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  1. Canopy roof on, now to make and fix windscreen to it and waiting for canvas to finish it all off
  2. Well thats my canopy roof nearly finished just a bit of tidying up and edging to put on and then fit it.
  3. How long should a mooring rope be and what thickness for a 20ft motor boat please
  4. Every time ive gone on the webcam all i get is an advert for barnes blocking out the picture
  5. Hi jaws thanks for quick response. Below is a rough diagram of what ive done. What i want to do now is fibreglass over the soffit boards to add a bit more strengh to it whilst keeping the weight down. This is why i used soffit and not wooden boards as its a lot lighter
  6. Hi i am currently making a new canopy for my boat using a hardtop roof and a canvass wrap around. I have made the roof using timber and upvc soffit boards. I now want to put a fibreglass covering over the top of it but not sure how to stick it to the soffit boards. Would the resin that comes with the matting work or do i need a special glue/resin. Thanks for any tips
  7. Hi freedom just tried that and i must say im amazed. It seems the more you think about how to word it the harder it becomes. From now on i think ill just type in whats on my mind. for the link john will have a look later.
  8. Thanks again for replies. I know what you mean viking, i kept wording it with linkage in it. Even tried "that f##@&#g thing thats broke on my boat" but that didnt work either. Now for some googling and ebaying methinks.
  9. Thanks for the replies and suggestions. Dont know if my very limited skills could make my own support but its something to consider. Ideally id just like to replace it with a new one if only i knew what its technically called and where to get it from.
  10. It would help if i put the photo of it on herr wouldnt it. The old grey cells aint what they used to be.
  11. Hi can anyone tell me what the white plastic bit is called please. It wraps round the outer casing of the steering linkage but as you can see mine has snapped so a new one is needed. Ive tried googling it but all i get as an answer is teleflex cables. Hoping someone on here knows the proper name for it. Many thanks
  12. Just installed my voltometer and double usb charger gizmo. I was going to get a speedometer as well untill i see the price of them. So now downloaded a free speedo app for my phone which works rather well. Also on the app was a compass and weather report. I then got an old phone case and fitted that on the console so now ive got everything i need for a total outlay of just under 12 quid, result in my books
  13. Hi i want to install a voltmeter but not sure where to wire it to. Ive been on google but just got more confused with some of the info on there. I thought it would just be connected directly onto the battery terminals but there was so much conflicting suggestions and technical jargon that it lost me. So i thought i would ask all you knowledgble fok on here if you could help me by telling me, in laymans terms, how this should be done. Many thanks in advance
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