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  1. Well we made it through the night! No real surprise there but it is still very windy here at the moment but at least the sun is out. Sutton Staithe Boatyard have been out clearing the reed islands that have drifted down the moorings, which is joly good of them. Only two boats has moved so far! guess the rest of us have some sense or fear . By the way MM NYX looks to be deserted, not seen anyone on or around the boat since we arrived! John.
  2. Hi 21:55 and hardly a breeze! Very pleasant evening.... so far! Looking at the BBC weather they have shifted the arrival time to 04:00 and going on till around 16:00 !!! John.
  3. We've hunkered down at Sutton Staithe for the night now. Reminds me of the song ' com'on Aileen com'on Aileen' by Dexys Midnight Runners appropriate time in the groups name to. I'm not shifting till the wind speed drops to a sensible level either!! Hope we survive the high winds forecast to come later, today has been really a very nice day weather wise. John. Yes that is NYX in front of us!
  4. Hi Pauline(Ocean Dawn) I didn't take it that I was elitist, figuring anyone that has meet me would know I'm the opposite . Malanka, sounds like you've had a fun time lately, do hope Boris gets well soon. We are of to Oz in October/November but will try to leave a membership firm on your boat if you'd like me to, it's still in Richo's place I presume. Attatched is a timetable of events.
  5. Hi All, Please don't shoot the messenger , I only asked and I am definitely not elitist, my Broom Skipper is just my pride and joy. Just thought I'd remind everyone of the event which is this Saturday, Malanka you would be most welcome and we'll have membership forms there . Please feel free to dress your vessel with bunting, flags and lights etc. John.
  6. Hi All Broom Owners. It is getting close to the forthcoming BBQ meet on Ranworth Island on the 9th September. I can now confirm that Ryan and Sam from Pedros Acle will be there in the evening to demonstrate making and sampling cocktails! That should be really fun :cheers: ! So come on Broom Owners this is your chance to meet, chat and have fun with other Broom Owners. This meet is aimed at all the Northern rivers Broom Owners, so please come along and support this event, you'll have a great time I'm sure. John.
  7. Hi Cambridge Cabby I have asked the question "are Ocean 30's able to join the Broom Owners Club" and the answer was unfortunately they are not, as they are not Broom built so no not admissible to join. Sorry. If you google Ocean 30 you can find an interesting history of them, Broom never built any, the hull etc were made by Aquafibre and finished by several other boatyards but never Broom. John.
  8. Hi All It is planned to have a DIY BBQ on Ranworth Island on Saturday 9th September. I hope lots of BOC members based on the Northern Rivers will be able to come and the timing will allow members to cross over from the South during extra low Spring tides and back on the Sunday, albeit late on. We will probably set off to the North from Brundall on the Thursday or Friday and pause at the new restaurant at Acle Bridge. The event is being organised by Jo and John Haigh(Captain Joshie) and they have booked the moorings, so please let them know if you wish to attend, just message Captain Joshie. We hope to have afternoon cream teas and cakes, the DIY BBQ and something (yet to be confirmed) followed by a quiz. Come on all the Broom 30, Skippers and other Brooms on the Northern Broads, this will be your chance to all meet and get together, let's make this a great annual meet up. Pease let me know if you are coming as I may need to book more moorings, I hope! John.
  9. Hi To save me rewriting my thoughts and action I'm considering, here are those thoughts posted elsewhere:- "I'm not suggesting withholding the whole of my tolls, just the excessive part. I might even pay this years plus the percentage charge increase to the hire boat of equivalent size just to be fair, if it comes to more! If they then chase me for it then when in court I'm pretty sure the press would have a field day with the extortionate percentage increase BA are trying to rob us by just to line the pockets of a few rich hire boat companies. It just can not be justified with inflation running at such a low level. They don't chase those that have not paid their tolls at all for years! But guess they will chase us normally law abiding toll payers. But the BA has got to be stopped this time! BA has constantly been charging way above inflation toll increases saying it's a one off but enough is enough and just to boost the profits of the hire boat companies at our expense is not on! The hire companies are the ones building big boats using more and more precious mooring spaces charge them not us average sized boaters. I agreed the other option I to remove the boat to other waters and yes that would cost more in tolls but you would get more waters to cruise for your money. A few years ago a nice hire boater did say that the hireyard told them not to worry about upsetting the private boater as the hire companies didn't want private boaters on their waters! Looks like they are getting BA do that job now! " Now I know that posting from one forum to another is frowned upon, but I'd only type the above in response to this thread. If that's considered wrong please feel free to delete this post and accept my apologies. John.
  10. Oh, did see SOB out on the water once this year....... When we moved our home moorings in April to the Southside Spirt of Breydon came out to welcome us. Well I take it that's why it was out as there were very few other boats on Breydon. Though as you can see in the photo it was pretty rough so they may have thought I was in need of assistance lol. Not a green day, fair bit of fossil fuel going there. Again this is tongue in cheek lol. John.
  11. JM. Ill take you on about the Spirt of Breydon, it is very green. It rarely goes out on the water, it can't do the jobs it is tasked with so doesn't go out, when they try to use it it breaks and finally it is in for regular servicing so can't be out on the water. All this adds up to a green machine as it doesn't use much fuel!!! Or could it be a white elephant !!! Now where's the 'tounge in cheek' emoticon lol. John.
  12. We are at ASDA now and the car park has several police, forensic services, coast guard vehicles. The TV crews have just arrived too. i tried to take Toby for his walk but was stopped at the bird hide. Spirt of Breydon was of course not there!!! Our thought are with the friend and families involved. John.
  13. WOW!!! Well done to all, what a great day that looked. What is Broad Ambition's flat out speed?? Does life get any better than that Griff, you must have been chuffed to bits and rightly so. John.
  14. Well we were on the Broads, moored up at Bramerton Common and would agree JM it was one of those evenings. i did have my phone with me, I find the iPhone 6s an excellent camera near as good as my Canon EOS DSLR!!! Here are a few of the shots! No mist though here. Just for those of you not lucky enough to be here on the Bootiful Broads ..... Enjoy with a cold one from the fridge.
  15. Hi JM Can't do that on Breydon anymore. If you try it, they launch the inshore lifeboat and get you off before you have chance to paint anything ...... John.
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