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  1. BuffaloBill

    Good News In Beccles

    The last time I actually saw that 'Lotto' boat it was sunk at Rockland Staithe. About 2-3 years ago I think?
  2. BuffaloBill

    Square Boat Lights

    Your welcome Mark. I am always reluctant to chuck parts in the skip as they may be useful to someone!
  3. I have changed all the lights on our boat to LED's so these are going free to anyone who would like them. They were working fine when I removed them. PM me for details about collecting them.
  4. BuffaloBill

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

  5. BuffaloBill

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Anyone seen the male, or even bring her any food at all? Not seen anything so far.
  6. I have a Waeco Mobitronic battery charger for sale. It was working OK but we have had major upgrades done to the electric systems and now this unit no longer meets our needs. We needed a 3 output unit where this is only a two. It is unmarked and really looks like new. See photo for specifications. Offers please before I put it on Ebay. (Not sure of it's age as came with the boat when we bought it in September)
  7. BuffaloBill

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    The survey has been ongoing for at least a year that I know of. (From official sources) Get it Done!!!!
  8. BuffaloBill


    I remember back in the 60's that there was a 'hangman's' type of gantry just inside Herbert Woods yard on the right as you go under their bridge and by the holiday cottage. It could be swung out and the arch shape of the bridge was hung from it. You could then test if there was enough clearance or not. It disappeared not long after and the pilot service was introduced(I believe). I do have a photo of sorts but it's now packed ready for our house move. It wasn't the best quality mind you and doesn't show up very well at all.
  9. BuffaloBill

    New Television Series

    Last night's program was the best one yet IMO.
  10. BuffaloBill

    Visitor Mooring

    If you ask at Barnes in the proper manner, you will usually get an overnight mooring, Private or Hire. I have not heard Matthew turn anyone down yet. On turn-around days they do like you to leave around 08.00 to allow their hire fleet to come in. As for those visitor moorings, All boatyards are trying to run a business and are not there to provide moorings that the BA should be providing. If you wanted to open up your front garden to allow extra parking for your families cars so as to keep the roadway clear and your cars safer, how would you feel if the planners told you that you would have to allow 'visitor parking' on your land? It's no different. It's private property. The BA have been closing/giving up leases on several moorings and expecting/forcing others to fill the shortfall. Barnes were right to fight it, and win, as others have since done. Regardless of what the planners may decide whilst sat around a table, it's private property!
  11. BuffaloBill

    Vape Friendly Pubs

    Please do then I'll know which places to avoid. Banning smoking from pubs and such like was a godsend to me as I used to avoid going in so as to not breathe in those fumes. Any place that allows Vaping inside will not get my custom.
  12. BuffaloBill

    Boat Recovery Options

    Thanks Trevor. I forgot When we get our boat back, it will have to be Boulters.
  13. BuffaloBill

    Boat Recovery Options

    We were with Richardsons and were informed that they no longer do that service for private craft. Maybe Clive can confirm that.
  14. BuffaloBill

    Trixie (Rascal's Fleet)

    Robin. Having just sold our Sheerline and it being our second one at that, I can tell you that those pushbutton 'switches' are both breakers and switches combined. If a circuit overloads, they just pop out and you just need to push them back in to reset. I have yet to come across a better system for ease of use. I believe that yours has small LED's to show that each circuit is live? If you wish to turn any particular circuit off, just push it in again and it will pop out and the light will go out to confirm. The panel also had a vertical 'traffic light' panel to show the condition of the battery charge with the voltage written beside each light.
  15. BuffaloBill

    Tide Calculator

    I posted a photo about that in 2013. Bought ours in 1963 from Bridge Stores at Potter I believe, and still got it!! Bargain.

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