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  1. I forgot about the fisheries. I've read elsewhere that otters are a real problem for the commerical fisheries in the South West. I'm not aware of any problems in my part of the world - yet! The attached link to Natural england re. otterproofing commerical fisheries makes good reading (might have to cut and paste it into your search engine.) http://www.naturalengland.org.uk/Images/ottersandstillwaterfisheries_tcm6-4592.pdf
  2. Looking into this further there appears to be a correlation between otter numbers and fishing stock. Otters are territorial and cover areas between 5 – 21 miles depending on fish stock available. Therefore the greater the number of otters in any one area the greater the stocks of fish in that area with the reverse being true. Whether this generalisation can be applied to the Broads though is uncertain. Have they always been here? Or is their reappearance only recent?
  3. Hi there On a fishing forum someone was commenting on a problem with an otter release program in the area of the Wensum (?) a few years ago and the problems this has caused with the fish stocks in the area. Is anyone aware of this or was it just a blip? John
  4. Hi Kerri Oddly enought I've just joined this site and was about to ask about fishing (tackle, bait etc.)as I've booked a week from 5th Oct. with my son and my first port of call on the Sat evening is your place! Would I have to book a mooring outside your pub for that date? And if so how much notice would you want? John
  5. Yes Skipper, that's very do-able but I like to stay within the law (lost my smily faces an stuff!!)
  6. Hi again I've added a photo that I took a few years ago watching a thunderstorm in the distance whilst moored at Stracy Arms. John
  7. I've found the topic on "Fishing on the Broads" so I'll move my questions to that area. John
  8. Fred I'm not suprised. I originally looked for the last week in Sept. but when I looked at the first week in Oct.the price of the boat was about half!
  9. Hi I live on the south coast and have been up to Broads Great Yarmouth about 5 times. My prefered route from the Brighton area is: London orbital car park; A12 to Ipswich; A14 for about 8 miles (sign posted Midlands, Bury (Norwich A140)) then A140 to Norwich. The A140 is single lane for most of it's lenght but usually OK. I use to spend a lot of time going backwards and forwards from Brighton to Thetford M11 etc but have always found this way to Norwich to be OK, takes about 4 - 4.5 hours
  10. Just joined so would like to say hello to you all. I've booked a week in October for a fishing holiday with my son (19). We've booked the Alpha Firefly out of Brundall. I've downloaded the EA booklet for the Broads but any local help would be appreciated for the southern broads. We are not pike fishermen!! (mainly carp). I've read on another forum that the otter release program that was undertaken a few years ago in the southen broads has had an impact on the fish stocks - is this so? This will be my third time on the Broads. First time I got a big boat from Richardsons in Stelham in A
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