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  1. There is one good thing about w44nty! At least he can stir up a discussion with his postings,must be getting close to recieving an award. Or get the boot
  2. A novel way of advertising fertiliser!
  3. Oh dear Gav!,nevermind the Tractor Boys are famous in Europe. I was in Germany the other week I met a German footie fan, and I asked him the following question. "Do you know how many goals Norwich City scored past Ipswich Town last season" His answer was "NEIN" Damn clever these Germans
  4. Canary born and bred Although there are a few Tractor Boys on the the forum.
  5. Just heard that Ipswich are to build a new stadium with a retractable roof,it will reflect the type of players they are going to attract to reach new heights. Scrol down to see stadium
  6. I have fished the beach near the wreck for years,it seems since the out harbour was built,the sand is being shifted into the corner causing the build up of sand .
  7. w44nty

    broads revisted

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Coastal-Adven ... 1c22d2b21a On e bay for £10 including Postage,another is adverised for £28
  8. John Eye witness 24 is a new thing which has started during the last week,they areasking the public to send pictures of things they see,its run by the local rag (Archant) and has been deatured in the EDP and EEN
  9. http://www.greatyarmouthmercury.co.uk/n ... ion=search The bridge saga has been running on for years see link
  10. Whoever started this "suitable boat" issue? In my opinion, and it is my opinion a suitable boat is what the owner thinks is suitable to them,opinions of others do not mean a thing. Its seems to me there is a bit of envy,some people dislike certain boats because they think it is a status symbol,ie the bigger the boat the bigger the ego,this is utter nonsense,people buy what they want and whats suitable for them,its their hard earned cash that pays for it and they should be able to enjoy it the way they want to. I just wonder whoever is moaning about the suitabilty of boats,what boat they would buy if they had a lottery win,me its quite simple,having lived in the broads area all my 59 years,I would buy a boat which in my opinion is suitable, A SEA GOING CRUISER that way I can enjoy the best of both worlds both offshore and the inland waters,if by chance I could not get under some bridges, so be it,its my choice.
  11. You can turn off the sound on the sat nav,also you can watch your course on the screen,I used mine on a trip from Ranworth to Norwich on my 18 foot Norman,it was fine and it costs nothing if you already have a sat nav
  12. I shall keep that week free Dave,will contact you and Neil nearer the time to arrange a meet up etc
  13. Take your sat nav with you,it will tell you your speed etc,make sure it is fully charged
  14. I got tired just reading it,I could bore you with the milage covered by a Royal Mail worker for 40 years,but I am too old to remember,here a picture taken today in the high winds,just to make Rod feel at home
  15. "O B 1 taught you well my son"
  16. Sounds good to me Neil,I shall look forward to it Happy New Year to you both
  17. http://loddoneye.com/2011/11/15/loddons ... s-for-tea/
  18. A super brochure Clive You must give your marketing team a bonus
  19. Merry Christmas everybody Had to get up early this morning,plucked and stuffed the turkey. Mrs w44nty have just got to kill it and put it in the oven Have a good festive break
  20. I have just watched the toons latest dvd,100 greatest throw ins. Come on the Canaries
  21. My favourite all time Christmas record
  22. This was my sons favourite when he was a little boy
  23. Yes everyone its the X FACTOR FINAL Therefore you can enter Donnygeoffs quiz at 8pm instead
  24. http://ak.imgag.com/imgag/product/previ ... 7/graphic1 This is better
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