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  1. BuffaloBill

    Stern Gland

    If the greaser hasn't been turned for some time, the grease already in the pipe from the greaser can go hard and that may be your problem. If it has gone hard, it can take some pressure to 'pump it through' and clear it. Remove it and see if it is all clear. If there is hard grease in it, careful use of a small drill turned by hand will remove it.
  2. BuffaloBill

    Surlingham Lucky Escape

    There you go M. I doubt I'de risk going there!
  3. BuffaloBill

    New Crossing To Start In 2020

    Going down the Bure towards Marina Keys there are several posts on the bends that I don't remember being there in the 60's and 70's when I went regularly. I agree with Griff, if all that silting were dredged then the outflow would increase and so lower the levels at Potter etc. Arn't they dredging around Marina Keys now though?
  4. BuffaloBill

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    That looked easy enough
  5. BuffaloBill

    Government Seek Help.

    I have used Milk&More for over 40yrs now(Through all it's takeovers) So that's another * in my book
  6. BuffaloBill

    Broad Ambition - Underway on the H2O

    We were going to go up there last Friday but the weed looked really bad and might clog the weed filter. What's it actually like?
  7. Probably to re-lay those damaged kerbs.
  8. BuffaloBill

    Boat Being Untied.

    I believe the German family were on 'Liberty' which Len Funnel bought from Will when it used to be moored next to us at Wroxham. It damaged the boat quite badly and was put up for sale soon after. It was part of his 'Posh Boats' fleet.
  9. BuffaloBill

    Good News In Beccles

    The last time I actually saw that 'Lotto' boat it was sunk at Rockland Staithe. About 2-3 years ago I think?
  10. BuffaloBill

    Square Boat Lights

    Your welcome Mark. I am always reluctant to chuck parts in the skip as they may be useful to someone!
  11. I have changed all the lights on our boat to LED's so these are going free to anyone who would like them. They were working fine when I removed them. PM me for details about collecting them.
  12. BuffaloBill

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

  13. BuffaloBill

    Norwich Falcons Webcam

    Anyone seen the male, or even bring her any food at all? Not seen anything so far.
  14. I have a Waeco Mobitronic battery charger for sale. It was working OK but we have had major upgrades done to the electric systems and now this unit no longer meets our needs. We needed a 3 output unit where this is only a two. It is unmarked and really looks like new. See photo for specifications. Offers please before I put it on Ebay. (Not sure of it's age as came with the boat when we bought it in September)
  15. BuffaloBill

    Roadworks Affecting The Broads 2018

    The survey has been ongoing for at least a year that I know of. (From official sources) Get it Done!!!!

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