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  1. Hi After some research I have narrowed the search. Well I had until I came across a Sony A57. I was impressed by the fast focusing and image stabilisation built into the body rather than the lens - for on the boat shots I guess both these features will be helpful, not to mention the ability to use cheaper non VR lenses. Any opinions? Wayne
  2. Hi Paul Bridgid Mary was always a familar sight as we passed out of the adventure gate. Best of luck with the new boat. best regards Wayne PS - dont forget..if you need crew
  3. Thanks Alan I didnt even consider that they might fit - great idea
  4. Hi all I am getting a bit fed up with pictures of our little adventures from the iphone so I thought I might like to get back into SLR photography. Years ago I used (still have!) a Canon AE-1 program and enjoyed a spot of photography so I think I can remember some of the basics. Looking around on ebay there seems to be such a bewildering selection that I though I would ask opinions. I know the first thing that is going to be asked is what is your budget? - And that is the first thing I dont know - I am more interested to know what I NEED to spend in order to get something Mid range with su
  5. Look like it was a fantastic trip guys - love to do that one day. And you had Broads blue water too
  6. I will stand up and say that I have a lot of respect for Mark both as a skipper and a considerate person. Obviously I was not there but find it hard to believe that he intentionally caused wash of such a nature to cause distress WAYNE
  7. Under colregs you should have given way Ian - being still attached by his rope he was obviously restricted in his ability to manoeuvre Oops sorry we seem to have hijacked the thread ... Now about this wash..
  8. They do that Ian - but we all get along
  9. There already is a wash height restriction Wayne
  10. Hi Gary Gin palaces...?? tar brush etc?? - You may be surprised to learn that most of us are not Hooray Henry's, but just ordinary people who work hard. In my experience of cruising with various groups most of us DO try and consider other river users - and that includes Anglers and Sailies! It is also my experience that even some of the small day boats make MORE wash than the "GIN PALACES" when they push tide. I dont see the relevance of the "tax sticker" to this particular debate. There is of course no excuse for idoicy, from whatever group of river users - and I am all sure we
  11. You really did pick the right week
  12. And dont forget they have a small chandlery / provisions store around the back - the Broom Cupboard - pick up an ice cream or some of the spares they are selling off at a bargain! Baz and I are both filling up this week - that may help them a little
  13. That takes me back Dave - in fact I met her indoors on the CB!
  14. Thanks Perry Very useful as the Backwaters is one of our favorite places and we hope to be visiting soon. Be interested as to what "significantly " means Look forward to David's mapping before we attempt it regards Wayne
  15. Great weekend - as always. Nice to meet some new people too! Many thanks to John for organising -(sorry John did not get chance to say good bye - but it was the usual "3-2-1 go" type departure) all Wayne, Tracy and Maggot
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