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  1. Hi Steve & Sue, A warm welcome to the NBN Forum from me also.
  2. That's also a good idea Iain and you could spin your wheels on a length, if you'll excuse the expression! I'll leave my glasses in the changing room. We must ensure fair play at all times. We love the Yorkies really. Oh no we don't - it's getting to that time year.
  3. Congratulations Yorkshire Cricket Club you were the best. Iain can we sign a truce and get a flanking movement going between our respective clubs and ambush them next season. We'll use Dougie Brown as our chief negotiator.
  4. Hi Cheesey, We'll keep an eye out since we're roaming about next week and will give a wave and toot if we see you.
  5. Thanks for the post Jonathan, it brought back some good memories. I used to know David (Bunny) Gunson and he was a funny man and a good footballer to boot (sorry). He was a controller in the Air Traffic Control and we used go around (sorry again) playing football against other airports as Birmingham Airport. I can remember playing against such as Manchester and Gatwick. He was blessed with a great dry sense of humour, even on a football pitch. Excellent after dinner speaker, one of the best I've ever come across. again.
  6. "any Goats will do" I am ready to obey O Grace. Be funny if it was forgotten that it was fizzy!
  7. Wiseman's Bridge, brings back memories, we stayed there some 55/56 years ago and Manorbier I remember as having the clearest sea and bl**dy cold too. As we were sitting on the beach there were some young German soldiers playing away to our right; dad was giving them a hard look and my mother put her hand on his arm and said "it wasn't them." For some reason that has always stuck in my mind. Tenby and the surrounding area obviously brings back happy memories for a lot of us, judging by previous posts and I'm sure we'd be delighted to read your holiday tales. Nice pictures, a sunny day in every sense. Iain, totally off thread but then it wouldn't be the NBN if it wasn't; well done Lancashire.
  8. Warmest congratulations from me I hope you both are happy for a long, long time. Plenty of this , little of this. Tenby is also a favourite of mine and I think you will enjoy a boat trip out to Caldy Island.
  9. Sorry Marina, just couldn't resist! Wowee Wowee, Iain, you look gorgeous petal. I am glad the operation was a success.mi Mine not so good! Quasimodo is sitting at home with Esmeralda. ‘Am I really the ugliest man alive?’ he asks her. ‘Go upstairs and ask the magic mirror,’ Esmeralda tells him. A little while later Quasimodo comes downstairs and sits quietly at the table. After a while he turns to Esmeralda and asks, ‘Who is CooWee?!
  10. I certainly know that part of Norfolk very well, it is not far from Moonlight Shadow's mooring.
  11. Hi Sue, a warm welcome from me also. I'm a Brummie by trade but now live up t' north, although not as north as Iain.
  12. There's another prospect young Samuel Hain of Warwickshire, he's just scored another century and he's only 19.
  13. Speak up Brown, you're through!! :naughty: Talking about unfortunate headlines I've just seen this on the BBC cricket site - "Ashes 2015: Lord's Test there for the saving - Jonathan Agnew" and another ouch!!
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