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  1. same with mine copy of description;- in perfect technical and aesthetic condition,***Please contact the seller only in the email found in picture 2.***sold at a low price due to the global pandemic,***delivery is possible anywhere in europe, safe and escrow metho***Registered and valid documents***MOT valid for 10 months***Drives extremely well.***Above average condition - low mileage.***Re-upholstered in a modern design Yes, thats the one. If you have a look through the "Other Items for Sale" some have bids on also.
  2. A friend of mines Squadron 52 syndicate boat in Mallorca was on this ebay list this morning also. Interestingly it appears to have had 10 months MOT put on it
  3. Hi Glen, Thanks for the heads up. Contact button on website is now working again.
  4. Hi Glen, Sorry about that, just had a look and has failed on me as well. Ill get IT to have a look. PMd you
  5. The guys that bought the wreck of this own Boats.co.uk. It is now sailing around the Caribbean after a very extensive refit/rebuild https://www.thehoworths.com/2020/04/million-pound-wreck-to-sail-again/ https://oysterluxurycharters.co.uk/
  6. No probs. Just as a word of warning we could not find anybody to service our Waeco fridge when it broke, only had it 4 years or so. Good thing about the Isotherm ones is that JPC will come out and fix them. NYA are good for Gel Repairs for future reference also.
  7. Worth getting a price off JPC direct, he fitted ours for us at our mooring.
  8. Hi All, We have currently the following shares available: Week 6 - 2019 - w/c 16/3/19; 2020 - w/c 7/3/20 - £500.00 Week 12 - 2019 - w/c 20/4/19; 2020 - w/c 18/4/20 - £1,600.00 Week 13 - 2019 - w/c 27/4/19; 2020 - w/c 25/4/20 - £1,200.00 Week 32 - 2019 - w/c 7/9/19; 2020 - w/c 5/9/20 - £1,600.00 Week 33 - 2019 - w/c 14/9/19; 2020 - w/c 12/9/20 - £1,700.00 Week 36 - 2019 - w/c 5/10/19; 2020 - w/c 3/10/20 - £1,200.00 Week 37 - 2019 - w/c 12/10/19; 2020 - w/c 10/10/20 - £1,200.00 Week 47 - 2019 - w/c 21/12/19; 2020 - w/c 19/12/20 - £1,700.00
  9. We have just had one of these fridges fitted yesterday by Tom which he managed to do for us the same day as the boat was in Brundall. Very happy with it so far. Swapped it from our Waeco which has broken after 5 years and I could not find anybody to repair it. Went with the Isotherm in the end as Tom can do repairs on these.
  10. Is it possible for you to let me know the ID of the clear hose please, I bought a couple of plastic adapters last year for Reedham but one was too big and the other too small and could not find anything in between.
  11. I'll second that, they did some work for us over winter and found Shaun very helpful and communicative
  12. Does it not rain over the bridge and that goes on the river anyway? Barton Swing Bridge near the Trafford Centre the fire brigade are usually out over summer getting that to open/close
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