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  1. Every time I come to the site over the last couple of days, I have to re-log in but when I do it tells me something has gone wrong but clearly shows my forum name and avatar in the top box. I then click 'everything' and it works ok. All this despite ticking the 'remember me' box. If I leave the site for only a few minutes, I have to go through it all again! Any ideas?
  2. Like MM, we have one too. No problem with headroom and I'm 6' tall. You can't stand at the helm due to it's raised position unless you open the sliding roof on that side. Visibility is good from the stand up position and quite reasonable from the sitting position once you get used to it. Headroom inside is pretty good but you do have to duck to go through the door to the front bedroom but headroom is ok once you are through.
  3. Was this the old Dawncraft yard many years ago? I seem to remember it somewhere in that area as we used them every year from 1965 onwards.
  4. Grendel. I'm sure that you will correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the earth 'wobble' on it's axis? If so, does this correspond to that lower graph by any chance?
  5. On the topic of the Potter Bridge sinking........ I believe it has on one side more than the other. Look at the smaller arches each side and you can see the difference in height. I'm sure I have a photo somewhere from around 1974 ish where there was not so much difference? Unless the river leans to one side of course...........Or...... the builders had a jar too many when they were building that bit........... Just to add that what with moving house last year, I can't find anything now!!
  6. That would be 'Stracey' then Neil? We are presently stuck at home due to Jen's mum being very ill, so missing all this lovely weather. We may well have met up with you somewhere too!
  7. BuffaloBill


    Duckham's was my oil of choice for my motorcycles back in the day. A bit of Castrol R in the petrol tank too made for a great smell when going down the road!
  8. I was taught to do it that way back in the 60's. Something that Iv'e never forgotten. You do need good timing though........
  9. I believe that most cars now come with an anti-syphoning device fitted as standard. My present car does and the previous 2 also did. Ford by-the-way. Edited to say that we posted at the same time!
  10. Hi Colin. I'm not having a 'go' at you but those who just tie up without any thought that someone else may be coming later to moor there too. In the photo you can see this dingy who you may recognise, tied with the bow rope only which allowed it swing a full 180deg and not by a ladder. We were there from midday until around 11.00hrs the following day and no-one came near it. It effectively took up an extra boat length because of that. The other dingy's forward of the photo went back to the island side around 18.00hrs(as near as dammit) having stopped anyone other than a dingy from mooring there. I'm 72..ish and could have got in or out of those boats at anytime during the day without the ladders. As to that notice, does it mean those dingy's are included too? On a lighter note....... Lady Linda, is that the one that used to belong to Jono on this forum a few years ago? I did notice it there but with no internet signal I couldn't find who owned her.
  11. We did Colin. We watched them row/paddleboard style over and just tie up in the middle of large spaces instead of leaving room for visiting boats. It's not the BA's fault nor the Council's, they could have tied up with more respect for other potential visitors. Not the way to get people on your side. We did try to work out which was your boat to hopefully have a chat.
  12. Regarding 'The Green'.........We moored there 3 weeks ago but did find it strictly hard work due to the amount of dingy's tied to the bank and they were all over the place leaving very little room to moor up. One was even chained and had a lock fitted despite the fact that it appeared not to have been moved in a long time. I thought that there was supposed to be a set area for the dingy's? Sorry for going off track but felt it needed saying.
  13. Plastimo dingy for sale due to lack of use. Comes complete with 2 oars, Electric outboard, battery + box and the original bag it came in.(can be seen in the photo) plus an electric inflater. Selling on behalf of my son. Offers please by PM preferably. (He needs it gone!) All monies will be given to charity.
  14. Couldn't agree more. John wasn't asking about syndicate boats.
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