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  1. http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment ... _1_1357969
  2. What are you trying say,I never had any issues with other fora,I have always been happy with the members here,the ones I have met have been very pleasant to be with,at least I say what I have to say and not try to belittle people by using slanderous comments although not naming people the intent is there,now that is breaching the TOS
  3. How many roads must a man walk down Before you can call him a man Yes 'n how many seas must a white dove sail Before she sleeps in the sand Yes and how many times must the cannonballs fly Before they're forever banned The answer my friend is blowing in the wind The answer is blowing in the wind Bob Dylan had it right And so did John Lennon (read my signature)
  4. it just shows the strong feeling some members have about some issues
  5. I did state most and not all,what about some contructive coments on the remainder of my post?
  6. What I would like to see is the procedure that takes place if a member breaches the TOS,which warrants a forum ban,I would presume that the member would be warned of behaviour via a pm,this would give the member the right to reply,if the behaviour does not improve,I would then assume that the members posting rights be suspended(not a ban),the the Mods could then decide together of any further action regarding total ban from the forum. What I would not like to happen is that a individual could totally ban a member before discussing the case with the MOD's,because if the decision was wrong, the Mod's would be left in an difficult position,and if the ban was lifted that would be going against the individual who imposed the ban. A ban should only be imposed after a discussion with the appropiate group of admin and mods,unless of course the incident was so seriuous that the ban was imposed immediately,and that the total ban can only be carried out by the Admin of the forum. The above is only my opinion but I believe that is a fair process. NB whilst I accept forum confidentiality,and names should not be named,or reasons etc being discussed,what I would like to see is a memo from the admin or mods highlighting types of behaiviour that will not be tolerated,as most members do not read the TOS they just tick the box to allow them to join.
  7. Wherever it is they do not allow dogs on the beach,just enlarged pics of bins an signage
  8. Just following on from this post regarding caravans,if it is against the law to drink whilst in charge of a motor vehicle,what about a camper van parked up for the night,can you have a drink in that,strange question but I would like to know the answer,if I sat in the back seat of my car drinking and was caught by the police I would get nicked. Whats the difference sitting in a camper van,it still a motor vehicle
  9. Somewhere they have wheelie bins on the beach Maine
  10. http://www.direct.gov.uk/en/Motoring/Dr ... DG_4022547 All the info you need in the link above
  11. He is normally about for longer than a week,perhaps he should be the next Mayor of Thorpe St Andrew
  12. There is nothing wrong having a drink or 2 whilst moored up for the night,but drinking whilst the boat is underway should be made illegal,only trouble is there are not enough river police to enforce it. Drink and any moving vehicle or vessel do not go together,its madness for people to drink whilst underway.
  13. It is very sad that Neil (daytona bill) has been banned from our forum,what was said or done remains behind close doors for the integrity of the forum and its members and quite rightly so. We will all miss Neils contribution to the forum,as have been already said, some of his comments have been lively at times and he always tried to put over his point of view towards the posts which was of interest to him. Those who have met Neil, will agree with me that Neil is a pleasant easy going person,always courteous,and is good company to be with. Maybe some common sense could have prevailed and his posting rights suspended for a period of time,this would have allowed a cooling off period and Neil could have decided wether or not to return to the forum,that is the way other forums work,I know because I have been in the same position as Neil is now in. I was told that this forum was founded because some of the founder members fell foul of another forum,which in turn lead to this forum be started,if thats the case perhaps there should be a process to follow, before a ban is imposed,perhaps the admin and mods can agree a process to be followed if one is not already in place. I along with others will miss his banter in the chat room,and also in the weekly quiz,its a shame that it has ended like this. I have now had my say and I will not be making any other comments on this issue
  14. Do the Stage Coach still stop at West Moors Neil?
  15. Just had another idea,use some plastic angle to feed water into your tank via the tap,just a thought
  16. You could always fill up your water tank using a watering can,that way its all legal,you will still use the same amount of water to fill your tank up and you will not be using a hosepipe.
  17. I have a bucket full of scrap wheel balancing weights in my garage,I intended to do what David suggested,anyone want them they are free to a good home
  18. Perhaps the government should introduce a new intitative. We give them ALL our money,they give us whats left! Better to have nothing in this country
  19. Thats a very big "IF" I would expect taxes to rise again,they always seem to. Its always the staff who suffer,losing their jobs. Its the on line revolution Probably Swansea will re-locate to India,there are plenty of call centres there
  20. I went down to my local DVLC branch in Norwich today,the lady told me that all local branches throughout the UK are being closed and all business would be done from Swansea. We will all now be able to deal with an automated robot, at premium call charges,as for the local staff,more good people find themselves without a job. And all this from a government who is going to drive down unemployment and get people working again, What is the next election promise going to be,I know, "vote for us and we will make you all financially worse off"
  21. There are lots more around to visit than those listed,some on the list are not available for day tickets and are exclusive to syndicate members,if you need any info regarding day ticket lakes in the area please ask.
  22. w44nty

    Norfolk Puma?

    The picture was posted on iwitness24 by a poster who goes under the name of Norton,the same person also posted the pictures of the mess in the Wensum,also the same person has posted info on thorpe woods,Norton is probably the largest poster on iwitness24,and also have been on the local Radio,I very much doubt if Norton is the same person (worthy) as the poster on our forum,who probably just lifted the article off iwitness24 and re-posted it on our forum.
  23. w44nty

    Norfolk Puma?

    I would like to share this story with all of you first before the local rag gets hold of it,I was out yesterday walking the dog,out of the corner of my eye I saw this black puma standing there,luckily I had my camera and managed to get a picture which I have uploaded below for all of you to see,this is not a fake or an illusion it is in my opinion a black puma,scroll down to see photo and see for yourselves.
  24. I would have a guess at the 1930's or 1940's
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