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  1. Vanessa, Hi. I saw this new nest box on another thread somewhere and I hope that the hawks will appreciate it . What time of day did you see the bird, please?
  2. I've stopped coming onto the forum at night-time since I stepped down as a Mod (when I felt that I had an obligation to do so) and so I'm quite flabbergasted by the last few pages which I've just read. I think that it's not so much to do with a glass or two but possibly the after effects of the day's adrenaline and aggravation coming into play. That coupled with perhaps being somewhat tired can lead one to typing words that one wouldn't probably use in direct conversation. A Moderator is faced with a very difficult decision; to do nothing and be criticised or to hide a post and then immediately be pilloried for being over-zealous and denying free speech.
  3. My new alloy and plastic knees shouldn't have that problem!
  4. Wise words from John and Steve indeed. I sincerely hope that you read them, Richard, and that we hear from you again.
  5. How appalling, Helen, a Force 12 storm is unbelievably immense in its ferocity. We've been out in a F11 (on a 75,000 ton liner) and that was scary enough. Our total sympathy to all those involved.
  6. Aching would best describe it, thank you, Charlie!
  7. With all our expert engineers/DIYers I wondered if anyone would like to try this at the Spring Gathering? Log cooker.mp4
  8. I totally agree with the sentiments posted above, Richard. Your proposed liveaboard thread would have been very interesting, to say the least, to lots of us. Perhaps you may reconsider, please? CC, I thought that Richard left the NBF a long time ago? This place will certainly be poorer!
  9. An interesting read, thank you, Peter.
  10. WOW, Queren! They used to make 'em hardy but obviously some of you still exist!
  11. A warm "Welcome Aboard" the good ship NBN, Simon! Would you like to tell us a little more about yourself, please?
  12. Sorry, I just came back to edit this to say that this is a copy from A J P Taylor's English History, 1914 - 1945: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oxford_History_of_England
  13. I'd like to echo all the above posts, she was indeed a treasure.
  14. Now, now, Peter! The correction brigade will be after you for the missing ! Seriously, though, you are going to end up with a serious workshop there. Do you have welding facilities?
  15. Oh Dear, Bannockburn 2, I think........ Always a problem for me as Mum was English from Cheshire and Dad was Scotch from Arbroath.
  16. What an excellent idea, Helen. As some of the above posters may have hinted I would think that the heads would come high on any ladies list!
  17. Unreadable and unacceptable, Alan, in this H&S era. Perhaps similar letters directly to the BA, Jeff, and see the results of such?
  18. It's good to see John Packman getting some plaudits. Fighting such a monolith as Network Rail cannot be an easy task, even for the Broads Authority with legislation on our side.
  19. I think that you'll get a wee bit more in the Spring one, Bill. It's going to be the largest we've ever had!
  20. They never do seem to pay more than lip service to EU rules though, do they? (Our aviation rules follow European JARs)
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