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  1. Oh bloody 'ell!! This was our favourite eatery and the owner, Angie, was a friend of ours too for several years. She basicly retired 2yrs ago and employed staff to run it on her behalf, just going in to help out when needed. We are gutted
  2. This 400/4 I bought for £25 15yrs ago all in boxes!! Rusty it most certainly was! 12 months later and this was how she looked. Sold it 8yrs ago as it was just cluttering up the garage......... Get busy Griff
  3. I read that the rangers were stopping people out in their boats and telling them to go back to their moorings. The Marina's have told us not to come to them as well. So, you can't use your boat for which you have payed your tolls, Insurance and mooring fees by both the Government, your marina and the BA want you to pay for a full year! As for the car tax, you can use your car to go shopping, collect medicines or see the doctor/hospital so car use is still allowed. If you were to drive to your boat and got stopped by the police, you may well be fined. (Just saying)
  4. Thanks Carole. I used it during last year from time-to-time to sort out niggles and rattles and getting the suspension right etc. This year was going to be a full year of use from around mid May, when I expected to finish it. For those not up-to-speed on these, it's known as an American Hotrod. here's one I built back in 1972. It's still owned by a long time friend of mine so I do see it from-time-time. This was fitted fitted with a 3500cc V8 with supercharger. It was quick......
  5. This is my present project. It's a replica 1932 Ford Model 'B' Sedan in fibreglass and fitted with a Ford 3ltr V6 from a Reliant Scimitar. I had it stripped down to the chassis for a full rebuild and the body painted in Candy Apple Red over the winter for it to be ready for this summer!! It's still in the paint shop with some parts in primer and was going to have the colour coat the next week for me to have it back here on 28th March. Then all this kicked off and now I'm chomping at the bit.
  6. It wouldn't work for me for 2 days but put it in the search engine and it came up fine so now I have added a new link which works every time. (Chrome)
  7. I was told that they are built by Silverline Marine. The first ones were built by Barnes in that large shed across the river from their offices I watched them being built as we used to moor there.
  8. Maybe Amps even........... (Just as you thought I'de gone quiet..........)
  9. Right.......I hope Iv'e sorted it! I deleted the link from my Favourites and then copied and pasted a new link where my avatar and 'sign-in' are where I am already signed in, and it seems to have worked! I'll log in again later to see!!
  10. despite clearing all my history, nothings changed. Still having to log in again with the same screen as M was having! Getting pretty fed up of it now.........
  11. Has been ok all day but just tried it again and it's back to the log-in problem!
  12. Grendel, i use Chrome. Just to add that it let me straight in this time!
  13. When I press f12, that pops up and when I right click, there is no 'clear cache. It only leaves me with 'reload'. (Just been away for half an hour and same again.)
  14. Still doing it for me although it was OK first thing this morning.
  15. Every time I come to the site over the last couple of days, I have to re-log in but when I do it tells me something has gone wrong but clearly shows my forum name and avatar in the top box. I then click 'everything' and it works ok. All this despite ticking the 'remember me' box. If I leave the site for only a few minutes, I have to go through it all again! Any ideas?
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