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  1. Does anybody know if this new Richardson’s boat will be ready for March. Hoseasons have this unit on their site but not showing any available dates and Richardson’s don’t have it listed on their site at all.
  2. Thanks Clive will call the office to enquire about unit 3 as I don't think the web site informs you of what boat you have been allocated. On unit 2 in 3 weeks looking forward to it.
  3. Will Commander 3 be available for Easter 2018. Thanks
  4. Thanks Clive, I have been on Commodore and looking forward to Commander, what are the differences between these two boats, tv dome ?
  5. Will be on Commander 2 in a few weeks and wondered if Richardsons have now completed their new boat building programme or is anything planned over the winter that will be new and available for hire early 2018. Any details appreciated.
  6. Just booked commodore for a week in May, it should be a great experience to be on a brand new boat with a high quality finish like the new Richardsons boats tend to have.
  7. I am looking to hire a boat for 1 week over the Christmas, which boat yards hire over this period so that I can make some enquiries. Thanks Mark
  8. When did Carousel 3 launch is she a new build for 2013 ?
  9. Moon Discovery looks nice on the Richardsons facebook page, just waiting for it to appear on the Richardsons web site now, for a quote and possible booking. Some interior photos would be nice.
  10. Thanks Clive, I guess we will have to slum !!! it on one of those new Broadsmans for next April, when I contact the booking office I guess they will be classed as units 6 & 7 ? with you already having five of them in the water.
  11. Clive, Thanks for your reply so much to choose from, I think the New Moon Voyager might be the boat for us subject to her being ready mid April ? The current unit is a Friday/Monday start will the new one be a Saturday start ? just so that I can identify the difference between the new one and the current boat. Thanks
  12. Have recently completed a week on Broadlander and what an amazing boat. I am a big fan of the Broadsman and did not expect to enjoy the bathtub experience. It looks great,nearly as good at the broadsman but the Broadlander gives you a different cruising/holiday experience along with the view out of the front door and the seating area at the front, well done Clive. I am looking to book a brand new boat for next April, what is likely to be available, maybe Broadsman 6 or 7 or any other boats you have planned to build, an update would be appreciated Clive. Regards
  13. Mark42


    We are regular visitors to the broads in April, for the first time in 10 years we will be boating in August, if we arrive at Beccles on a Sunday night 8 pm ish, what are the chances of getting a mooring spot so late on in the evening ?
  14. Clive, Does she have the same engine as Broadsman, 6 more weeks and we look forward to cruising on another new build.
  15. Clive Is Broadlander out on her first hire this weekend ? Please can we have the remaining interior photos. Thanks
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