a Great Time!
  13. I rang up a month ago and quoted NBN. No problems but only on the B&B rate nowadays. (They used to let you have it on DB&B).
  14. SEVEN different real ales and Adnams Ghost Ship non-alcoholic for the drivers! They have massive fans all over and it's been really cool in there!
  15. I've been hiding in the Hockham Eagle for a few months!
  16. It's Norfolk Day today, Peeps; so please raise a glass at mid-day (or whenever) to Nelson's County!
  17. Welcome aboard, Sazzajn. The next one is at Beccles over the late August Bank Holiday:
  18. We used Peachments to service our Nanni 50 and Beta Genny and they would check belts and impellers each annul service, replacing where necessary. It helped that I took the impellers off when not intending to use the engine(s) for a month or so and kept the belts at correct tension (+/- 0.5 ins?).
  19. A Warm "Welcome Aboard" the Good Ship NBN, sheephead and Bill.
  20. Although it's a B way to do it I can recommend a double knee op to lose weight! Last October I was hovering around 17 stone but after my first knee replacement I didn't feel like eating much and couldn't get to the Hockham Eagle lunch and evening times. I gave up cooked breakfasts and suppers and now have one cooked (teatime) meal a day. 3 months later and my second knee op (far too soon, by the way) continued this all again. I've now been a steady 14 stone 7 lbs for the last 2-3 months! I recently found a box of folded clothes I put away many, many years ago... now I've got a new wardrobe! (BTW, I'm 6ft 2ins)
  21. "Could You Please Oblige Us with a Bren Gun?" written and composed by Noël Coward.
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