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  1. Hi Alan, We are still using our allocation at the moment and are due down in July. I put it up for sale as I do struggle with bending and lifting. At the moment our 15 year old son comes along and does a large part of the manual jobs like mooring up, engine checks, exterior cleaning ect but he is growing up fast and by next year he is no longer going to want to tag along on holiday with his boring old parents!!! The dogs are getting older to and I think we will struggle to get two large elderly dogs on and off the boat. We have had a marvellous time with her and have had some great
  2. Any frequent hirers out there interested in buying a boat share? We have our share in Moonlight Shadow for sale due to my spinal injury. Please feel free to message me or see BCBM Boat share website for details. Offers around £4,300 for a four week share. Open to reasonable offers !
  3. Thanks for all the replies! Very useful. Busy piling stuff up in the hallway ready for Saturday departure! Fingers crossed we don't get too much rain. Not much fun with two big wet dogs on board. Hope you have had a good couple of weeks Sue. xx
  4. I think we are heading up North at Easter. Unless it warms up we will be hooking up to the electric whenever we can. Has anyone got an up to date list of all the moorings with posts available? Private boat so boatyards are out! Thank you!
  5. On Moonlight shadow 26th March for 7 days. Not sure if staying down south or popping up north , not studied the tide times yet! Had a hectic few weeks. Labrador had emergency surgery, I had pleurisy then had wisdom teeth out on Monday. Ready for a break!
  6. I hear there is a high tide down south this morning. The water has breached at Beccles. Anyone got any pictures of the water levels anywhere this morning?
  7. Thank you for all the great replies. I will stop off and buy a couple of spare ropes on the way down on saturday I think. That way we can have a fiddle around at different moorings and see what works for us. what length ropes would people suggest i use as spring lines for a 38ft aquafibre then please?
  8. Not a rope expert so after a little advice. The boat has the usual two ropes stern and bow but does have a centre cleat. I was thinking of buying a couple of spare ropes to use as spring lines. I know that spring lines help stop the boat moving fore and aft but can they also be used to keep the boat in closer to the staithe? Reason for asking this is that both times we have lost a dog overboard they have panicked when getting on/off when moored side on and slipped between the boat and staithe. Very scary! As a result we try to tie the ropes tight so the gap is small thus hopefully no falling
  9. We will have to be super organised then. It looks like we need to get sorted out on Christmas Eve and then try not to poop too much or travel too far! It would be really helpful if anyone living near /working at or owning a fuel / pumpout station could message me and let me know where they are and what time they are open on Christmas Eve please. Southern side only. Many thanks and grovelling gestures!!!!
  10. Thanks Andy. Could I ask please when do you close for Christmas and do you supply fuel also?
  11. Ahh yes andy at freedom. Thank you everyone, I will message him to see If he will be around on any of those days. Never pumped out or refueled anywhere other than brooms since we bought the share im afraid to say. Not sure why, just habit i suppose.
  12. Thanks folks. I think we will try wrc for the pumpout then. Never done it ourselves. Do they provide the blue chemical that goes in after the pump-out? Lol, visions of spraying myself or the entire boat with sewage, usually leave all that stuff to people who know what they are doing! As for the fuel, it is looking like a top up on Christmas eve from somewhere and then try not to travel too far before handover on boxing day. Or maybe look for a cheap trip to 'Egypt John who is andy (banner) please? Xx
  13. We are on the share boat for the Christmas week again this year. However, we have just found out that Brooms will be totally closed for 2 weeks. Last year a chap came in for a couple of hours to do pump outs and refuel on the share boats. This year changeover day is boxing day so no-one is coming in. We are based at Brundall on the Southern broads. Does anyone know of anywhere that will be open or would be willing to open at an arranged time to refuel us and pump out 1 loo? Christmas eve, Christmas day or early morning boxing day 8am ish. Not sure what we will do otherwise as there are people
  14. Great viewing! Wish this chap would get himself hooked up with the bbc! Will certainly be watching the other videos over the next few days. Love watching videos in the weeks leading up to our actual visits to our boat. Gets me in the right frame of mind. Roll on the 8th august.
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