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  1. And our Grandson's wedding, which is why we won't be there. Have a Great Time, ya'll!
  2. John, Hello from us and a warm welcome aboard the Good Ship NBN!
  3. We didn't hire one, it was our own, so we weren't responsible for our own choices in hiring an all electric boat. The generator had an underwater exhaust and was very quiet but we still respected the other peeps. When built they were avoiding a gas installation, hence the genny. Propulsion was by Nanni.
  4. Unfortunately, in an all-electric boat, for your early morning cuppa or late night chocolate, you need to boil an (electric) kettle. That means either running your generator or being plugged in.
  5. Welcome aboard the Good Ship NBN, Donnyboy! (We had an 8ft 9ins airdraft boat and never had a problem when it was less than half tide).
  6. Welcome aboard, Twosaints, and I'm sure that you will enjoy your times here!
  7. A warm welcome aboard the Good Ship NBN, Lesandcol.
  8. And so very good to hear from you again, Mate!
  9. The above will also apply to "likes" I've assumed.
  10. The Mods made this very obvious, Lou, not so long ago.
  11. Oh deary me............... Sorreeeeeeeeeeeee!
  12. It's just easing off here now in south-central Norfolk, Mark, so let's hope that you can all get out!
  13. Definitely "YES", Jean. Unfortunately there are those who will bang on about freedom of speech, etc. if the Mods choose to move the topic there.
  14. Katie, you are so, so right! Looking through the posts above has made my morning!
  15. Hear! Hear! Well said, Vaughan, and I heartily agree with your well expressed sentiments.
  16. Have you ever met Charlie, Grace? I think knickers in a twist would be a minor problem for this fine figure of manhood! John
  17. A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Drifter40!
  18. Bruce Hi and so good to hear from you again after 8 years or so! We are so pleased that Friday Girl has found such a good home. Just a passing thought but she will go under Wroxham at 6ft 6ins on the gauge and I once took her through at 6ft 3ins following the pilot in another Alpha 35. (This compares with BB's plating when we bought her as 6ft 10ins minimum!). I'm not too sure that I'd do that again! Any questions and I put my mobile number in a note to you yesterday with a couple of spare keys I just found. Please feel free to call any time between 08 - 23 but late mornings are most likely to find me.
  19. Thank you all very much, peeps, your kind words mean a lot. My second knee replacement operation comes on (2 months now) and we are wondering where next we'll go for more relaxation when I'm fully mobile again. The new owners are not forum members to my knowledge, Neil, but I've sent them an NBN business card!
  20. Friday Girl will be out with her new owners this weekend; so if you see her please give a wave as you go by!
  21. Where on Earth would they all moor downstream of the bridge?
  22. Mine has that problem, John, but in its case it's the G&T!
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