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  1. Looking forward to watching these, Jean.
  2. I just love reading all these blogs. Thank you for sharing your story and great photos. Looks like some fine weather! We can't make it back to the Broads, after a long gap, until May next year but at least I can visit "by proxy" via these blogs.
  3. I have spoken to our neighbour/friend. Her Dad was Leslie Hall who started (or at least owned) Faircraft until he was bought out. So nothing to do with Geo Smith!
  4. johnash

    Sad News

    Sad to read this news.
  5. I like this Android app:- "WaterNav Norfolk Broads". https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=info.canalmap.norfolk_broads
  6. UPDATE: I messaged Richardson's and within a few minutes, they came back with the following reply. Good news!! "Hi John, thanks for getting in touch. There is no limit on our WiFi, however signal can be limited in remote parts of the Broads as it does rely on EE mobile signal. We hope this helps. Kind regards, R" I have to say that, in my recent dealings with this boatyard, they have been exceedingly responsive and friendly!
  7. Welcome! I am a returnee to the Broads too and can't wait for our trip. We've booked a boat from Richardson's (Swan Roamer) but have to wait until May 2021 as it's the earliest we can make it! Re Wifi. According to this page: https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/first-timers/richardsons-cruisers-special-features/ Richardson's boats have onboard WiFi. The page states: "4G Wi-Fi All of our cruisers come equipped with 4G Wi-Fi for your convenience***!" "*** Subject to EE mobile signal. Strength of Wi-Fi may vary in different locations." What I don't know is whether this is an extra that has to be paid for and how much data is included. Perhaps someone can enlighten us about this Richardson's service, please? Enjoy your trip and let us know how you get on! John PS I also note that Richardson's boats have "Freesat", so presumably, somewhere, there has to be a dish for reception of a satellite signal? I have not noticed this in any of the pictures.
  8. That name rings a bell! I'll check with our friend.
  9. Springsong, great! And I found out recently that the father of a friend and neighbour here in Spain was "running" the Geo Smith boatyard in Wroxham at about the time we rented Sable. What his actual role was I don't know. I don't think her maiden name is Smith, though.
  10. We will hopefully have time for a stopover on the way and I was thinking about going via Oxford so thanks for this suggestion, Puddleduck! I know that, whichever way, we will have traffic, but we will not have to rush, hopefully. Living in SE Spain we have very little traffic and so are really spoiled That's it, Springsong! Thanks so much. Sable is definitely the name of the boat. I do wonder if the one we had had a fabric rather than sliding roof. I have a vague memory that there was more than one Sable and the more recent one(s) had the sliding roof. It is very possible that I am quite wrong about this. (EDIT: I just took another look at the photo and it looks like there was a hood at the back,. Maybe that's what I'm thinking of!?). My Dad and I had such fun on this trip and it's great to have the name of the boat now!
  11. Our boat in 1993 was Star Gem 2. And I see it's still going. I remember it being quite old then! We must go and pay our respects to her if it's in the yard when we're there.....
  12. A further update. We both felt that we may not be able to repeat our planned Broads trip, given our advancing years and the fact we are living in Spain. So I phoned the very helpful and friendly staff at Richardson's to see how much an extra week on Swan Roamer would be, the week before the two weeks already booked. (I'd already checked it was available). Well, compared to other boats/yards I've been looking at, the price was "cheap". So we booked it by cancelling the two weeks and rebooking for three! We have also decided to bring our car over on the Santander (or Bilbao)-Portsmouth ferry, saving the problems of all the things we would like to bring but would not have been able to had we been flying: (aforementioned wellies, binoculars, sharp knives, etc etc etc). It also turns the trip into much more of a full holiday. The downside is that I'll be driving to Norfolk over the May bank holiday weekend! (Suggested route from Portsmouth?). We have our big trip to USA coming up this May but when we get back, we'll have our Broads trip to look forward to. I'll try and do a "blog" (which I do do for our USA trips), just to reflect on how we see the Broads now after all those years away. With that extra time we'll have, we are looking forward to visiting those nooks and crannies we haven't been to before (I'm learning about them from the trip reports etc on this great forum). I just hope we don't find the rivers too busy and the moorings all full!
  13. Thank you for all the encouragement! Puddleduck2: Thanks for that. Richardson's had mentioned that to me too in an Email. We are in two minds whether use the train or to hire a small car from Stansted (coming in from Spain) to make life a little easier (for doing our shopping too when we get there). Terrible waste to have car sitting in the boatyard for two weeks though! Another thought would be to drive from Spain (we could pack our wellies and tons of other stuff which we could not carry on!) but crossing from Northern Spain is expensive and I don't fancy the long drive through Spain and France. We had to do it in May, coming back from a holiday in Wales, when our ferry to Santander was cancelled. Too old for that "fun" now! BryanW: Thanks very much for the tips. I'd already found one or two of your logs and some video! Great stuff. PS I've been thinking whether I could wear my boating wellies on to the plane!
  14. Just to update.... we have grabbed the bull firmly by the horns, as it were, and booked our boat for 2021! Thanks to the advice from SwanR (Jean) who has been most generous with her help, we have booked Swan Roamer from Richardson's. Without that advice, I don't think we would have gone back to that boatyard! However, it turns out we get an extra discount for booking early plus only a low deposit to pay and it can be cancelled before 20 January 2021 without penalty. And, by all accounts, a smashing boat. So two weeks on Swan Roamer, starting 11th May 2021. Can't wait. Which is a bit of a silly thing to say as we'll have to wait... patiently! I have dug out all my books, charts and logs and having great fun reminding myself about all the places to visit (and how to moor!). A bow thruster for the first time might help! My first boating holiday was with my Dad (and I have now pinned the year down to 1961. I managed to do this by looking up when Arthur Haynes was appearing at the theatre on Britannia Pier, Yarmouth as we went to see his show having tied up at Yarmouth YS). It was a two berth boat out of Geo. Smith's yard. I wish I could remember its name. It had a forward cockpit with a tarpaulin roof for when it rained. No toilet tanks then. It was pumped out into the river. Awful! But we had the most fabulous two weeks. I would have been 13. And my first introduction to Colman's Instant Mash. I also found my tide computer which was included with 'The Broads Book?. Who else has one of these I wonder? Thank you again for the welcome and advice. I feel like a 13 year old again!!
  15. Thanks very much. The boatyard also confirmed that, under normal circumstances, she would go under Wroxham bridge so it looks like the boat for us. Can't wait now, but a lot of water will be passing under both Potter Heigham and Wroxham bridges before we get on board, I'm afraid! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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