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  1. Hi webntweb, It is indeed a DC30, but in private ownership and is a rare Broom DC30. It is moored at Sutton Staite Boatyard and has been for a long while, there when we moored Dawn Princess and Braveheart there. John.
  2. Hi All We've reduced the price on Braveheart who is up for sale with NYA. He is now priced at £26,250 and that is ready to go with everything you need to go cruising except for food! John.
  3. Hi Cal We bought Braveheart from Burton Waters Lincoln just over 5years ago now and brought him home to The Broads. Time flies when your having fun! He has given us the best experience of any of the great boats we've had before. We will be sad to see him go but happy he will give his next Owners much pleasure, he is truly a special boat, some boats have that special extra something, bit like 'Joshua' our Hardy 18PH. John. Photos of Braveheart at Lincoln and Joshua at Ranworth. Two very special boats .
  4. Hi All We have now put Braveheart up for sale with NYA at Brundall. See their website page for details at:- https://www.nya.co.uk/boats-for-sale/broom-30-skipper-2/ You can of course contact me direct if you wish for further details or deal directly with NYA. John.
  5. Hi Bill No, 'Bill theKettle' is still on Braveheart, he (Bill the Kettle) is now part of Braveheart's heritage. Great kettle by the way.. John.
  6. Hi Jayfire Thank you for the nice response, he is truly exceptional example to a great design and ready to enjoy straight away. We have left loads of things onboard for the new owners. He will be a great buy for someone, a real bargain at the price we're asking! Tripplespeed Main reasons for us not boat sharing is the cost of ongoing maintenance and not being able to diy. Lack of spontaneity in just getting up and deciding to go for a few weeks. We may hire a boat for a week or two in the future or indeed my buy another boat, but not for at least a few years. John.
  7. Hi Braveheart is indeed up for sale, have a look in the Boat and gear for sale section of this forum. But I can confirm that the cockpit top does not move! Braveheart is a Skipper but modified to fixed roof, especially low to suit Onsney Bridge on the Thames, has an 7'8" clearance. So I think Potter would be a bridge to far . I think our Viking 26 Aft Cabin 'Blue Skies' would have gotten under, as would our Bounty 30 Dawn Princess. John.
  8. Hi Pauline Did you sell through NYA? We saw Ocean Dawn Saturday going passed with 3 men onboard, one looked to be NYA. Yes the fridge is perfect, I was down yesterday and today and had it running all the time! We move home days before Christmas and I'm now a builder, doing updates on most rooms. You doing what we are thinking of in the future! Who are you hiring from? John.
  9. Hi Regulo When Boatshed had it listed it was indeed in Yorkshire! Someone else bought it and he eventually end up in Lincoln from where we bought him. I did say it is an archived listing, quiet a while back but he looks similar. Lots more fitted since that time though, bowthruster, NASA battery monitor, 200watt solar panel with MMPT Controller, full inventory to just go cruising straight away. John.
  10. Yep, I treasure that video, really great to have a photo of him on the move, even better a video. Many thanks for it.
  11. Hi All Due to not using Braveheart because of other commitments we have reluctantly decided to put him on the market so someone else can get good use of him. A truly superb example of a Broom Skipper/30 ideal for the Broads, we have loved our time with him. Hunting on the internet I found this archived link to him! :- https://www.boatshed.com/broom_30-boat-137615.html#boatmedia-1 If you are seriously interested please message me to arrange a viewing. Priced at very reasonable, for his very full spec (ready to go, just add your food!), of £27,250. John. Kind regards, John(Captain Joshie), Jo & Toby. 'Braveheart' L68 Broom 30/Skipper IMG_0330.MOV
  12. Well we made it through the night! No real surprise there but it is still very windy here at the moment but at least the sun is out. Sutton Staithe Boatyard have been out clearing the reed islands that have drifted down the moorings, which is joly good of them. Only two boats has moved so far! guess the rest of us have some sense or fear . By the way MM NYX looks to be deserted, not seen anyone on or around the boat since we arrived! John.
  13. Hi 21:55 and hardly a breeze! Very pleasant evening.... so far! Looking at the BBC weather they have shifted the arrival time to 04:00 and going on till around 16:00 !!! John.
  14. We've hunkered down at Sutton Staithe for the night now. Reminds me of the song ' com'on Aileen com'on Aileen' by Dexys Midnight Runners appropriate time in the groups name to. I'm not shifting till the wind speed drops to a sensible level either!! Hope we survive the high winds forecast to come later, today has been really a very nice day weather wise. John. Yes that is NYX in front of us!
  15. Hi Pauline(Ocean Dawn) I didn't take it that I was elitist, figuring anyone that has meet me would know I'm the opposite . Malanka, sounds like you've had a fun time lately, do hope Boris gets well soon. We are of to Oz in October/November but will try to leave a membership firm on your boat if you'd like me to, it's still in Richo's place I presume. Attatched is a timetable of events.
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