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  1. Would we be doing what I am now,without the innovation of people like Steve Jobs,yes I mean sitting in front of a computer comunicating on a forum? I don't think you! Tecnology is a very powerful tool,so powerful that one day unfortunately it will destroy the human race,it will happen because the way it is advancing is frightening,just stop and think about how it has come over the last 25years. As for people having the new must have latest gadgets,why not if they have worked for the money,everyone likes to have the latest what is on the market whatever it might be.
  2. This is not the fault of the hire company's,it is a society problem,you will get noisy and annoying groups of people whatever holiday you book wether it be boating,seaside,hotel,coach trips and even caravan holidays. These people usually behave, but the root of the problem is ,yes,too much consumption of alcholol,and when they are ,or have been drinking, these people become the hooligan element. Cheap booze is readily available today in supermarkets etc so it is easy to stock up and drink all day long,hence this is the problem.
  3. So sad to see someone go so young,he gave enjoyment to millions with his bowling skills and as an outstanding coach. Our hearts go out to his family at this sad time.
  4. I will always fly from Norwich whenever possible,its not that expensive if you cost in the travel to other airports and the bonus is when I land back at Norwich after a holiday or trip,I am home within 15 mins,better than a 100 mile trip back after a long flight. The people who complain are probably the same who will drive 4 or 5 miles to save a 1p a litre on fuel.now thats another debate. Support your local Airport
  5. Glad you had a great time Lori,you picked a good week weather wise,I agree with all your comments about my home county,Norfolk is our little piece of heaven on earth. And just to make you want a bit more,the broads are just 10 mins away from my front door,what a wonderful part of the world this is.
  6. My Rosie was moored there before I sold her,there are 2 boats both ex tangos and have been for sale for 6 months or so,he was asking 17500 for them,they looked pretty sound and they obviously need a bit of TLC at 12k they are good value,I would think that an offer of 10k and they will bite your hand off,also you may also be able to moor there as well.it was £30 per foot
  7. It opens ok for me,must be the super sky broadband
  8. Gav I think the main issue is that the travellers actually purchased the land it do not belong to the council,I presume its planning laws that are the problem,anyway the land was previously an old scrap yard.
  9. O B One KANOBI,may the force be with you. How long before the local force have you off after all the squit from the locals You can site your van in my back garden anytime you like Gav as long as you swear allegiance to the mighty Canaries,
  10. This Mercedes is owned by an oil sheik,no its not made out of Stainless Steel. It is made out of White Gold,just think about this car next time you fill up
  11. Reminds me of a day in the 70's when the fishing boat I was on was towed into harbour in high winds when the engine failed to start,the sight of the lifeboat was very welcoming,from that day ,I have always supported the lifeboats and always donate to such a worthy cause.
  12. Thanks Martin for the info,I will set the Sky Plus to record the series
  13. It was probably my 2 sons you spoke with Friday
  14. This was Friday at Buckenham,plenty of bream to 8lb,it looks like your pictures were taken at Buckenham also,and more than likely the same swim
  15. Picture taken last night at Buckenham on the Yare,plenty of Roach,Perch and Bream to 8lb
  16. Its great entertainment,when thats on even I do not log on the forum "Pity it is not on every night some might say"
  17. Muss i denn, muss i denn Zum Stadtele hinaus Stadtele hinaus Und du, mein schat, bleibst hier? I remember it well,an all time classis from the movie G I Blues
  18. Yes,tune in this Saturday for 16 weeks of the X Factor,fantastic entertainment on these dark winter nights,I am sure this thread will spark of a lively debate. Just look at the stars which it has generated Leona Lewis JLS Olly Murs Joe McEldrey Leon Matt Cardle and not forgeting the dazzling duo Jedward And finally Cher currently No1 in the charts with Swagger Jaggger I cannot wait for it to start Sorry I nearly forgot,and Andy the singing dustman,and also A Burke (Alexandra Burke)
  19. Now Now Donny,Shaking Stevens did he play for the Toon?,now he would look good in black and white pyjamas There was an Elvis who had a brief loan at the Canaries
  20. Anyone remember this tribute from Danny Mirror
  21. Dan said"After reflecting I feel both myself and David were wrong in mentioning we thought they were bigotted views," Thanks Dan for being so honest. I have now had my say and I shall not comment any further Lets hope Neil returns and we can all get back to normality.
  22. Dan said "Unfortunately on the basis of, and light of such postings I would say you undoubtedly hold bigotted views", If this is not a accusation,please enlighten me,
  23. Remembering on this day, 16th August Elvis Presley,who died 34 years ago today. His music brought pleasure to millions and still do today
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