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  1. Lucky


    Yes agreed !! That reminds me of the Dartford Tunnel Toll. "Once the cost has been recovered there will be no charge"....... hmmmm....
  2. Lucky


    With all due respect and purely out of interest, what amount would be "worth debating" Alan? Based on this years probable increase, this would cost us a further £38 next year. Add this to the increases over the last five or six years then this is quite a lot of money would you not agree? A little bit here, a little bit there is how our system of tax started. So, today, out of every £1 you earn, how much is actually really yours ? 20p / 30p .... less ??
  3. Thank you for your opinion Geoffandwendy - of course you are fully entitled to it. However, my opinion is that I am finding this thread incredibly interesting, so please keep going guys. Paladin espcially !
  4. Erm - 168 signatures in less than 20 hours since it was posted up Bill... Not everyone sits on their computer 24 hours a day
  5. Glad you are keeping an eye on my boat 24/7 Peter !! Perhaps you could take a picture and post that up as well ? You'll have no problems in the RC Eric except at spring low, then keep clear of the North side - that's about it really. Just one tip = when looking at the houses, try not to use binoculars as this often offends, as witnessed by a hireboat last weekend !
  6. It's only on the Saturday, which is a little unusual, all the others are Sundays!
  7. For the sake of £3 I wouldn't of upset a customer though...... unless he started sprouting incorrect laws at me first !
  8. A quick search:- A shop has advertised a product at £10. I have tried to buy it but they have said the product is actually £20 and they made a mistake. Do they have to sell me the product at the advertised price of £10? This is a question best answered from both a civil and criminal point of view. Civil law = your rights as a consumer against a business. If your civil rights have been breached you can take a business to civil court and one remedy is monetary damages. Criminal law = action that can be taken by a public body to prosecute a business for breaking the law. This usually ends
  9. My understanding is that once they go they cannot be replaced according to the BA. Hopefully that is correct !!
  10. Great weekend as always John ! !! We were up early on Sunday to this lovely view:-
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