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  1. I'm moored near The Quay opposite side to the Wherry . June
  2. Just arrived and the sun is shining. Stopped in Beccles last night and this morning, a beautiful town! Had lunch at the Wavemey Inn, it was delish! Not for a mooch around Oulton. June x
  3. We went to Norwich to pick up supplies and are now heading for Reedham. Think that will be far enough for one day. We tried Brundall but not a spot to moor up on! June / Choco x
  4. Just to let you know we called yesterday and they were asking for donations for what alcohol/ food they had left, then they were closing ! Very sad, this was the first time we'd been there and looked like a lovely friendly pub. June: choco x
  5. Hubby is a bit better this morning. I have cleaned and dressed his foot and told him to keep it covered! No more climbing on the deck to take wind shields down while we are moving! The Bernie arms closed down completely yesterday . They were just selling drinks off for donations! Very sad, my first time there and it looked like a lovely place' June x
  6. We managed to moor at Loddon and get antiseptic and dressings for his foot . He knocked it again trying to adjust the aerial. I've confined him to his seat now- I think he needs stitches but he's so stubborn! June x
  7. The wind picked up suddenly and he asked me to take the wheel so he could put the wind shield up. The gust caught him and he came crashing into the boat, cutting under his foot quiet badly! He's bled quite a bit bit is ok now- I've cleaned it and padded it out with tissues . We are at the berney inn now, which is closing today. Going to try and get to Reedham to find a chemist or shop for dettol
  8. We're using the tide table given to us from Richardson's . We're not sure what slack water means. In the table it says low tide, high tide and slack water. We just want to be able to get under the bridges so has it got to be exactly at 3.59 as in the table or will an hour before be ok? We did it last year but can't remember what time frame we have before and after low tide to get through. June x
  9. Hi, we are hoping to go south today , at Stracey at the moment. Looking at tide tables and it says low tide at 3.49 pm today at Yarmouth so what time approximately before that would it be safe to go under the bridges? Thanks in advance! June x
  10. Thanks all! We are in Stalham now, done a bit of shopping and hopefully boarding in and hour or so. We might mosey on down south tomorrow. Picking up Crown Gem which will be interesting as it's a lot smaller than Southern Horizon. So relaxing and beautiful on the Broads, we even had a ice cream from the boat near horning yesterday June x
  11. Everywhere has been so busy ! We managed to find a space in Wroxham today but apart from mooring in the middle of nowhere, there is nowhere to park in the bigger areas eg Horning . Enjoyed Potter Heigham but tried to moor up at Neatishead, but no luck! We are near Acle at the moment but out in the sticks! Dropping Southern a Horizon off in the morning and picking up Crown Gem at Stalham. We will investigate the Southern broads then! June / Choco x
  12. We've managed to book a b&b near the front in Yarmouth. Thanks for the tips- hoping the weather is better than it is in Manchester! June x
  13. Hi, We're picking up Southern Horizon at Acle on Monday 18 th but have decided to drive down from Manchester the day before to try and avoid the weekday traffic. Any suggestions where a good, reasonably priced bed and breakfast might be around the Norwich area? Thanks in advance. June
  14. I will let you know! Been looking at the specs of both boats, Southern Horizon being 10 ft longer and 3 feet wider than Crown Gem, should be interesting! June x
  15. We are sorted at last! We managed to book From Richardsons at Acle (southern Horizon) for the Monday 18th til the 22nd , where we then pick up our 2nd boat( crown gem) for a week. Happy now ! Thanks again, June / Choco x
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