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  1. That looks nice Brandon,you will certainly notice the difference,cheap to run and it will be very quiet as well
  2. Click on advertisement and get more pages behind it ie website
  3. Plenty of big Pike being caught on the Wensum in the city,several 20 pounders have been caught recently
  4. I would have never guessed it was you Neil
  5. Speedtriple would not get a bite in a fishmongers Rumour is next time he fishes he is going to try using a hook
  6. Was he looking for Tescos to catch up with his mates
  7. Its is so cold in the West Moors,its enought to freeze the wotsits off the local Bandit,especially the Loyal one. Mind you, he is partial to a have a bit of nosh with Rosie Lees. The bright star may not be happy especially before 21:00 hrs
  8. I would use smaller bait!!! Joking apart I have actually seen it the other way round with a small pike trying to swallow one much bigger.
  9. Happy Days are here again
  10. Loyal Bandit Returns Now showing at the Odeon Three legged Cross
  11. This time of year the fish congregate up the wensum in the city,carrow bridge up to pulls ferry the best,plenty of roach ,bream and of course the pike are very obliging,best spots for the pike are,near the novi sadd bridge and further up at the turning basin.
  12. A trip into Norwich is the best option,I would not go near GY with a barge pole,its honestly a dump,plenty to do and see within a couple of mins walk from Norwich station. Pubs galore and eating houses galore,however Prince of wales rd can be a bit busy on a fri/sat night but plenty of good fun for all. have a great weekend if you want any places to go in Norwich PM me and I will give you my number you can then ring me for a chat about where to go etc I am local and have lived in Norwich all my life so I could be called an expert,altough others would call me different
  13. Any dates bar easter weekend Steve
  14. Lori you should not think like this,everyone would be welcome whatever way you turned up ,if you came in a canoe you would be made welcome,its not about the type of boat you have its about getting together socially and enjoying the company,I know of one couple who made a round trip of 400 miles and hired a boat for the weekend just to be able to meet up and enjoy the weekend.
  15. Jill ,you little Minx!!!!
  16. I am sure you will all enjoy your time here on the broads,its a magical place,have a great time and just go with the flow.
  17. Whoever it is,they seem to have a liking for my signature Idiots!!!
  18. Mark Rockland Staithe fishes well on the float early in the season,good mixed variety of fish,even the odd Carp have been landed,and the added bonus of the Pub over the road. Steve
  19. w44nty

    info please

    Jill Now Now! Its only the local tinned meat company Time for mr Mondo to get the proverbial Axe
  20. I think those inmates are now running the country.
  21. Just reading Johns post and it disapeared,last time I was on that particular site,the w44nted one disapeared as well
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