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  1. There is a similar situation up in Inverness, they suggested that Tescos could build a store and contribute to a new road.... Tescos built the store ten years ago but the council are still trying to finalizing the route for the new road and hey surprise the new store is apparently losing money....
  2. Let's hope they have done what many mariners would have done and gone to sea to ride it out before returning. Animals often seem to know what is coming before we do.
  3. I suspect you will need to order 5 months in advance if you order now, it is too cold for them in Winter.... The Yare in winter is more likely to have pack ice than ice creams!
  4. They are also talking about a tidal surge so there could be a risk of flooding....
  5. Marina Quays has changed over the years, it used to be open! Any marina on the Bure would potentially face tidal current speed problems as well as the rise and fall. Coming down on the ebb and aiming to tie up on a pontoon that went out into the river would sooner or later end in a crash. Dredging a basin in the land behind the bank , i.e. out of the river stream would possibly be easier but expensive. You would still face potential problems where boaters went to turn in and were carried past by the current. I had fun the last time I went to turn into the Waveney River Centre as I didn't allow for the current, and it is almost nothing there compared with at Yarmouth. Pontoons along the bank with suitable ladders to allow access at low water would be useful but would they really add anything... (And after a few years of neglect would they look like these? (The visitors pontoon at Skiathos in Greece))
  6. I've only passed through Great Yarmouth and turned up the Yare, but isn't the new harbour a bit exposed for access by the normal Broads boat? There again a nice marina for sea going boats would make it easier for the salties to moor closer to where their boats were designed to be instead of having to come down all the way from Brundell. Now somewhere decent to moor on the Bure would be very useful, but I hink that attempst to provide that in the past has have failed...
  7. Well I have worked out 30 questions, now all we will need is some folks to join in and see if they can guess or work out the answers before everyone else... Don't be shy, even if you don't get any points you can look on the bright side, someone else will have got carried away and won and will therefore have the task of setting next Sunday's quiz....
  8. 'Diving in'... Mind the splash! Welcome aboard, boarding ladder is deployed
  9. I will be in the chair next week! Time for me to sort out the 30 questions....
  10. I believe that Le Boat are owned by Tui, and whilst I have never dealt with them for inshore boating , I have hired from their rag and stick colleagues Sunsail. The Sunsail website says that the Solent is NON-TIDAL..... Personally I prefer to deal with companies whose personnel have at least some basic idea of what they are selling...
  11. The BA must love you when it comes to time to remind you about the toll!
  12. Just to clarify things a bit... NBD run the Wroxham pilot service but it is available for anyone to use (at a price). There is a small waiting pontoon just downstream of the bridge (on the Hoveton side) where you tie up if you want the pilot to assist you. He then comes aboard, takes the boat through, and then jumps off at the viaduct moorings just above the bridge and then you are on your own. Coming down river you stop at the viaduct moorings and give him a call on the phone and he will come to find your boat (either walk up or when he jumps off the next boat he brings through) Many of the hire yards insist that you use the pilot if you want to go through Wroxham bridge. Some of the yards have done a corporate "block booking" and the pilot 's fee is included in your hire charge for some of the others you have to pay the pilot yourself. The upper stretch of the Bure from Wroxham to Coltishall is, I think, one of the prettiest stretches on the Broads and well worth the pilot fee to get to.
  13. Perhaps you should book one of your own boats through them to get onto their mailing list?
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