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  1. Brundall1037

    Not Really A Holiday

    No probs. Just as a word of warning we could not find anybody to service our Waeco fridge when it broke, only had it 4 years or so. Good thing about the Isotherm ones is that JPC will come out and fix them. NYA are good for Gel Repairs for future reference also.
  2. Brundall1037

    Not Really A Holiday

    Worth getting a price off JPC direct, he fitted ours for us at our mooring.
  3. Hi All, We have currently the following shares available: Week 6 - 2019 - w/c 16/3/19; 2020 - w/c 7/3/20 - £500.00 Week 12 - 2019 - w/c 20/4/19; 2020 - w/c 18/4/20 - £1,600.00 Week 13 - 2019 - w/c 27/4/19; 2020 - w/c 25/4/20 - £1,200.00 Week 32 - 2019 - w/c 7/9/19; 2020 - w/c 5/9/20 - £1,600.00 Week 33 - 2019 - w/c 14/9/19; 2020 - w/c 12/9/20 - £1,700.00 Week 36 - 2019 - w/c 5/10/19; 2020 - w/c 3/10/20 - £1,200.00 Week 37 - 2019 - w/c 12/10/19; 2020 - w/c 10/10/20 - £1,200.00 Week 47 - 2019 - w/c 21/12/19; 2020 - w/c 19/12/20 - £1,700.00 Week 48 - 2019 - w/c 28/12/19; 2020 - w/c 26/12/20 - £1,700.00 If you have any questions or interest. Please let me know. Happy to answer any questions. Cheers Jon
  4. Hi Mike, Welcome from me as well Jon
  5. Brundall1037

    Fridge Promotions

    We have just had one of these fridges fitted yesterday by Tom which he managed to do for us the same day as the boat was in Brundall. Very happy with it so far. Swapped it from our Waeco which has broken after 5 years and I could not find anybody to repair it. Went with the Isotherm in the end as Tom can do repairs on these.
  6. Brundall1037

    Hosepipe Types

    Ok. Cheers
  7. Brundall1037

    Hosepipe Types

    Is it possible for you to let me know the ID of the clear hose please, I bought a couple of plastic adapters last year for Reedham but one was too big and the other too small and could not find anything in between.
  8. Brundall1037

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    I'll second that, they did some work for us over winter and found Shaun very helpful and communicative
  9. Brundall1037

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    Springvale is moored outside The Ship, it is usually there
  10. Brundall1037

    Interesting Swing Bridge Facts

    Does it not rain over the bridge and that goes on the river anyway? Barton Swing Bridge near the Trafford Centre the fire brigade are usually out over summer getting that to open/close
  11. Hi All, Hope you had a good Christmas and New Year. Just to let anybody interested know we currently have the following shares for sale: Week 18 - 2/6/18; 1/6/19; 30/5/20 - £2,500 Week 33 - 15/9/18; 14/9/19; 12/9/20 - £1,700 Week 40 - 3/11/18; 2/11/19; 31/10/20 - £1,250 Week 47 - 22/12/18; 21/12/19; 19/12/20 - £1,700 Week 48 - 29/12/18; 21/12/19; 26/12/20 - £1,700 If you have any questions or interest please let me know and there is some details and pics below. Cheers Jon The boat is a Birchwood 340 6 berth with 2 shower rooms with pump out toilets. Master stateroom with en-suite. Gas Cooker, Microwave, Fridge, Flat Screen TV/DVD Player, DAB CD radio with Bluetooth and MP3 Player connectivity, 240 Volt Generator for those all important hair dryers and straighteners!, Battery Charger, Shore Power and Eberspacher Warm Air Heating. Ownership Owning a beautiful boat is an ambition only a few of us actually realize. For most people, the concept of buying and owning a luxurious boat and only using it a few weeks each year makes it uneconomic. Look in any Marina and notice how infrequently the boats are moved. The depreciation of the asset plus the maintenance and annual running costs are equally frightening. But taking a share in a boat is easily affordable and offers unrivalled value for money. There is nothing complex about sharing this way and no catches. The boat is owned and managed by the Southern Crusader Owners' Syndicate. Ownership of the boat is split into 36 fixed weeks, each year, with 12 extra weeks being syndicate-owned and are available to take as extra weeks for use by existing owners. Four weeks are reserved for maintenance. The running costs are divided equally between the 36 weeks and is approximately £350.00 per week. The boat is owned by 20 like minded owners (some others have more than one week as well). Once you have purchased your share, all you will pay is the annual fee – (2017 - £365.00; 2016 - £290.00) which covers your proportion of maintenance, mooring, insurance, replacement items, etc. Plus diesel and pump out if you use the boat. The shares on Southern Crusader are all fixed weeks , there is no drawing of allocations, this means that any week that you would purchase is always within a few days of each other every year. This is fantastic value for money when you think that to hire the same boat in basic form as a Broads hire cruiser -Fair Diplomat costs £795 - £1445 to hire. There is an AGM annually and an owners foum where you can get the latest news and future plans, have the opportunity for your views and comments and talk to other owners. There are also opportunities to take other members allocated weeks which you can agree directly with them if they cannot take their week, or if you cannot take your week another member may rent it from you. It costs more than £350 to get any sort of holiday accommodation on the Broads for a week. But this luxury accommodation can also be taken on the rivers as well ! Mooring The boat is moored to a floating pontoon at Brundall Bay Marina in Brundall, Norfolk which must be one of the best marinas on the Broads where it has mains electricity, water, showers and toilets. Specification Length 10.33 Meters/34 Ft Beam 3.37 Meters/11 Ft Air Draft 2.95 Meters/9.8 Ft Draft 0.94 Meters/3.1Ft Nanni Diesel Engine 230V 2kW Diesel Generator 230v Immersion Water Heater Eberspacher Warm Air Heating 4hp Bowthruster Internal and External Helm Positions Navigation Lights 230v Battery CHarger with Three 110ah Leisure Batteries Shore Power with 230v Sockets 12v Charger Sockets Please note that we do not allow pets on board and there is strictly no smoking anywhere on the boat
  12. Brundall1037

    Independence - Updates | Maintenance & Care

    On your radio if it is the same as mine you can hook your mobile up through the Bluetooth and answer calls on the radio. Good for if you want to keep your phone dry.
  13. Brundall1037

    Wind Indicators

  14. Brundall1037

    Taxi From Wroxham To Brundle

    We have done the train a couple of times, have to change at Norwich though
  15. Brundall1037

    Pilot Moorings Wroxham Bridge

    Easy that one!

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