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  1. Click HERE for your Christmas card
  2. Now Now Donny no need for that!!!! I shall have to check my gas supply to make sure the computer is working,these Specrums take some winding up,I shall have to upgrade to the ZX model
  3. Yes I then have both windows showing on the bottom bar,it when I click on something in the view more smilies box when it disapears leaving both windowa open at once
  4. Why can I not get them I can get the ordinary ones but as soon as I click on Christmas smiley,thelittle window disapears and nothing happens. I must be an idiot,what am I doing wrong or not doing
  5. The box comes up and when I click on the smiley it disapears,nothing attaches to my post
  6. Christmas Eve at Nan and Grandads was the best,Chitterlings and Jot for tea,and sometimes pork brawn,now that is food at its finest
  7. When I click on the Christmas smiley the window disapears underneath the open window
  8. And Chicken for Christmas dinner,the only time you ever had chicken for dinner,how good it tasted,no preservatives,or injected with water,just straight from the garden coop and into the oven. Before you comment Nan used to pluck it first,Grandad then had to kill it and put it in the oven,what memories. PS I cant get the Christmas smileys to work,it just opens up the window and it disapears
  9. Can we have the Christmas smiley's please
  10. I always used to wonder where my 2 pet rabbits went,they used to disapear a couple of days before Christmas. Also Christmas prezzies,an apple and an orange,a few nuts,boiled sweets and a jigsaw puzzle,my puzzle always seemed to have a piece missing. Great days and great memories,would not change them for anything Now off carol singing
  11. I cannot see Prince William working in the private sector
  12. More goverment cuts,this time our brave search and rescue teams,will the private sector have the training and dedication needed to sucessfully run a search and rescue service,I very much doubt it.
  13. Perhaps they should sell them minus the oars That way you would be up the creek without a paddle
  14. It makes you feel that you never want to buy anything again,might see them on Rogue Traders next,and the boats on sale at inflated prices (PUN)at Lathams
  15. Its obviously a price error,they have sold nearly 500 of them,there cannot be that many stupid people who would pay £300 for a piece of cheap chinese junk
  16. As it equates to about 20p a week,it not too bad compared to other price increases in this recession it could have been a lot worse
  17. We must never forget those who gave their lives so we could be free,heroes each and everyone of them. Wear your Poppy with pride
  18. You should see him on the bowling green John.
  19. Who wants to see the weekly quiz re-instated,it is suggested that it will take part on a Wednesday evening Please reply to this thread with either a Yes or No w44nty says, Yes, so thats a start
  20. Probably it would be better if the thread had quiz in the title.maybe more people will read it
  21. I am up for a quiz at least once a week,I volunteered and done the last one only for it not to continue,if it is agreeable I will volunteer to be the quizmaster once again. Before I commit myself i would like to see a few members joining in the quiz,come on lets have some winter fun.
  22. I had some very hard luck last night I was only 6 numbers away from being a multi millionaire,thats bearing in mind I am a millionaire anyway
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