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  1. I have seen Otters on virtually every river in Norfolk and to all intents and purposes they don't appear to be doing a lot of harm to fish stocks, except in areas like the upper Bure which was already sparsely populated by fish and now seems to be virtually void of them for long stretches of the river, which is more than a damned shame.
  2. I have been informed that Panorama has a programme on tonight 19 Sept about the River Wensum and how abstraction is bleeding it dry, should be interesting.
  3. That's a very handy link Red Rover, and looking back at my recent couple of expeditions to Yarmouth it would appear on the face of it to have been correct. Thanks.
  4. Some of the season I find a size 12 hook adequate, but as soon as we get to Autumn and the water begins to clear I find I have to scale both hook and hook length down to a 14/16 with a 2lb hook length. On the subject of unhooking I find the Slammo disgorgers absolutely brilliant easily removing hooks from those deeply hooked Perch or Ruffe with the minimum of trouble.
  5. Took these pics this morning whilst taking the pooch for her early morning run, and although it was lovely it almost certainly means rain is coming.
  6. I believe there is a bit of free bank at Brundall, but the best free bit has to be at Postwick, opposite Surlingham Ferry. The car park was improved and some more swims added only last year by the E/A. See here http://maps.google.co.uk/maps?pq=what+i ... CCAQ8gEwAA http://norfolkchat.freeforums.org/index ... 9e365c7362
  7. I had the opportunity to get close to a dragonfly and get a couple of pics in broadland today, I think it is a Migrant Hawker but then again it could be a Southern Hawker, what do I know? You have probably seen them about lately, perhaps someone with better knowledge can identify them better.
  8. For the last few years I have made a bit of an effort to get up early whenever I think there is going to be a decent sunrise and over the last couple of years they have been few and far between, it almost definitely has a link to oncoming rain among other thing. The previous pictures were from last night at Wroxham, but I have just downloaded some that I took yesterday morning, as it was one of the most staggering sunrises I have witnessed in all my years. Although the pictures were taken in Broadland they aren't actually the Broads. Incidentally the colors are as was and I haven't edited them
  9. Has anyone noticed what great sunrises and sunsets we have had over the last few days, with the exception of today when it has only just stopped raining and it's gone 2pm. Wroxham Broad 25 Aug 2011 Just up the road looking the other way [url] http://norfolkchat.freeforums.org/your- ... os-f4.html
  10. I don't think there is any legal bank access to Surlingham Broad RiverRoamer. Angling is quite limited on the Norfolk Broads and Rivers especially if you want your car nearby; I found the only remedy other than buy a boat is to lighten up your tackle I.E take out all that junk that you never use and are unlikely to use ( we have all got it) and walk. This is what I have do from time to time and not only has it taken me to some very interesting places that have rarely been fished, I have caught some lovely fish and been completely undisturbed. AS they say fishing is the greatest
  11. Riverroamer you can't actually fish Rockland Broad from the bank well not without great difficulty, you can fish Rockland Dyke Opposite the PH (really a wintertime venue) and you can also fish Short Dyke where you can actually cast into the broad, the only problem with this is it necessitates a long walk although the path is good and the fishing can be terrific although it is narrow and the boat traffic hampers you a bit during the day. Hopes this helps any further information required let me know. http://norfolkchat.freeforums.org/index ... 9e365c7362
  12. Several years ago I saw a large Koi of completely different colouring in the Wensum near Norwich.
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